Paypal No Pal Of Medical Marijuana

California NORML Release – Oct 12, 2009
Paypal, the well-known internet payment company has told California NORML that it will no longer accept payments to our “type of business” because we accept listing payments from cannabis-recommending physicians.
After years of offering free listings to physicians and collectives at our website, CaNORML began charging a yearly listing fee to cover our costs last year.
PayPal froze CaNORML’s account in June, saying that by accepting listing fees fromcollectives, we were violating their Acceptable Use policy, which says, “you may not use PayPal in the purchase or sale of narcotics.” Although narcotics were not being sold over the CaNORML site, we reluctantly agreed to stop accepting listings fees from collectives that dispense medical marijuana, recognizing that even though they are legal under state law, they are illegal under federal law.  However, we  continued to accept payments online from doctors, attorneys, and members.
Now PayPal has stopped accepting payments from the CaNORML site because we continued to accept listing payments from physicians.
Under a ruling upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court (Conant v. Walters, 2003), physicians have the first amendment right to discuss and recommend medical marijuana for their patients, although they may not distribute it or help patients in finding it. PayPal was informed of this and wrote back, “We are not arguing the legality of this issue; we are simply stating that we have made the business decision to not be involved with this type of business.”
Because of its discriminatory policy and  disregard of physicians’ first amendment rights, CaNORML submits that PayPal is not the “type of business” to be used by those who advocate for human rights. We will file a complaint with the federal banking committee over their practices.
Located in San Jose, California, PayPal was founded in 1998 and was acquired by eBay (California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s former company)  in 2002.
Complain to: PayPal, 2211 N 1st St, San Jose 95131 (408) 376-7400
Dale Gieringer, CA NORML

[Statement of Paypal’s Accceptable Use]

We appreciate the fact that you chose PayPal to send and receive payments for your transactions.
Under the Acceptable Use Policy, you may not use PayPal in the purchase or sale of narcotics, steroids, certain controlled substances, products that present a risk to consumer safety or drug paraphernalia.  PayPal makes such decisions after reviewing laws, regulations and other actions by governmental agencies, other available evidence, and marketing content related to the product.

The complete Acceptable Use Policy can be found at the following URL:

To learn more about the Acceptable Use Policy, please refer to our Help Center page here:

We are hereby notifying you that, after a recent review of your account activity, it has been determined that you are in violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy regarding your sales at  PayPal cannot be used to accept fees for listing information related to marijuana dispensaries, delivery services and cannabis physicians.

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  1. Want to see how the big lie…the constructive fraud really works? I have not read their book, “They Own It All (Including You) By Means Of Toxic Currency” but in the last week I’ve been listening to past radio interviews with the authors.
    Check out Wowwwwwwwwwwwww…have we ever been manipulated…are being manipulated…

  2. I just closed my paypal account and left a message (you can leave one when you close your account online) explaining why I am leaving. I made sure to mention Prop. 215, SB420 and CANORML.

  3. Is there an alternative to PayPal? If not, I’d be surprised that they have the market all to themselves. I only used PayPal once. How about PotPal?

  4. Yes that a good idea, it is right like in the south when we stop using the buses. We set up people with cars to get us from point a to point b. Great idea just wish I knew how to create a supportive site like that.

  5. BIG Alcohol along with the Drug Companies said we will not do business with you if you work with Norml . They use the name of ” narcotic ” to justify there reason to make marijuana look terrible . This is about their Greed and lust for money and not what’s right .

  6. I am disgusted but not surprised. PayPal recently did the same thing to electronic cigarette vendors. E-cigs were the only thing that help me quit smoking cigarettes. I wonder if you looked on the Board of PayPal if you wouldn’t find at least 1 big pharmaceutical person. I will be canceling my paypal account.

  7. PotPal…..I like the sound of that. Maybe NORML should start that online business. Then use a small sum of the proceeds to help with the movement….or something??

  8. I am so PROUD to see other commenters finally!!! use the term BOYCOTT(sniffle). And as I recall my last visit to the grocery store….those poptarts weren’t flying off the shelf as fast as they did……fuck Kellogg’s.

