C-Span TV: NORML Founder Keith Stroup Interviews Author Of 'Weed Man'

Fire up the ol’ DVR this weekend because C-SPAN TV is airing Washington Times‘ ‘Inside the Beltway’ columnist and author John McCaslin being interviewed by NORML founder and legal counsel Keith Stroup.
Keith interviews John for an entire hour about his new book Weed Man, a biography about Jimmy Divine–one of America’s most prolific cannabis smugglers.
Broadcast times for this one-on-one interview on C-SPAN2, BookTV are:
*Saturday, August 22 @ 10 PM (ET)
*Sunday, August 23 @ 9 PM (ET)
*Monday, August 24 @ 12 AM and 3 AM (ET)

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  1. I won’t miss this. Any chance of this getting any attention from the MSM? Let’s hope so.

  2. Watched the program.Only one thing to say, Jimmy Divine, Jimmy Divine ,only wish that your life was mine. LEGALIZE

  3. Very good program and many myths were debunked about MJ .Hopefully many viewers eyes were opened to the reality that MJ is not the “Demon Weed” that many people believe it to be. Good show Keith Stroup. The need is for more programs of this calibre.

  4. Well done gentlemen, this is exactly what we need in today’s climate. Please keep up the good work. Everyone ,lets stand together with Barney Frank and Ron Paul and with all legislators,willing to stand up and tell the truth!!!

  5. that was a good interview. it was really cool to see Keith Stroup in the interview.
    Thanks for the work on NORML, Keith!

  6. Kudos, Keith! I loved the interview. I’d love to see Keith Stroup be the guest host on Keith Olbermann’s show where he gets to pick a cannabis segment, or be on at the end of Olbermann’s show the last 10 or 15 minutes or so like Rachel Maddow has someone on the last few minutes of her show. Why not? MSM always saves cannabis issues to the very end, teasing viewers all the way through the show because they know it boosts ratings.

  7. Dear Keith,
    What kind of wine are you drinking? You might want to try something new as the stuff your currently drinking is turning your hair grey. Just kidding. Great piece of work. I would love to see that kind of interview done on prime time television on a major network. It would certainly open a lot of peoples minds. I found the whole thing very entertaining. Thanks!

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