NORML's Reefer Madness Du Jour: Bad Journalism 101

Ummm…if marijuana was deemed not responsible for Mr. Lewis’ death, why the lead in the headline regarding marijuana?
C-L-A-S-S-I-C media Reefer Madness!
Coroner’s report: Lewis had marijuana in system

Feb 04, 2010 1:21 PM

KY (WFIE) – USI basketball player Jeron Lewis died of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy according to the final report issued by the Daviess County coroner.
Toxicology tests showed Lewis also had marijuana in his system when he collapsed in a game against Kentucky Wesleyan January 14.  There is no evidence the marijuana contributed to his death, however.
Lewis fell to the floor at the Owensboro Sportscenter late in the game.  He went into cardiac arrest and died on the way to the Owensboro Medical Health System emergency room.
Daviess County coroner Bob Howe conducted an autopsy the day after Lewis died and indicated that the senior from Ft. Wayne had an enlarged heart.
The final report, issued Thursday, confirmed that Lewis’ death came as a result of a previously unknown heart condition.

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  1. The real tragedy is that there are so many people mentally lazy and stupid enough to fall for this guilt by association nonsense. “What good fortune for governments, that the people do not think.” Hitler

  2. Would someone please tell me how someone gets Marijuana in their system? The only two ways I can think of is to eat the plant, or grind it up into a fine powder, mix it with a liquid base, and inject it into a vien, or artery. They would have been more correct if they had said he had Matabolites, or THC in his system. If he had THC in his system it begs the question, how much? Also, as stated earlier, what the hell does that have to do with his death? NOTHING. Sensationalism is what the writer is looking for, not the TRUTH.

  3. I go to the college where this young man played. He led the team in points and rebounding. All NCAA athletes are subject to yearly ekg’s. his heart appeared to be tip top. there must be some type of steroid drug testing so i don’t know if they tested him for just steroids or everything. This man was a fantastic man. His head coach said in his eulogy that “he led the team in points, he certainly led the team in rebounds, but more importantly he led the world in best friends.” He always had a smile on his face, he donated his time with children and was way more than the sum of his parts. USI is ranked #1 in NCAA division 2. They have yet to lose a game including the 2 or 3 they have played since Jeron passed. Just another athlete choosing to recreate outside of the game, with a safer alternative to alcohol. He will be missed and dose not deserve this slanderous report. By the way, USI is in Indiana, the game was played in KY against our biggest rival Kentucky Wesleyan. And some of the local news outlets on both sides of the river omitted the positive marijuana test from the report. So not all news outlets are douches around here but WFIE is one of them. Sometimes they report misdemeanor possession on the 10 o’clock news and show pictures. Evansville is the third largest city in INDIANA? Isn’t there anything else to report on?

  4. My thoughts, California and all the other states that legalize, r waaay ahead of the game an the states that dont follow will just drownd due to the goldrush effect.I myself will have no sympathy for those states that drown.

  5. I think what they are trying to say is….
    He was a drug addict! The only reason they mentioned it was to get people to read an otherwise uninteresting story that belongs in the obituaries and sports section. This is a real cheap shot on a man’s soul to gain a profit. Tsk tsk journalists. The ethics around this topic is appauling.

  6. how long does marijuana stay in your blood system? it’s just another excuse for people against marijuana to use to keep it illegal. b.s. legalize it and make the should just legalize it and make money. the law maker can’t see the trees through the forest. it’s 20 10 for heavens sake. quit tell use your going to raise the poor peoples and the senior citizens taxes and legalize pot.

  7. 1. It took till #32 Allen Papertape for someone to mention a report that nicotine was also found in his system. There was no indication “…that nicotine contributed to his death”. But if, like over 90% of all nicotine smokers, he inhaled from a $igarette, then it means he was taking hot burning overdoses of carbon monoxide which is considered a major factor in cardiovascular damage. If he smoked the cannabis in hot burning overdose joint fashion, that again means more carbon monoxide per amount of THC obtained. Thus there is an equipment issue which everyone ignored as usual in discussions of smoking.
    2. Mark #28 mentions Bushchimp, twice elected despite bankrupting the country etc. I don’t know if you’re interested in this, but the voters twice elected a president whose name sounded like “Ape Blinkin'” (nominated at a brokered convention in Chicaaawgo).
    In Jane Goodall’s 1980 National Geographic article about chimps there is a page of mug shot photos of one chimp family tree that the researchers had been tracking for over a decade, and two (2) of those chimps, what with dark shadows and so forth, look exactly uncannily like the famous dark March 1865 “last portrait” of said alleged apelike President whose detractors accused him of ruining the country.

  8. The headline should have read :
    Coroner’s report: Lewis had undiagnosed heart disease
    The marijuana did not cause the disease or have anything to do with the death but by only glancing over the headlines you sure wouldn’t know that. Especially if you were uneducated on the subject, as most people who are scared about marijuana are. This is very unfortunate as it only reinforces all of the myths, lies, negative stereotypes, and propaganda that they have heard over the years.
    I know its hard to believe but some people actually do think marijuana can kill you.

  9. Sam, HCM is caused by a genetic defect, the disease can not be detected by an ECG, unfortunately. A genetic test or a well trained cardiologist reading a well done echo-cardiogram is the only way to diagnose the disease. There are no signs or symptoms with the disease, it really is a silent killer. It’s not so much enlarging of the heart but the septum is enlarged and the muscle cells are not aligned but scattered (the best i can do without getting to technical). a lot of people have it and it only takes one parent to pass it along. NO amount of any drug or enviornmental factors increase the size of your septum, it grows until about 18 and it is what it is until old age or early death. MJ increases your heart rate but it does not increase pre/after load on your heart. Simply put the research does not conclude that THC will increase the chances of sudden death. I continue to test such theories and I’m still here?

  10. Media will use cannabis to gain a story headline to make a profit but wont let a cannabis reform group pay to run an AD? Its BS.
    @All KENTUCKY CITIZENS, we need to get a NORML chapter started in our state. We need to start the education of our fellow citizens and with not one bill in the state legislature for either medical or decrim laws this year or the last two we need to do something and soon.
    Im a medical user in KY, I am not a criminal and no one that consumes cannabis is, so lets stop the discrimination of cannabis consumers and start the education to change the laws in this state.
    Please lets get this going, finally I see we have some folks from KY here and we need to join together ASAP!
    Please email me @ Put KY Norml in the subject line, thank you!

  11. i think dui laws are a joke.i know a person who got caught driving under the inflance many times and still offence too people who choose too drink but the reefer laws stink.i dont drink any more but i smoke all the time.legalize pot for everyone over21

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