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  1. hey, i have that same poster hanging up in my living room! i got it from some members of norml at a marijuana march back in may. that’s just cool to see my poster on the website. too bad i can’t go. =(

  2. 1. Nearly 800,000 users are arrested each year, and over the last ten years nearly 10 million Americans have been arrested for the drug. Is it really worth our tax dollars to house a laid back pot smoker in prison.
    2. All the combined law enforcement- judiciary-penal systems see legalization as a threat to their jobs, and also scientists who receive government grants to research marijuana fear losing grant money.
    3. Pharmaceutical companies lobby against legalization because even though they know the medical benefits they cannot patent marijuana so they lose money. They want to be able to pay their ten million dollar bonuses to their executives, and they can’t do that if the common person can grow their medication.
    C. Marijuana may be addictive, but you are not going to overdose or experience crazy side effects such as rashes, vomiting, internal bleeding, or even death like you can from vicodin, oxycontin, or percocet which are classified as opiates, or basically the legal form of heroin
    1. I have met many people who have become dependent on one of the three drugs listed above, and it is a horrific sight if they run out of meds.
    2. Then once the person is addicted to these opiates and they decide they need help, the doctor sends them to a methadone or suboxone clinic for treatment.
    3. Now the problem is the patient is hooked on methadone or suboxone. It is a joke.
    4. The patient now has a $275.00 a month habit to support. 200 for the prescription and 75 for the doctor. So why is marijuana illegal again?
    How can I get involved in a group like NORML. Above is a portion of a speech I have wrote that I am doing for college. I want to stand up for our rights as Americans. It is crazy that it is still illegal when it can be excellent treatment for several ailments that are treated with drugs that can kill you. What is wrong with the government. I agree with many of Obama’s decisions so I hope he agrees in his head with my view on this. I do believe with 60 Dems our chances of legalization are better than ever. The legalization of marijuana should be one of the top issues in politics right now because it could fix the economy. We as supporters need to address this more as well. Why should our money go to drug cartels when it could be recycled right here at home.
    [Editor’s note: The best way and easiest ways to get involved with NORML are to:
    -join the organization (annually, or via monthly donations)
    -join or start a NORML chapter in your region
    -attend NORML-related events
    -make sure you’re on NORML’s listserv
    Also, there are over a dozen other pro-cannabis law reform organizations that need public support.]

  3. Are there any petitions that actually mean something circulating right now to support legalization.
    [Editor’s note: One can argue there are no online petitions that matter at all. That the only petitions that actually matter are the ones circulated to collect the needed signatures to place a binding voter initiative on the ballot. Those efforts are underway for the 2010 vote in states like FL (medical cannabis), ME (medical cannabis), NV (legalization), OR (legalization) and AZ (medical cannabis)]

  4. #49 Manfor Mantis Says:
    July 6th, 2009 at 10:03 am
    “To those who claim senior citizenship…”
    – Manny,
    — Though I’m still relatively young,
    every day I’m alive, I’m getting older…
    yet, I’m doing all I can, to forestall aging…
    – Through the gift of phytocompounds,
    which the Creator wisely-placed in
    all plant-life,
    SPECIFICALLY-MADE for this purpose…
    To renew the body, mind and spirit…
    – I claim NEUROGENESIS…

    “….Our minds are the best weapon we possess,
    and the truth
    is our ammunition.”
    – This…
    reminds me about…
    Ephesians 6:10-19,
    verse 12

    For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood,
    but against principalities, against powers,
    against the rulers of the darkness of this age,
    against spiritual hosts of wickedness
    in the heavenly places.

    “So here’s my “ATTITUDE”…Cannabis
    is an old person’s blessing…”
    – Manny,
    It definitely is….
    – Cannabinoids PROMOTE neurogenesis…
    (the growth of NEW nerve-cells),
    as well as alleviating / reversing so many
    degenerative-conditions occurring, as one gets older.
    (According to numerous studies, including
    Journal of Clinical Investigation’s
    research on cannabinoids…).
    – No other plant should be
    regarded as useless, either…
    – I believe that EVERY plant
    mentioned by God
    in the Book of Genesis…
    (ALL of them…by definition of the word “every”),
    As having specific medical / nutritional application…
    – As unbelievable as it may sound to some…

    (Even naturally-grown tobacco,
    when consumed by VAPORIZER…
    improves cerebral acetylcholine-levels…
    KEY to improved memory and mental alertness…)

  5. 54 Neurogenesis1:29 Specifically verse 12
    I refer to rulers of darkness, spiritual hosts of wickedness as “Lords of the Modern World” and “My Evil Brother,” as the Chairman of the Board.
    One can give a country, no greater a gift, than a useful plant.

