DEA Continues Trying To Justify Marijuana Prohibition

Again, next time you hear or read about law enforcement or federal anti-drug agencies employing the claim ‘We don’t make the laws, we only enforce them’, please reference the below totally biased, paranoid, inaccurate and self-serving example from the Drug Enforcement Administration to counter such claims.
Unlike the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), it is not clear that Drug Enforcement Administration is mandated by Congress to oppose any efforts by citizens to peaceably and lawfully change cannabis laws.
While each and every one of the DEA’s supposed top ten ‘facts’ about legalization are easily rebutted, I think my favorite ‘fact’ presented by our tax dollars at DEA is #6, where the DEA purposely misleads the general public by claiming that Alaska ‘legalized’ cannabis in the 1970s, and upset voters in 1990 effectively saved the state from the dreaded ‘Devil’s Weed’.
What really happened in Alaska regarding cannabis policy?
The Alaska Supreme Court, relying on the most citizen-supportive state constitution in the United States, ruled in the Ravin case in 1975 that the state constitution afforded its citizens strong privacy rights, including the ability to possess one ounce of without fear of arrest. In other words, just like numerous other states (thirteen!) Alaska DECRIMINALIZED the possession of cannabis, it never legalized the substance in the standard sense of the word where adults could cultivate and sell it.
Since the tragic and expensive folly of cannabis prohibition began in 1937 by a legislative fiat in the Congress and signed into law by President Franklin Roosevelt (who was a keen supporter of ending alcohol prohibition, signed the Volstead Act and celebrated the end of alcohol prohibition at the White House with some of the first legal booze), not a lawful constitutional amendment such as was needed to both prohibit and re-legalize alcohol sales. Unfortunately, no state has EVER legalized cannabis cultivation or sales for non-medicinal purposes. None! The DEA is wrong to insinuate otherwise.
What happened in 1990 to Alaska’s cannabis decriminalization laws? Did mobs of angry voters, fed up with excessive cannabis use (or even above national average cannabis consumption rates) driven by an otherwise, for the average person, largely obscure 1975 court decision be compelled to place a voter initiative on the ballot to, according to our not so dutiful civil employees at the DEA, de-legalize cannabis in the state?
About the only item correct in the DEA’s #6 ‘fact’ about legalization is that the voters narrowly voted to end the state’s decriminalized laws for possessing one ounce. That, by the way, was largely a function of not the grassroots efforts of Alaskans, but of our first official ‘drug czar’ William Bennett (and his ‘Mini-Me’ and future Propagandist-in-Chief against cannabis as the longest serving drug czar, John Walters).
Bill Bennett, freshly minted as drug czar chose as one of the office’s first missions, consistent with its Joe Biden-written and Congressionally-approved charter to oppose cannabis law reforms as a matter of policy and function (science, morality, and economics be damned!), they chose to target what they perceived the lowest hanging fruit possible to capture: Go to the state with the most tolerant cannabis laws—Alaska was chosen—using numerous federal apparatus and tax dollars, whip up fear and emotional contagion in the population broadcasting rank anti-cannabis propaganda—notably with law enforcement, women, parents, church groups, oil companies and the US military/National Guard—and knock the supposedly ‘liberal’ cannabis law off the law books in hopes of starting a legislative and/or voter initiative backlash against cannabis in then 11 states that had already decriminalized the possession of (usually) one ounce.
The peak of the Bennett-driven effort to change cannabis laws in Alaska as I recall was a frenetic, mainly one-sided show featuring Bill Bennett at peak bluster debating a counter-culture writer on the then very popular daytime Phil Donahue Show (notably known for its high ratings among women viewers).
What actually has turned out in Alaska since 1990 that the DEA didn’t want the public to know in its so-called ‘fact’ sheet and misleads by omission in trying to portray Alaska as a state whose citizens ‘de-legalized’ cannabis and don’t favor its reform?
1) Post the vote in 1990, NORML supporters in Alaska who favor cannabis law reform, along with ACLU, successfully sued to have the voter initiative overturned as it violated the state’s constitution.
The Alaska Supreme court ruled Ravin was still the law of the land because the personal privacy protected under the state’s constitution could not be voted away in an initiative. The justices ruled that if the minor possession of cannabis were to be made illegal consistent with the state constitution (and their previous rulings), then Alaskan’s elected policymakers and citizens need to amend the state constitution.
In later court challenges in Alaska to enhance penalties, pushed by the Governor, the state courts not only ruled against the government, they increased the amount of cannabis a citizen could possess up to a quarter pound (four ounces)!
Regrettably, the most recent court decision in Alaska has reduced the amount from a ‘QP’ back to an ‘OZ’.
Ooops! Sorry Billy and Johnny (and the DEA), Alaska’s liberty-loving state constitution trumped your efforts. You lost, but oddly still cite Alaska to this day as some kind of warped ‘victory’. If it was a victory, even in the strictest sense of the word, it is the definition of a Pyrrhic victory.
2) The citizens of Alaska voted for medical access to cannabis in 1998, 58% – 42%. The law has had little to no negative consequences in the state from a public health or safety point of view. Medical cannabis, like in most states that adopt it, is ‘no big’ deal despite the DEA’s efforts to convince lawmakers, media and the public.
3) In 2004, a ballot initiative to actually legalize cannabis in Alaska largely funded by the Marijuana Policy Project lost 55% – 44%.
See Alaska’s current laws here.
This fall, with the voters of California having the opportunity in a binding voter initiative to actually become the first state to legalize cannabis (Field Poll surveys in the state indicate 56% support legalization), let’s show the anti-cannabis bureaucrats at the DEA and ONDCP (just to name two of over two dozen taxpayer-wasting federal government bureaucracies that largely oppose cannabis law reforms) a thing or two about what their employers—we the taxpayers and voters—want regarding a functional cannabis policy where the herb is legally controlled and taxed for responsible adult enjoyment and relaxation just like caffeine, alcohol and tobacco products.
To send a clear message to the DEA, please support Tax Cannabis 2010 in California!

