NORML SHOW LIVE from Oregon NORML's Cannabis Café TONIGHT

NORML SHOW LIVE provides you with exclusive access to Oregon’s world-famous Cannabis Café, this Saturday Night from 6pm-8pm Pacific.

You’ve read about it on the Reuters wire, New York Times, the Times of London, and even Al Jazeera, USA Today, and the Associated Press will be bringing you the story soon, but only “Radical” Russ can get you inside the first café exclusively for Oregon’s 21,000 medical marijuana cardholders.
Madeline Martinez from Oregon NORML and the NORML Board joins us to describe how her vision of a cannabis café has become a reality. We also speak to the patients in the café enjoying cannabis liberty in a way few outside Amsterdam enjoy.
We’ve upgraded to the latest 4G WiMax wireless technology to bring you the best remote audio possible from the café.  Cannabis Karri will be screening your calls from back in the studio and Cousin Kenny will take your questions online via our live chat window.
It’s two hours of live talk radio from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Hosted by “Radical” Russ Belville, NORML SHOW LIVE features a recap of the week’s top stories in medical marijuana, consumer cannabis, and industrial hemp; interviews with the top cannabis activists, politicians, scientists, doctors, actors, musicians, and comedians; and your calls live at 347-994-1810.

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  1. Ya know what NORML? Ya know what you are forgetting?
    Pot is a really good aphrodisiac. You should make more of this fact. Maybe doctors could prescribe weed for sexual dysfunction. You’re trying to sell the world on the logic of legalizing weed, right? What sells better than sex?
    Come on. Sex it up a little. Once people get it in their minds that pot makes sex better, nothing will stop the legalization train.
    Think about it.

  2. im really hopin that this building is plenty big enough cause, it is goin to get reeeaaaal busy in there..ha…awesome!

  3. to #2 a rope leash
    this is true, but you have to be careful on how you present it. We want to have adult discussions about marijuana, but unfortunately, there are a lot of people who can’t take things like sex seriously. even though sex is a natural and healthy part of life, some people just can’t bare to talk about it.
    smoking marijuana has allowed me to see sex as a special and beautiful thing and not just a random act to seek satisfaction.
    So I agree with you, but we just need to be careful about it

  4. you know , i agree about the sex sells part. weed does get me more in the mood, plus i feel more zoned in on everything about my lady. try it out norml.

  5. NORMALE i been a member off and on since 1974 or erlyer the first time i was framed i was asked to role a joint out of the narks bag a pot i got 3 years in the 70 s now in louisiana there using the same illeagle fram up s to entrap smoker s only there using two people as there needs to be a wittness this is so derty i moved to a new state that has mistormener posesion laws as i was framed 8 years a go in a elaboret scam run by calf cops i was first busted at 13 by a best friend turned rat ill send money when i can but i dont think standing up for our wrights will put any more heat on us buy wearing t shets ex cetera as MADD rats on everybody not just drunks an i dont like drunk drivers nor wemon sticking there noses in my ass at the store the speed freeks caused most of our trouble as did coak addicts there is a new drug problem called synthetic s the coumpound prescribed drugs an methadone desrow peoples blood organs and mind there s no cat scan deteryeration from pot as i been studying and corecting my ill health from synthetics i have vary important information in mic ro biolagy i sent to dpa allready organics wount help if there is a synthetic berreyers in a persons blood thuse ill health it does take a synthetic acid to brake doun the berryers then a good diet will work it would take too much space to explain now but will keep in touch at age 8-9 i was assalted in the head and pot was the only thing i could get as the docktors didnt want me addicted erly in life they also didnt want me pain free ither

  6. as for sex and drugs most addicts that use hard drugs leave there mate for anyone who has the hard stuff when there mate only smokes smokers need to stay in colaberation and refrain from methamfetamines and coakain as it will destroy your mind body and love where pot holds us together ripvanwienkle

  7. Oh , i found it . You seemed to have moved it but , other posts have been deleted .
    Anyways , the Drug Pusher ” Gene Burns ” so far this morning has not has his Saturday show on KGO Radio ( San Francisco )pushing the consumption of Alcoholic
    beverages .
    This sends the wrong message to Children .
    He did still do another advertisement for Brandy at about 8:30 A:M:
    He calls Marijuana a D-R-U-G in a demeaning way . I can almost hear him ” snicker ” as he says the word D-R-U-G .
    Please keep your calls and emails up to KGO Radio of San Francisco ( found online ) . If we can save the life or the neglect & abuse of even one Child from an alcoholic drunk our effects will be worth it .
    Thankyou .