  6. Dear Editor: I was just wondering how many members strong NORML is. I have always told my friends, if everyone signed their names and gave $1 – in other words, m i l l i o n s….
    The $2.5 million Judgement of Default was entered and signed on my personal behalf several years ago…from our local county government.
    I guess that is the real reason that all of my officer friends know that they owe it to me. No, not the money, I didn’t really want it either. But the principals sure are still there and stronger than ever before because it is today and not twelve years ago.
    I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I face no harm or detriment in my life about pot any longer. It was a pretty turbulant few years for my children and I but we have healed and survived the storms.
    The NORML Conference after all will likely have all of the wonderful people from Washington D.C. NORML at the San Francisco meeting. I mean, gee, just how close of human linkage do we need here? It sounds to me like all of the bases are covered. Wendy.

  7. The poster is ridiculous! This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that’s keeping marijuana from being legalized. The artist has taken something that ALL OF US (users or not) hold dear, and has perverted it into “drug culture art”.
    This loud, “IT’S OUR RIGHT” mentality is what’s gotten nowhere if you ask me. If we want to see change, we need to effect change, in a language that everyone can understand. Squares cannot understand our national bird smoking pot, and the POW flag perverted into hippie-esque propaganda. I’m ashamed to be a part of the movement sometimes.
    I’ve always wondered something. If the marijuana laws get changed, and it becomes legal, what happens to NORML? What happens to High Times? Because when you can go to the store and buy an ounce of really nice Kush, why would you buy a magazine about it? I don’t see many tobacco magazines in convenience stores. And centerfolds of buds are nowhere near as beautiful as the real thing! If you can go buy the real thing, why buy pictures?
    [Editor’s note: Post cannabis prohibition groups like NORML will either fold up their tent and cease to exist, or some of the staff and archival material maybe needed to found a cannabis trade organization.
    In Washington, DC and the state capitals, if an industry, service or product is taxed, there is a trade group or association who logically represents their interests, usually in opposition to greater government restrictions or higher taxation rates.
    Post alcohol prohibition, one can find lobbying for their interests today before govt via The Century Council, Beer Whole Salers Association and Spirits Council, etc…]

  8. Liberty or Death:
    I’m in the Darkness now. I feel disconnected to my spirit. What else can I describe when my waking dreams stay still. Dreams that are meaningless with out liberty. I’ve given up on fighting; I’ve given up on desire: All this, because I know that they only want to take from me.
    I’m tired of waiting for freedom, I’m tired of seeing red instead of green. I want to lash out towards my enemies. My restraint, my liberty lost to my love. I know it’s greed that keeps me from her (Jane), my spirit guide.
    I’ve dream of the day I can go for a walk outside. The day I can be open to my neibors and to the officers who serve. I’m not a bad person. I’m not guilty. My passion is caged in darkness. While others praise leaders of Red, my leaders of green are jailed abused and discarded. This is how I feel…..
    The WAR is obvious, the war is on me. I had no start in it. I feel as if I was part of Islam just trying to survive… Just waiting for them to stomp my door down and finish me, to liberate me to my Lord. Maybe if I went to Jail, at least then I would be in the LIGHT. This darkness is Fail.

  9. Hi Cholland #58 You have a neat name…I’ve never heard of Your Name before.
    I’m sorry you are in the darkness of depressions. The oppression is causing that within us.
    Try to lighten up (there’s that intended pun again) in your mind. Force that old depression back into its rightful dark corner and then try to leave it there.
    When I do this it becomes easier day after day and I know without a doubt that MJ helps…we all know THAT fact. So hang in…time and truth marches on. Peace.

  10. 58 Cholland………..my dear fellow
    Are you a soldier in this war?
    Do you serve God and your country?
    In your darkest hour…can you not find the light by opening the door?
    It’s up to you…but…know this…we are many…and
    …you are a part of us. Think good thoughts…and…
    “HANG ON TIGHT” my friend…it’s going to be a wild ride to victory. Why do I say victory…because…
    it’s “ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE”…and the fight is just beginning…and…we need you in it.

  11. 54 Neirogenesis1;29………..Manny here!
    You’re only as young as you feel. My friend…there’s only one way to stay young…and…that’s to
    “think young.” A little Preparation-H under your eye lids is a good trick. Ya!!!! it’s never to serious to inject a little humor. After all…all humor is derived from tragedy. We must never lose our sense of humor. Besides…if the prohibs find out that we are laughing our asses off at them…”boy are they going to be pissed.” Well!…”Fuck’em if they can’t take a joke.”