Summary of the DEA’s Top Ten Facts on Legalization
Fact 1: We have made significant progress in fighting drug use and drug trafficking in America. Now is not the time to abandon our efforts.
The Legalization Lobby claims that the fight against drugs cannot be won. However, overall drug use is down by more than a third in the last twenty years, while cocaine use has dropped by an astounding 70 percent. Ninety-five percent of Americans do not use drugs. This is success by any standards.
Fact 2: A balanced approach of prevention, enforcement, and treatment is the key in the fight against drugs.
A successful drug policy must apply a balanced approach of prevention, enforcement and treatment. All three aspects are crucial. For those who end up hooked on drugs, there are innovative programs, like Drug Treatment Courts, that offer non-violent users the option of seeking treatment. Drug Treatment Courts provide court supervision, unlike voluntary treatment centers.
Fact 3: Illegal drugs are illegal because they are harmful.
There is a growing misconception that some illegal drugs can be taken safely. For example, savvy drug dealers have learned how to market drugs like Ecstasy to youth. Some in the Legalization Lobby even claim such drugs have medical value, despite the lack of conclusive scientific evidence.
Fact 4: Smoked marijuana is not scientifically approved medicine. Marinol, the legal version of medical marijuana, is approved by science.
According to the Institute of Medicine, there is no future in smoked marijuana as medicine. However, the prescription drug Marinol-a legal and safe version of medical marijuana which isolates the active ingredient of THC-has been studied and approved by the Food & Drug Administration as safe medicine. The difference is that you have to get a prescription for Marinol from a licensed physician. You can’t buy it on a street corner, and you don’t smoke it.
Fact 5: Drug control spending is a minor portion of the U.S. budget. Compared to the social costs of drug abuse and addiction, government spending on drug control is minimal.
The Legalization Lobby claims that the United States has wasted billions of dollars in its anti-drug efforts. But for those kids saved from drug addiction, this is hardly wasted dollars. Moreover, our fight against drug abuse and addiction is an ongoing struggle that should be treated like any other social problem. Would we give up on education or poverty simply because we haven’t eliminated all problems? Compared to the social costs of drug abuse and addiction-whether in taxpayer dollars or in pain and suffering-government spending on drug control is minimal.
Fact 6: Legalization of drugs will lead to increased use and increased levels of addiction. Legalization has been tried before, and failed miserably.
Legalization has been tried before-and failed miserably. Alaska’s experiment with Legalization in the 1970s led to the state’s teens using marijuana at more than twice the rate of other youths nationally. This led Alaska’s residents to vote to re-criminalize marijuana in 1990.
Fact 7: Crime, violence, and drug use go hand-in-hand.
Crime, violence and drug use go hand in hand. Six times as many homicides are committed by people under the influence of drugs, as by those who are looking for money to buy drugs. Most drug crimes aren’t committed by people trying to pay for drugs; they’re committed by people on drugs.
Fact 8: Alcohol has caused significant health, social, and crime problems in this country, and legalized drugs would only make the situation worse.
The Legalization Lobby claims drugs are no more dangerous than alcohol. But drunk driving is one of the primary killers of Americans. Do we want our bus drivers, nurses, and airline pilots to be able to take drugs one evening, and operate freely at work the next day? Do we want to add to the destruction by making drugged driving another primary killer?
Fact 9: Europe’s more liberal drug policies are not the right model for America.
The Legalization Lobby claims that the “European Model” of the drug problem is successful. However, since legalization of marijuana in Holland, heroin addiction levels have tripled. And Needle Park seems like a poor model for America.
Fact 10: Most non-violent drug users get treatment, not jail time.
The Legalization Lobby claims that America’s prisons are filling up with users. Truth is, only about 5 percent of inmates in federal prison are there because of simple possession. Most drug criminals are in jail-even on possession charges-because they have plea-bargained down from major trafficking offenses or more violent drug crimes.

