NORML Explains Why It Supports Prop. 19

California stands on the precipice of great change. This November 2nd, the Golden State is poised to make history by passing Proposition 19 and legalizing the adult recreational use of cannabis. Passage of Prop 19 would have a profound and cascading impact on marijuana reform movement in this country. It is impossible to understate its significance. In light of the state’s bleak economic outlook, the legalization of marijuana would provide a leg up out of this fiscal hole. A regulated industry for producing and distributing cannabis will provide additional taxes revenue and create new jobs. The money and resources that will be saved on the enforcement and prosecution of the state’s flawed marijuana laws could be reprioritized to combat violent crime. It would also allow us to control who consumes the product and prevent it from easily falling into the hands of children (who can currently acquire it more easily than regulated tobacco or alcohol).

Proposition 19’s victory would go beyond California’s borders; it would provide a beacon of hope to all of us still living in the dark ages of marijuana prohibition. This initiatives success would set the example for the rest of the states to follow. So I beg of you in California, act as though the whole world is watching (because it is) and vote ‘yes’ on 19.

Please watch the embedded video to hear why NORML’s Executive Director, Allen St. Pierre, and Founder/Legal Counsel Keith Stroup, support Proposition 19 and think you should too. It’s time to legalize marijuana use for responsible adults.

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  1. Nice job guys!! Hope this weekend is a productive one in Washington at the Stewart rally. Wish I could be there!

  2. The Devil’s in the details, and I’m worried now. Real worried. What in Prop 19 prevents this scenario from occuring?

    Tax Stamp Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What are the tax rates for marijuana?

    A. Pursuant to (soon to be established by the City), the tax rates are:
    Processed $200 per gram,$1000 per ounce,$5000 per pound
    Wet Plant $1000 per plant >12”
    Dry Plant $1000 per plant >12”

    Q. What happens to a drug posessor not possessing drug tax stamps?

    A.There are both criminal and civil penalties.

    1.Criminal Penalties:
    Failure to pay the drug tax is a felony punishable of up to five years and/or a fine of up to $10,000.

    2.Civil Penalties:
    Failing to affix tax stamps to illegal drugs may result in the issuance of a jeopardy tax assessment and tax warrant by the City against the drug posessor based upon the amount of the drugs seized pursuant to (Code to be established by the City). The fact that the assessment is a “jeopardy assessment” allows for the initiation of collection activities immediately. Execution of the tax warrant may involve the seizing and selling of the drug posessor’s property to satisfy the drug tax liability. In other words, the drug posessor subjects his/her property to possible seizure by failing to purchase the necessary drug tax stamps.
    In addition, the tax warrant, once filed by the clerk of the City, serves as a lien against the drug taxpayer’s real estate. This prevents the drug posessor from selling his/her real estate without first satisfying the drug tax liability. Laws exempting personal property from seizure do not apply to seizure pursuant to drug tax warrants.

    [Paul Armentano responds: Your frequent posts on this are becoming redundant. The proposed tax scheme under 19 is on retail sales, not personal possession or cultivation. A proposed excise tax on commercial production was proposed under a legislative proposal, but is not mandated under 19. If you wish to express concerns about the supposed ‘details,’ then specify the exact language in the measure that concerns you.]

  3. Damn good video. I would vote yes but the problem is i live in Iowa, but dont worry Cali, u will soon be out of debt if it passes because it will definately be a California GreenRush …People want there freedoms back

  4. Very Nice vid.

    May I say a very big Thank You to Mr. St. Pierre and a GOD BLESS to Mr. Stroup.

    Send the message California YES on Proposition 19

  5. In the meantime..

    “Every day in the United States, we have 100 to 150 paramilitary style SWAT raids on American homes, mostly in the name of the War On Drugs..”

    Two little plants, all that FORCE, this is insane, I do not want my taxed earnings to be used this way.

    Get it straight, it is ending, The Last Drug Cop Is Dead.