  12. I think a peaceful gathering is neat but kind of from the 1960’s.
    It is almost 2010 and it all seems so classy to me – this presence among us.
    Nice word – among means by; witnin or into the midst or number of.
    We are the majority and therefore rule. Quite simple all along…h-m-m-m. But of course By God we are no longer silent! A-a-a-Men. Amen.

  13. P.S. There’s one thing I learned along time ago…
    “Never laugh at someone who is trying to be serious.”
    It invokes a violent uncontrollable reaction.
    If we keep laughing at them…with complete indifference…maybe we will get them pissed off enough to make a “terrible mistake.” When they make that mistake…which “all uncontrolled anger” creates in a closed mind, like they have done in the case of Bob, we can jump all over them, as we are doing now.
    We just have to beat them down with there own shit!
    Here’s another thing we can do. When we look at ourselves in the mirror in the morning, or any time for that matter…just take a good look at ourself and say…”WE’RE WINNING…HA! HA! HA…AND…TAKE THAT WITH YA…you! you! you! prohib!”

  14. 57 beau says:
    “This loud, IT’S OUR RIGHT, mentality is what’s gotten us nowhere if you ask me.”
    With all due respect…who the fuck asked you? Take the board out of your ass. I do however, respect your right to say that, and would give my life defending your right to do so. Are you sure you’re on the right web-site? I think the editor’s words to you were too kind…but…there’sno such thing as a “STUPID QUESTION.” If you’re ashamed to be apart of the movement…at any time…well! good luck to you.

  15. Hey ‘ya ‘ole hippie anyway (just kidding) Manny, you remind me of my dear brother Danny Rest His Soul.
    He died of cancer. He used to say, “fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke” and “farm out!” He was an incredible guy; I loved him alot and will always miss him. The alcohol and tobacco took Danny’s life. He had been a Medic in the Army stationed in Fort Ord, California near Monterey. He said that all there was to do when he got off shift was go have a beer; that began his disease when he was in the Army. He got orders to go to Vietnam but the war stopped in the nick of time. He missed going by about two days.
    When I was in tenth grade he and I and a cousin of ours took off down the Highway 1 Coast of Cal. I lived in San Gabriel in the 1970’s near Pasadena and Hollywood.
    I am a Utahn/Californian/Coloradian/Nevadian/American.
    God Bless The U.S.A.

  16. With all due respect…who the fuck asked you?
    With all due respect, I wasn’t answering a fuckin question. Just stating the fact that I think it’s stupid the way most who are in favor of legalization have to act like kids about it. It does no one any good. You know, it was the hippies in the 60s, with all their “unconventional” words and actions that got pot demonized in the first place. If those people would have chilled out a bit and not taken everything to DC to “put it in the face” of our leaders, maybe pot would be legal today. But no, they wanted to show the world how different they were. They wanted the world to SEE (HEY, LOOOK AT MEEEEE) just how peaceful, and open minded, and enlightened they were. But they were mostly kids, acting like kids, and thanks to their behavior, which was considered very weird and scary by the squares of the day, pot got the blame.
    Nowadays, the powers that be joke about pot and pot smokers. They have for years. I call it the Cheech and Chong effect. These guys watched the movies back in the day, and thought they were funny (because they were). Now, while they are more educated and not as apt to personally “demonize” pot itself, they still don’t like the “in your face”edness of the user. Many probably would not have a problem with legalization, if their collleagues weren’t making jokes with them about it. One politician will say to another (in best Tommy Chong voice) “Hey man, you wanna get high man”? and the other politician giggles just a little and says “yeah man, let’s toke our big old giant bong man”, and then they both giggle a little. They see EVERY marijuana user as Cheech and Chong. To them, we are mainly used as joke fodder. And the more people who act just like the stuff of their humor get in their face with it, the more they will resist.
    However fun ridiculing drug users may be, it shouldn’t be at the cost of other things. The government could reduce crime and cost of enforcement/imprisonment, and even make money off the taxation of pot.
    Anyway, while I’m sure they could find something else to joke about, the list is getting smaller and smaller. They can’t joke about sex anymore. They can’t joke about religion or race. Joking about gays and homosexuals is out (unless of course, you are a gay politician, in which case, it’s apparently acceptable). But it’s still ok for them to joke about drug users.
    As long as drug users continue to publicly act stupid (you know, like wearing a soldiers jacket over your tie dye potleaf design shirt and holding up a peace sign, while smoking a joint on a grassy knoll with two topless women standing behind you while you pose for a photo, all the while thinking to yourself “how symbolic of me”), politicians will continue to make jokes about them, and the rest of us users, who are normal people, will continue to be stereotyped as morons.
    [Editor’s note: Some activists are rabid for public rallies. Others, not so much.]