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  1. Where is the point by point rebuttal? I know how to rebut some of these points but not all of them.

  2. Fact 9: Europe’s more liberal drug policies are not the right model for America.
    The Legalization Lobby claims that the “European Model” of the drug problem is successful. However, since legalization of marijuana in Holland, heroin addiction levels have tripled. And Needle Park seems like a poor model for America.
    OH REALLY???? That’s why I went to Amsterdam, to see if this was true. ITS A FUCKING LIE!!!! I never EVER saw one heroin user, or one needle or any lines in any parks for people to exchange needles or buy drugs. And I didn’t go just once. I have gone 4 times since 2007.

  3. Marijuana….I love you…(Monday)…I love you not…(Tuesday)…I love you…(Wednesday)…I love you not…(Thursday)…I love you…(Friday)…I love you not (Saturday)…I love you (Sunday)…

  4. 1.cant keep it out of prisons, Mexican gangs grow rich and powerful…2.anything to keep them in the bucks…3.always tie cannabis to a harder drug and ignore scientific evidence….4.. big pharm gets no money..5. spending billions on a futile effort for how many years with nothing to show for it…6.teen use in Holland lower than U.S….7.Really means you could be mugged trying to buy a bag..8. the ever popular ” we got ours, screw you”…9. lets talk heroin in a cannabis conversation..10.Ya..we get treatment, unfair treatment

  5. It is quite shocking how hard the DEA is trying to mislead the discourse about CANNABIS legalization.
    “Treatment”- defined as a monthly serious invasion of your privacy, hundreds of dollars in fees, which for most adds up to 6-12 months of reduced cheefing. Fail.
    Who are these people? Where can I find them? Because the run-of-the mill Joe you see on the street, whether he cheefs or not, could not care less about the legal status of cannabis- they’re going to smoke and/or not rat on their neighbors for medicating.
    Washington is the only place where you can be questioned for wanting to retire after forty years of employment, and cannabis reform is a perfect example of this.
    The only negative thing weed’s done to me is show up in my pee.

