Colorado: Stakeholders Pack Major Medical Marijuana Policy Hearing

Update: The Colorado Board of Health voted not to place patient limits on cannabis buyers clubs to five patients, and other proposed limitations. Congratulations to the 500 or more concerned citizens in Colorado who came from all parts of state for a historically high turnout for a state board meeting.

Auraria crowd stands up for access to medical marijuana
By Claire Trageser
The Denver Post
Posted: 07/20/2009
About 350 people signed up to testify at the Colorado Board of Health’s meeting today about proposed changes to the state’s medical-marijuana laws.
The most controversial of those planned changes would effectively shut down medical-marijuana dispensaries and could potentially cut off access to the drug for some of the 7,630 Coloradans registered as patients who can legally use marijuana.
Public testimony started around 2 p.m. at the Tivoli Student Union on the Auraria campus, which was standing room only as more than 500
spectators filled all of the seats in a large auditorium and balcony.
Despite slips of paper distributed by Sensible Colorado, “a pro-marijuana, nonprofit advocacy group” reminding those in attendance to “be respectful and professional” and not to “speak out of turn or taunt speakers,” the audience often broke out in cheers, hisses, or boos.
The board is contemplating a number of changes to Colorado’s Amendment 20, passed by voters in 2000. The amendment allows those with debilitating medical conditions to either grow their own marijuana or appoint a “caregiver” to do the growing for them. The proposed changes to that amendment would limit caregivers, which sometimes take the form of dispensaries serving hundreds of patients, to supplying five patients at a time.
Eleven people were scheduled to testify in support of the proposal, but two were not present when their names were called, and one, the owner of Cannabis Therapeutics in Colorado Springs, seemed to have accidentally signed up on the wrong side.
“This must be a mistake,” said Glenn Schlabs, the president of the board of health.
Holly Dodge, the deputy district attorney for El Paso County, spoke in support of the proposal on behalf of 20 other DAs on the Colorado
District Attorneys’ Council. She said the proposed changes would clarify, not change, the intention of the original amendment.
“There is no way of appropriately protecting a patient when they have a caregiver with 300 other patients,” she said. “That’s not caregiving, that’s marijuana growing.”
Her comments were met with boos from the crowd.
Other supporters who spoke, including police officers and spokespeople for anti-drug advocacy groups, emphasized the proposal’s ability to help
law-enforcement officers control marijuana growing operations. Because there is no limit on a caregiver’s size, several speakers said police
officers have had difficulty determining whether a growing operation is legal.
“While Amendment 20 is clear in its intent, its definition is vague enough that district attorneys cannot meaningfully advise people on the
street who are enforcing marijuana laws,” said Helen Morgan, Denver’s chief deputy district attorney.
In addition, the board heard testimony from Ned Calonge, chief medical officer of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment; Ron Hyman, registrar of vital statistics at the state health department; and representatives from Sensible Colorado and the Colorado branch of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.
In his presentation to the board, Hyman said the state’s marijuana registry does not have enough resources to manage what he called the
“explosive growth” of registered marijuana patients.
The registry has grown by about 1,000 patients a month this year, including 2,000 new patients in June, Hyman said. He predicted that the
state would have 15,000 registered patients by the end of the year.
“We’re doing the same amount of work in a day that we used to do in over a month,” he said.
Calonge then explained why the proposal sets the patient cap for caregivers at five.
“We define a primary caregiver as significantly participating in a patient’s everyday care,” he said. “If those caregivers are making home
visits to each patient, considering travel time, they could visit five patients a day.”
Calonge cited numerous examples where a caregiver is defined as seeing five patients a day, including Rhode Island’s medical-marijuana law and
the number of patients nurses from a home-health care company sees.
“We believe we have ample precedent and supportive evidence for this number,” he said.
The board then heard testimony from those opposed to the proposal, including a doctor, a police officer, a caregiver and a medical-marijuana patient.
“More regulation drives people to the black market, and that means patient care suffers,” said Dr. Paul Bregman.
“If this law passes, patients will lose their access to safe medicine and some will die,” said the owner of a Colorado dispensary. “Please be compassionate.”
The dispensary owner said that although his dispensary serves more than five patients, he believes he provides significant care to each one.
When asked by the board where he would set his own patient limit, he said that even 5,000 patients would not be too many.
“I’d like to be under the same standards as Walgreens or a Wal-Mart pharmacy,” he said.
Lauren Davis, a former senior district attorney in Denver said the proposal would not address the concerns raised by the other law-enforcement officials who had testified.
“Limiting caregivers will increase the number of small-grower operations,” she said.
Although the public-comment period of the meeting was set to begin at 12:50 p.m., by noon, the meeting was already an hour behind schedule.
After public comments, the board will deliberate and then vote on whether to approve the proposal.
Claire Trageser: or 303-954-1638
Patients say pot restrictions will force them to buy from black market
The Associated Press
Posted: 07/20/2009
DENVER Colorado’s chief medical officer, police officers and prosecutors are urging health officials to limit the state’s medical marijuana providers to five patients each. They say the current system ‘which has no limits’ is causing confusion over who can legally grow marijuana and is susceptible to fraud.
But medical marijuana users and their supporters said the rule change, one of five being considered, would make it harder for people who need
the drug to get it legally.
The state health board is holding an all-day hearing on the changes on the Auraria Campus. Opponents far outnumber supporters with 350 people signing up to speak against the changes.
Voters allowed the use of medical marijuana in Colorado by passing Amendment 20 in 2000. The board is considering rules changing how the
program is run. Opponents say the five person limit is a significant change and that the board doesn’t have the authority to do that.

