America's Pro-Marijuana Reform Conference: NORML's 38th National Conference in SF, Sept. 24-26

If there were ever a year to attend NORML’s national conference, this is it.

NORML 2009: Yes We Cannabis!
September 24-26, 2009
Grand Hyatt Hotel
San Francisco

There has never been a greater cultural, media or political zeitgeist to re-legalize cannabis than right now. Indeed, even more so than the 1970s era of decriminalization.

Indicative of such momentum, last Thursday U.S. Representatives Barney Frank (D-MA) and Ron Paul (R-TX) have re-introduced the cannabis decriminalization bill that NORML help to write and champion for introduction in the 111th Congress.

Take Advantage Of Great Early Bird Registration and Reduced Room Rates At a Four-Star Tower Hotel in San Francisco
For this and other numerous reasons, if possible, please take advantage of NORML’s early bird discounts resulting in 35% off the conference registration and socials by registering ASAP.


Also, don’t delay in reserving your room for the national conference as NORML always sells out the reserved room block of discounted rooms. Don’t miss out on a room at a great 4-star tower hotel in San Francisco.

Discounted Rooms at Luxury Hotel in SF…Reserve Now!
I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the greatly discounted hotel rooms available at the beautiful, and centrally located Grand Hyatt Hotel San Francisco on Union Square.

Single (or double) occupancy is only $165/night (rack rate for rooms at the Grand Hyatt are usually $275-$400/night) by calling 415-398-1234 (must refer to ‘NORML – National Sales Meeting‘).

Add $75/night for an executive upgrade; triples and quads also available at $190 and $215 respectively.

Negotiating $55/night for a 4-star tower hotel in the commercial district of San Francisco is one way to make the conference as affordable, and popular, as possible.

Limited Number of Reserved Smoking and Wheelchair Accessible Rooms
There are only 30 reserved ‘smoking’, and 10 wheelchair-accessible rooms available for cannabis and/or tobacco consumers. Act fast.

Reserve your room here.

Affordable Airfare Available Right Now
A number of staff have already reserved flights at very low costs, i.e, $215 non-stop, round-trip on Virgin Airlines from Washington DC to San Francisco. Other similar deals currently exist on most airlines.

Medical Cannabis-Only Day
Lastly, the very first day of the conference is devoted entirely to the topic of medical cannabis, the emerging ‘cannabusinesses’ in a number of medical cannabis states (such as California) and ‘best practices’ for patients and providers. At the last two NORML conferences (in Los Angeles and Berkeley) the medical cannabis-only days were very successful and held on day #3 of the conferences; this year it is front-loaded into the day #1 slot.

Once again, guided tours of medical cannabis wellness centers in ‘Oaksterdam‘ and other parts of the SF Bay area available.

About 70% of conference attendees come for the ‘regular’ sessions and the rest come for the medical cannabis-only day, so if you have strong interests in medical cannabis (as you should), please plan on attending all three days of this year’s 38th annual national NORML conference.

Can Last Year’s Conference Party Be Topped?
For those who attended last year’s conference in Berkeley, the best efforts are being made to make sure that, if at all possible, this year’s Saturday Night Fundraising Party during the conference tops last year’s. If you can conceive of that!

Again, with the incredible social, media and political momentum swinging cannabis law reformers’ way since the beginning of 2009 (building on decades of hard work), this really is not the year to miss NORML’s national conference.

Please email with any questions or concerns about this year’s conference, and I sincerely hope to see you at NORML’s ‘Yes We Cannabis!‘ national conference in September.


Thanks for all your hard work and support for cannabis law reform!