  6. DEA=DEATH. Plain and simple. There is no reason for the DEA to even exist. They do no good for anyone except themselves. They cause murder, mayhem, death and destruction whererver they go and whatever they do. They are a disgrace to society and to all mankind.

  7. I really hate that “facts” sheet. what a load of crap! ( when i say crap, i mean LIES!) i hope many people see this article and realize that the D.E.A. are really unbeLIEvable. I wish the people of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA come to their own conclusion that we should not be lied to or pushed around and will not take this abuse anymore. i will fight this everyday as much as i can . what will make all this change is for evryone to keep bringing this attention to the media and apply tons of pressure . so much pressure that they( government ) cannot avoid marijuana law reform. we need to end this really soon. cause honestly, they are not doing their job. why dont AMERICANs start flooding streets and start somewhat of a riot like other countries whose governments wronged them in the recent past. this is getting to be very crucial.

  8. A concise point by point refutation underneath each of the DEA’s fact list above would be better for those people with suspended disbelief. Inside the echo chamber it’s hard to believe anybody still believes the DEA on anything concerning cannabis prohibition. I loved the 2 articles about California in the latest edition of Reason magazine. Kudos to Gillespie!

  9. wtf..this is lies and pure bullshit! When will the american people wake up and boot this scourge we call the DEA!?

  10. The United States Code, under Section 811 of Title 21, sets out a process by which cannabis could be administratively transferred to a less-restrictive category or removed from Controlled Substances Act regulation altogether. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) evaluates petitions to reschedule cannabis. However, the Controlled Substances Act gives the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), as successor agency of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, great power over rescheduling decisions.
    In 2003 The U.S.A.’s Government as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services was awarded a patent on cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants. U.S. Patent 6630507.

  11. ahhh the DEA, the only government agency where you can say the literal opposite of what is true and the majority of th public will accept it as fact
    disregard the DEAs lies!

  12. I can not stand the crap that the DEA pushes on the unaware public. It is a shame that our government is also our oppressors. It’s a shame that they don’t watch South Park because they get it. The newest episode, where Randy gets testicular cancer for medical cannabis, is awesome because it makes KFC illegal and then there is an underground for it. Just shows that everything will have an underground market if you take it away from people. The government just can’t seem to get it through there thick skulls and are afraid to acknowledge that someone other than themselves are right and they will do anything to cover it up…such as the rape of the “Indians” when Columbus came to the Americas.

  13. “Ninety-five percent of Americans do not use drugs.”
    lol, Pfizer (and every other major drug manufacturer) would like a word with the DEA.

  14. While #6 has the most merit from a direct United States DEA history lesson, the others still stupefy. #9 in particular is a great mash-up of misinformation and outright lying. They focus all of Europe’s efforts to moderate drug law onto Holland alone. Then they go on to claim that these efforts, focused in Holland only mind you, legalized cannabis, thus resulting in increased hard drug use.
    This is exactly the kind of tripe that I’ve seen lead to youth and others assuming that most or all of the information from these agencies must be false. The problem is for every one of these “fact sheets” they produce, they also do have real information about the dangers of various aspects of the substances they wish to help people avoid. Sad part is that once someone doesn’t trust the cornerstone of your arguments, they will usually test “their assumptions” on the rest. And I’m sure most people have seen how disastrous that can potentially be.
    However, it does seem that the old sayings about lying with conviction and “when in the right” must work out well. Obviously all these various agencies spewing a wild combination of misinformation that seldom even matchup to serve some greater good seems to have the desired effect. People still spew the lies. Sadly, most are ignorant parents and community leaders.
    Ah, but that’s where it gets ugly again. Yet I digress? Caught in a loop of lies and misguided efforts, the next generation doubts the very people they should trust the most and the core of our society suffers for it.
    These people dont understand that no rational person will ever thank them for being lied to. Once the trust is lost, it’s seldom repaired. Though America keeps voting for people who lie outright to them all the time. And not little “white lies” on any account.
    As a European friend of mine once told me, “Americans are free to speak their mind and make it heard through so many means; but they seldom vote with conviction.” I concur. Let’s just hope California votes with conviction so that we can reduce the harm we are inflicting on each and move on to fighting something other than ourselves.