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  1. Humm.. my opinion,for what its worth,here i go.
    What I see here is prohibitionist getting there fingers into this and cause things to happen that will cause problems with Medical cannabis laws.
    Law enforcement say they have hard time determining if a grow is legal? Theres on way to fix that,make it legal for all to use and grow. They say there is an exsplosive nuber of people signing up for Med cannabis? Well duh! Did they think only couple hundred people wopuld want to use Med cannabis? Making it legal for all would also fix this problem. The answer is plain as day but for them to take that step requires courage.

  2. Sorry, but you can’t stop the wave of change, less you be crushed by its sheer magnitude and force. US CITIZENS, I CALL YOU ALL TO STAND UP TOGETHER FOR WHAT IS RIGHT AND END PROHIBITION ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

  3. #1 R.O.E.
    You’re 100 percent right. The fact is that cannabis as an alternative medical option becomes a more and more viable option everyday. The positive medical benefits are too numerous to mention. This so called “problem” of law enforcement trying to decipher between legal and illegal grow operations can be fixed in one fell swoop, legalization for all! Let these idiots stop pretending that cannabis is the harmful drug from the reefer madness films of old and recognize it as the medical wonderment, and safer alternative for alcohol, cigarettes, and prescription drugs that the majority of Americans already know it is. LEGALIZE NOW!

  4. Just read that the proposed changes were shot down. Finally, a victory for the people! If this trend of the Gov’t actually listening and doing what the people want continues, we might actually be able to call ourselves the land of the free and home of the brave again.

  5. I just think that everyone that opposes marijuana legalization are ignorant uneducated dumb assess that just want this senseless “war on drugs” to continue

  6. LOL Hell yea i agree R.O.E #1 I dont hate the fact that pple need to use it med wise but wht about us that dont wanna drink a 6pk a nite aftr wrk what about those pple,that do it in there own privacy? I still do n wont stop

  7. I’m so happy!
    It’s funny, 9 News said, in a concerned tone, that “the change in rules would have forced people to grow at home, possibly in your neighborhood.” Crisis Averted!!!!!!!!PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK!

  8. Wow, I wish I could’ve been there and booed the hell out of the prohibitionists. It’s ironic that they think their mission is for the good of others.

  9. What I don’t understand is why opponents of this sham do not expose the fact that if a caregiver can only have 5 patients then there will be HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of grows all over the state. It would be much easier to regulate bigger but far less dispensaries.

  10. the simple answer is the boys in blue want to feel big and bad. they’re under the same notion that marijuana, once legal, will destroy our nation…but will it? are there not hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people that smoke cannabis daily? one can only speculate the amount of people that smoke, but i am sure that it exceeds millions.

  11. What would the state of colorado rather have… a few giant marijuana gardens or many many small ones spread all over the place?
    If they would have approved this proposal it wuld have drastically increased the number of operations making it more difficult for law enforcement to keep tabs with all of them.