Kind regards,

Allen St. Pierre
Executive Director
Board Member
NORML/NORML Foundation

p.s. The conference planning committee has left open a few slots for either your speaker or panel suggestions, please forward your suggestions or proposals to:

Partial listing of panel topics for this year’s conference include:

-The Zeitgeist of Legalization: Why and How Did This Happen?
-Pot Politics 2009 and beyond
-Has Support For Legalization Reached The Tipping Point?
-What Impact Would Legalization/Regulation Have On Use Rates
-Cannabis Law Reforms Missing Link: Law Enforcement
-Putting The Mexican Cartels Out Of Business
-Marijuana Legalization as a Local, State and Federal Revenue Stream
-Pot, Parenting and Legalization
-Cannabis and Athleticism

Medical Cannabis-only day
-Panels and lectures on the health effects of medical cannabis;
examinations and discussions led by expert lawyers focusing on emerging medical cannabis distribution models; taxation; zoning and business license issues and criminal defense representation.

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  1. Wish I had the money. But thanks to the corporations that run our country. Money is tight unless you own a bank or car lot or are taking millions from PAC’s or lobbiest!!! I still don’t understand why we the tax payers are paying people 4500 to buy a car??? I can’t afford one even if they gave me 4500 of my own money to buy it…
    You guys (NORML) are doing a great job I did spring for the poster (no signature) it will be a classic for sure!!!
    Continue to represent us the poor and powerless that are being fed to a corporate machine to keep it running, please….
    Cherokee Fred Jesus

  2. I wish I could go!! The topic of “Cannabis and Athleticism” is VERY interesting to me! I’ve known for over 20 years that cannabis deffinately has ERGOGENIC properties for the right individuals! I could talk about that for hours! 🙂

  3. i find it very frustrating that those who grow and sell want to keep their “grassroots” business open at the expense of others who have children and assets that would be totally destroyed if cought. That’s fantasic if they never get arrested, but I for one would never risk my kids or years of hard work attaining what i have. Around my parts, the law is DEAD serious about small quantities and will use every power they have to prove a point.

  4. #58 jab Says:
    August 15th, 2009 at 10:06 pm
    “i find it very frustrating that those who grow and sell want to keep their “grassroots” business open at the expense of others who have children and assets that would be totally destroyed if cought. That’s fantasic if they never get arrested, but I for one would never risk my kids or years of hard work attaining what i have…”
    RE: jab,
    Not to denegrate any
    parental-devotion you have
    – It’s best NOT for ANYONE to
    bring children into this
    effed-up world,
    (Especially so, since the law
    in your area is “DEAD-serious”,
    rather than just “DEAD”…)

    (Just THINK of the PAIN they’ll
    be experiencing in their 40’s-60’s,
    if not sooner…!!!
    low-cost, freely-available cannabis…)

  5. Thought you folks might want to see this – Marijuana Economics: The Pros and Cons of California’s Cash Crop

    – Richard Lee, Founder, Oaksterdam University, Founder, Oakland Civil Liberties Alliance
    – Chief Scott Kirkland, Chief of Police, El Cerrito
    – Eugene Schoenfeld, M.D., Court-Appointed Psychiatrist Panel Superior Court of Contra Costa County
    – Josh Richman, Politics and Legal Affairs, Contra Costa Times – Moderator

  6. I support what NORML are doing but i dont think this poster is useful. Not only is Obama is not smoking cannabis in the photo concerned, but also; images of role models smoking anything are not helpful in general public health terms and do not specifically further the NORML cause.
    Combined with the 60s iconography it panders to stereotypes that also do not help. What may have seen clever at the time may not be effective in achieving the goals it ultimately seeks.

  7. I like have an opinion. I feel the money should be spent on something the norml person can attend. Local more so that always in a city far far away.

  8. I keep hearing majority rules. It does not even though I feel we are a majority in this cause. Ending the war on drugs and making cannabis legal like buying and growing tomatoes.
    But this is not a majority country that is what is wrong with some people’s thinking. Its not majority rule and the rest go to jail. We should have room for all.
    We were mainly founded for religious freedom not for only the majority religion either. For all no matter how small or large respect them all and their respective followers rights. IF ONLY WE COULD GET CHRISTIANS TO FOLLOW THIS IDEAL THEY CONTINUE TO= BE LIKE US OR WE WILL KILL YOU…