  15. It’s just mind-boggling to me the great lengths that government employees will go to in order to justify the continued “relevance” or necessity of their job function.
    Did it ever occur to them that maybe Cannabis was somethng that our “Creator” gave to us to help sustain normal function in life, sort of like a clear, colorless, odorless and tastseless chemical that we all use daily to live (H2O)?
    If the world doesn’t end in 2012 (according to the Mayans), I’d be willing to bet that Cannabis (and perhaps other “drugs” as well) will be legal, taxed and regulated for respnosible adult consumption by then.
    Let’s hope so. . .

  16. I think the cops have been taking lessons from the mafia. In the 70’s the mobsters would break in to small buinesses and vandlize them and than come around the next day to say see you need protection. Its the same thing with the cops they scare people half to death about drugs so people will think its ok to spend 75 billion a year.the cops are laughing all the way to the bank.And in reality what are the taxpayers getting for thier 75 bill. 10% of the marijuana stopped and only 3% of marijuana consumers arrested. Thats not a restetable percentage if they REALLY wanted to stamp out marijuana use in the US,but its enough to keep the conservates fooled !!

  17. The more government tightens its grip the more control it will lose.In the end , it is the duty of all people in this country to stand against the tyranny they have placed on us, not just with the tool of prohibition , but all tools they employ to keep reign over us ALL.

  18. Alot of sympathy remarks and some irrelevant information in those facts.
    I can deal with people calling cannabis a drug, but not lumping it in with any drug that requires a needle.
    Drug use and violence go hand in hand !? When was the last time a violent act was committed on ONLY marijuana? When was the last time an alcohol fueled crime was committed ? YEAH, CHECK YOUR WATCH.
    We’re trying for cannabis, not heroin.

  19. Fact number 8 is pure bull. Don’t even bring up alcohol in an argument AGAINST legalization. Alcohol IS legal, and we have those problems because alcohol is NOT the same as cannabis. They do two completely different things, and to say they effect the mind the same way is just a lie.
    I drive high every single day. I’ve driven for 7 hours straight blazed out of my gourd once. If I had a prescription, would that have made it ok? I understand some people drive worse on drugs, but most people who smoke cannabis frequently can control themselves enough.
    Get over yourselves, DEA. Nobody wants your propaganda crap.

  20. The DEA is a branch of the NEW WORLD ORDER. It just hasn’t been exposed yet. The NWO is an extremely elite group of people who control 95% of the worlds wealth. They own and operate the DEA. In the near future, these stormtroopers will start rounding up marijuana users and executing them. Mass graves will be dug to bury the extreme masses. The idea of this mass execution is meant to curb the demand for illegal drugs. Currently this kind of enforcement is illegal, but it won’t be for long. So…. If you smoke pot and you live in America, you better keep it on the DL, and you might want to consider moving out of the country. These so called “gentlemen” or the Bilderburger’s are great admirers of Adolf Hitler and they will most likely use his same tactics for mass execution against the American People.

  21. The DEA is nothing more than a waste of money if they think they’re helping this country by disposing of marijuana. I can imagine they probably want it to stay illegal because if it does goes legal, then THEY will lose jobs. The worthless pigs don’t see any harm in wasting tax payer money.

  22. The government is the problem here. You’ve got the DEA, ONDCP, DARE and all these other groups working to spread lies, propaganda, and fear.
    Tell friends and family about, where they can watch tons of great videos about cannabis and hemp based on truth. Help them to realize that cannabis is a non-toxic, non-lethal, non-addictive, anti-addictive, cancer preventing medicine with tons of other beneficial effects.
    Real education is what we need to sway the ignorant and mindwashed people of America who still support this deadly, expensive war on it’s own people.

