NORML Launches iPhone Application, ‘Reefer Revolution’ Continues In Cyberspace

With ‘marijuana’ already one of the most popular topics on the Internet, NORML proudly announces that the ‘Reefer Revolution’ has now found its way into the smart phone technology tsunami that is sweeping the world up into instant access and connectivity to important information and like-minded community.
Available for a .99 cent download from the iTunes webpage, the NORML app for iPhones now empowers NORML members and supporters to read the daily news, cannabis-related headlines and blogs; get educated on pending federal or state cannabis-related legislation and lobby their elected policymakers via pre-written email; listen to NORML’s popular daily podcast on-the-run; check out NORML’s active Twitter feed, Flicker photos and the organization’s YouTube channel of videos.
All of this from one application, located on one’s phone, for under $1 and in support of America’s oldest and largest pro-cannabis law reform organization!
Another NORML iPhone app is already in development that will feature the organization’s copyrighted list of state/federal cannabis laws, drug testing information, listing of criminal defense lawyers and NORML chapters nationwide. Additions to the current NORML app on iPhone, as well as creating similar programs for Google and Droid phones is currently underway.
NORML is also developing cannabis-centric games for mobile phone and Internet play.
I ascribe substantial credit for bringing about the rapid decrease in public support for cannabis prohibition to the advent and popularity of the Internet. Pre-Internet, both cannabis consumers and the general public had little-to-no access to verifiable and credible scientific or academic information regarding cannabis. Once NORML (and numerous other pro-reform organizations) could place large amounts of information online circa 1995, that anyone could read and download from the privacy of home, the opinion polls started to demonstrate a strong increase in the public’s discontent with cannabis prohibition laws.
Now that tens of thousands of scientific studies and medical reports can be read on mobile devices, pro-cannabis radio shows can be listened to on the bus or train and citizens fed up with prohibition laws can now contact their elected representatives anytime, from just about anywhere, smart phone technology is only going to 1) increase the number of citizen-advocates lobbying for cannabis law reforms, and 2) these ease-of-use mobile technologies also enhance the abilities of citizens to be more active in the ever-growing cannabis law reform movement, online community and commerce.
Many thanks to Red Aphid for their tireless efforts to code and work through the labyrinth of regulations and requirements at Apple to bring NORML’s first smart phone application to fruition.

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  1. Can we get one made for the BlackBerry? That would be super nice.
    Pay me enough and I’ll whip one up. Haha, kidding.

  2. This is awesome! I’m glad you guys are getting good with the technology. We need to have more stuff like this! The internet is our best resource!

  3. This is pretty cool news. It would be awesome if this was also available for the Droid.

  4. I’m all for connectivity and using the internet to benefit our means; and please correct me if I’m mistaken; but I’m kind of face-palming here.
    Firstly, I don’t think it’s a good idea to develop cannabis centric games – rephrase – I don’t think it’s a good idea for *NORML* to develop (or participate in developing) cannabis centric games.
    Also I think an alternative to apps for a single device would be to instead develop a new WML site front end for WAP browsers with the few illustrated features included for starters. Platform independence and fully integrated with the site, just slap the organized data into a phone sized format to accommodate everyone at once.

  5. nice ill have to pick this up when i bu an itouch or iphone if i ever buy one this sounds great but until then ill keep coming on from my phone via the internet ! thank NORML

  6. For you iphone and ipod users, you can watch Cannabis TV on the go also. Search on iTunes for Cannabis TV or copy/paste the link below.

  7. I’ve reconsidered mt previous position about NORML developing cannabis centric games. I think that as long as the games are education oriented and factual then I have no complaints.
    It’s the interactivity that has me worried, kids like interactive games. A ‘fun’ cannabis centric game could (should?) be attacked by parents on both sides of the reform issue, unless you can effectively lock out minors.

  8. android is clearly gaining momentum in the cell phone operating system race, and will soon surpass the amount of apple’s iphones sold. so I think we could reach more people if you make a android app.

  9. Please go to this site and answer the following poll. We are fighting for our local law enforcment to stop prosecuting MMJ patients and to allow safe access to their medicine. Thank you
    Should San Bernardino County and local cities allow medical marijuana dispensaries?

  10. Need one for Droid, it’s overtaking the iPhone sales pretty soon. Good luck in CA with Prop 19. Here in TX we’re rooting for you to set the stage and prove the opponents wrong. Billions of dollars in law enforcement over the last 30 years hasn’t worked. Duh!!! isn’t it time we tried something else? Stop illegal importation, crime and increase the tax base with one vote.

  11. Is there an app for iPad???
    [Editor’s note: NORML is working on booth Android and iPad apps!]

  12. I would love for this to be available on the Windows phone market place. Such information needs to be seen, so people who are for the legalization can back up their arguments, and so that people against it can shut up and look at the facts.

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