  8. It’s 10:oo A:M: and the drug pusher just started his Show where he pushes alcoholic beverages .
    This sends the wrong message to kids .
    KEEP YOUR CALLS and EMAILS UP . KGO Radio can easily be found online .

  9. I agree with sexing it up. Marijuana enhances the sense of touch so tremendously and a persons sense of their own physicalness.

  10. 10;57 A:M: and they ( KGO Radio )just played the ad where a Mother asks her son ” Kevin , have you ever done Pot ? then she immediately says ” cocaine , speedballs , etc ” . This ad is obviously put out by Big Alcohol and the Pharma. Companies in an attempt to deceive you the public into thinking Marijuana is like all hard drugs for one reason only . To deceive & trick you so you’ll drink alcohol , get medical problems and take pharmacueticals ( their drugs ) which , Gene Burns & his sponsors push .
    This sends the wrong message to Children .
    Please keep your calls & emails up to KGO . Lets push this crap back in their face except we don’t use lies and deception . We use the TRUTH .

  11. the new cafe is a joke. ive repeatedly asked for help to get pot via norml and other organizations with no response. now they want money to go to a place that i dont have access to because of money. pathetic! the black market is better than paying $240 a year for access to a place that wont let me take my medicine to my home. all i ask is a place where i dont get ripped off on my medicine so i can go home and medicate, rather than pay to partake in a sham that cost more money than most people can afford. ridiculous!
    [Russ responds: Oregon law forbids anyone from selling you pot, Chuck. Oregon NORML and any other reputable organization is neither going to sell you pot nor refer you to people that will sell you pot. The Café won’t give you enough medicine for you to take home because they cannot be allowing free weed being donated by caregivers and growers being diverted to the black market. As for the cost, for a $35 a year donation to join Oregon NORML, twice a month you can attend meetings where you can pick up a starter plant to grow your own medicine and a small bit of medicine and perhaps meet a caregiver who can better suit your needs. Finally, the Café is not being run to solve the problem of medical access for patients; it is being run to solve the problem of social outlets for patients. If you cannot afford that, there’s nothing wrong with that.]

  12. btw–martinez is a fool. she states that people in jail should be the ones that grow it for the country. what!
    sounds like she’s saying that those in prison because of prohibition against marijuana==those are the ones that should grow it. in other words, she seems to be saying that as long as we have people arrested for marijuana they should be allowed to grow it in the prison system. hmmm. so u want people to get arrested for it so they can grow it? im sure she just means for medicinal uses. but no, she advocates legalizing for responsible adults. so then if it’s legalized, martinez, who would u like to grow? or maybe she’s saying that most people in prison just know how to grow. either way, a good example of ignorance. just an example of the stupidity of norml and their members.
    [Russ responds: You take Madeline’s comments way out of context. She is saying that if prohibition is going to continue to exist, and if we have such a huge problem with medical access for patients, why not let the prisoners grow marijuana for the patients, as it would be safe and secure and many people in prison already know how to grow. It’s a tongue-in-cheek comment, as I am quite certain that Madeline fully supports the end of adult marijuana prohibition and the right of consumers to grow their own cannabis.
    I find it interesting when people complain about marijuana being illegal, demand that NORML do something about it, but when a NORML chapter finds a way to make the money necessary to do the work to end marijuana’s illegality, they complain about it. Nobody is required to join the Café, but for those who want to join, it seems to me that $20/month for membership in a private club open six days a week with great food, vaporizers, and a selection of two dozen different strains of fine Oregon cannabis isn’t anything to complain about.]