  23. Let’s see.
    Fact #1. Don’t tell us you’ve made significant progress in fighting drug use and trafficking. Show us. People are still dieing and drugs are still finding their way over our borders. We can tell if it’s working or not. We see with our eyes but our ears are being filled with false truths which in turn hinder our outlook.
    Fact #2. All by force. Prevention. Force. Enforcement. Force. Treatment. By force. “The option” yeah either get treatment or go to jail. Which would you choose? “Voluntary” treatment centers are supervised. If you don’t do what the treatment center asks then you can bet that they will let the court know.
    Fact #3. So why are some medications perfectly legal even though they attain a higher rate of addiction and death as opposed to other drugs that are just illegal to everyone because they say so? “Savvy drug dealers have learned how to market ecstacy.” Yeah, like big pharm huh? Oh forgot to add “to the youth” in there at the end to make you feel like it’s all for the kid’s. “Conclusive scientific evidence.” Again don’t just say it, prove it. Do a study. Oh, that’s right theirs a monopoly on cannabis just like everything else.
    Fact #4. That’s because the fed refuses to conduct experiments with clarity and transparency. Smoking anything isn’t good for you. Vaporize. Marinol? What, did big pharm pay you to add that in? Synthetics which are man made or all natural which do you trust more in? Man or nature? Fact #4 is an add for marinol.
    Fact #5. Again more words with no stats. Tell us how much we spend and let us decide. “Kids saved” DEA to the rescue to save us from ourselves for the children of course. “Social problem”? It’s a health issue! Their flipping the script. Once they get figured out they think that if they just change a few words here and there that people will buy it. “Compared to the social costs of drug abuse and addiction-whether in taxpayer dollars or in pain and suffering-government spending on drug control is minimal.” Thanks for proving to us it’s all about money and control/power. “Minimal” compared to the national budget does not make it “minimal”.
    Fact #6. Can we get some stats? Did crime go up? Just more people consuming cannabis? Isn’t that what is suppose to happen at first when something that was once illegal becomes legal? As with the prohibition of alcohol? The total number of people consuming would go up @ first but it would flatten out @ some point. So did you compare one state to the national average? Sounds suspect.
    Fact #7. Their really trying to get over on people with this “fact”. Trying to lump all these into one category is dishonest. See how they re-iterate it? Which drugs are they under the influence of? Can we get a sheet that shows, statistically, which drugs cause a person to become more criminal? Each time a person is arrested for an offense see if they would give consent to a UA, you could even place it in a bargain with the DA that would reduce time and charges if they agree, to see if they’re indeed under the influence of drugs and then gather the info as to which one drug is more of a danger than the others. Does a certain drug really decide what crime a person will commit or is it all drugs that do this? If their message is all drugs are bad then why are they not speaking out against the one’s that are legal, besides alcohol as you see in Fact #8?
    Fact #8. Half true half false. How do they know it will make it worse? Omniscient? Some choose not to drink. They act like everyone will drink and do drugs. News flash: Some choose to do that anyways. If a safer alternative is released don’t you think people would choose the one that causes less harm? That’s why you shouldn’t use and drive any machinery. How’s it working for you with the BIG 3? Listening to music and driving can cause accidents. Worrying about how someone else is driving can cause accidents. When you’re driving that’s what you’re suppose to be doing, nothing else. “Primary killer”? Listen to the wording. Are they really trying to compare it to the real primary killers in the world. Check it out and you will find that all the main causes for death are health related even though they want to make it a “social” issue.
    Fact #9. Calling Europe “liberal”? I’m sure we can find some of that here if you’re eyes are open. What does heroin addiction have to do with cannabis consumption? Again, trying to lump two separate drugs into one category. Cannabis caused the rise in heroin use? Maybe it’s because people tried cannabis and said to themselves that it’s not that bad. Then they figured that since it wasn’t as bad as lead on that other drugs can’t be that bad. It’s more of a dishonest issue by organizations that we’re to trust. Transparent education is the way to go.
    Fact #10. Most? If they don’t take the deal then they go to jail. As said before, treatment or jail which would you choose? Going to jail is more difficult to get off your permanent record than a “treatment” center. In most cases “To get along you have to come along”. You all know what happens if you don’t. American prisons are filling. So ask yourself why is our incarceration rate the highest in the world? Prisons aren’t filled with users because they’re the one’s offered the plea bargains in order to receive reduced sentencing and fines. Which would you choose? I’m no narq. I would rather die than be a rat, so if it came down to me giving up a name I would tell them to shove it and do the hard time. To do treatment for reduced penalties? Anyone would jump on that.