  17. Wendy…it seems as though…common traits are easily recognizable. I’m always told I look, and sound like someone’s relative. By the way, I was a Navy medic, and that’s a huge club. As a matter of fact, I lived on Balboa Island (Newprot Beach) in the X decades (1960-1980), so I’m for sure a “beach rat” (hippie). Las Vegas has always been my second home…since its creation, long, long before it became Disneyland.
    I’m a native Southern Californian, bronze skinned surfer boy, Class of ’57…so you could imagine how this Hawaii issue is chomping at my emotions. I imagine “Duke” is eating it in heaven. That’s no joke…but…fuck’em anyway…for messin’ with Paradise.
    I know all of your haunts from here to there…all good. There’s a lot of Wendys on the beach. Do you have a surfer name? Do you want a surfer name?
    So…we’re on the same waive length…especially where God is concerned. I declare my Faith…”A HOT ROCK GENESIST.” It is based on Genesis I:11,12 where God creates “Manna” for us… Genesis I:29,30,31 where God gives “Manna” to us…Genesis IX:3 where God reaffirms his gift of “Manna” to us.
    Ya know Wendy…”Manna” is the Holy Sacrament for CDXX Communion. It is my/our religious right. If everyone claimed religious use…medicinal use or recreational use would be incidental. As a matter of fact, my Faith offers its faithful a humanitarian service for medicinal use as a Inner Faith Constituency (collective). The only issue left after hat is recreational use. As you know…My Evil Brother and his Lords of the Modern World…simply don’t want us to recreate. What seems ????? to me is…if they think that “Manna” makes us mindless zombies..one would think that it would be easier to convert a vegetable to their way of thinking as a mindless follower. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Anyway it’s been fun hangin’ ten with ya! Whooops, sorry! No fun! Can’t have fun. The fun police will get ya! Well! “Fuck’e if they can’t take a joke.”
    Louie says: “JOKE…dem gaboons is da JOKE…trow dem fuckin’ bums out boz!” Sometimes Louie is a little hard to calm down. I’m just glad he’s on my/our side.

  18. I am interested in starting a reform chapter here in Indiana. What do I need to do to make this happen? I feel that we need to make some progress here, especially since one of the main advocates against medical marijuana is Congressman Mark Souder(R)Indiana. I presented that speech I blogged about earlier on this page at Ivy Tech, and also took a survey that produced overwhelming support for medical marijuana. My mother was diagnosed with a rare cancer that they think they got all of it out. However, she has to do six chemo treatments. I feel that she should be able to use cannabis for treatment, but of course it is a crime here in Indiana. She will probably have to break the law to feel better which is ridiculous. They will probably give her marinol or some other worthless drug. I was also watching Dr. Nancy the other day and caught the segment with Barry McCaffrey and Dr. Gregory Carter. I had to laugh when McCaffrey said that alchol and tobacco were safer than cannabis. He must have his hands in the pocket of pharmaceutical companies too, because he was promoting marinol also, which seems to be a failure compared to real cannabis. I have a question too. How did the FDA approve vicodin, oxycontin, percocet, and other opiate family meds that are basically the legal form of heroin and not cannabis? Many people get hooked on these drugs and doctors just send them to a methadone or suboxone clinic to switch their addiction over to these drugs. It is a joke. How has the government not realized that marijuana could easily fix our economy as well. Even if it were just medical it could produce some serious money in the United States.
    [Editor’s note: Anyone interested in starting a NORML chapter should 1) check the NORML chapter section first, 2) If there is not a chapter close enough to join, check out the ‘Start a Chapter‘ link and 3) Any questions about starting can be sent to: chapters@norml.org]