  13. Sex is better with weed. A lot of people won’t needing levitra , viagra & all the other male enhancement drugs that Pharma wants to sell you . Now you know why Pharma. is so much against Pot .

  14. Can’t believe some of the comments in this post.
    Russ, it was a good show. The sound still lagged in some parts.

  15. Ok, so if Cali legalizes, this kind of thing won’t be allowed correct? If it’s not to be done in public, I would assume there would be no ‘pot bars’ one could go to.
    What really burns my ass, is that norml won’t take a bite of it’s name to get legislation passed. At least it’s a ‘cannibis cafe’ and not the ‘toke hut’. I’m surprised at that though.
    [Russ responds: I assume you mean the “National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws” should drop the “Marijuana” for “Cannabis”. Well, we’ve had many discussions about that. Here are some things to consider:
    1) NORML is a 40-year-brand with 25% public awareness, and it sounds cool.
    2) NORCL rhymes with “snorkle”.
    3) NAACP and UNCF haven’t changed their names.
    4) Technically, we are reforming “marijuana laws”. The federal and most state statutes that ban cannabis refer to it as “marijuana” or “marihuana”, so they are “marijuana laws”.
    5) “Marijuana” gets 10x the Google Search hits (in America) compared to “cannabis”.
    So, to me, cannabis is a plant that is banned by marijuana laws.]

    Through one side, supporters of legalization say ‘oh, it’s ok for responsible adult use in the privacy of your own home’. Then on the other side they’re saying ‘let’s start a cannibis cafe, and have everyone come join a smokeout’!
    These people have to learn that the squares aren’t going to respond to that. You’d think that with all the stink that was made for medical marijuana to get passed, the suppliers would be a little more professional (like a drug store) and a little less kitchy (like a head shop). We’ve made all these advances, and they still want to label their goods with tie dye potleaf logos and clever re-branding of well-known logos. I thought pot was supposed to ENHANCE creativity?
    How about this, continue fighting for legalization through the courts, but let’s take the rest of it out of the public eye alright? Let’s get these head shops outta here, let’s stop allowing bikers to show up for the smoke outs. Let’s show up to lobby in suit and tie like the norml guy does.
    Pot is a joke to squares. All the way up to the white house, you’ve got people cracking jokes about pot and pot smokers all day long. The squares will giggle like little girls when they talk about pot smokers. They change their voice to imitate either Jeff Spicoli or Cheech and Chong and have a little giggle, several times a day, at potsmokers expense. You want pot to be legal? Stop this activity! Make it politically incorrect to talk about someone’s drug habit. It’s politically incorrect to joke about someone’s alcohol addiction, so why shouldn’t it be?
    And stop waving your pot banners so proudly. That’s what got us here in the first place! If the fuckin hippies would have practiced a little grown-up responsibility, instead of running around naked, giving Nixon the finger, pot prohibition might already be a thing of the past.
    What would be really really good for the cause, is if a state were to legalize medical marijuana, then strictly control it’s dispensing, just like they do other drugs. If you say that it can’t be sold by anyone other than a licensed pharmacy, you’ll weed out all the folks that want to hang a tie dye pot leaf sign on their door and claim to be a ‘medical supplier’. And because companies like Walgreens and CVS will find themselves the only options for this drug, they WILL carry it! If there’s a demand, and they aren’t going to go to jail for selling it, they will sell it. Once corporate America gets involved, you’ll find the states legalizing left and right. Then the government will see the money coming in and say “hey, this is nice”! Then one congressman will look at the one next to him, and say, in his best Tommy Chong voice “yeah man, those stoners really came through for us man, hehehehehehehe”.
    [Russ responds: This is another discussion reformers have quite often. NORML stands for cannabis consumers, period. Not just medical, but also social, whether you’re a successful business woman on Wall Street or a tie-dyed hippie dude on Shakedown Street. I disagree with the notion that we need to excise the pot culture from our battle, even if it were possible, which it isn’t. Every movement has its fringe, our problem is that pot’s illegality makes it so only the fringe can afford to be visible. Pot culture is like an iceberg; the public only sees the tie-dyed 10% above the water and not the 90% of us who have to stay in the cannabis closet lest we lose our jobs, homes, and liberty. Those hippies running about naked shaking a finger at Nixon were the only ones supporting cannabis liberty at the time; don’t blame them for fighting back, blame the squares who weren’t fighting along with them.
    I do personally have concerns about the blurring of the lines between “medical marijuana” and “pot culture”. But this is a function of 95% of the cannabis market in medical states being illegal. The demand from social users and structure of California’s and Colorado’s laws guarantees that while there will be many dispensaries legitimately trying to fill a medical role, there will plenty that are just pot dealer storefronts.
    NORML isn’t just about marijuana policy; it’s about marijuana people. We don’t throw the “hippies” under the bus after they were the only ones fighting this battle for decades. We proudly wave our pot banners because we believe cannabis is a wonderful plant and nothing to be ashamed of.]