  24. This awful list of propaganda and misinformation barely resembles “factual” information. The fact that the DEA has the gall to disseminate it as if it were fact only shows how little they think of the average citizen’s intelligence. It’s really disgusting that they express no remorse about deceiving the general public only to further their own ridiculous prohibitionist agenda. God forbid they actually give us objective information and let us make our own decisions about legalization based on personal religious views and moral ideals.

  25. After reading the “fact” list, one thought crossed my mind: …And they call “us” the drug users, lol.

  26. Good job on the article. I think it’d be nice to see the DEA’s other 9 myths debunked too… some arguments in particular are just ridiculous, childish and self-contradicting e.g. #5 ‘Would we give up on education or poverty simply because we haven’t eliminated all problems?’ the framework of prohibition can be compared with neither of these things.
    A personal favourite is #8 “Alcohol has caused significant health, social, and crime problems in this country […] drunk driving is one of the primary killers of Americans” coupled with #3 “Illegal drugs are illegal because they are harmful.” If that is true why isn’t alcohol illegal?
    Of course with the number of people the DEA employs it’s no wonder they are trying to discredit the legalization/decriminalization movement.

  27. THANK YOU!!! It gets my blood boiling every time some prohibitionist tries to say that “Alaska legalized and it didn’t work”. THEY DIDNT LEGALIZE THEY DECRIMINALIZED!! The website of the opposition to the California Tax Cannabis initiative several times uses this as an example, and it just pisses me off! On a related note, I gave a rebuttal to every single one of the pages on the website, which I hope one day will be published somewhere on the internet. I’m emailing it to a couple people at NORML (including you, Allen, I’d love your input). Thanks for this wonderful, and thorough rebuttal! Take care.

  28. So how’s that Obama DEA appointee working out for you hope and changers? Can we finally get off the hope and change wagon and vote for some real candidates who will offer REAL change in 2010 and 2012?

  29. I love cannabis prohibition. It makes me feel cool when I dress up like a GI Joe and play with flash-bangs!
    And I love enforcing a policy that creates more violence for me to combat. Job security for sure.
    And I, like all my co-workers, am a complete ass that’s lost touch with reality so much that I actually think I doing something good.

  30. I feel like the lonely loon screaching from the wilderness. All drug laws exist for one reason,to control hemp. Hemp laws are the foundation of control of the economy and treason against the republic. Hemp was/is the one renewable natural resourse that could/can replace all fossil fuels,synthetic fibers,many medicines etc. This is all about control and greed and we are slaves producing their hearts desires. We will never be free until we free the weed.

  31. There was a time in this country when there was no illegal drug use. That period of time spans the majority of time this country has existed. History records this country and its citizens did just fine then. But that wasn’t good enough for some folks. They think they know better than God that people should live in freedom with liberty as acknowledged and cited in the Constitution of the United States. It is these people, prohibitionists, that are the real criminals, not responsible adults freely choosing to consume or not consume mind altering substances. If drug use/non-use causes problems, it is a problem, and those people need care and treatment, not arrest and prison. We do not put alcoholics and cigarette smokers in prison. If drug use/non-use does not cause problems, it is not a problem, and those people should be left alone to live their lives as they see fit, harming no one except in some cases, themselves. The DEA and ONDCP are just two more examples of Unconstitutional, counter productive, expensive and failed government make-work projects. If people in those agencies had any integrity, they would re-read the Constitution, resign, and get real jobs that actually help people and this country.

