American Farmers And Consumers Continue To Suffer Under Industrial Hemp Prohibition

It can now be said that Uruguay is more progressive and possesses a greater sense of entrepreneurialism than the United States–at least regarding industrial hemp!

After a decade-long political and legal battle with the federal government, the state of North Dakota and their farmers are still being denied the ability to cultivate–and prosper from- industrial hemp (i.e., cannabis that is under 1% THC in content and therefore is used for industrial purposes), unlike their brethren farmers in France, China, Great Britain, Canada and now…Uruguay.

ND farmers lose appeal to grow hemp; US appeals court affirms dismissal of federal lawsuit
The Associated Press
December 22, 2009
(AP) BISMARCK, N.D. – A federal appeals court on Tuesday affirmed a lower court’s decision to dismiss a lawsuit by two North Dakota farmers who said they should be allowed to grow industrial hemp without fear of federal criminal prosecution.
Wayne Hauge and David Monson received North Dakota’s first state licenses to grow industrial hemp nearly three years ago, but they’ve never received approval from the Drug Enforcement Administration. The farmers sued the DEA, and their case has been before the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for more than a year after U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland dismissed it.
Hemp, which is used to make paper, lotion and other products, is related to the illegal drug marijuana. Under federal law, parts of an industrial hemp plant are considered controlled substances.
Hovland told the farmers the best remedy might be to ask Congress to change the law to explicitly distinguish hemp from marijuana.
“I guess the next step is we’ll have to take it to Congress,” said Hauge, who grows garbanzo beans and other crops near the northwestern North Dakota town of Ray. “The fastest and easiest way to handle this would be for the president to order the Department of Justice to stand down on all actions against industrial hemp.”
Dawn Dearden, a DEA spokeswoman in Washington, D.C., said the agency could not comment on the case.
The farmers’ attorney, Tim Purdon of Bismarck, would not comment on the appeals court decision.
David Monson, a Republican state legislator and farmer from Osnabrock in northeastern North Dakota, said Congress likely has no time to deal with the hemp issue.
“With all the other things, hemp is not high on their priority list, and I can understand that,” Monson said.
“Somehow, we need to get enough states involved so Congress can take action on it,” Monson said.
North Dakota officials issued Monson and Hauge the nation’s first licenses to grow industrial hemp in 2007. But without permission from the DEA, the farmers could be arrested for growing the crop.
Hemp contains trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, a banned substance, and it falls under federal anti-drug rules, the DEA says. Hemp proponents say it is safe because it contains only trace amounts of THC, and not enough to produce a high.
Vote Hemp, the lobbying arm of the hemp industry, has helped fund the farmers’ legal battle. Spokesman Adam Eidinger said the group has spent about $60,000 to date. He said he was disappointed with Tuesday’s ruling.
“The 8th Circuit is kind of conservative, so I can’t say I’m totally surprised,” he said.
Eidinger said only a handful of states have passed pro-hemp farming laws. He said North Dakota is the first state to craft rules to license industrial hemp farmers.
Monson had planned to seed 10 acres of hemp on his farm the northeastern part of the state. He said hemp is grown 25 miles north of his farm in Canada, where production has been legal since 1998, after 60 years of prohibition.
Hauge said he hopes someday to seed 100 acres of hemp on his farm.
“My great-grand dad homesteaded here more than 100 years ago, with a sod house on the wide-open prairie,” Hauge said. “If he could do that, I can stand a small amount of adversity to grow industrial hemp.”

Then there is ‘progressive’ South America…

First in South America: Uruguay to Test Cultivation of Industrial Hemp
by Paula Alvarado, Buenos Aires on 12.22.09
Tree Huggers
Great news for TreeHuggers in South America: Uruguay could become the first country in the region to authorize the cultivation of industrial hemp, according to El Pais newspaper. The national Ministry of Cattle, Agriculture and Fishing has authorized an experimental cultivation of hemp to take place in october 2010. If the results are successful, the country could grant permits to producers to start growing.
The pilot cultivation will be carried away by the National Institute for Farming Technology and its place will remain secret. The goal is to get to know the productive capacities of the country and how the plants varieties respond to Uruguayan soil.
If the cultivation moves forward, however, producers will only be able to grow hemp with special permits so that the Ministry of Agriculture can control the production.
One of the companies behind the project is The Latin American Hemp Trading, which is fighting to make Uruguay the first country in the region to enter the industry of hemp since 2006.
Hemp and the South American soy frenzy
You probably know that hemp is a great crop: fast growing, needs few to no herbicides, and is incredible versatile, among other interesting characteristics. Problem is, its production is still banned in many countries for its association with the psychoactive variety used as drug (the industrial hemp has less than 0.3% THC, while marijuana contains anywhere from 6 or 7% to 20% or even more).
So far countries in South America make no distinction between industrial and psychoactive hemp, and neither does Uruguay. But that could begin to change if the results from this project are positive.
Apart from the amazing materials that can be produced with hemp, it would be interesting to know how the region reacts if Uruguay is successful growing hemp. Right now Argentina and Uruguay are major transgenic-soy producers, with heavy use of harmful herbicides and fertilizers. If the hemp industry takes off  and proves lucrative, could it provide some balance to soy production? Hopefully
La otra cannabis en Uruguay
Emprendimiento. Autorizan plan piloto para desarrollar la agroindustria del cáñamo
Original reporting from El Pais.

