Kind! Marijuana Information Now Available On Amazon’s Kindle

As part of the mobile technology tsunami that places important information in real time in the hands of citizen-consumers, NORML’s blog is now available on Amazon’s Kindle for $1.99 month. NORML already has a popular mobile app for iPhones.
If you own a Kindle please consider making a small monthly donation to NORML while at the same time receiving the most-up-to-date information about cannabis, cannabis law reform, medical cannabis and public events while you’re on the go.
You can get NORML on your Kindle, with a 14-day free trial, by looking for us in the Kindle store or by visiting here.

14 thoughts

  1. My inalielable rights are not up for congressional debate. My inalielable rights belong to me and it doesn’t matter if the present ruling tyrants know thme or not. My inalielable rights were given to me by God not men. My inalielable rights are mine and yours, I don’t know about you folks but I am keeping mine. Sorry Corp. America, you can buy justice, you can buy the government but my inalielable rights are not For Sale! and while I am at it, get your criminal hands the Hell Off My Property!

  2. As an avid member of NORML, you can absolutely consider this added to my Kindle subscriptions.
    Thank you for the added ease of my daily NORML news, fix. 😉

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  4. One of the first things I read after getting my Kindle was “Her Sacred Blessing, Cannabis” by Biran Sefar. It was a powerfully moving exploration of earth-centered spirituality with cannabis as sacrament/spiritual medicine. It’s changed how I approach marijuana: it’s not just for parties; it’s for consciousness-raising. Now, I can’t wait to read the NORML blog too.

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