  9. IMO~it’s very sad for me that my feelings about christians and police has been tarnished just because of prohibition. I would like to once again have respect for those who demonize us. If only we could have some control over their lives, like they do us, maybe they could understand what great pain they cause others. I feel like we are forbiden from riding the bus, let alone just having a seat in the back.
    [Russ responds: One of the saddest things about marijuana prohibition is it has created an “us vs. them” mentality between the people and the police. It used to be (early 1960s and before) that everyone knew the beat cop in the neighborhood and teens and young adults trusted and respected him (for the most part) and would call on the “officer” in an emergency. As marijuana prohibition heated up in the late 1960s, he became “the fuzz” or “the pigs”, to be feared. Now he’s “the po-po” or “the five-oh” that nobody wants to see or talk to. How many crimes go unreported to police because a marijuana-using victim doesn’t want to bring on scrutiny from “the man”?]

  10. Man, I thought this was a norml blog, not the chrokee fred blog ! Blah Blah blah ! Take your partisan bullshit somewhere else ,you always got something to say dont you ? Well who the fuck gives a rats ass what you think ! Geeeeeeeezzzzz ! Give it a rest will ya !!

  11. i see a lot of comments regarding the children and the impact upon them of losing a parent due to current marijuana laws. like jab for instance. if your concern is for the well being of your children, what happened to that concern when you decided to take up a habit that was illegal at the time? and now, because you are once again thinking of yourself before your children, you move to screw up the only source of income that many others have to support their families thanks in no small part to the economy failure that you took advantage of. jab says that ‘grass roots’ businesses are doing so at the cost of his rights and is advocating handing over one of the few useful chains of revenue that uncle sam hasn’t taken control of and destroyed already. well, just because there are so many out there being short sighted again, just the same as they were when the bought into the idea of ‘every citizen a home owner’ that reagan pushed, which had a direct affect on the economic crash we are currently experiencing, doesn’t mean that they have the right to chastise those who understood the risks, acted intelligently to avoid same, and are unwilling to use our profits to bail out your government. fuck uncle sam and fuck you too.

  12. I thought the nice folks here were interested in changing the law, not bashing others for their opinions. This is prime example of why things will NEVER change. On a side note, I haven’t partaken in the herb in a very, very long while now. Good luck all. I’m done with all this. I’ll try not to let the door hit me on the way out…..

  13. Why the change in the poster displayed on this page? I’m really repulsed to see Obummer’s picture, nothing personal to you NORML, just repulsed because of his disregard for Legalizer’s at the Town Hall meeting.
    Still waiting to receive my autographed poster. Are they going to arrive soon?

  14. Thanks for the email explaining the legal crud. You’re wise to not waste your time and energy on it.
    I do still want a poster from the conference and if it’s the one above I’ll have a nicer target to throw darts at!

  15. NORML!, why rethink and DE-CRIMINALIZE?
    the marijuana and hemp need to come from somewhere. LEGALIZE. END the ProHibition! De-fund cartels. De-fund the DEA.
    why not endorse the
    NOW NORML!????????
    [Editor’s note: While NORML self-evidently favors legalization over decriminalization, there is not yet viable public (or political) support for legalization…even in CA. There are three competing ‘legalization’ initiatives in CA, and these initiatives will be discussed and debated at NORML’s upcoming national conference, Sept 24-26 in SF.]

  16. #70 panama red Says:
    September 5th, 2009 at 10:31 pm
    “one correction. it wasn’t jab, it was nuerogenesis”
    RE: panama red,
    What are you trying to say??? 😕
    (I think you’re confused…).
    – I don’t have any children,
    (Jab’s the one who does…).
    I was
    “QUOTING” jab…
    (Hence, the italics
    and bold type
    to CONTRAST “their words” from MINE),
    As I said earlier,
    I wouldn’t even bring children
    into this world,
    the way it presently is…
    the way it’s presently run…
    – However, I do not critcize those who have
    brought children into this world,
    and have done so responsibly and with care…