  12. It’s called “collective cultivation.” and is provided for in California’s Compassionate Use Act/SB 420. If a Qualified Patient has their Physician’s Recommendation on file with a collective or cooperative the collectice may grow for the Qualified Patient. As collectives are required to keep accurate records on the premesis, and made available for inspection…one fails to recognize the problem with the quantity of the collectives membeship. My question is…”Where’s the logic here?” As usual…
    the answer is…”There is none>”

  13. i was able to stay for part of the hearing (until about 2) and let me tell you–it was awesome to see all those people standing up for their rights! the proposed changes were all about the law enforcement agencies throwing a tantrum to get their way–but they didn’t! 😀

  14. I agree with #1 R.O.E. on this . Seems like prohibitionists want more by being greedy and greed is what is damaging them . They know If we keep doing what we are doing then prohibitionists are going to lose the fight to keep mj illegal and in prohibition and figure that if they hit medical MJ dispensaries that it would hurt the cause. But you know what in Colorado it blew up in their face but that is only their and I bet they will continue to try in other areas. So if the prohibitionists want to continue a war against mj I say they started the war as history documented not the people who use/used mj so being they wanted this war against fellow Americans we must keep on fighting even after victory through legalizing and taxing mj being they will not quit and may try as history did re-prohibition / making mj not legal . Once the cause is done we must keep up to make sure history does not repeat its self and is a good reason why we shall still need NORML and others who are fighting for the cause. What I say is the day it does become legal and taxed lets use some of that money to help NORML and those other org.’s continue to protect the cause. it is a small price to pay and yet in the long run will be well worth it. Till that time we must keep up the fight for legalization and taxation of mj / end the prohibition of mj once and for all. Keep up the good work fellow patriots for our cause is right and just.

  15. Here’s a thought…ya’ll
    “WHAT IF”…And I know that “IF” gramma had balls…she’d be grampa…but…”WHAT IF” the government announced that “WE WASH OUR HANDS OF IT.
    EVERYONE CAN USE CANNABIS WITHOUT REPRISAL?” Do you, can you realize how many people would come out of the closet. First timmers…old timmers…virually everyone with a curiosity. Do you realize how many people would no longer be affraid of being called a fool for putting their name in public places…like on a voting ballot. Do you think that’s what government is affraid of…getting caught in their own mendacity?

  16. Law enforcement should not be involved with patients’ medical needs. Officers of the law should concern themselves only with crimes where there are actual victims, and officers are a long way from fulfilling that obligation. Naturally when confronted with a problem, law enforcement wants to arrest people; when the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem tends to look like a nail.

  17. WOO im happy for Colorado… glad to hear they finally listed to US americans, nd not there own thoughts.

  18. hell yeal this is such a good news. I have been smoking marijuana for 10yrs and I also will not stop. I love this weed man….it is way better than having a beer. I hate it so much when they give me the evil eye when ever Im smoking my joint. I go to the park sometimes to smoke because is so nice outside that u just want lay on the grass and look uo to the skys with your joint on right hand and the smoke blowing out of mouth. HMMmm…makes me want to go do that right now.

  19. I saw the news clips on both California and Colorado regarding marijuana and it brought tears to my eyes knowing that we are winning the fight . Finally people are seeing the light . It’s unfortunate that the Drug , Alcohol and Tobacco companies still continue to put out the deceptive ads in an obvious attempt to do everything to snuff out marijuana for their own financial greed . It’s their drugs that kill , cause you to kill others and in some instances cause irreversible health problems . It isn’t marijuana yet , they are doing everything in an attempt to make you think marijuana is bad when it’s their drugs that are bad .

  20. I believe its a good thing to be a caregiver and to help. But people are giving medical marijuana a bad image . Yes its a healing herb mentally and physically. but if we dont slowly evolve into a whole country that sapports its madecinal values, the little bit weve worked for will crumble.We need to calm down. If your a pot head and ur not in pain Grow ur own illegally . its the fact that if eveyrones on the registry there will be no overturn in it complete legallity . we need to let it be known and seen threw are falls and taxes that its hurting this country to keep prohibition. Any actual patient would go off if they found the fakers because the two are sepratew wants and needs. so plaese as one of our favorite members sites{ that was shut down by the under eduacated government}would say lets OVERGROW THIS PLANET. we have to do this right seprate the people with needs. But dont stop the flow.