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  1. Thats so awful the folks in North Dakota were denied it’s use. I’m sure they were telling the judge how it has no thc content. Here’s to America! Land of the free…

  2. “What a Shame” When I was young, 66-68, we took a road trip to the Dallas Pop festival. Along the way. we went thru Kansas, we noticed fields of “What”, yes hemp. Of course we stopped and proceeded to stuff pillow cases with the stuff….although it was a poor quality it still did the trick…….it was grown by a Parrot food conpany, they’d strip off the seeds and burn the rest of it, what a shame, as it could have been used in many other ways, of course. I bet now the fields are gone, It’s sad to me that a crop, with so many uses other than just a means to get high, has been villified by our government. At a time when we could use the vast income Hemp could provide the US economy, we sit on our hands and let a few brainwashed politicians let us wallow in the mire of poverty and recession. Just because no one is able to step forward and get above the idiototic “Refer Madness” that has stained and outlawed a tremondous cash crop just sitting there waiting to be re-legalized. I guess I’m not saying anything not said over and over again and it’s probably just a waste of time, since the powers to be, will have it there way no matter what the situation of our economy is. We’ve been at this since I was a child and inch by inch we get closer, but it sure seems if it was gonna happen it would happen now, when we need it most! I’ll never give up, but it sure is hard not to be able to do more than what I’m doing right now to get this issue resolved….. ……..”What a Shame”

  3. That sign in the above picture will eventually be ignored and some Idiot will steal some anyway, Thus making them Sick and giving them the Headache from HELL that they will rightly deserve.
    I remember a Post about a year or so ago, from a Canadian Farmer that observed some people stealing a few plants from his field, He was laughing at them Thinking that they were making a big mistake that they were very unlikely to EVER make again, Especially when they find out it is worthless as a Drug.

  4. The problems solved by hemp will reduce the already rich owners of pulpwood paper mills,so expect more fighting before America is allowed to use this wonderful plant.
    The legalization of marijuana will legalize hemp aldo,and that is why the belong to the violence supporting,marijuana access to our children and the imprisonment of non-violent victimless criminals anti-pot cartels.
    The only downside is that if hemp is grown anywhere near your home,it knocks sinsimilla growing outside in the head. The pollination of your stash plants by industrial hemp plants shouldn’t reduce their potency
    anymore than the pollination of ypor stash by it’s own strain would,I’d think but the seeds produced might not produce marijuana as good as the mother plant. So that means you would have to purchase seeds from someone growing and producing seeds inside a controlled
    environment that filters out the industrial hemp pollen.
    I have smoked seeded pot all my 42 years of smoking,so just because plants have seeds doesn’t stop the high and there are arguments as to how much thc the plants use for seed production. I have also smoked some very good sinsemilla but to say how much loss of high would have been lost if seeds had been present in it is impossible for me. Maybe some large scale growers that have raised the same strain with and without seeds could shed some light on that.
    If your lucky enough to live in a part of the country where industrial hemp isn’t a profitable crop,you may be able to provide the country with pure strain seeds,or the local hydro growers can seed out a crop in their growing rooms.

  5. It is absurd that farmers need permission from the DEA to grow something that is not a drug. Ignorance like this from the people in charge is the reason our country is in such bad shape now.

  6. I love hemp with all my heart. We should use it all we can, forever. In turn, it benefits as well as everything else. It’s a wonderful cycle of love.

  7. LEGALIZE HEMP! Imagine a world where we have to never chop down a tree for paper. trees take decades to grow back. hemp takes what? 3 months? If this country is serious about saving the planet from global warming then maybe we should open our eyes to this hemp issue. Legalizing hemp is not only a social and political issue, but an environmental issue as well. for the better.

  8. This is crazy, what the hell is our government doing. We need a revolution. Keep your 2nd amendment and start stocking up on guns.