  18. between the judicial system making money on locking people up and the politians up the pharmaceutical companies ass for their kick backs and the media not airing the whole truth we will never see marijuana legaized i dont think been waiting 60 years now for the land of the free to let me be

  19. For anyone saying that Marijuana will never be legalized I beg to differ. We are the children of NORML and our mother NORML and her children are no longer going to play these games with these evil self rightous hypocritical politicians and we are not going to back down! I urge everyone to send in their five dollars a month donation(those who can give more I beg you to do so) and start reporting all politicians to NORML bloggers that continue to not care about our votes! I already have one on the list and that is the governor from Minnosota Pawley I think his name is he just struck down a bill to help dying citizens the right to medicial marijuana but homeboy wants to be President but we the children of NORML stand to say not on our watch you will not be! Look folks the days of talking about it is over we now have to be about it! Is it going to be easy? NO! for it is going to require that we get people to register to vote and then make sure they know who to vote for because I have noticed that many people in the cities may know a couple of candidates but after that they really do not know who to vote for and who to vote against. Does this mean that many of us will have to actively go into neighborhoods and campaign for certain individuals who support our cause and roll over those who dont? YES! Does it mean that we are going to have to research many of these politicians to see what other groups are against them so we can ride on their coat tail? YES! Does it mean that we are going to have sacrifice that one starbucks coffee a month that cost five dollars to send to our mother NORML? YES! for money talks and BS stands still! There is much work to be done and that is why this conference on September 24, 2009 will be one of the most important conferences for us and our mother NORML for this conference will provide us with the leadership to tell us what to do and to tell the world and all the politicians that we have had enough! and we aint going nowhere and that our mother NORML and her children will become one of their own worst nightmares!

  20. naive 2 say never seedy… the earth is 4 billion years old. marijuana & hemp have been illegal for less then 75 years. another 2000 years honestly to you envision marijuana & hemp being illegal?
    # seedy Says:
    September 12th, 2009 at 11:54 am

  21. hey Editors! wake up. now is the time. you keep putting numbers out their in the mid 40s for national support for ending marijuana prohibition. don’t you think california is damn close to being READY NOW…only if they are informed. Obama getting elected was an impossiblity 1.5 years before the election…yet it happened. Marijuana legalization is defintely not out of the question especially packaged with HEMP. why even consider Richard Lee’s proposal which is $hit?
    [Editor’s note: While NORML self-evidently favors legalization over decriminalization, there is not yet viable public (or political) support for legalization…even in CA. There are three competing ‘legalization’ initiatives in CA, and these initiatives will be discussed and debated at NORML’s upcoming national conference, Sept 24-26 in SF.]
    [Editor’s warning: Hey Johnny One Note, if you lack basic civility, insult others and can’t stop promoting your preferred version of a CA initiative on NORML’s webpage, your posts will be deleted.]


  23. People People People do you still not have faith? trust me when I tell you that you have Power and your power is no less than the pro lifers or any other group but if you keep talking negative then negative is what you will get! I tell you this if all of us send in our contributions and we stand strong we will release our brothers and sisters from jail and provide medical relief to those who are dying. I tell you we have political power and the great thing about us is that we do not have to go and announce to people to vote for someone who is against our cause for I noticed that many of these politicians their our other groups who oppose them so what we would do is simply ride on their coattails and our mother NORML will let those politicians know in her silent manner that she and her children are there! but IF anyone thinks for one moment that we do not have to do anything and that all we have to do is sit on our butts and blog about it your right we will get NO WHERE! This is going to take effort by contributions, blogging and notifying other members about politicians who oppose us, making sure that we get our people out there to register to vote and possibly canvassing during the elections to get people to support the politicians that are on our side and to vote against those who oppose and waiting for direction from our mother NORML! People quit being negative WE ARE POWER!