    Yes and YES on California Proposition 19

  6. They begin to see that it is all coming to a head. I could speak multitudes about how prohibition was placed in order to suffocate the will of the people. It has nothing to do with caring for the population and it has everything to do with control. Whether it’s control of a commodity/substance in order to corner the market or if it’s done in order to strengthen and lengthen the arm of government influence in our lives. It’s wrong and it won’t be received kindly. At times I look around and I see this world and all that is on/in it and I am saddened. To think about this planet and what lies beyond with all the wonders, gives me purpose. Those that inhabit it give me doubt. Constant lines of misrepresentation and distinction that separate the true nature of people. Is our purpose to hate and spread lies? This is the world we live in at the moment. It will change. I often hear the cold world say that it’s the natural order of things, that it’s natures law. Perhaps that works for the animals of the wild but for those who contend to think and act on a higher level using it as nothing more than an excuse for pain and suffering is callous. Do what you have to in order to survive. To fully give your heart and soul and expect it to not be rejected or misunderstood at some point would be naive.

    It’s not enough to be a small speck in this vast universe and have “omniscient” beings vying for control of every aspect of our lives. Only in a world so cold can one speak falsely and be given recommendation for his/her valor. That’s the world that has been created. If you don’t want to live in a world as such and you have made the correct changes but the world is still suffering what does that say? It says that some wish the world to stay the same and if it were to change that it would become more for them and less for everyone else. Even if it means death and destruction. Evil will be sought out and destroyed on all levels. If you are on it’s side take heed for light will prevail over darkness. To some the truth is not enough in a world that needs deception and lies to rule. Manipulating minds sees no end. Knowing that if the population knew it the recourse would be swift and just. I will always seek the truth no matter the cost. All I ask is that you open your mind/heart and receive that which isn’t given a chance. Allow yourself the opportunity to “see” it from an alternative perspective. Too many guarded hearts with minds racing. Open the heart as well because without its acceptance the mind will consume. Some act as if they have life and the meaning to it answered. Life is not as it seems and we act as if it is us who determines what life is. We only perceive to know what it is but do we actually understand all that it entails? There is a beginning and an end. Everything in between is, by some, believed to be answered when in truth is in limbo. I believe in the will of the people and that good will prevail. Will you choose a world based on truth or a world based on deception? The choice is yours. Now, get out there and make a difference.

  7. Not trying to be redundant. Respectfully, this will be my last communication. I hope to God you took the time to really think this through and work out this “small” detail. If we get nailed with a prohibitive tax, “shooting ourslves in the foot” would be an understatement.

    Under this following section of prop 19, it appears as though any city or county can do just that. Did you guys consider the possibility of exploiting this section and using it as a prohibitive tax?
    What is to prevent them from levying a 200 dollar a gram tax on us?

    Section 11302: Imposition and Collection of Taxes and Fees
    (a) Any ordinance, regulation or other act adopted pursuant to section 11301 MAY INCLUDE IMPOSITION OF appropriate general, special or excise, transfer or transaction taxes, benefit assessments, or fees, on any activity authorized pursuant to such enactment, in order to permit the local government to raise revenue, or to recoup any direct or indirect costs associated with the authorized activity, or the permitting or licensing scheme, including without limitation: administration; applications and issuance of licenses or permits; inspection of licensed premises and other enforcement of ordinances adopted under section 11301, including enforcement against unauthorized activities.

    (b) Any licensed premises shall be responsible for paying all federal, state and local taxes, fees, fines, penalties or other financial responsibility imposed on all or similarly situated businesses, facilities or premises, including without limitation income taxes, business taxes, license fees, and property taxes, without regard to or identification of the business or items or services sold.”

    not cool. Not cool at all.

    [Paul Armentano responds: As stated previously, these sections re: proposed regulations and fees apply to LICENSED cultivators. Those adults who grow marijuana for personal use within the personal use limitations set by the measure (25 square feet) are not required to be licensed, and thus not subject to these potential regulations. By contrast, COMMERCIAL cultivators — in short, those producing marijuana for commercial sale on the retail market — would be subject to regulations, just as is the producer of any other retail consumer good.]

  8. WOW! I dont think NORML needs to explain why they are for prop 19. Isnt the whole point of norml even existing is to try to get marijuana legal? I think its so fuckin weird how everyone begged and pleaded for marijuana to be legalized, and now all of a sudden theres a chance, EVERYONE is voting NO. Americans are too fuckin greedy and cant appreciate shit. Never satisfied. Now every poll so far has been losing by more then 10 %. FUCK YOU AMERICAN AND ALL OF THESE STUPID ASS AMERICANS. I feel like me a very FEW others are the only ones with common sense in this country.