  21. Colorado has won today! The state is well underway to benefiting from up-and-coming legal cannabis marketplace, and also upholding free enterprise. Now one other state, like California, can have free market dispensaries that are able to go further and offer a diverse range of stuff. And these companies will not capped by investment capital either. As cannabis dispensaries are allowed to flourish this creates investment capital that will eventually create jobs. Imagine a further need for scientists, farmers, food processors, and more. This can’t happen when customers and capital are capped. Capping business is not free enterprise — is is more like communism. Free enterprise is also what makes American business always driving to produce a better and safer product.

  22. How is it that the police don’t know the difference between a legal or illegal grow op? Don’t these growers just show them their license and that’s it??
    I’m confused!!

  23. I’ve think “The Control Substance Act of 1970” and its anti-marijuana statement are still a major road block on this issue. The patients and the care-givers are still criminals under federal law and they would still be under a watchful eye of the federal anti-pot police. That is why those who get federal money are making it much more difficult for pot lovers who want their medicine so they can bust those potheads and get more money from the federal government. It is a state matter but there are some who do not want to give up that easy federal money.

  24. {Non-General Jake Says:
    July 21st, 2009 at 10:36 am
    Hey R.O.E i totally agree with ya. Quick question: Does R.O.E. stand for ‘Roasting On Endo’? But yeah your dead on with #1}
    Hey jake, no doesnt stand for that,but I like it! Its stands for Running on empty. It relates to my ability to keep watching our government ruin this country. To watch our rights being trampled on…ect ect. Im running on empty in relation to trust of our government to do thr right thing. Just cant stand what I am seeing going on in this country anymore.’Roasting On Endo’. I dont smoke and havent for long time. Decided not to til its legal. This way the law cant touch me , I can fight this fight better that way. Once its legal, R.O.E. may stand for ‘Roasting On Endo’.

  25. Jeremy R. Says: @16:
    This fight must continue now..and ..after legalization. This WOD’s is far reaching into every fabric of society. It is a plague that causes suffering to not only Americans but those in other countries. The general public is not aware of how much the WOD’s affects every day life,politics,policies around the world and other wars that are tied to it. Those that support this WOD’s will never give up this policy of control over the people here and around the world.
    As for this this little fight that just happened in colorado…Those in law enforcement complaining they cant determine whether grows were legal or not…lol well..I see this for what it is. They wanted to cause…yes cause this 5 patience per giver thing just so there would be more grows to complain about. Seems others werent blinded by this tactic either. Remain vigile people.
    Hey prohibs that may read these post…Give it up…you WILL lose.

    Rhode Island, Hawaii, Colorado…The people are making it happen. We are resisting an “unjust law,” and we are showing by a raise of our “overwhelming majority” hands, that we will not accept defeat. We are reclaiming our Constitutional Right, and we are saving, at least this “one right to access cannabis for unobstructed medicinal use.”
    At last count, it was 85% in favor of medical legalization…up 5% in a very short time. 5% is a huge jump! Remember we can disregard the 10% inconsequential factor.
    And it’s the presence of the physical form that captures their attention. The constant pressure brought about by any and all means should indicate that…”they no longer have your vote if they defy the Will of the People.”

  27. Hello, How are we this Evening? Good I hope, Let’s see if I can explain this to you in a manor, Even a politician, Can understand. “IF”, You give a mouse a, “Cookie”, He, will want a glass of, “Milk”. “IF”, You give him the glass of milk. He will want a “Napkin”,. Do you get the, Story, Yet?. Only the people whom, “WANT” to “USE”, Should “USE”, At their respectable, Discretion. In the manor, that is of “Their” Choosing. Anything less is “NOT” “FREEDOM”. Anyway, you want to butter it, it’s still only butter, on it. And, Doesn’t change, The “FACT”, It’s a shit sandwich, with butter on it!. “Stop”, Being a Drone,Robot, Yes Man , Call it what you want, Just, “STOP DOING IT. And realize what you are being led to Believe, Led by the Nose, To do what they want of you, Not for you, Because of you, In Spite of you, To Condemn you, To Enslave you, And to KILL you if you Dis-obey, Stand-Up for Yourself, Gather Together, or Any act of Revolt, Will be dealt with, Without Mercy, Care or Give-a-Damn. And I watch you, Jump, for Joy, for the Crumb, Thrown through the bar’s of Oppression, from which you made for yourselves, over the year’s. Parents,Children,Son’s and Daughter’s, will you please “LISTEN” This time, I can only give an opinion, If You, Accept it, or not, Is you’re “CHOICE”. I can’t make you, do, Anything, and wouldn’t want to. IT’S YOUR FREE WILL, THIS IS WHAT YOU GOT, THIS IS WHY I’M HOT, but I’m not going to burn in hell for you or anyone else either. I don’t want to see you burn I-ether, So, peace, be with you, and the choice is yours. PEACE!!! AL….