  24. found this of interest…
    Green Soul Jah { 09.14.09 at 1:26 pm }
    MPP : Sounds like Canna-Politics is delaying your endorsement of one of the 3 proposed initiatives.
    I understand if you don’t want to endorse any of them, but I think it’s only fair to at least notify or discuss the initiatives to the visitors of your website and it’s donors. To think you guys even made a commercial to Tax & Regulate yet don’t want to endorse any of the 3 or even present all 3 of the initiatives??
    Keeping a lid on it will not help any of the 3 initiatives and will only leave them struggling to get the word out and time is running out. I’d rather have at least one of them make the ballot instead of none of them.
    To wait another 3 years is senseless, we need to strike while the iron is hot. The 2012 election will only suck out all the momentum from initiative. We thought things would change when Obama came in office as he tried to appeal to cannabis users, and look what happened!!!
    It’s a very unwise move on behalf of MPP to stand on the side lines and see who comes out on top without encouraging anyone to sign up for any of the 3 initiatives….I hate Canna-Politics because it causes division within the Cannabis Community, that should have one goal in mind : LEGALIZATION!!!!
    This is a time to draw out our guns, not keep them holstered for another day. We’ve had way too many “maybe next time” moments in the cannabis legalization movement.
    We must act on the current voter’s emotions while we have their attention. Who knows what kind of event that may happen in 2012 that would overshadow our cause to be placed on the back burner for another “maybe next time” moment………