  16. It’s always good to hear about all this West Coast freedom. When you’ve lived in East coast totalitarian neo-fascist police states it really makes you wish that you were born on the left coast!

  17. Beau #20: I have considered your comment carefully and i absolutely agree. Our people are not jokes and yet we continually give cause to prohibs to point and laugh and not take us seriously.

  18. About the ‘sex’ topic mentioned above, I hope you all know that the late Carl Sagan was a cannabis smoker, and he once wrote an article about how smoking cannabis before sex made it great. He said it enhances the senses to make it more enjoyable while also prolonging the action of it.
    As for the ‘first’ cannabis cafe, I’ve read elsewhere that the one in Oregon is in fact NOT the first but in fact 2nd.
    Anyway, I’ve also read that this was how alcohol was first re-legalized, and as much as Obama pissed a lot of people off by dismissing the number one question of legalizing cannabis on change dot gov, his move to stop Federal raids on states that have medicinal cannabis laws is similar to the move taken by President Roosevelt (I think it was, but I may be mistaken) in re-legalizing alcohol.

  19. Response to Russ'(response) on #16.
    Dude.? I thought NORML was trying to stand up for equal rights.? NOW, when you said that “there’s nothing wrong with that”; in regards to whether or not he could pay( money that is…), sounded a lil’ F*&^ed up man. If(a big IF) the Cannabis “social” Med-club is charging a high price that keeps many REGULAR(not rich) folks from socializing with the one’s that do have enough money…..well, I like to call that Elitist Segrigation. That’s how they keep the “field-slaves” outta the clubhouse now-a-days. Since it is Illegal to Segrigate by skin-color or Religion….they segrigate you/us by “Long” or “Short” dollars.
    The reason I am argueing the price MIGHT be a bit too expensive(across the board) is because a lot of people are still losing jobs and/or hours at their job.
    Now, I know ya’ll need donations and door-fees so the bills get paid—BUT—there are enough patients(I’m sure), that you could shave $20 to $40 bucks off your’ yrly “Dues” and still make a killing when it comes time to settle up—so to speak.
    P.S. REMEMBER, Cannabis used to symbolize a way to stand up against those who are sick with greed and Elitist thinking……even when it becomes legal(and it will…) I hope Cannabis will continue to symbolize that. Don’t get me wrong….I’m all for the Legal Marijuana cash-cow. BUT, even a cash-cow will go dry if you start to milk her too frequent…….
    [Russ responds: I think it’s a bit of a stretch to call this “elitist segregation”. If you were there and saw the crowd, “elitist” isn’t the first word you’d use to describe them. At the price of an ounce of schwag ($275), you can belong to a membership organization where you get 22 annual Saturday meetings at which you can pick up a seedling and some medicine, plus a nice well-lit café open six days a week 10am-10pm where you can smoke or vaporize samples from numerous strains in comfort while playing cards, billiards, reading a book, using the wi-fi, or (soon) watching the big screen or playing Wii. As the café’s finances become more certain, prices may be adjusted to a “sliding scale” to help accommodate needier patients. Even if you only visit once per week and only make one meeting every other month, that works out to $4.75 per visit.
    Plus, funds raised at the café go back into marijuana law reform. Oregon’s medical marijuana law doesn’t defend itself; Madeline Martinez and Oregon NORML, along with many others, trek to Salem every week during sessions to lobby lawmakers and fight off business and law enforcement lobby attempts to severely curtail OMMA. They produce three major public events every year, clean up a stretch of Hwy 26 to Mt. Hood, and are shepherding bills and referendums and initiatives for 2010 to regulate cannabis in Oregon for all adults. Then this Cannabis Café (and many others) won’t have to be membership-only and restricted to serving just 5% of the possible clientele and can make their money on cannabis sales instead of membership dues.]

