World Record Set By United States Marijuana Patient

November 20, 2009 Irvin Rosenfeld, a Florida stockbroker, set the world record for the consumption of cannabis cigarettes.
The United States federal government has supplied Rosenfeld and three other US citizens for decades with a smokable cannabis medicine. Irv Rosenfeld has received his medicine for 27 years and is the longest known cannabis patient.
One of four patients intensely tested  in 2001 by Patients Out of Time as part of the “Missoula Study” Irv was found to be in excellent health for a man of his age. All physiological systems were examined by neutral investigators since the US federal government had never required or requested such a complete overview to discover the efficacy of the plant product they were medically administering under the “Compassionate New Drug Program”of the FDA.
Irv will consume his number one hundred and fifteen thousand  “joint” or marijuana cigarette sometime on November 20, 2009. All 115,000 cigarettes have been prescribed by US federally approved medical doctors from cannabis plants grown at the University of Mississippi in a test location and prepared for consumption in the research triangle area of North Carolina.
Speaking as a cannabis patient and Director of the cannabis patient advocacy organization Patients Out of Time Irv stated, “I cannot fathom the reluctance of my federal government to allow the use of medical cannabis for the sick and dying of the US. My experience of use, the calming of my negative symptoms, that has allowed me to be a useful, contributing member of society must be extended to all the ill based on the judgment of medical professionals and not guided or restrained by the dictates of law enforcement who have no empathy for the ill nor the education to appropriately enter into doctor-patient relationships and treatment options.”
115,000 and counting. When do the sick not named Rosenfeld, receive their cannabis medicine?

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  1. oh snaps 115,000 joints?! im amazed! i havent smoked in 3 weeks. im planning on going for a straight 24 hours this friday after my quarter is out!

  2. Great job bro, i am also a smoker and you inspired me to quit smoking. I will do it at any cost.

  3. The BEST 4 Questions to ask in Court
    Question 1. Your honor , do I have a right to a fair trial ? Judge: Yes you do.
    Question 2. Your honor , can I get a fair trial if there is a conflict of interest ? Judge: No you cant.

    Question 3. Your honor , who is charging? me? Judge: The state.
    Question 4. Your honor , who do you work for ? Judge: (Refuses to answer) because he works for the state, and that’s a conflict of interest.

  4. I use to smoke weed but considering I don’t live in a legal state Ive had to quit, I’m 18 and I’m actually losing memory as if I were old I some time can’t remember what im told seconds after being told, ill go to get something forgetting what I’m going to get right when I get up, I have hard time with a lot of things and weed always helped, pretty much Im more likely to end up in a looney bin, not knowing who iam or anything ill just be a empty body, a lot to look forward to, awesome government to, all they want is mone y look where its legal and not legal and then look ataws you’ll understand

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