NORML Thanks America’s Military Veterans!

A recent phone call from a returning serviceman from Afghanistan pained by the recent suicide of a fellow Marine who was given a dishonorable discharge after failing a drug test for cannabis, along with his own harassment from Veteran Administration officials and medical personnel who ‘didn’t get the memo’ for his lawful, physician-recommended use of medical cannabis to help cope with his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was a harsh and bitter reminder of the tribulations facing military personnel who’re still falling victim – both while serving and post service – to America’s longest war—the federal government’s 73-year-old war against adult cannabis consumers.

For the support of Vietnam vets in the early 1970s embracing NORML’s important advocacy work…

To today’s Iraq and Afghanistan military personnel…

NORML thanks the men and women of America’s all-volunteer armed forces for their commitment and sacrifices made for the country’s safety, prosperity and freedom…

Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard…Thank You ALL!

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  1. I was drafted into the Army late in 1969 and, even though luck kept me stateside while many of my peers shipped off to Nam, I can’t imagine getting through the experience without pot. One of the observations about military life then was how utterly dependent the regular army personnel were on alcohol and tobacco. Just about everyone drank to excess, and tobacco was often given to us free by the makers. A common exercise for new troops was to scour the grounds for butts. We were taught to “field strip” them to little bits and toss the shredded filters and tobacco to the wind. I still do that to this day.

    Marijuana helped keep me from slipping into alcoholism and gave me a certain perspective that keep me sane during those crazy times. My heart goes out to our troops today. It sounds like military culture is much the same.

  2. It is a complete and utter disgrace that our Govt would treat a soldier this way. The very people that fight for the American way! Being a Marine myself, I am disgusted. When I joined up, I didn’t realize that I’d be taking orders from a Govt that would do something like this to me after having served them to the best of my ability.

    I salute the military men and women who serve our country and I can only hope that our Govt starts acting in a way that would make me want to salute them!

  3. I am one of those who was cast out by a single drug test in my 2nd year of duty!!!IYAOYAS!!!STUPID GOVERNMENT

  4. I salute our nation’s veterans and current members of the armed services. I do agree that it is unfair to discharge cannabis users, as cannabis is milder than alcohol. I think that we need to reform our military code of conduct to protect the men and women serving from unfair rules.

  5. O.K. to all the military people and these idiot people who don’t know anything and do not understand cannabis.

    Anyone who does anything most likely could enjoy cannabis without hurting themselves even if they tried.

    Cannabis helps with stress better and healthier than any way I know. Better than alcohol, better than crying (both are much more stressful as well).
    People with PTSD should get their MMJ no doubt because it will help them cope, its not a cure like all the addictive pills that are made but they should be allowed this substance just for the fact they put their life to be able to allow us to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on they should be able to use cannabis on their own if they choose! Talk about equality and fairness and democracy, what I was tought in grade school to beleive how life would be.

    I am 22 years old so I am sure I will see it legalized in my life time but I have to say that I am upset that people die in a terribly lonely or sad place because they can’t get something that acturally doesn’t screw up their systems functions other than wanting a sandwhich or something good to eat.

    I wish you could find plants on the street just because they looks nice and give a nice smell! but sadly its taboo and socially unacceptable. Which really makes it hard for a person like me with constant anxiety and stress problems alone with mild insomnia. I have to work minimum wage until I get outta college here in a year which I hope pays off because right now I feel like a tool of america.

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    Watch what happens to every war-disturbed veteran who decides that cannabis helps, and see how many people care about those veterans that risked their lives. This is flat out crazy quasi victorian era bullshit. I thought we were in the 21st century, not still living in an era of witch hunts and crusades.

  8. You got that right Norml,Big thanks for your time and sacrifices. Your fight for freedom is mine, and my heart goes out to all of you.

  9. wow I was given a bad conduct discharge( I got lucky because my overall performance was honorable before I got piss tested) from the Marine Corps for cannabis. Luckly too it was a special court martial, not a general court martial, so techniquely I still get some benefits. It sucks ass because if it wasn’t for this god damned wars ( oh yeah and I am a eyewitness to the 9/11 attack/aftermath at the Pentagon, I was active duty Marine stationed at Marine Barracks 8th & I.) Cannabis needs to be legalized for at least the Marine Corps, Marines need cannabis. We are stressed the fuck out, I’ve seen Marines do some CRAZY shit, and even lost some friends in the Marines from drunk driving. Besides this country was founded by dudes who used and grew cannabis. George Washington is my #1 man. I feel like I am stuck in this stress mode like when I was in the Marines, I have a medical cannabis card for Anxiety and Depression, and for back pain. My main duty in the Marines was funeral duty, and also various ceremonial duty around Washington. I’m 29 years old and I feel like an old man, and I can’t really relate to anyone in my hometown. I feel like a stranger here. Peace, and Semper Fi. Happy Veterans day.