  25. Pingback:
  26. THE CRIMINAL CHARGE: Mr. Harry J. Anslinger, an agent for the Federal Government, did willfully and wantonly committed Fraud and Constructive Fraud, of which Mr. Anslinger perpetrated upon the United States people as a whole and their United States Congress for the sole purpose “ to impair or injure public interest” in the cannabis plant as a traditional medicine or as a valuable agricultural crop.
    Fraud: as defined by Black’s Law Dictionary, “An intentional perversion of the truth for the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing belonging to him or to surrender a legal right; a false representation of a matter of fact, whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of that which should have been disclosed, which deceives and is intended to deceive another so that he shall act upon it to his legal injury.”
    Constructive Fraud: as defined by Bovier’s Law Dictionary – 1856 Edition which states, “Constructive fraud: A contract or act, which, not originating in evil design and contrivance to perpetuate a positive fraud or injury upon other persons, yet, by its necessary tendency to deceive or mislead them, or to violate a public or private confidence, or to impair or injure public interest, is deemed equally reprehensible with positive fraud, and therefore is prohibited by law, … ”
    Harrison Narcotics Act – 63rd US Congress 1914
    Marihuana Tax Act – 75th US Congress April 14, 1937, signed August 2, 1937
    The Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act – 91st US Congress October 27, 1970
    The Legislative Branch of the United States, sitting past & present, lacked / lacks the constitutional privilege or right granted to Congress by the United States Constitution in which to abrogate the natural inalienable rights secured by the people unless the U.S. Legislative branch has reviewed valid evidence, held fair, impartial, and publicly transparent hearings which showed, or shows, that our nation’s health and or welfare would be, or is, negatively effected should the United States peoples’ continue to execute their natural inalienable right of access to the cannabis plant can it be outlawed. Absent of these reasonable conditions Congress can not, may not use it’s privilege or right of abrogation of Constitutional Rights secured by the people.
    It is only upon the reasonable presentation of scientific evidence which presents a valid social claim, and or an individual claim of harm that negatively impacts upon the whole, or part of, the Nation’s people does Congress have the responsibility to secure the nation’s health and welfare by use of it’s congressional privilege or right of abrogations by due process to secure said health and welfare of the Nation. But no U.S. Legislative body, past or present, has the congressional privilege or right to abrogate the natural inalienable rights secured in the United States people based on distortions, fanciful conjecture, and intentionally misleading medical and legal information. No where in the people’s founding contact adopted by the people and sworn to by this elected government does it allow deception, criminal and civil fraud, intentional misinformation, purposely tainted testimony, and the denial of any expert testimonies as bases for granting any elected and sworn U.S. Legislative body present or past with the misuse of it’s privilege or right of abrogation which allows the outlawing of the inalienable rights of the peoples’ of these United States without proper due process of law.
    Therefore the foundation laid in Congress to abrogate the natural inalienable rights of the people lacked any real evident that the cannabis plant is or was, ever a safety issue which negatively impacted the health and welfare of the American Society, in part or as a whole. Furthermore, the U.S. Congress did not, can not, and still does not have the privilege or right granted in the United States Constitution to write any such legislation that would abrogate the American people from their natural inalienable rights to use the cannabis planet for reason of traditional medicine, or as a traditional food supplement, as an alternative fuel source, for the making of clothing, used as a replacement for wood, used in the making of traditional paper, and or for the peoples’ ancient spiritual, religious, or cultural practices of which is clearly protected for all time sake by our founding fathers’ constitutional preamble and the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution.
    Hence, the United States Legislative actions known as the Harrison Narcotics Act of the 63rd legislative session, the Marihuana Tax Act of the 75th legislative session, and the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of the 91st legislative session and all those sub-action therein, which abrogate the natural inalienable rights of the people to have unfettered access to the cannabis plant is built upon a fraudulent act and therefore unconstitutional because these legislative foundations are based on fanciful propaganda which lacks any real legal scientific evident that demonstrates any negative impact on society by the use of the cannabis plant. The three legislative action listed above do adversely effect the safety and welfare of the America. These fraudulent acts of congress continue to harm the nation and drain the people of their valuable resources. Most importantly these acts have eroded the relationship between all three branches of government and the people they are suppose to represent.
    Our Federal Congresses in the above named sessions have acted upon the U.S. constitutional provision involving the American peoples’ natural inalienable rights and have unlawfully abrogated those natural unalienable given rights of the United States people based solely on questionable congressional witness testimonies, a bombardment of fraudulent media presentations, and grossly misquoted medical and legal data, of which is still pervasive today in the minds of the American people. There is however an overwhelming, and ever growing mound of world-wide scientific data that demonstrate to the contrary the fraudulent education material perpetrated upon our society as well as the 63rd, 75th, and 91st United States Congresses. Our U.S. Congress therefore lacked then and still lacks now it’s constitutional privilege or right to abrogate the cannabis plant from the American people. All legislation, status, and laws written and enacted from these fraudulent act of intentional misguided legislation should be ruled by the Supreme Court in the land as null and void because they are repugnant to the foundation of the United States Constitution.