  20. #21 scott: Good to hear you say that. There is a great divide between east and west coast. Once this is recognized, whether by one person or many, that’s when the change can begin. I’ve been a west coast person 90% of my life however, have lived on the east coast briefly, so I’m talking from a little experience. Of course, New Hampshire and a few other east coast states are raising heck.
    Russ, it’s because the desire to partake of cannabis legally now is so very strong that people complain. It’s a real heart breaking that we’re still waiting for the right thing to be done. Don’t take the comments personally though, frustrations are directed towards NORML because you’re here. And thanks for being here.
    As far as pharmacies having control of cannabis that’s not a good idea in my mind. It just doesn’t feel right. What does feel right is individual citizens taking the reins and responsibly controlling the flow of cannabis. There’s going to be bumps in the road, and there’ll be three steps forward and one step back until these idiot policies born out of racism and greed are ended once and for all. A great many people, organizations, and individuals are pushing the envelope, and with greater strength and determination each day. What makes this doable is that it’s the right thing to do.
    NORML is my first love, and I get upset over some of things done here but darn, they’re out there fighting this 24/7. What commenter here can say that?

  21. Hmmm i also agree that the tye dye wearin hippies were and are people who just stood for what they believe in. Interesting, suit and tie or tie dye?
    I think it should be a bit of both.

  22. Fantastic response to #20 Russ. Both of you had valid points with the “joke” of marijuana and the “iceberg” analogy. I think there are also lots of folks who don’t consume but agree that it should be re-legalized because of the disparities it causes in society; dysfunctional racially biased criminal justice systems, distrust in government information, fear of the police, basic human rights, etc. #20 Beau, as far as Rite-Aid and CVS carrying a smokable dried plant or dispensing Reefer’s peanut butter cups GET FUCKING REAL!!!! Would NEVER happen. Ever. Name one completely natural PRESCRIBED product, yea doesn’t exist. There has to be some sort of synthetic process involved in the production of marketable pharmaceuticals. Therefore that leaves only small business to fill the gap. It’s a grassroots movement to the very core and I hope it stays that way….

  23. Case in Point ;
    – Go to ” Live Leak ” . Look for –
    Raw video : ” Bart officer breaks window with drunks face ” . It was posted 11/22/09 .
    Ask any Police officer in California if it’s easier to arrest a drunk or arrest a person smoking Pot . Drunks generally are combative , loud ,
    obnoxious ,aggressive….the list goes on .
    So why is KGO Radio pushing the consumption of this deadly drug called alcohol and Gene Burns calls marijuana a D-R-U-G in a demeaning way ? Have they no respect for these fine men and women in blue who protect us day and night ? …….Who will die in the line of fire to save one of us ?
    Gene Burns of KGO Radio will be on the air tomorrow night . I need your help .
    Let’s stop this nonsense by D .A. T.( Drug , Alcohol – Tobacco ) with advertisements meant to deceive you and all their lies .