  28. I am over 50 and have smoked a little cannabis sativa, when I felt the need, most of my life. I have never been addicted to it. I just enjoy the way it calms me down after a day at work. I have a highly technical job involving computer programming, mathematics and million dollar equipment. I had the highest IQ in the history of my school. I read over 5000 books by the age of 21. I love science. I tried cannabis at the age of 16. Over the next 30 years I lost track of the number of books and technical manuals I have absorbed but I am sure the number would be quite high. My reading speed was 900 words a minute twenty years ago and is currently around 600 to 700. I wear glasses now and that does slow me down a bit. I am NOT a burned out bum. Smoking Cannabis doesn’t seem to have had much ill effect. I believe it is my right to use a natural plant if I see fit. If I smoke too much, I do feel a little hangover the next day but not nearly as bad as alcohol. I have watched politics move to and fro most of my adult life and I have a little insight for you. Politicians and most of the legal profession don’t give a rats ass about you or your health. The vast majority only care about keeping their own jobs and furthering their own careers. The rest is a smoke screen. If marijuana were to become legal tomorrow the DEA would face major layoffs. Police overtime is linked to work-load and the same thing would also occur over time in most of the legal professions. You will see these folks fight to keep it illegal as it is self preservation. These people need real jobs that produce a salable commodity instead of arresting people and locking them up or forcing them into “rehab” programs because they like to use a natural plant.
    The fact is that prohibition is big business. Billions are funneled into a system that harms more people than it helps, but thousands of jobs are at stake regarding this issue. I am a follower of Mark Twain. “Lawyers are like other people–fools on the average; but it is easier for an ass to succeed in that trade than any other.”
    Mr. Twain had a low opinion of the legal trades, and so do I.
    Our legal system is modeled after that most dubious of entities, a corporation. You will never create a Utopian corporation. It is time for a return to the precepts our country was founded upon. It will never be perfect. It is simply the best that we humans have come up with so far.
    I support full legalization, but as a pragmatist, I understand the powers that be will most likely not allow this to occur. So, as a compromise, legalization for medical use MUST be allowed for adults. Over two thousand scientific studies have confirmed medical use is justified. We must stop the current trend before it becomes more ugly than it already is.
    Have a nice day,
    Middle Aged Tex

  29. Shouldnt matter if a growing operation is legal, its a PLANT! Maybe Ill open up an underground poison ivy farm and infect the people that would rather have poison ivy legal than cannabis. Ill call it the poison ivy proposal. And another thing, did anyone throw food, that would have helped the situation. Like a flaming bag of waste/shit for wasting/shitting on our time. When did America adopt Nazism?

  30. Oh give me another brake. If its childish measures they want to enforce, then childish responses is what we give them. How are a shit load of caregivers gonna help the situation when a single caregiving outfit can spread much more business and ease of use to people seeking care to a plant that has no long term affects, no risk for overdose, and safe enough for a baby to intake.

  31. Its our nation now, and my generation wants it so the sooner the old fucks die off the sooner retarted babyboomers with be powerless.

  32. “Total Nationwide Legalization” will never occur until the Food and Drug Administration says cannabis has “current medical use in the United States…and
    …low potential for abuse.” When that happens…then the legislators can say “I do”…and…say it without
    reprisal from the POT-PHOBIC PROHIBS…because they vote too. Plus…pharma-beasts will have had their wings clipped. We’re a long way off…but…we’re on the down sloap. The pressure should be applied to the FDA.

  33. In California, it’s Supreme Court doesn’t recognize the “CAREGIVER.” Their opinion is that there was no “CAREGIVER RELATIONSHIP” established prior to becoming a Qualified 11362.5 Patient. In essence…
    the Collective or Cooperative, and its members are the “CAREGIVER.” Ya! We need to take that to a higher court. Any relationship, has a inception, and it is from that date the relationship exists and maintains its identity. Don’t think California still
    doesn’t have its problems, but we are taking care of them. Right now it’s the California Police Chiefs Association, and a guy named Issa. We disposed of San Diego as a thorn in our side…but then there’s Issa.

