CNBC Documentary Revisits Marijuana Prohibition: ‘Marijuana USA’

With the unmistakable promotional jingle from the 1960s hit TV show ‘Green Acres‘ and on the heels of its most lucrative documentary ‘Marijuana, Inc.’, CNBC revisits the largely untaxed and unregulated multi-billion dollar industry created by the federal government’s failed 74-year-old Cannabis Prohibition on Wednesday, December 8 at 9 PM (eastern/pacific).

In the wake of a Time Magazine cover piece ‘Amerijuana’ two weeks ago, CNBC, the nation’s number one business channel on television, is taking a second bite at Cannabis Prohibition with ‘Marijuana USA’.

As with ‘Marijuana, Inc.’ (which happens to be the most watched CNBC documentary in the channel’s history), NORML’s staff and legal committee has again provided substantial research information to CNBC. NORML’s deputy director Paul Armentano and I were asked to contribute an essay in favor of cannabis legalization in opposition to someone who actually supports Cannabis Prohibition.

CNBC’s ‘Marijuana and Money’ web page is loaded with interesting commentaries and videos (see below).

Watch the premiere on Wednesday, record it on your DVDR, or, like Marijuana Inc., get ready to see the documentary re-broadcast frequently in the next six months as CNBC rings the profit register again covering a failed government policy historically known as: Cannabis Prohibition.

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