Join NORML at the Rally to Restore (Pot) Sanity

It is time to end reefer madness and restore pot sanity.

Join NORML and other drug policy reform groups at Jon Stewart’s Rally To Restore  Sanity.

When: Saturday, October 30, 2010

Where: The National Mall, Washington, DC

Time: 11am -3pm

NORML is working to organize the thousands of marijuana law reform supporters that will be attending this rally to stand together in support of California’s legalization initiative, proposition 19, and ending marijuana  prohibition nationwide.

Meet us at the Rally!  We will be handing out “Legalize Pot” posters (like the one above) with other drug policy reform groups  on the National Mall, at the intersection of Constitution Ave and 4th St.

**Note: This is not a marijuana law reform rally, this is a political rally with a mainstream message–We need to represent ourselves as mainstream activists.  Be clean and conscientious of what you wear. This is serious business. It is important to recognize that you will be representing the cause to the media and the rest of the country**

How To Prepare

RSVP on facebook and invite all your friends

-Get to the rally on time.

-Pick up one of our signs on the corner of Constitution Ave and 4th St NW

-Bring everyone you know!

After The Rally:

Phonebanking to Restore Sanity – Time: 3:00-Midnight

Location: 1623 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC

Activists and volunteers are encouraged to join us at the Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) headquarters where there will be a phonebanking party to call voters in support of Proposition 19. There will be pizza! If you can, please bring a laptop & your phone.  RSVP for the post-rally phonebanking party.


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  1. I do not live in California, so Prop 19 does not apply to me. However, Of californian’s I ask this :
    1. Please keep in you minds the Damage done not ONLY to California but to the rest of America from the Violent Gangs that Plaque’s our streets.

    2. To keep in mind We are also oppressed by government.

    3. To keep in mind the Horable Killings of thousands of Mexicans, that is still on going.

    4. To keep in mind our Econamy and what help that Prop 19 can give is better than Spending Money that we don’t have on a War that we can’t win.

    5. To keep in mind that in this Issue you DON”T stand alone.

    And Finally I ask you to remember that When you Go Vote on Nov. 2 That Our hopes and hearts go with you. If I was californian, I would Say “YES ON PROP 19”

    Go california Lead us into a Better way of Life.

  2. Genius!! Wish i could be there! I’m sure that Pro-Cannabis will make a big impression, and get some much needed attention before Nov 2! Keep it up Norml!!


    If fox news gets one shot of someone smoking cannabis, they will plaster it everywhere and totally disregard the intended message

  4. Bad news, PPP poll has Prop 19 losing by 3 points now and they use automated polling. PPP had us up big time early this summer.

    The mass anti-prop 19 radio ads are working and it seems the only hope is an effective and organized GOTV. The fact that polling earlier this year that had Prop 19 up big is going to help but at this moment passage of Prop 19 doesn’t look promising.

    Please, if you are in California, VOTE… If you can vote you must vote..there are no excuses.

    Get. Out. The. Vote.

  5. i wish i could be thier but i live out of state this rally is great but if prop 19 fails than we need to organize a legalization march on the white house even if 19 wins the only way to get it legalized is a million person march so the media will actually finally get how big the legalization movement really is. this country needs to see that its not about a bunch of hippies getting stoned and that it is mainstream i might add that every debate i see in the media shows marajuana supporters outnumbering those against

    PLEASE !!!!

    Keep the freaks away from the reporters/camera’s that are bound to be there. We must put our best foot forward; showing that those that use are “for the most part” Sane, Responsible, Professional, Positive role models of their given communities.

    If this does not pass it will not have a chance to pass for some time to come.

  7. If you’ve watched the Daily Show and/or Jon Stewart’s appearance on Larry King Live, you should know the Rally to Restore Sanity is NOT a political rally. If anything, it is simply a parody of a political rally.

    Calling it one shows you have missed the point, or just weren’t paying attention.

    [Editor’s note: Of course the rally is not a partisan or an organized political rally. That is self-evident. However, whenever humans are together, there is politics. When humans come together en mass, there is en mass politics, and more importantly for reformers is the en mass presence of mass media broadcasting live from the event.

    Most every cable news channel will be present (including C-Span…don’t they pretty much only cover politics?), providing reformers the opportunity to show the movement’s colors, network with like-minded citizens, have some fun on the nation’s Capital Mall and be interviewed by the media.

    Dozens of NORML chapter leaders and members from around the country have decided on their own to attend and make cannabis their cause de force at what does appear to be a large ‘political’ event in Washington, DC.]

  8. The last automated poll was just completed a few days ago and showed Prop 19 WINNING 56% to 41% I wouldn’t worry about what Polls are doing right now in this last week—It’s all about turn out numbers at this point. We have the VOTES needed if everyone shows up. I hope this Rally gets National Attention. A 1% or 2% boost can be the difference in winning or losing. Great work NORML!!!Get out and vote and take a friend with you!!!

  9. I hope the message is vote yes. Don’t be afraid of the truth. Almost a hundred years of propaganda and they have never paraded out one body. Show me a body.