  34. #36 Anonymous Says:
    July 22nd, 2009 at 12:02 pm
    “Total Nationwide Legalization” will never occur until the Food and Drug Administration says cannabis has “current medical use in the United States…and
    …low potential for abuse.” When that happens…then the legislators can say “I do”…and…say it without
    reprisal from the POT-PHOBIC PROHIBS…because they vote too. Plus…pharma-beasts will have had their wings clipped. We’re a long way off…but…we’re on the down sloap.
    The pressure should be applied to the FDA.
    – The ONLY regulatory-role which
    the FDA should have regarding cannabis
    is ensuring
    when / if packaged for retail-purchase.
    they ought to M.T.O.B!!!

    (Why does a plant,
    with a 5000 year safety-record,
    need “FDA-approval” anyway???)

  35. 33,34,35 Stephen…”It shouldn’t matter if a growing operation is legal.”
    If you’re cultivating one leaf without a physician’s recommendation, your “ILLEGAL,” and it does matter, especially to the judge that is going to sentence you.
    anticipating the death of old fucks, or referring to babyboomers as retarded, is absolutely no way to make friends and influence people. Think about it youngblood.

  36. I say this with a kind heart, and a gentle spirit. Don’t take it personal. My intent is not to offend. My intent is to light a fire under your ass.
    Look!…we’re using our “SMALL VOICE” here. We enjoy using our “SMALL VOICE” because it poses no opposition.
    We all feel the same way. We are a “MUTUAL ADMIRATION SOCIETY.”
    Now!…We have to “FACE REALITY.” We have to record our “SMALL VOICE” on a voting ballot, and turn it into our “BIG VOICE.” That means…”VOTE!” If you can’t, or won’t, “VOTE,” for one reason or another, you can use your “PHYSICAL PRESENCE”…like say…Colorado has. When you can fill Mile High Stadium with a Bronco’s Pep Rally…that’s “PHYSICAL PRESENCE”. When you can violate fire occupancy codes with your presence…that’s “PHYSICAL PRESENCE.” When you can render your adversary helpless with your presence…
    that’s “PHYSICAL PRESENCE,” and that may be the next best weapon, after your “VOTE.”
    Just remember what John Wayne said…
    “OFF AND ON IT”…Off your ass and on your feet! Saddle up…let your feet take you to the voting booth…or…right down to your elected representatives local office, and say it with conviction…
    and you know what “POT” I’m talkin’ about. Your re-election is in my hands…not in my words.

  37. Why don’t we start a national chant
    1 to 3
    Move it from schedule I
    Put it in schedule III
    Send that message to U.S Health and Human Services.
    They could make it happen tomorrow.

  38. I was at the meeting at the tivoli in Colorado. july,20 2009 (i was in opposition #35). it was nice to see fellow patients stand up for thier rights! I have used MJ since i was 16 ,i’m 43 now, and probably could have continued without the medical marijuana certificate, but, I thought of the bigger picture! the more people who stand up and put MJ in the news for good reasons the better. It’s my part to fight the good fight you are all wanting. as of now i think of myself a soldier in the (Anti-Drug War). Our purpose is to not take the hill, our objective is the Federal Govt’s schedule one classification! thats the end game,thats what we want!.
    When the states become unwilling accesories to subversion all the better! as you said , its the people speaking now. Hopefully, the feds will eventualy capitulate and take MJ off schedule 1 and toss it to three and start to see the benifits of this miracle of God.

  39. I WONDER???????????????????????????????????????????
    And I’ll wager that Neurogenesis1:29 could answer this better than I could. It’s a health issue. A physician has recommended the use of cannabis as having effecacy.
    It’s now a matter of patient’s rights. I wonder what the ramifications would be as to “Patient’s Rights Litigation.” Are there any attornies out there that would like to take a crack at this? Patients are a powerful lobby.

  40. In reply to post 27. Are you talking about federal economic stimulus money given to businesses or something else?

  41. Hahaha funny stuff that is me on the railing. All these years and I never knew this pic was so popular. I am just now finding out. What a day in the name of fighting for your fucking rights! We almost have them now, lets keep up the good fight everyone.

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