  9. This just goes to show the pure ignorance of our lawmakers on the issue if they cant readily distinguish the difference between hemp and marijuana.

  10. Keeping Hemp farming illegal is just plain ignorant & as dumb as some of the calls i got on Thursday while on the air on the , Ronn Owens show KGO Radio , San Francisco .
    My subject was the legalization of marijuana . You can find it online ; Twitter ; Jerry Droz / Ronn Owens .
    While on the air as a guest speaker i told nothing but the truth about Cannabis and i got yelled and screamed at by some listeners who called me . One lady told me it was worse than Meth . Then some other guy angerly called me & told me what an Idiot i was because
    it caused all kinds of health problems .
    He mentioned all the illnesses it caused .
    Another guy said in so many words ” it makes you insane & i was stupid for saying ” it decreases aggression in some people while driving ” . See ;
    ” marijuana driving test ” . The truth is that in some aggressive drivers being under the influence turns them into a granny driving down the road . It is the opposite as alcohol .
    These people just like Congressman Mark Kirk are of this false other Religion who will not listen to the truth .Instead they believe in lies & preach the word of the
    Devil .

  11. not to mention i read somewhere that the seeds could make bio fuels for our cars not sure but it stated 1 acre of seeds would make 8000 gallons of fuel va whatever corn does . Idk

  12. Notice under the classification of ” marijuana Driving test ”
    you’ll find the ones that tell you
    how bad marijuana is are sponsored by Drug
    ( pharmaceutical ) Companies and Drug Rehabb’s .

  13. This is why NORML should really be called NORCL, because cannabis is the schedule 1 drug, not marijuana. But that would take all the fun out of saying “It’s norml to smoke pot.”

  14. Congress has no time to discuss hemp, but they can work on legislation on regulating the volume of TV commercials??? WTF?

  15. To learn more, or share information about hemp to others, check out Cannabis TV episode #8, which is dedicated to industrial hemp applications. That can be found at:

  16. Well the nylon industry sure has the government in their pockets. Can’t have that hemp as an alternative fiber to nylon. That would reduce profits.

  17. Where is this cannabis plant that has no THC content? Any photographs? Any seeds going around? And for the aeons going back before recorded history when people grew cannabis for fiber, did they care that the same plant had psychoactive properties? Let’s assume that there is such a thing as “industrial hemp”, who cares? Any variety of Sativa that has sufficient height can be grown for fiber and seed production. And any Sativa variety can be cultivated in such a way as to encourage height.
    Like “medical marijuana”, “industrial hemp” is another fake front designed to dignify the drug war and keep money flowing into the pockets of organized crime.

  18. @ #16 Joel Munson,
    I think NORML’s views aren’t just to have “cannabis” legalized, but hemp as well. So “NORML” is probably much more appropriate as it can refer to both. Hemp is just as illegal as marijuana. So any reform of “marijuana” laws would be beneficial.

  19. Why does everything get stomped by the DEA? How come the most biased organization gets the final say so on such things? They really just need to shut this organization down. They have gotten so corrupt even some religious people can smell the stink on them…

  20. Just kinda curious as to the reasoning behind the dismissal. How does it serve the interest of the public to keep a non-intoxicant illegal? Should we make salt illegal because it looks like meth? How about sugar…a sugar refinery would be a great place to hide a cocaine lab so perhaps we should ban those too.
    And how does Congress not have time to look at repealing a ban that prevents farmers from making more money especially in the tough economic times we are in at present?
    Oh well’ here’s to hoping for a better next year.
    2010’s: The Flowering Decade Of The Sacred Herb
    Hempy Holydaze!

  21. that’s the government for ya. can’t (the government see the woods through the trees). they caplin and it’s a fact on how broke the u.s. is put wouldn’t help it self. just to stubborn to do alot of things to make $ when they would rather keep it illegal. there ought to be a revolution off the government. if more people in the government had a back bock and would wake up and do some of these things it would be better for the country as a whole.

  22. Ok, #5 Let me Explain and give you some information from what I know so far, In the Hemp Variety`s Of Cannabis, The Male develops pollen Pods Before the Female Buds start developing, By the time the Buds from the Female start, The Male pollen Pods are breaking open, “Pollination Stops THC production”, Thus keeping it under 1%, Now the Cannabis Variety`s used for Psychoactive and Medical uses, The Male and Female Plants Mature more evenly, Allowing Buds to form on the Females before Pollination, Allowing the THC to Build until Pollination occurs, That is why Most”Commercial Cannabis” has a THC Content From 5% to 8%, Because they don`t “Cull” The Males out, That is also why the THC content varies so much and has seeds.
    The High THC Cannabis Comes from Cross Breeding Different Plant varieties and making Sure that NO Males are present during the entire growth cycle and “Medical Quality” You want NOWHERE NEAR a Hemp Field or that “Pesky Bee” could ruin your crop, 20+ THC down to 5% to 8% or Less, You might still “Get High” but you would need more to do it,IF you could at all! Defiantly would be Seedy and the quality would Suck!
    With the Scientific Knowledge we have today concerning Genetics, I’m sure we will eventually find more commercial uses for this Wonderful plant, They just need to Re-Legalize it and GET BUSY!

