BREAKING NEWS: Massachusetts Lawmakers To Debate Marijuana Legalization Measure Tomorrow!

[Editor’s note: A version of this post was previously list-served to NORML’s membership in Massachusetts. To receive updates about pending legislation in your state, sign up for NORML’s free list-serv service here.] REMINDER — On Wednesday, October 14, Massachusetts state lawmakers will hear testimony in support of taxing and regulating the commercial production and distribution of marijuana for adults age 21 and older.
Members of the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Revenue are scheduled to hear House Bill 2929, ‘An Act to Regulate and Tax the Cannabis Industry,’ on Wednesday at 10 am in Room B2 of the State House. House Bill 2929, along with its companion bill SB 1801, were introduced by request in March.
NORML founder and Legal Counsel Keith Stroup will testify in favor of the measures [Editor’s note: Read Keith’s written testimony here.] — along with NORML Advisory Board member Dr. Lester Grinspoon (Harvard Medical School emeritus) and members of NORML’s state affiliate, the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition.
This hearing is historic because it is the first time the state legislature has ever debated legalizing the adult use of marijuana.
If you live in Massachusetts, please show your support for these measures by contacting your state elected officials and urging them to support these common sense proposals. If your elected officials are members of the Joint Committee on Revenue or the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, then it is especially important that they hear from you. For your convenience, a pre-written letter will be e-mailed to your state senator and representative when you enter you go here. The Joint Committee on Revenue may also be contacted at:
House Staff Telephone: (617) 722-2320
Senate Staff Telephone: (617) 722-1625
For additional information about tomorrow’s hearing, please visit the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition/NORML at: or visit:

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  1. THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITING BECAUSE I DONT EVEN LIVE AN HOUR AWAY FROM Massachusetts so I hope they leagalize it there and after all Massachusetts is a pretty liberal state

  2. More Food for Thought
    Our Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution, our very contract with our government employees curbs all three branches of government employees from acting as tyrants. It subjects all departments of government (our employees) to a rule of law and sets boundaries beyond which no official (employee) may go. It emphasizes that in this country a person walks with dignity and without fear or it’s government (employees), that people need not grovel before an all powerful government / the hired help.
    The Constitution is not primarily designed to protect majorities, who are usually able to protect themselves, but rather it is designed to preserve and protect the rights of the individuals and minorities against arbitrary actions of those in authority – (our employees / hired help).
    Every person who, (is an employee) under color of any statue, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage thereof, of any state or territory, subjects or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States (employers) or other person to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the constitution and laws, shall be liable to the injured in an action at law, equity, or other proper proceeding for redress.
    Therefore Government Agents Beware! To ALL and ANY of those in government jobs / hired or elected employees alike, you all are hereby given this public notice by at least one of your employers that your continuos unlawful behavior in the enforcement of the unconstitutional cannabis laws will hold you personally liable under U.S.C. Title 42 1983. Beware that a Class Action U.S.C. Title 42 1986 thru 1986 suit is being prepared at this time against all conspirators and co-conspirators who have acted and continue to create harmful injury by unlawfully abrogating the inalienable rights secured and retained by the United States People. Further Beware that “I’m just doing my job” statements will not protect you from being found liable under the Color of Law by a Jury of your Peers.
    To my PEERS, fellow citizens it is time to act. It is time that we all start to put this government on notice. That if they can not pull their heads out of our ass we must do it ourselves. We must warn them that we can and will take each everyone of these agents of government to Court. We can act through our Courts and our peers will decided this issue not the government. It is time for each and everyone of you to start the process of putting this government on notice. After that we can attack this government in the Courts and they can do nothing to stop it. We are in control, the veil has been lifted, the wool pulled back from our eyes. It is time, It is time and we must not waste it. Each and everyone of us must push now, together we must push at the local and national levels. We are united and we have told no lies, it is the government that lacks foundation in this issue of cannabis. It is they who built this fraud upon one lie after another. It is time, so will you strike with me and the others who have suffered at the hands of these unlawful employees? Send them their notice and let the shit fly.

  3. “All we need is for one state to legalize. Just one state and it will be the beginning of the end for marijuana prohibition.”
    Alaska (of all places) already has, so hopefully mass and california will be soon and this ball can start rolling, it’ll never be legal here in Canada until the US does it, our government is spineless that way (see Emery, Marc)

  4. Im a big supported of pot beign legal in the state of ma. I also live here it will be great 21 is a good age to by pot. Its better than drinking and somking cigs why not make it legal in the whole would stop this drug in mexico plush they can tax it and get money from people bying it Alchol kills people weed dosnt it helps people and makes them relaxed Legalise it legalize

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