  32. ever notice how they can never just do a “presentation” on the prohibition of MJ? they always have to include alcohol, cocaine, heroin, pcp, etc in their studies. ITS CLASSIFYING pot in the same class as Heroin. its bullshit.

  33. Of course they are starting to fight back harder with their same ole bs. Are we not closer to real cannabis law reform in the country than we’ve ever been in the past? They’re like a dog backed into a corner. Something tells me their tactics will get worse before things get better.

  34. the dea has always been hitlerian vile.
    the dea is the schoolyard bully who says MAKE ME and puts you on his long hit list.
    the power that forces them to submit is the only thing they understand.

  35. roger christie a leader in spiritual cannabis use in hawaii and worldwide was busted a couple of weeks ago by the dea for …. NOTHING.
    other people busted woke up to masked gunmen. this must no longer happen in our country.
    perhaps a little levitation exercise!?

  36. they forgot one thing, that is marijuana has never killed any one, it doesen’t lead to harder drugs as they always show a marijuana leaf with harder drugs. alchol is legal does do more damage to the u.s. public the marijuana, not going to get in to alll the bad things about alchol just wacth t.v. news cast and you’ll find out. it’s stupid not to legalize marijuana in the u.s. needs the money that bad. they have been fighting this war far to long and it time to legalize make and be done with it.

  37. The funny part about all of this is how much pot is actually being smoked these days. If you want an idea of how prevalent marijuana use is, take a look behind the counter of any convenience store. Virtually every convenience store here in Oregon has flavored cigars, cigarillos, and flavored rolling papers. What do you think those are used for? FLAVORED BLUNTS, AND JOINTS! Knowing what I know about economics (supply and demand) I have come to the belief that all convenience stores have them because 30%+ of the people in your neighborhood smoke pot!

  38. The government will likely sponsor a “war on users” before they end the “war on drugs” It’s a fact of life, people in power don’t like to give up their power.

  39. Sounds like you Neo-Nazi’s at the DEA are getting desperate. What’s the matter? Couldn’t think of any new lies?, so you had to find new ways of spreading all the old ones? I can’t wait until the American People burn the DEA and all of it’s stormtroopers at the stake. FOR HIGH TREASON AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! Oh, yeah, the Fed’s days are numbered. Get the fuck out of America. Please. You don’t belong among free men.

  40. Doesn’t the DEA have other ignorant nations it can try and deceive? Last time I checked, America is starting to wake up at an alarming rate. Go take your failed drug war somewhere else because the American People DON’T WANT IT!! Oh, and how are you helping drug addicted kids by throwing them in Jail with more dangerous criminals?? Again, the DEA’s logic FAILS. I repeat, the DEA’s logic FAILS. Time for a return to our American roots. Down with tyranny!!

  41. Some tyrant’s use the sword to rule their people, some use mis-information or decpetion, some use manipulation. Our world rulers like to use a combination of everything. They have even mastered the art of getting the population to regulate itself. What they never planned on however, was a mass awakening. It’s gonna happen and there is nothing they can do to stop it. They do not believe that a God exists. They believe men can become gods, and the men who cannot become gods, will serve the men who are. What they don’t know is that they are in direct violation of A universal law, and they will be punished accordingly. A punishment far worse then anything anyone could endure here on Earth. No, they do not believe in a God. That doesn’t mean one doesn’t exist. He is pissed.

  42. How is marijuana a schedule 1 narcotic, it has never killed anybody. you will either pass out from being tired or of smoke inhilation, not from the THC. you would have to smoke over your body weight in ONE sitting to really damage yourself, and who can afford that haha. shrooms are are schedule 2 and they have killed people before.

  43. and alcohol is legal? please explain to me how alcoholics die from a “disease” but we are not allowed to smoke marijuana and it is not even an addictive substance

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