Weed The People: Cannabis and The Constitution

Update: Inexplicably, the Republican leadership chose to CENSOR reading the 18th Amendment today. Ugh.

Today, as first act for the Republican led 112th Congress, the new majority is going to read the United States Constitution out loud.
Oh, the irony.
If there is real reverence for the document (notably the original copies of the document in the late 1700s were scribed onto paper made from hemp…a staple commercial crop during America’s Revolutionary period cultivated by many of the US Constitution’s original signers…an agricultural product banned by US federal governments for the last 74 years) by those who read the document and sit in rapture listening to the words, then it should be clear to all in the Congress this morning that Cannabis Prohibition is unconstitutional.
Where in the Constitution does the federal government derive the power and authority to ban and criminalize such a utilitarian and life-enhancing plant species as cannabis?
The oft-lamented by conservatives Commerce Clause? This is where the liberals in Franklin Roosevelt’s administration justified the federal government’s prohibition of cannabis in 1937. Both liberal and conservative governments have argued strenuously, and successfully, in federal courts that Cannabis Prohibition is lawful and sanctioned under the US Constitution’s Commerce Clause.

Further, and most importantly, today’s Congress, notably the new Constitution-loving majority, should listen carefully today when the reading turns to the 1919 18th Amendment (which created Alcohol Prohibition) and the 1933 21st Amendment (which, of course, repealed Alcohol Prohibition, which, like Cannabis Prohibition, was a complete failure that created more problems than it solved and unnecessarily conveyed policing powers from the states and cities to the federal government).
Unless the new majority supports the continued use of the Commerce Clause to justify federal intervention into state sovereignty, for them to adhere and respect the U.S. Constitution (which each member of Congress swears to uphold), they need to pass a constitutional amendment post haste that prohibits the cannabis plant and criminalizes its use, rather than rely on what many Americans consider a legislative fiat by the Congress that created and has fostered Cannabis Prohibition for over eight decades.
Indeed new majority (and minority) in Congress, read and respect the U.S. Constitution!

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  1. … members of the public spoke about the medical marijuana ordinance. Many said the ordinance, which borrowed largely from Arcata’s and Eureka’s existing ordinances, did not fit for the unincorporated areas of the county where marijuana cultivation is a large-scale industry. Furthermore, opponents felt the ordinance further stigmatized marijuana instead of recognizing it as part of Humboldt’s economy.
    Kim Nelson, a member of the Humboldt Medical Marijuana Advisory Panel (HuMMAP), said what the community needs is a cannabis council to provide input on the ordinance.
    ”We need a cannabis council. This cannot be written by a county planner unless you know something about growing,” he said.
    The commission did not choose to hold a separate public workshop on the matter, but instead encouraged all interested parties to submit their input in writing. In December, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors had instructed the commission not to make a decision Thursday, and instead decide whether an additional workshop was necessary based on the night’s comment

  2. Except Obama! Except Obama!
    By the way, I love weed. I love NORML. Let’s roll a spliff with the 18th amendment.

  3. Make the Rumor Real
    Millions March to Legalize Marijuana on Washington and Major Courthouses across America Saturday July 30th 2011 3 days prior to the Aniversary (August 2, 1937- 74 Years) Chanting for 15 Minutes to 1/2 Hour “Free Mary Jane” lol

  4. “The Reformation”
    Genesis I:29,30,31
    Genesis the Faith
    Friday 01.07.11 CDXX Communion
    Believe what you wish

  5. “The Reformation”
    Genesis I:29,30,31
    Genesis the Faith
    Friday 01.07.11 CDXX Communion
    Believe what you wish – but – what ever you believe – the truth and all its realities are recognized through Observation, Experience, and Wisdom.
    “You can’t tell me what Chinese food tastes like! – if you’ve never eaten Chinese food!”
    If you’ve never experienced cannabis – you can’t know or tell me what it’s effects are. Therefore, you can’t make judgment. You can only agree with/depend on another’s opinion. Having experience with cannabis, one can only chuckle to one’s self over the total non-sense acquainted with a Holy Sacrament, medicine, and a harmless substance, as opposed to alcohol,tobacco,pharmaceuticals, and before you fininsh your 2nd cup of coffee – caffeine.
    I can give you a two word slogan.
    “Doesn’t everyone?”
    With complete indifference but with gaiety,
    “Doesn’t everyone?”

  6. I’m duly impressed that the Republicans know how to read. However, the next level involves reading comprehension. Are Republicans ready to follow the Constitution to the letter and dismantle the unconstitutional drug war?

  7. I watched Glenn Beck…guess what…the 18th Amendment was skipped…as well as the Amendment and Article that made slaves 3/5 a person…because Congress found those parts offensive. But they did read whereby alcohol was going to be allowed again. Glenn’s argument was that to skip those parts that show our scars as a nation, shows our unwillingness to learn from our scars.

  8. Hi to all Americans!
    we need YOUR HELP!
    plz help signing a petition in Germany for Decriminalizing cannabis. Everybody no matter where he lives can sign this petition. It’s a petition page of the German government (Deutscher Bundestag).
    Unfortunately this page is in German only,
    BUT we have an instruction how you can sign this petition although if you don’t understand German.
    Plz help us, we need as much signatures as possible!

  9. Glen #6 The republicans and the tea party did not ADD a trillion dollars onto the debt, they forced the democrats to tighten their belts and hopefully stop spending all of our money. Get a clue.

