Anti-Marijuana Zealot Still Employed By Obama

No employee of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) sans the director has ever drawn more public and academic criticism than David Murray, ONDCP’s chief scientist.
Virtually an entire book was derived from the ONDCP’s twisting science and statistical data during Murray’s eight-year tenure—Dr. Matthew Robinson’s Lies, Damn Lies and Drug War Statistics, A Critical Analysis Of Claims Made By The ONDCP. You can watch Murray and Robinson debate about the drug war and ONDCP’s methodology at the Cato Institute here.
Question: When will Obama and Holder finally kick Murray to the curb and replace him with someone other than another anti-cannabis zealot masquerading as a ‘scientist’?
The Washington Monthly’s Charlie Homans cast some much needed, white hot light in Mr. Murray’s direction.
The Bushie Obama Can’t Fire
by Charles Homans
August 25, 2009

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  1. This is a sign that government is so powerful that it can`t even control itself, let alone control the country.
    As long as rich drunks decide what is morally right or wrong, America will spiral down a chaotic abyss. This is the red tape created by greedy alcohol producers. If there were ever a time to force alcohol companies to pick a side now is the time. Which side are the drunks on? Sobriety or level playing field. All this talking, and debating and waiting is idiotic. While the drunks run around like children throwing broken glass all over the road while they drive drunk, enjoying their “freedom” to get buzzed legally. It is even legal to get drunk around children. So I ask again why waste time with the government path for another 72 freakin` years when all we have to do is get the rest of the country a.k.a “the drunks” to either live life sober in fear of the government or live free and take back our freedoms. And of course if the drunks say why should we care our drug is already legal hahahaha. Then tell them a shitstorm is coming riding on the tail of sobriety and the drunks are there main target. EITHER THE DRUNKS HELP US LEGALIZE MARIJUANA NOW!!!! Or Alcohol will be illegal in a few years. Its up to you drunk America. Sober or free

  2. I was watching cops of broward county fla. It made me sick over and over they harass people over small possession charges. Many with small amounts of cannabis. This is why our jails and legal system is in such a growth mode. YOU CANNOT DICTATED TO A GROWN HUMAN WHAT HE LIKES AND DOES NOT LIKE. THEN PUT THEM IN JAIL FOR MAKING A PERSONAL CHOICE.

  3. I helped elect Obama but will withhold and further support . UNTIL
    Take Cannabis legalization serious, a lot of Americans could then live in peace.
    We stop the contract with hired hit squads (blackwater)
    This bothers me (being an activist) that we have an above the law army run by a religious right wing fanatic. That states he is on a crusade to kill all non Christians worldwide. Why are we paying the Hitler like group millions ever year?? Racism is alive and well and paid for with our money???
    Go to and vote for ending our 122 million contract with blackwater.
    and legalize cannabis and stop enslaving the back bone of America…
    Please let your voice be heard vote today its easy…
    Cherokee Fred Hussein Jesus

  4. Polls show Obama’s favorable rating among his own constituents has slipped 39% ending the work week of 08/28/09 His overall favorability rating is now at 50% There appears to be a conflict between his ability to please those who voted him into office and his new lobbyists friends from the pharmaceutical industries.

  5. #41 Colorado Acitivist/Mr. Rick Seymour: You went to Colorado, I was wondering. ‘A national legislative group that pays you to legislate political issues’. So a legislative activist for what cause(s)?
    And I don’t quite understand the ‘If I can be of any assistance on MJ issues’ statement. MJ is no longer your first priority? (just asking)…….

  6. Wow… did Mr. Murray really claim that men beat up their wives while stoned?
    What a huge gulf there is between the reality of cannabis and the policymakers running the drug war. Absolutlely insane.

  7. Someone at NORML needs to take on this twit Barrett Duke at the Baptist Press. He’s arguing for continued prohibition based on “moral standards” (read: ultra-biased, close-minded religious oppressiveness) and this article of his is astounding in its ignorance and gall. It makes me sick to my stomach.
    I would have commented on it, but of course, they don’t allow that there, either.
    Can someone at NORML contact this buffoon?

  8. What difference does it make? I’ve given up on the current administration actually handling anything differently that it’s always been. Honestly I think there would have been a better shot at federal decriminalization if Clinton had won. It’s all in the state’s hands now.

  9. ==================================================
    This is Quick and simple if you want big change you better call or E-mail the president and your senators and congressperson’s and make them understand that we elected them and we will not be ignored,we voted for big change.Legalization of marijuana is big change we need to show support big time we are a “unrecognized” majority.Our elected official’s seem to hear only the corporate media and lobbyists we are invisible.

  10. put those drug war losers onto something more sensible-going after real criminals or border patrol -keeping mexicans in mexico where they belong!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The war on marijuana is so wasteful and waste of tax payers money just as war on alcohol was -seed carried onto someone’s properties by animals birds,weather and the misidentification of plants for marijuana has police busting down the now victims doors -tearing up house and property-cutting locks-slicing clearly marked meat packages-valuables come up missing-victim and victim’s family and friends are tormented with helicopters constantly hovering over their houses-place of employment being called by police causing loss of employment before any report is wrote up -police running their mouths saying the victim is a druggie and a drug ring leader even when the victims have passed the 9 layer panel hair tests.They cause so much hardship,heartache,sadness and the list goes on what the victims feel and go through.This happens in douglas county and surrounding counties in missouri.It is a war on the good American people.GOD created this beautiful plant to grow along side all other plants and to be used as intented by everyone and not just those greedy criminal and law thugs that are making everyone else miserable!!!!!!!!!!

  12. the war on drugs what has it solved’ It has destroyed and enslaved us it has sent your daughters in to the hands of pimps It has caused doctors to hate there own people and wish them dead’ The very people who are supposed to be healers of mankind ‘ None of us are perfect not one’ here walking on earth now and don’t you think the real one god has held his hand for a reason? So we can change or a hope to because once he does start playing again it might not be that fun Because I don’t think where playing much where judging and killing teaching to in movies- and raping -hurting-using-lying-stealing-And a loving god does not play with people like that he will not allow us to ether and the day is coming I see it everywhere so guard what is good and stop fighting it doesn’t bring a thing to fun.Planex x is comming and it will destroy us all your bunkers will not save you’ Your underwater caves will not make you safe ‘ A monster is comming and if you do not bring fun back I can/’\not even save you’

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