  10. You know it pisses me off how the cops are so worried how they will ticket a person driving on Weed! That is the main problem why we have such little respect for law enforcement. If we are driving erratically then give us a damn ticket and go on. It’s all about how they will make their pay check. Cops should not be trying to get in our business just to make payroll. If it is so hard to tell if someone is F^*ked up on Weed then it must not be so bad. We shouldn’t drive while smoking but it doesn’t take near as long to come down enough to drive after smoking as it does for drinking. So Cali get out AND VOTE YES FOR PROP-19 AND GIVE US ALL SOME RELEIF. We need to put this behind us and move on.

  11. The rally is explicitly political, it is just non-partisan. It is a rally against the childish pettiness of current politics and urging meaningful discussion about about finding ways to address problems by respectfully discussing different viewpoints and then rationally seeking compromises that incorporate the best elements of multiple proposed solutions into a generally acceptable and useful response to the problem.
    And “Legalize Pot” was one of the example signs Jon Stewart suggested he may distribute for those too busy to make their own, along with such others as “I disagree with you, but I am pretty sure you are not Hitler,” so I have to suspect that this will fit in with the general tenor of the rally.

  12. Stewart specifically asked that this not be about legalizing pot. Why would you undermine the message he is trying to get across? This isn’t the platform for this.

    [Editor’s note: Are you sure? In fact Mr. Stewart invited cannabis law reformers to show the colors!

    See the 8:14 mark here of the event’s announcement.]

  13. Jon Stewart specifically asked that pot supporters NOT use signs indicating such.

    Why would NORML then choose to do EXACTLY the opposite?

    Someone has pointed out to you that this is not a political rally, and you countered that whenever people gather, it is political… No, it IS NOT. Stop trying to justify your own motives.

    You are trying to attach your cause to this rally in hopes that the media will see it and perhaps all of the sudden come to their sense and realize that America supports legalization, because all of the people at the rally do.

    I support legalization 100%. But if NORML and affiliates are so set on rallying, hold your own. Don’t try to attach yourselves to something bigger thaqn you and then try to defend yourself by saying a non-political rally is actually political. You only make yourself look bad.

    And by showing up with signs about pot, you’re making all of us look bad, and defeating the purpose of the rally. And that purpose is, that there is no purpose. Just a bunch of normal (Not NORML) people gathering and saying we’re tired of the extreme fringe hijacking the voice of this country.

    Fox News and the Right is already going to be nit-picking, showing selective footage out of context, and editorializing their coverage of the rally. They will have a field day if a bunch of quote;unquote “potheads” show up.

    I beg you, don’t give them any help. PLEASE.

    [Editor’s note: Are you sure? In fact Mr. Stewart invited cannabis law reformers to show the colors!
    See the 8:14 mark here of the event’s announcement.]

  14. i loves me some pot and think it should be legalized but please please don’t make this rally all about pot. please don’t show up in a huge blazing smoke billowing group. it will just be fodder for polarizing crackpots to use to demean this rally. this is not the time.

    [Editor’s note: Stewart has invited cannabis law reformers to show the colors!
    See the 8:14 mark here of the event’s announcement. Just because citizens come out to protest cannabis laws does not mean people will fire up on the national mall in front of federal cops and cameras.]

  15. What we need to ask is why the California Police Officers Association provides money to maintain the current laws that they enforce in a blatantly racist fashion. The effects of enforcement of current laws are reminiscent of Jim Crow or apartheid. I support proposition 19 to stop government sanctioned racism.

  16. You guys are huge asshats for trying to hijack the rally. You want to do your own, fine, I’ll even be there, but don’t leach off Stewart and Colbert’s popularity to draw attention to a completely unrelated issue.

    [Editor’s note: Asshat? Thanks for an Urban Dictionary, non-existing word…FYI: Stewart has invited cannabis law reformers to show the colors!
    See the 8:14 mark here of the event’s announcement.

    BTW…what is the ‘issue’ that Stewart and Colbert are drawing attention to? If you know, call the NYT, Washington Post, NPR and CNN…because they are openly asking the question ‘What is this rally about?’

    The Answer: Whatever the participants make of it, including a protest vehicle against Reefer Madness insanity and for alternatives like passing Prop. 19 in CA]

  17. I’m not sure but didn’t Jon Stewart & company stress
    the idea of bringing NORMALcy to view for all to see it could be done by Restoring Sanity a way to educate our country it can be done?

  18. After California hopefully the rest will follow,mainly taking matters in to our own hands, with profit to our governments defecit, & not anothers.

  19. @Editors

    “Here’s one; legalize pot.

    I’m going to be honest here, i don’t know how this one got in here. Turns out anytime you have a stack of signs this one always seems to end up in it. We didn’t put it in there. I actually think this is what happens when signs breed.

    Perhaps this one is more to the point” [picks up another sign]

    I think it’s pretty clear they showed the “Legalize Pot” for comic effect, and had no intentions of turning this into a marijuana debate.

    [Editor’s note: Um…in case you have not figured it out yet, Jon Stewart is a comedian…do you really believe that a pro-marijuana sign got into his act by accident? Do you not believe John Stewart to be anti-marijuana prohibition?

    What is wrong with ending Reefer Madness and Restoring Cannabis Sanity?]

  20. This seems to be the best way for volunteers,and not to recruit for displaing a movement of people’s beliefs to be heard, and become a law of rights,as our forefathers before us have done. “NO,DID DO!” HOPEFULLY THINKING??? IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!

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