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  1. Merry Christmas to all of you at norml,It has been an exciting year for the Pro-Cannabis movement. Please keep us advised on new Cannabis news for 2010.

  2. Very clever! How about NORML should package that into Christmas cards next year and market them to raise funds?

  3. Great product idea when it becomes legal. I can see friends sending each other hemp Christmas decorations. Thanks for the inspiration. Best wishes for 2010. The year cannabis prohibition will be lifted.

  4. Happy birthday , Jesus .
    Re; Drug Testing Kits
    Revelation 13 ; 15 – ” and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed “.
    ( people are being executed , many prosecuted because they refuse to fall for Satan’s ( first ) test of mass deception ; the Drug Testing Kit )
    16 -” and he causeth all , both small and great , rich and poor , free and bond , to receive a mark in their right hand ; or in their foreheads ” :
    17 -” and that no man might buy or sell , save he had the mark , or the name of the beast , or the number of his name “.
    If Drug Testing makes one unable to work then this may likely make them unable to buy or sell .
    Have i told you The Drug Testing Kit comes from the Devil ? The Drug Testing Kit is only a prelude of what is yet to come .
    A = During the last days Christ & his apostles revealed that two opposing , ostensibly Christian religions would emerge . One will be led by God’s Holy spirit
    ( we are with God ) & remain faithful to his teachings . The other would be guided by a different spirit of deception , accepting the name of Christ but twisting his teachings to create a convincing counterfeit that most people will fall for .
    Congressman Mark Kirk is calling for 20 years for marijuana possession .How many would die while in Prison for 20 years ? ) There are many others & they are this other false Christianity . They do things like going to Church weekly to deceive many .
    Read paragraph # A .
    God is on our side . N.O.R.M.L. has taken the side of God & the teaching of his Son .Marijuana is a natural gift of God .

  5. ho ho ho (isn’t that offensive in Australia?)
    may the West coast legalize pot next year! and then the stubborn south East!

  6. im thankful for norml this year. im thankful that things are changin for the good of the remedy…im thankful that we have known the peace an comfort that cannabis brings……so good around this time of year. i, of course, cannot consume any cause, my boss says so..as many of us deal with…so, next year im going to try to be more pro-active about stayin on our stste officials and congressmens asses about this thing.ive been without cannabis since late feb. of this year an, im tellin them that, im worse now then i was in feb. ha, they say, it will get better, just dont turn to alcohol……whaa..hell no…no idiot here.i just havent had a straight thought since feb..we need to make ’10 the year of cannabis folks. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL. get a big ole hoob fer me…..

  7. LLLou you for got “hempy holidays to all and to all a good pipe!”
    Thanks to God for giving us this wonderful plant.
    Thanks to Norml and all of the other advocates for their determination throughout the years.
    Thanks to those brave politicos who have been stepping up for our cause.
    Thanks to those in the public who are opening their eyes to common sense and closing their esrs ro the propaganda.
    Thanks to the responsible cannabis consumers who are stepping out of the closet and helping break the stereotype of the goofy stoner.
    Have a merry Christmas to all.

  8. Thanks NORML for the lovely greeting although we don’t celebrate Xmas. And no we’re not atheist. We do believe in God, just not the way religions teach.
    It said on the banner that runs on the bottom of your television yesterday that Obama has shown he can make tough, unpopular decisions. (concerning the health care bill).
    Tough, unpopular decisions. Well re legalization would be unpopular only because of the lies and propaganda along with the moralistic garbage that government people feel they need to inflict upon us.

  9. Like the florida activist,I to am prohibited from smoking because of my job.Thanks to you NORML there is hope that one day we will regain our rights.Everyone of us prohibited tokers have plenty of relations(family & friends) who are still free to smoke,and that’s cool,but because our politicians won’t take the right steps to change the laws, they are criminals,and this is a crime.
    I will continue to speak out in 2010 for the right to grow hemp, and the right to posses cannabis.The care of human life & happiness,and not their destruction,is the first and only legitimate object of good government. Good government.

  10. Happy happy joy joy! I had the pleasure of hanging out with some AWESOME people Christmas Day, in front of King Co. jail (vigil). I want to thank Vivian McPeak for once more bringing attention to how unjust it is for people to be spending time in jail instead of home for the holidays.
    Unfortunately, as usual the local news station took the opportunity to put a negative light on what we’re trying to achieve. http://www.nwcn.com/news/washington/Protesters-outside-the-King-County-Jail-say-non-violent-drug-offenders-should-be-home-this-Christmas-80118372.html
    A word of true knowledge and support in their comments section would be appreciated.

  11. From someone with a spinal injury merryxmas. just got back from colorado where they have med pot. MERRYCHRISTMAS to me. I didn’t see all the crime or drug addicts they say will come if legalized everywhere. i also would like to know why some sick can get meds put if i cross state lines im a outlaw. My injury does not stop at state lines but it is illegal here in louisiana. Not so xmas. so i guess I’ll be a outlaw Merry christmas everyone.

  12. nogody wrote a song abaut rudolfs girlfriend olive.you know olive the other raindeer use to laugh and call him names.ill smoke too that.

  13. I’m so honored you used the wreath I made! You all are fab aand I thank you for allowing me to draw the conference posters every year. Hempy New Year too!!!!!

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