  23. Ditto the insanity and foolish decision making on behalf of our government. Talk about loosing out on a billion dollar crops (hemp and cannabis for medical use), absolute foolishness.

  24. @ # 21 paul
    im not sure the point you are trying to make but, our countries constitution is written on hemp paper, it was a crime NOT to grow hemp in Virgina, and during WW2 the US gov encouraged farmers to grow industrial hemp,havent you heard of the film Hemp For Victory?

  25. What most people do not realize is that the reason the fed won’t call hemp “hemp” legally is that 90% of ALL OUTDOOR “MARIJUANA” GROWS BEING PULLED UP ARE PLOTS OF “FERAL HEMP”!!!!!!! If the fed legalizes industrial hemp, they will lose TONS OF MONEY DEDICATED TO ERADICATING OUTDOOR GROWS!!! ie they won’t be able to charge the public billions of dollars to “weed” out wild hemp!

  26. #21, the hemp grown back in the days before prohibition was the same hemp grown for its psychoactive properties. They were smoking cannabis back then too. But then, it was hashish. Nobody rolled joints, this was before tobacco papers.
    Even though history records the growing of hemp in colonial America, there is very little discussion about the consumption of that same hemp for its psychoactive effect. They must have known. Europeans have been smoking hashish longer than they have tobacco.

  27. Uruguay actually doesnt consider personal use of marijuana illegal and the law never states how much is considered personal use. The only problem is the weed out in uruguay is trash, we need some real growers to move out here! Gambling, Prostitution and Weed are legal in Uruguay, plus their beaches are full of beautiful buns…

  28. if your tired of worrying about police period, come out to uruguay, Punta del este is like miami except cops are more like mall security guards. you can smoke chronic wherever you can smoke cigarettes plus the girls in the cathouses make the bunny ranch girls look like crackwhores. and theyre only $25 to smash.
    the clubs are pretty crazy out here too, only problem with uruguay is we need more growers!

  29. “I’ll change the posture of our federal government from being one of the most anti-science administrations in American history to one that embracesscience and technology.”
    “Ensuring that the US continues to lead the world in science and technology will be a central priority for my administration.” – Obama 2008 as presidential candidate.

  30. Can anybody direct me to a full sized image of the Hemp leaf above?? I want to post it wherever I can!
    [Editor’s note: The image is found here.]

  31. #31 and 32, are you kidding me, thats awesome! my dad and I have been discussing countries to move to to escape the United States of Hypocracy, and Uruguay is one we’ve been talking about, if thats true about weed being free there, Uruguay is at the top of my list! plus ive been known to grow some pretty dank buds!

  32. I received a felony in 2007 for growing marijuana. I did it to keep my wife alive. She has multiple sclerosis. I am having a very difficult time finding employment.
    question 1.
    Anyone want to help us and hire me? I live south of Charlottesville, Virginia.
    question 2.
    Will Uruguay accept me as a citizen with a criminal record for growing marijuana?
    I am 55 years old and have never been in trouble with the law my entire live until this. I have always been a law abiding citizen. My wife is dying from prescription medicines which make her unable to digest food. Marijuana is what helps keep her alive. Please respond with any help you may offer.

  33. what about needle exchange?im all for legal reefer. i used too drink but not now.i will stick with 52 and i think i know better im disabled from brain tumors and i think weed should be legel.

  34. o ya i smoked hash in my time but its hard too find in south was hard too smoke.i never carried a needle.

  35. what about people that sell reefer?are thay going to get real jobs if reefer is legal?i know dealers who never had a real job but they drive better cars than would kill them.

  36. #37 Gary: Hope you get a suitable and money producing job soon, sorry to hear of your troubles and your wife’s physical problems. It’s always the stories that put a sincere face on the situation that get to me, and I hope it touches the hearts of others here.
    If I were you I wouldn’t move to a foreign country, but that’s your choice and your choice alone. Try moving to another state that has medical marijuana first. Sell everything you really don’t need and go for it.
    If you’ve lived on the east coast all your life it’s best to stick with what is familiar, that being the east coast. Best of luck in 2010 Gary.

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