  9. #53 hey queen, you were readin my mind.damn, wish i used it before. id a cancelled in a micro second.ha…good day to you!

  10. I hope PayEnemy prohibits purchases of Tylenol, being that it kills thousands every year. I hope that anything related to alcohol is not tolerated. Free Market my @ss.
    Ebay has already gone overboard on their fees and policies and lost my business long ago. Now, it seems PayPal is no longer a viable option. More and more, I just use CASH. Why give the government a paper trail on the everyday activities of our lives via the banks and their evil web of unjust interest rates? How long until you can no longer use cash? Are microchips that far off?

  11. Well its ubsurd. First off there is a way around that by just sending
    a gift or funds in a different way but for them to refuse customers is ignorant.
    I wonder if everyone right now that partakes just boycotted them
    what would happen if even for a month or 6.
    If everyone went back to sending postal money orders it would
    help the post offices anyway.
    Not to mention you only pay once there. Not at both ends
    they have us coming and going.
    Makes me ponder if the fences these guys want to build on the borders are not in fact to keep us in vs others out.
    I can easily not use paypal by using money order or cc#.
    FEE BAY AND PAIN PAL ARE owned by the same company
    which seems as though its borderline monopoly anyway.
    I think they demand you have paynpal on ebay now anyway
    people can still communicate though and work around that too.
    which what I plan on doing.
    Feebay is to high as is paynpal.

  12. Told ebay and paypal to shove it months ago when they conspired to steal my money glad to see other people taking the time to tell them off as well. Lets see if the people really have the power in this society boycotting these companys is a very good way to start. POWER TO THE PEOPLE

  13. dearest Felicia: thanks for the insight!
    Paypal and eBay obviously know their client base: they cater to a buncha uptight dudes with small penises!
    No wonder I did not fit in!

  14. Paypal refuses to acknowledge our movement and therefore will not service an industry with such unlimited potential! NORML – call me! This is a booming industry and we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface! I own GUARDIAN DATA SYSTEMS, INC. We offer a complete line of compassionate payment services to the cannabis community! I have personally negotiated with several friendly banks and processors to bring Merchant Services, POS Sales & Leasing, Gift & Loyalty Cards, ATMs, Creative Financing, Check Verification & Guarantee, & more to our community. Safe, secure, and reliable financial solutions for all.
    Lance Ott – CEO

  15. Smut Peddler, Guv Hopeful Meg Whitman Waffles on Porn Subsidies
    By Matt Smith in Politics
    Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, who as eBay CEO proved her mettle as a hardcore fetish pornography entrepreneur, did not respond to an inquiry Wednesday about whether as governor she would seek to continue a California program that, until recently, subsidized the production of smut.
    Next week’s SF Weekly includes an exclusive report about a California economic development program that has routed tens of thousands of dollars in subsidies to an Internet pornography producer. Continuing — or even bolstering — this practice would seem a tailor-made campaign issue for Whitman, who bills herself as a business whiz ready to revive the California economy. She backs her economic talk with real chops: In 1998, just as eBay was preparing an initial stock offering, Whitman oversaw the creation of a special eBay site exclusively for the sale of pornography. The move was prescient — though much porn consumption has shifted to streaming Internet video, there’s still a market for specialized fetish material best sold in DVD — or otherwise physically-shippable form.
    In this spirit, Whitman’s “eBay Adults Only” brainchild is a place where, on April 15, $5.94 got one into the bidding for a DVD titled Redneck Trailer Torture. With $12 one could vie for “porn star Brianna Ryder’s personal g-string,” and $7.99 put one in the running for the DVD Grandma Has Sex With Everybody! Anal, Oral, Group!
    By mid-day on April 15, Whitman’s adults-only Web-auction brainchild had more than 87,000 items for sale, with prices the $5-$20 range. If this is typical, a back-of-the-used-thong calculation suggests an eBay porno-based income of several million dollars per year, potentially funding dozens of California jobs.
    On Wednesday SF Weekly asked Whitman spokesman Mitch Zak whether, given Whitman’s smut-peddling success, the porn-industry could count on her support as governor. Zak had not responded by press time.
    Tags: eBay, fetish, Meg Whitman, pornography
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  16. Be sure you read the last sentence .
    Next week’s SF Weekly includes an exclusive report about a California economic development program that has routed tens of thousands of dollars in subsidies to an Internet pornography producer. Continuing — or even bolstering — this practice would seem a tailor-made campaign issue for Whitman, who bills herself as a business whiz ready to revive the California economy. She backs her economic talk with real chops: In 1998, just as eBay was preparing an initial stock offering, Whitman oversaw the creation of a special eBay site exclusively for the sale of pornography.