  10. You would need to commit a felony to receive a dishonorable discharge. Unless he was busted for something (possibly possession), he most likely got an other than honorable (OTH) discharge for coming up hot on a drug test.

  11. Thanks ladies and gentlemen for fighting for our freedoms! Now it is our turn and we would love your support!!

  12. Mr. Boehner promises that the new Republican House will work on jobs and spending cuts and will do what the American people want. I will believe it when
    they pass a bill ending the prohibition of marijuana.
    The Democrats held a internet town hall meeting and the number one item was to end marijuana prohibition. So far the Democrats haven’t listened. The
    Republicans set up a web site asking what Republicans should do if they are returned to power. Here again the number one suggestion was to end marijuana
    Ending the onerous and failed war on marijuana will create a new source of revenue that could be used for a number of things like maybe paying down the
    deficit. It would put tens of thousands of people to work, (more than 20,000 jobs have been created by the medical marijuana industry in California alone),
    and would send a wave of economic activity coursing through the country. There are no justifiable reasons for continuing prohibition.
    So, if the new Republican House wants to prove it is listening to the American people, then it must move to end marijuana prohibition. Otherwise the
    Republicans are as full of baloney as the guys they replaced. I will believe them when I see the end of prohibition.

    ps:The ultimate goal is for the VA to prescribe and supply medical marijuana to us troops. Veterans can help by contacting Veterans for medical cannibs access-

  13. Wow…this issue touches my heart deeply…I dodged the draft in ’68 an’ enlisted for 4 yrs in the navy an’ volunteered to be a Corpsman…was my first choice and always will be…however my number never got pulled to go with marines…in ’70 I smoked my first marijuana…alcopulco gold…in 71 I was stationed aboard a ship homeported out of Bahrain…USS Valcour AGF-1…this is when I first smoked hash…was great then…anyway…that was my beginning with marijuana and there were many many party times throughout the years…as long as you did yer work…was on time…yada yada…ya’ll know the routine…haha…one could do as they well pleased when it came to smokin’ pot…I re-enlisted in ’82 and got caught in a drug screen upon entering bootcamp…they screwed with me for 15 months before discharging me…I was awarded an Administrative Discharge Board…I couldn’t even speak on my behalf nor a worthless JAG officer standin’ by my side…they wanted to give me an OTH…but BUPERS kicked it back as a General under Honorable Conditions…which is my only saving grace…my VA Dr sucker punched me with a urine drugscreen…pissed me off…an’ I chewed his ass out for doing it…an’ he don’t mess me anymore either…haha…and I don’t deny that I smoke it either…But breaks my heart to hear the government is screwing with today’s men and women who are serving and dying for this nation…I truely feel in my gutt that this paranoia and prohibition shall not stand much longer…Thank you to my brothers and sisters who are serving today…

    And on that note…it’s time for a Puff Puff…

  14. PS:
    I was given the General for Fraudulent Enlistment…I had told a little fib about tokin’…hahaha

    Puff Puff…

  15. it’s sad to here about anyone killing there selves and worse when they have severed in a war. the U.S. goverment needs to wake up. so do some of the people in the U.S. the other night on CNN News Hour this yahoo thats on there was complaining about how bad pot was. I, wounder if he had ever smoke pot? to rail on how bad it is and never even tried it is B.S. it’s people like him that pot is still illegal. I, think that he need to crawel back in the cave he craweled out off and never come out again. I, feel terrible for the soigers loved ones. he severed for his country and just because he had tested positive for pot the U.S. goverment thoughs him out. What kind of country is this?

  16. The Israeli Defense Forces have found that use of Cannabis immediately post-battle is highly effective in preventing the onset of PTSD.

  17. Dear Norml, Paul amentno

    Im calling in from iraq im so glad you support us and we support everything you guys are doing i think its fucked up to give us a dishonorable charge for smoking weed which is complete bullshit-people out here are smoking spice im sure you guys know what that it-i feel hurt that prop. 19 didnt pass and hope you guys keep up the fight for getting marijuana legal the whole fight over this is complete bullshit and i def think before 2020 weed will be legal in the united states thanks for all the support coming from afghaistan and iraq

  18. Just another fucked up result of our country’s worst law! This law causes more death and destruction than any drug ever! I’m a veteran and i think cannabis would help combat personnel cope with the stress.I don’t think anyone in the government has the brains or the balls to do the right thing.