  24. First off, cannabis, while it definitely enhances the senses to make sex more ENJOYABLE for most, is not a libido enhancer or aphrodisiac. Rather, it decreases libido for most.
    I would most of all like to address #20, Beau:
    Marijuana is a plant, an herb. Not a lab synthesized substance. It should be treated like any other plant one might buy for medicinal purposes, but for the fact it is traditionally smoked, limited to sale to the 18+.
    As for “waving pot flags proudly”, we have nothing to be ashamed. Are you ashamed of eating food because some people overeat?

  25. sweetladyjane (#29). Not trying to down what you said, and I am in no position to say you’re wrong – but, as far as Cannabis not being a labido enhancer or aphrodisiac, I must sincerely disagree. My wife has absolutely zero labido due to a hormone imbalance. We have relations about once every 7-10 days, but I can tell she doesn’t get much from it (unless I work a while first) – I know, I know, TMI. But every time we get high together, she is absolutely all over me. I’m usually the one feeling left out and unwanted, but those times we share a bowl – I think she tries to kill me. LOL.

  26. Stopped listening to this at seven minutes in. Seriously, why is this show designed to eat time? After seven minutes, I still felt as if you had told me nothing of importance. Plenty of annoying music and sound effects though. So, is my time worthless to you or what?
    [Russ responds: So sorry. Your purchase price has been refunded plus double that to match the value of your seven minutes of time.
    The format of the show matches professional talk radio formats. The first forty seconds are a required disclaimer. The next eighty seconds are a theme song and introduction. Three minutes to establish the show, preview what’s coming up, introduce guest host. Thirty second “bumper” to commercial, one minute commercial for prime sponsor, thirty second “bumper” back out, and there’s your seven minutes. Had you stuck around, the very next thing you would have heard were three topical news stories on cannabis and my analysis of them, followed by two in-depth discussions of two more news stories, three more news stories, and a live interview with the woman on the cover of today’s USA Today in a location no other media could access.]

  27. Just checking, because I know you guys wouldn’t censor dues paying members for airing his honest opinion, would you?

  28. Russ– I think it’s easy to assume from my post that I’m a MMP patient. So if I was given cannabis to smoke at home your saying that it would somehow be diverted to the black market. Extremely short-sided response. Especially considering that on the Oregon Norml website it’s stated that after the meeting, any left-overs go to patients and caregivers. Hmmm,,,and you can’t do that at the Cannibas Cafe? You even stated that you can take a “small” amount home at one of these meetings. Interesting.
    And, since I can’t grow, regular Norml meetings that cost money doesn’t do it for me in regards to getting a starter plant. And you certainly won’t see me “socializing” anywhere that cost money just to try to find a caregiver through such an organization that seems to be more for the money than the actual cause.

  29. We know and understand the good cannabis is for our society, from medical aid to replacement of wood which in tern saves the forest and the reefs on this planet.
    We have to over come this Government fraud, this Constructive Fraud set upon us and destorying our liberties. We must not let up about this exposed fraud and we must call it what it is, a Crime against the people.
    But until this wayward government gives up it’s unconstitutional position We, the People must act through our Courts. We must protect people like the man facing LIFE in prison. It is simple, we over ride the government in the court rooms acrossed America. Jury Nullification! That’s right, be a Jurier, be the Peer that reviews the case before the court, and then Nullify the Law, hang the jury, refuse to convict. As a jurier, educate the rest of the Jury in this Constructive Fraud and refuse to take part in it. Nullify the Law by way of Jury Lawlessness! No judge, no court can stop a jury in a criminal trial from reaching it own conclusion as to what is a Crime!
    So please stand and be counted, be a part of our court system, be a jurier and use your god given power to over ride this wayward government and it’s foolish cannabis law.
    Jury Nullification
    Know It
    Practice It
    Change the Cannabis Laws
    It is time to act, and act we must, we must stop this wayward government from sending anyone to prison over this plant. Time to put our foot down on the government waywardness and nullify those foolish laws they create that do not represent the will of the American people.
    Time to push, so PUSH REAL HARD against this unjust fruad once and for all.

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