  17. “Thank you very much for sharing your comments and for your question. Meg is strongly opposed to the legalization of marijuana. There are many problems facing California right now and Meg wants to focus her energy on solving problems that our vital to the future success of our state such as cutting spending in Sacramento, creating and keeping jobs in California, and fixing our educational system.
    Again, thank you for your comments.”

  18. Dee Jay: that is kind of a slippery way to sneak in a political blurb.
    “Meg is strongly opposed to the legalization of marijuana.”
    why would she say that Here? she appears to be lacking common sense.

  19. Hi Peter,
    I just think we should be informed about the candidates that are up to the plate, specifically one who was in charge of Pay-Pal, and currently is in the process of bombarding our TV’s and radios with a multi-million dollar campaign to win.
    Ms. Whitman has her own interests and agenda concerning the legalization (mainly lobby groups and corporations that support her candidacy) of marijuana that by and large is an complete opposition of the California voters, especially on the cusp of another initiative to support legalization.
    Here is her exact quote from a May 7th, 2009 interview: Meg Whitman: “I am absolutely, 100% not in favor of legalizing marijuana for any reason.”
    I apologize if my posts is too political, but the message needs to get out that she is not a progressive candidate one bit. The responses of the other candidates are also listed.

  20. Dee Jay: excuse me, but from your post I assumed you were speaking For Meg Whitman…
    Is it that you are actually just speaking About her?
    She is clearly not on our side in any way…

  21. PayPal did this to me also a few years ago, same basic excuse, and they never did return my funds. $5,000 roughly
    same to a friend in Peru, froze and did not return $15,000
    screw paypal!

  22. There is so much that i could say, the wisdom that i have accumulated over years… its very hard to put down in a few short words.
    In the entire history of the world, no one has ever overdosed on weed or died directly from it, now compare that to the millions of deaths brought on other legal and illegal drugs.
    our government is corrupt with greed and paypal should disemble period. the. end.

  23. Our world created weed for a reason, and since the dawn of mankind we have smoked this wonderful herb.
    no one in all this time has died (that we know of) or overdosed on marijuana, now compare that to the millions of deaths brought on by both legal and illegal drugs.
    The government is corrupt with greed and power, and paypal deserves a good kicking if you ask me.

  24. Quit demonizing paypal.
    You really have to understand WHY banks and people who process CREDIT are terribly afraid of the laws that exist. If you process payments, and you entire business is set up around currency that is in any way backed by the fed, a government investigation can FREEZE your business and vicariously large amounts of the MONEY of the PEOPLE who are using their service. They cannot do ANYTHING that jeopardizes their ability to protect money that is NOT THEIRS and would just about destroy their business if the government decided to heavy hand them.
    I am willing to bet that there are banks and people at paypal who would like to support in some way – but the fact is they are dealing with other peoples money, and more money than just the accounts trading “narcotics” can be seized of frozen in investigations.
    How would you like your account frozen if you had nothing to do with anything just because your account’s login “token” was detected on the same server as that of the “narcotics” dealer, and you were just SOL for months during investigation that had nothing to do with you. This actually happens. So – paypal, and credit companies, don’t really bother with being lenient because every time one account being investigated it can impact more than just that person, and they can be fined too.
    So, Hate the Schedule 1 classification, not Paypal. Once cannabis is demoted from Schedule 1, paypal will surely not care.

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