  19. #69 Chris Says: Hi Chris. In my opinion this is the power of Satan at his best.
    The handful of tycoons ruling this country and the rest of the world are busted.
    It is clearly evident to me why God told us that it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle that for a rich man to enter into Heaven.
    Just consider the oil sheak on this here old world that is worth $80 billion today. This individual holds the power of Satan in its entirety. He has the power to change the whole world for the better. He has enough money to literally burn and he will likely burn right along with (money) which is only the representation of hard labor, time and love.
    Yes devil you have distorted reality long enough.
    Every knee will bend and every head will bow in a few more days when God returns in the flesh and blood form that satan took away temporarily.
    If Satan sits back using his evil works through the power of rich men it’s easy . . .
    That is how Satan is trying to rule right now but we all know he will never win. We have won, WE HAVE WON, WE HAVE WON THE WAR ON CANNABIS. ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS..MARCHING OFF TO WAR…WITH THE CROSS OF JESUS…GOING ON BEFORE.
    The addictions of the opiates, the cigarettes, the alcohol. This is how Satan is trying to rule the masses AND IS QUITE SUCCESSFUL – GIVE HIM THAT.
    But guess what? God Almighty reigns. Yes the devil has alot of power over us on this earth; those of us of whom are fortunate enough to remain with Thee Lord Almighty God Of Creation are already safe. Yes God is still putting old Satan in his place today. Satan was even created By God and then given FREEDOM OF CHOICE.
    Go figure.
    I am starting my own Cannabis Club.
    My best friend since kindergarten has lupus; a menagerie of chronic ailments are treated by Mary Jane.

  20. Wendy 70…”GOD ALMIGHTY REIGNS”
    I’m not preachin’…I’m appealing to evil.
    “Yes”…GOD ALNIGHTY REIGNS…”Within”…within each and every Soul. Two spirits in one Soul. God’s spirit and my spirit.
    God has given each of us his/her gift of love …”FREE WILL”…and…”ONE THOU SHALT NOT.” God lets us make our own way in life.
    But…”In the flesh of the fruit, so is the juices of both good and evil.”
    God almighty simply says this…
    “You may let evil in…it’s up to you.” But…I will not give one bit of my spirit to evil. You must give up your spirit to evil…as little or as much as you choose. It is your spirit, you are giving up. You may give to evil until it hurts…or…let evil take it all. This is when good and evil clash…when evil only has me to face. Evil has the capacity for great evil. I have the capacity for great love. “It’s up to you.”
    I am appealing to those who have allowed evil to come into their Soul, and have deprived us of our Holy Sacrament with God.

  21. P.S. CONFRONT THE EVIL. You’re not dumb. You know what’s right. You know what’s wrong. Do the best you can. Speak the truth and shame the Devil.

  22. See Manny now I’m laughing my head off again. (no not really I feel like the world is on my shoulders much as we all do today I am sure).
    This stoned eagle what a disgrace.
    What a shame.
    What an immoral society.
    I am sickened by it to say the least. I think we all are.
    Stand up and fight America. This is war.
    Can ya hear me now?
    Try to do something good today to make a change for the betterment of our Dear American Nation.
    Land Of The Free Home Of The Brave Forever And Ever Amen.
    This portrayl above has my birthdate on it.
    So see Manny, let’s count, yes let’s take a head count of U.S. Citizens Born On The Third Of July.
    Let’s mimick our Lord Of All Creation Today and pretend that it is a brand new day.
    A fresh new day. It is and so are you with me so far?
    Every single person born on July 3 of any given year.
    That refreshing combination of people could be appointed the silent majority to address issues of any cause – not just ours.
    Does anyone think that I have a crazy idea here or what?
    It could happen in a matter of weeks.
    It would entail every walk of life on God’s Green Earth.

  23. Wendy Warrior
    The eagle is us…”FREE THINKING AMERICANS.”
    The eagle is them…”PROHIBITIONISTS.”
    But…the eagle that is perched highest on the mountain top at the moment, screaciung freedom for all is you. Stay on top of it…”La Aguila.”

    Every fiber of my being is against prohibitionists…
    prohibitionists of any kind. It’s not that they want what we want…it’s that they just don’t want us to have it.
    If a free person wants to euphenize theirself with alcohol, tobacco, drugs, blowing their brains out, that’s a matter between their “self,” their conscience, and if they believe in God (L) their creator. It is “absolutely” none of a prohibitionists business. So…”Prohibs take a hike”…get lost…and take your little act down the road.
    Republicans, Democrats, Democrats, Republicans, I have gone through “the mill of them” since FDR, and I have survived them all. But..prohibitionists no matter what their political affiliation, or should I say affliction…that’s a different chapter in the destruction of freedom and the human spirit.
    On the other hand…has anyone considered “population thinning?” It would seem to me that alcohol,tobacco, and drugs would be the “catalyst of choice.” It certainly has worked up to now. Of course…I exclude cannabis. Cannabis has, in no way, not one, aided death/population thinning, whereas the aforementioned grim reepers have taken “countless lives.” Now!…if that makes any sense at all to a prohibitionist, they should seek professional help…and..quick.
    Wendy…although prohibitionists claim to be, and are technically, Americans…there are not even mice…
    they’re better recognized as the asp in the garden.

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