    “ The Constitution is a written instrument, as such, its meaning does not alter. That which it meant when it was adopted, it means now.” South Carolina v. United States, 199 U.S. 437, 448 (1905)
    “To disregard such a deliberate choice of words and their natural meaning, would be a departure from the first principle of constitutional interpretation.” “Every word must have its due force and appropriate meaning; for it is evident from the whole instrument, that, no word was unnecessarily used, or needlessly added.” Chief Justice Taney in Holmes v. Jennison, 14 U.S. 540, 570-1
    “ Every word appears to have been weighted with the utmost deliberation and its effect to have been fully understood.” Wright v. United States, 302 U.S. 583 (1938)
    “All laws which are repugnant to the constitution are null and void.” Chief Justice Marshall in Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 137, 174, 176 (1803)
    “If the legislator clearly misinterprets a constitutional provision, the frequent repetition of the wrong will not create a right.” Amos v. Mosley, 74 Fla. 555; 77 So. 619. (Congress)
    “Where rights are secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.” Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436, 491.
    “When any court violates the clean and unambiguous language of the constitution, a fraud is perpetrated and no one is bound to obey it.” State v. Sutton Minn. 147, 65 NW 262, 30 L.R.A. 630 Am. St. 459)
    “The due process clause of the Fifth Amendment guarantees to each citizen the equal protection of the laws and prohibits a denial thereof by any federal official.” Bolling v. Sharpe, 327 U.S. 497
    . “Fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments.” i.e. Documents, Constitutions, Court Decisions….. U.S. vs. Throckmorton, 98 U.S. 61
    Lets place the legislation below against the ideas of the original draft of the Declaration of Independents written by Thomas Jefferson. Let see how these legislative acts create peace, respect, and honor in the relationship of the people with their elected government. Let see how these acts of legislation promote liberty and justice which is the very essence of the founding fathers’ spiritual dream for a country without tyranny and persecution. These legislative acts are known as the Harrison Narcotics Act of the 63rd US Congress (1914), the Marihuana Tax Act of the 75th US Congress (1937), and the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of the 91st US Congress (1970). VS. “We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these ends, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government shall become destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, & to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles & organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety & happiness.”
    Does these acts of congress preserve the inherent & inalienable rights of the people? How are the inherent & inalienable rights preserved by the government for the people? Among those rights are the preservation of life, liberty itself, and the very pursuit of happiness as an equal and independent person / people. When has this elected government respected the preservation of life? Where is our liberty today? Are we free to pursuit our independent happiness as long as it does not step on the rights of others? To secure these ends, governments are in instituted among men, driving their just powers from the consent of the governed. The Governed want changes in the cannabis law not a negotiation with the hired help! It is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, which shall most likely to effect their safety and happiness. So how does the present cannabis prohibition laws effect our safety and happiness? Has the government become destructive in their Constructive Fraud upon the people? Who is destructive to the safety and welfare of the American People? Do we now have a right to alter and or abolish those elements of government that are destructive to the people as a whole? As we have learn and are better educated should the American people have to maintain the fraudulent information and practices of the early 1900s? Or will we be allowed our liberty to case off that which is untrue which creates hostilities between the American people and their elected employees – government?
    Can the American Government continue to unjustly defraud the American People of their inalienable rights to the cannabis plant even after their many lies are exposed? Why must we continue the fraudulent legislative acts? Why would the American People let this elected government, knowing there is no real safety issue with the health and welfare of the nation to continue to lock people up for the use the cannabis plant? Will we as American Juries allow another 800,000 plus fellow Americans be labeled as criminals? Can we change the law by Jury Nullification or Jury Lawlessness and put an end to these unlawful acts. If we, as the jury of peers refuse to convict our fellow American who use cannabis how will the government not hear our voice? Why will we Americans, the employer, let our government, the employees, spend billions of dollars, dollars we don’t have to spend, on incarcerating these cannabis plant users?(average cost of prisoner $23,500) How does taking Americans who have had their inalienable rights unjustly abrogated away from them, placed in prison, or placed on probation and forced to attend drug treatment, how does this make these folks a better person? Or for that matter where is the benefit to society? If we harden a person’s heart do we get a better citizen? Will it make for a better republic? Time for those called to jury duty to just say Not Guilty! We do not need the legislators to give us what is our already, it is time to just take it back, no negotiations, no legislation, just the American Juries putting government in it’s place, under the people not over them.

