Fake Medical Marijuana Advertisement Used To Promote Anti-Cannabis Mayor’s Brewery In Denver

In what has to be one of the more unique advertising campaigns currently found in the United States, a notable Denver brewery takes great advantage of the changing mores and values in Colorado that have ushered in hundreds of medical cannabis dispensaries throughout the state.

Kudos to the Wynkoop Brewery (and their ad firm) for seizing upon the current cannabis reform zeitgeist in the country, and for not necessarily being threatened by the presence (and competition) of commercially available retail cannabis sales in the greater Denver-area.

BTW, ironically, Wynkoop Brewery was founded by Denver’s anti-cannabis mayor, John Hickenlooper, who, after Denver’s voters overwhelmingly approved a 2005 voter initiative that would have reduced the penalty for possessing one ounce of cannabis from a $100 fine to zero, decided to stiff the voters and not implement their will. Mr. Hickenlooper is no longer an owner of the Wynkoop Brewery.

Currently, however, Mr. Hickenlooper is running to be the next governor of Colorado. Voters there should remind Mr. Hickenlooper (and the media) of his supreme arrogance towards the will of voters and hypocrisy regarding his parochial views of alcohol use vs. cannabis use. Apparently, in his mind, it is ‘OK’ to own and operate a drug-making business regarding a dangerous and addictive product like alcohol–but not cannabis (which, unlike alcohol products, cannabis can’t deliver lethal overdoses and does not cause any where near the same degree of physical and mental impairment, addiction, cravings and withdrawals).


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  1. O’No Rebel… See, the law can and will lie to people they have in custody or even question, but if the person being questioning by “any” law personal lies to any law, court or any other, their the ones breaking the law… pay attention if your ever in a court trial and a cop gets on the stand, they don’t promos to tell the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth !!!
    So this Colorado jerk is not in fact “BREAKING THE LAW”…!!!
    If something grows from the earth and no chemicals are added, its a gift from god…!!!
    Don’t think so? Read Genesis 1:29 from the Bible

  2. Editors note if you really think I am supporting violence or gangs in any way you are confused! I am concerned about the innocent people dying at the hands of the police and government JUST LIKE IN MEXICO! Coke, Escobar, Capone are all born from Prohibition! Mexico has gotten a lot of publicity about their turmoil but Jamaica just scrolls at the bottom of the screen? I am sure you support your forefathers who operated violently to enforce a Very illegal succor! Don’t be a Hypocrite! i HATE FUCKING VIOLENCE

    [Editor’s note: The matter does not concern violence or hypocrisy, as all who’re sane don’t support either. The issue you raised was ‘why is NORML not highlighting Jamican drug gang violence as being racist and ignoring a major problem’.]

  3. Editors note: Thank you for all the responses. Its not just NORML its hardly mentioned even on our news! Especially here in Tennessee! I am not trying to highlight any gang, only the innocent. I thought that at least NORML would highlight on this as another example of prohibition gone bad! You can not talk about Jamaica like its day and night with Mexico! You would think that Coke was gunning down the Jamaicans himself?Earlier when you said “all media accounts”, do you really want me to believe the media? They also told me to Fear Cannabis? The media is a private ran bias version of the Truth!

    [Editor’s note: 1) Have you ever been to Jamaica (and Hedonism Resorts don’t count…)? 2) Have you ever tried to work in Jamaican politics or businesses? If you answered ‘yes’ to either, you’d readily acknowledged the highly politicized criminal enterprises that often engage in violence to protect territory and untaxed profits. Should the US necessarily try to indict foreign criminals and prosecute them on ‘drug’ charges (when their own country’s will not)? No. Should Jamaica legalize cannabis, stop the charade there re ‘ganja’ and tell the US to go away? Yes.]

  4. I’d read that natural hops is mildly psychoactive and it’s subject to strict controls to make sure only beer makers can access it, they don’t want people smoking it.

  5. Phil E. Drifter, not true! In fact hops are easily available to anyone who wants to brew their own beer and home brewers are very fussy about their hops. There are many different strains and qualities to be had for the discriminating home brewer. Many of these home brewers go on to become microbreweries and that’s probably where the subject of our discussion started out. You can also grow them yourself.

    Tobacco is another plant that anyone can grow and if your are a cannabis user who also smokes tobacco who is afraid to grow your own cannabis, you should certainly try your hand at growing and processing your own tobacco. Don’t try and sell it, because that’s where the feds step in. Seeds are easily and legally available on the internet.

    We really should be running cannabis like tobacco. Alcohol is really a poor model for the legal oversight of legalized cannabis.

  6. Ideas for counter-advertisement(s):
    (The Wynkoop Brewery’s advert isn’t
    as “fake” as it is one-sided).

    Both Humulus Lupulus, (hops), and
    Cannabis species have much in common.

    Both are botanically-related.

    Similar plant-components of each are utilized
    for their medicinal and flavoring-properties:
    (The resin-bearing female-flowers).

    Both have long history of safe medicinal use;

    To permit, favor one, while maligning, suppressing
    the other is mean-spirited, unjust and hypocritical.

  7. Thanks Paul. It was years ago that I’d read that hops were subject to strict regulation. Thanks for setting me straight. Do you by chance have any source URLs I could read?

  8. Good thing I’m moving back to Colorado so I can be there to fight against him becoming governor.

  9. 51 Ron

    The guy is a complete asshole and a total prick. That’s his badge of dishonor. Maybe they will throw his ass out of office as they should…in my opinion.
    I read Genesis I:29,30,31. I laso read Genesis I:11, 12 and Genesis III:2.

  10. 54 Phil E Drifter

    They Lupus [hop cousin to sativa} in beer – but – they are experimenting with sativa in beer.

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