  19. Cannabis is a peaceful drug & the Military doesn’t want you peaceful they want you to kill & be vilolent . When i served if you were caught with Alcohol you were most of the time not disciplined . They hate MJ a lot worse than Meth .
    Now you know the truth .


  21. I have to put my opinion in on this. I was discharged and given a General Under Honorable Discharge for smoking pot. I failed one piss test and the Army tossed me. I started using pot when I came back from Afghanistan to help with PTSD. Now I am forever frowned upon by employers because of something minor as Pot. But you can get DUIs and stay in the military. I don’t get it.

  22. Please post and pass along the following.
    We, as a movement, cannot afford to lose our momentum. I believe that on April 20, 2011 everyone who wants pot-hibition to be repealed should wear an armband with the image of a cannabis leaf on it. In Nazi Germany Jews were required to wear a Star of David and Homosexuals wore a pink triangle. If, literally, millions of us do it the media will not be able to ignore it. It will also send a clear message to the politicians that the time has come to repeal prohibition. Local groups could make and sell these at a minimal price and still be raising funds to do their work with. Please join me in getting the word out to as many people as we can. If each of us contacts 5 people there will be millions of us on 420.” Please make sure that everyone understands that wearing the armband only means you want an end to pothibition, not that you are, yourself, a consumer.

  23. @25 TheFarmerInTheSky – That is a great idea that I would love for everyone to get on board with!!! NORML – Please consider making this an action item for all NORML members. It would be great if all the marijuana related websites could start promoting this. I would be thrilled to be out and about and see hundreds of people wearing them. I’ll probably just make my own.

  24. Hey I just wanted to add one more thing: One time my platoon in the Marines had a sit down time as a platoon, and we talked about pot for some reason. And all of a sudden Marines started saying how it should be LEGAL! It was funny because my sergeant eventually just said “yeah, okay but while your a Marine, NO SMOKING POT!” We all just laughed. : )

  25. We were even told that the Marine Corps policy used to be that if you were smoking pot, and knew you were going to pop on a piss test, or knew you were going to get busted, if you admitted you were smoking pot, you got a ONE TIME GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD. I really think that they should at the very least bring this policy back. It made so much fucking sense. Being in the service is tough, especially the Marines. Sometimes Marines just need to blow off a lot of steam. Pot is an easy way of doing that. WORKS WAAAAAAAAAAAY better than alcohol. One night of weed session is like a month of drinking to forget your pain.

  26. I like the arm band idea, too. A simple printed and die cut cardboard band could be inexpensively printed and distributed. Folks could even print their own with a pdf pattern available for download.

    Doable and very effective.

  27. If NORML is not willing to promote the idea of wearing armbands on 4/20 to show our support of the repeal of marijuana prohibition then I’d like to know why. Not everyone can make it to a rally in DC; not that there has been any lately to my knowledge anyway. This could be not only a nationwide thing but worldwide if properly promoted. So, how about it NORML. Can you use your resources to make this happen?

  28. If cannabis is consumed immediately following combat it defuses the stress. At least that’s what the Israeli Defense Force uses it for.
    @ Brinna That we have the opportunity to discuss this here should show you where NORML’s sympathies lay. If the folks who head NORML and Russ Belleville get behind it officially, movement politics will play against us. It has to come from the (pardon the pun) grass-roots activist and go outward ’til we’ve fired the enthusiasm of every anti-pothibitionist in, at least, the USA.

  29. Alas, since posting my support for the wearing of armbands on Nov. 15th, noone at NORML has responded… It’s kind of disappointing. I continue to think it would be a good way to show the world how many of us there are that support ending prohibition. Perhaps the good folks at NORML are considering it; I don’t know.

  30. @ 34 Don For NORML to officially take a oposition on anything requires that it first be approved by its board of directors. Give them time to feel the strength of the idea and they are quite likely to join us.

  31. I am a disabled Iraq War Veteran with PTSD. I do not currently smoke marijuana, because I can
    not afford to loose my job or to go to jail. But I would be happy to buy a plane ticket to the
    next Hot War Zone for any American who believes that I should not have the right to use a
    Natural Herb to ease my pain and depression. If you support ending Marijuana prohibition PLEASE
    write your Senators and Congressmen. Join NORML. Vote.

  32. @36 Eli – I’m not sure that you stated what you intended to state when you said “I would be happy to buy a plane ticket to the next Hot War Zone for any American who believes that I should not have the right to use a Natural Herb to ease my pain and depression”. Do you mean to say you’d go risk you life for those that would have a peaceful marijuana user locked up?

    Personally, as an ex-marine, those are exactly the kind of people I would not lift a finger to help! They do not fit my definition of a good American!

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