  9. Nice job Eric, I’ve been wondering what Allan and Keith’s thoughts are on Prop 19! I’m telling all my Cali peeps to vote yes 🙂

  10. We couldn’t ask for better representation for our cause. A big thanks to you both. I hope all of your years of work start to pay off this November.To all of you in California my birthday is Nov. 4th and all I want this year is my freedom to consume cannabis in the privacy of my home. PLEASE VOTE YES ON 19!!!


  12. I just have to say in response to the first poster talking about the taxes. You are right, which is why this needs to pass. We can then challenge the constitutionality of using taxes to censor and attempt to eliminate freedoms. Of course, I doub’t we’ll ever have a Sanfranciso “hash” party where it is thrown off the docks like Boston’s Tea party, but these taxes are one of the reasons many of the founding fathers left the old country.

    When cannabis becomes legal and the mainstream comes to accept the obviousness of it’s safety, then taking peoples homes, cars and other possessions by a criminal (idea of itself) tax stamp will surely be self-corrected and challenged by those with some power.

  13. Nice vid!
    I wish i was in cali nov 2, i would vote mos def! Go on cali! U all gots to understand, that this shit right here, is revolutionary for the whole world.
    Yes on Prop. 19!
    Blessings of love,
    all the way from Stockholm, Sweden.

  14. I am following the vote closely from Wisconsin. Someday I hope to be satisfying my munchies with cheese curds after a legal smoke in the privacy of my own home. Vote Yes!

  15. Think of all the new businesses, along with new employment and training that will be needed. Mybe a bit of self emplyment too! PROP. 19 all the WAY!!!!

  16. I’m an old timer. I’ve been a cannabis consumer on and off since 1967. Got a medical card in CA, now. Have spent and continue to spend some serious dough on increasingly good but very expensive weed. I totally appreciate all the hard work by the growers over the years under very uncomfortable circumstances. However, somewhere along the line you guys forgot that me and all my buddies – all the other medical and recreational cannabis consumers out there in the US have been paying your rent, and car and house payments all these years! I am flabbergasted and angered by your self-motivated, myopic greed and utter stupidity in falling for the false propaganda of the No on 19 campaign. I’m sorry but you guys cannot see the forest for the trees. The public relations disaster alone from prop 19 failing should be enough for any rational person to vote in favor of it. Especially the growers.Do you growers and naysayers think it won’t make it worse on you than if it passes. Are you nuts?
    What have you been smoking? The anti-cannabis lobby will say, ” See the people have spoken. No body wants marijuana. And that medical marijuana – that’s bullshit, too! Let’s go after it even harder now!” What do you think that’s going to do to your market, you growers? Shrink it and make it harder for you to compete! It’s already happening – the price of medical marijuana is going down as we speak and has been for some time now! And they’ll be backed up by a media and government that will harp on Prop 19 failing. Wake up! You’re shooting yourselves in the foot. This is exactly how alcohol prohibition was ended – by allowing states and the local municipalities to decide for themselves. Who cares if some counties or cities outlaw or tax it out of existence. That’s the whole point! That’s their loss – of all the taxes and knew jobs it would create. TO THIS DAY THERE ARE STILL “DRY” (ALCOHOL) COUNTIES AND CITIES IN THE US. SO WHAT! The whole point of prop 19 being “vague” and letting locals decide is that we, the cannabis consuming public (which includes you growers, too!!!) will be much more able to effectively pass proper legislation AT THE LOCAL LEVEL that addresses all of your concerns by BEING DIRECTLY INVOLVED WITH LOCAL GOVT.’S, CITY COUNCILS, AND LAW ENFORCEMENT. GO TO THE DAMN CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS YOURSELF AND GET THE LEGISLATION THAT YOU WANT PASSED! BE PROACTIVE INSTEAD OF PASSIVE, BLAMING AND COMPLAINING! Look at what they’re doing in Oakland, Berkeley and up North in the Triangle – THEY ARE GETTING AHEAD OF IT INSTEAD OF BEHIND IT AND LETTING IT HAPPEN TO THEM! WISE UP! MAN UP!

  17. Why would NORML not support Prop 19. That’s all that they’re about. No explanation necessary. The only objection I would raise is that if tobacco gets in the business, they would keep the TCH level down and add adicitives to the whole plant material.


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