  27. I agree legalization would be nice but trust me I will take decriminalization! aint nothing wrong with walking before running!

  28. I agree to heck with waiting three years are we crazy in fact these next three years before the 2012 elections is when we should be working the hardest! What is it going to take to show how powerful we are? Are we that brainwashed?

    Nandi:decriminilazation is a joke, we cannot put our efforts into policy for decrim. the cops will continue to ignore it such as this week in colorado. a 100 dollar ticket for mere possession. greedy PIG$! lets defund the cops & the drug cartels.
    # Nandi Says:
    September 17th, 2009 at 9:43 pm
    I agree legalization would be nice but trust me I will take decriminalization! aint nothing wrong with walking before running!

  30. in my opinion marijuana will probably never be legalized until people realized its more of a political thing than a reality check. its like treason it works against the system. smoking marijuana may make you alittle slower,and a tad less motivated, its working against education and the benifit of the country in someones view. just like the reason it was made illegal. illegal immigrants from mexico hurt the country because they didnt pay taxes and stole jobs from american workers so they made it illegal since the mexicans were the ones that smoked it. if they push for bettering the educational system. why would they legalize the handycap +1. you want to be heavily motivated again and goal oriented, stop smoking for one week and see that u snap out of it. im for marijuana although this sounds like its against it. im not. i think its betters the world in so many ways. slow our growth down whats the rush?into collaspe? all good things come to an end. our country thinks way to much anyway. its all politics.i might not be a smart as most people but i feel that im pretty down to earth. and i do know one thing. marijuana isnt hurting anyone. in fact how many lives would be saved from switching a recreational drug from alcohol to pot? i also feel that in moral view. atleast my own, lying to someone or being dishonest is a far worse crime than smoking pot . KEEP PUSHING TO OPEN MINDS!!!! i work 40 hours a week as a stone mason enduring pain and feeling like im 50 at age 26 and at night go to school to become an accountant. not cuz im demotivated but because its the life i was delt.

  31. Look I understand were you are coming from but at this point of time I do believe many of our brothers and sisters would have much rather have paid a fine than be sitting in jail and prisons right now! I too would love to see legalization and will fight for it but I will also fight for decriminalization especially if it means that many will avoid being locked up with murders, rapists, child molesters……like I said before sometimes in life we must walk before we can run.

  32. 2010 is an election year for 33.33 % of the senate and all the house of representatives it is time to send them a message that they need to hear the people of the United State of American ,it be nice if they would get the message for once .they need to be taken down from their high pedastall paid minimum wage that what their worth they have better benefit get longer vacations let us show our leaders in washington the power the people have and the power of the internet ,we are asking the wrong questions since they dont hear us lets take their pay and benefits away .hell our senators and congresswoman do not pay social sercurity and of course they do not collect from it.they didnt think social sercurity benefits were not usuitable for a person of their rare elevation in society they felt they have a special plan for themselves so many years ago they voted themselves their own benefit plan and no congress person has ever felt to change this after all it is a great plan for all practical purposes their plan works like this .when they retire they continue to collect their same pay untill they die except for increases in the cost of living adjustments .for example senator byrd and congressman white and their wives too! may expect to draw $788,888,000.00 and their wifes draw $275000.00 during the last years of their lives.this is calculatred on an average life span of these dignitaries .younger dignitaries who retire at an early age will recieve much more during the rest of their lives.their cost for this plan is ZILCH NADA !!!THIS LITTLE PERK THEY VOTED THEY VOTED FOR THEMSELVES.and is free to them .and you and i pick up the tab for this fine retirement plan the funds come from the general funds OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK from our own social sercurity plan which you and i pay into for them .[OR HAVE TO PAY] every pay day.which amount is match by the employer .we can expect to get an average of $1,000.00 a month after retirement .or in other words we would have to collect our average at $1000.00 a month in benefits for 68 years and one month to equal senator bill bradleys benefits. our nation and social sercurity and the war on drugs would be could be very good if only one small change were made and JERK THE GOLDEN FLEECE THAT OUR REPRESENTATIVES HAVE FOR THEMSELVES PAY THEM MINIMUM WAGE THAT WHAT THEIR WORTH IT SHOULD BE A HONOR TO SERVE IN THAT CAPACITY TAKE AWAY THEIR SPECIAL BENEFITS THEY WORK FOR US ! THEY DONT LISTEN TO WHAT WE HAVE SAID FOR YEARS .PHARACEUTICAL COMPANIES MADE THE MOST PROFIT OF ALL COMPANIES ,STOP LOBBIEST FROM BRIBING OUR REPRESENTATIVE MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO RECIEVE ANY MONIES TO INFLUENCE THEM

  33. I think having marijuana’s legalization on the California 2010 ballot is a good thing. It would be really more of a victory for privacy and freedom than anything. Its funny how so many people are against marijuana and it’s true marijuana can have negative effects both short term and long term with repeated use or “missuse.” Although it is currently classified as a schedule 1 narcotic it does poses positive attributes when certain things are considered. Websites like are a great resource when considering the pros of medical marijuana. When compared with other schedule 1 narcotics marijuana’s negative effects pale in comparison and some people argue that marijuana has less negative effects as alcohol , a legal drug. So make up your own mind and do a little research.

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