  10. “The Reformation”
    Genesis I:29,30,31
    CDXX Revival
    01.09.11 CDXX Communion
    “It doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there, only that we get there.” It’s the suggestion that we are fighting to get our Sacrament back. It’s a Genesist’s contention that government is fighting to take it away – because – Genesists have no recollection of ever giving up their right to Sacrament. With that said – we apply a “XXXXX Clause” and assert a “Severability Clause.” We declare the government’s Supremacy Clause and Competing Governmental Interests are Constitutionally invalid.

  11. P.S. to 63. “XXXXX Clause.”
    Had a brain fart!!! “XXXXX Clause” is “Conscience Clause” [forbiden to comply with]. Genesists are forbiden by their Faith to comply with any law that denies them their Faith and their Sacrament.

  12. That is interesting but first you have to realize something, the US does not have a government, the government is a bunch of puppets being run by the CIA.

  13. Marijuana criminalization makes sense when you understand the government does not want you to open your awareness, if you smoke pot it will open your mind to new concepts and you’ll be able to see through all the bullshit, what is exactly happening on these kind of sites.

  14. Just Tell the Truth – pretty easy – however the US Govt would rather make stuff up – is that what America is all about? Marijuana is not a health issue, it is a integrety issue – START TELLING THE TRUTH! please

  15. They read the Constitution, but you could see it in their eyes that every word they read was a contradiction to why they chose to come to Congress and what they would be doing the next two years. When they read the clauses and amendments, the Representatives could feel their own hypocrisy supporting those things that limit our liberties and cost us more debt and taxes while knowing that everything they will do it a waste of time and futility in great proportion. With a conservative leaning bench with a Bush fascist as Chief Justice we will not see true justice from the highest court for decades, save some dire tragic occurence that removes him/them. Our hopes for cannibus legalization is a slow moving dream that will not be fulfilled quickly it seems. I am ready to relocate to a state that is favorable to Medical use, at great expense and challenge, simply to find release from the anguish that is produced by these criminal tyrannical politicians that continue to rob and cheat the citizenry of their liberties. The founders are spinning in their graves for the things that have been allowed to occur in our land. End the Federal Reserve, watch “The Money Masters” video series, http://www.theamericandreammovie.com and see how we are being enslaved by the elite wealthy for our hard earned wages to be stolen away. God bless you all. Stop thinking that calling it Cannibus instead of Marijuana will change anyone’s mind. you could call it chocolate covered, solid gold pussy and they would still deny its worth.

  16. My bad that was the wrong web link to the film.
    It was the 30 minute animation by 6 point blank at:
    that is the one to watch concerning the FEDERAL RESERVE and the greatest rip-off in history 97 years of the rich getting richer and the poor sucking it up…WAKE UP PEOPLE, Bernanke is the pigeon and nobody sees the real bastards. Watch The Money Masters video series on youtube. Educate and get busy.

  17. The civil war was a horrific event that seems to have been forgotten, only we still fight it every day.The carpet baggers are in the hen house and they wont let go till we rip the power from their grasp so put up or shut up.

  18. cut any DEA task force budget we only have access to indirect reverse redneck enforcement anyway that means insubordinates.. legalize lahonton valley hawk eagle socialism and then we will have fair playing field to restrict intoxicating alchohols and marijuana inebriating industry later on leave sales except through public stores open to the public but this time one pertinent difference whos got credentials and throws in gets paid out biweekly these half yearly contract relations could be worth ballot proposals every election whats not is stupider forms of socialism and greedmongering privitization.

  19. a nationwide decriminalization of cannabis in the United States is something that I want to see before I die. Each year the number of Americans that support prohibition is decreasing.The number of states that have went medicinal or decriminalized cannabis is increasing. Don’t you see? At the end of the day, God’s law, not man’s law will prevail. I am a firm believer in our constitution and our God given rights will be restored, America. Have faith in God and continue to support NORML and partake in cannabis if you want to. IT”S YOUR GOD GIVEN RIGHT!!!!!!

  20. 75 Bartee
    “The Reformation”
    CDXX Communion Revival
    Anyone who believes in God and God’s Sacrament is a Genesist – but – a Declaration of Faith, and pride in the Faith,is a personal choice and will increase our brethren to the point of having a loud and clear voice that speaks only to the truth and victory. Whatever county that you live in is a Genesist Colony. There’s 3141 counties in the U.S.A. Each colony bears the name of that County.
    Genesis the Faith – San Diego Colony

  21. Did i hear someone say smokers outen? Here recently in the news media those at Tea Party, and other political rallys were sometimes seen comparing President Obama and our lawmakers in Washington D.C. with Adolf Hitler and Nazism,and were criticized as being to extremist. So what is Nazism or Fascism? It’s when one group of people,or nation get the idea that they are somehow better then, or superior to others right? So because i like to smoke a little weed that makes me somehow less then, or inferior to those who are clean, i’am dirty and less deserving of my fair share of that good old American pie. So call it Americanism then. Folks i have never seen anytime in my life any evidence that proves that anyone in this nation is better then anyone else, yet it seems to me that’s what marijuana prohibition all about.

  22. There are a few funny misconceptions: 1. we are a democracy=> NO we are not! we are a constitutional republic! that means that the emotions currently held by the people (all the people of the U.S. including those in government) can not and will not corrupt the sanctity of the Constitution, NO MATTER WHAT! the founding fathers spoke strongly against the practice of democracy for this very reason. that being said 2. just because it has become part of the Constitution it is automatically “constitutional” => this is not the case once again. in order for amendment to take affect it in it of itself MUST BE Constitutional! it is make very clear throughout the document that if any law or amendment make does not coincide with the original document in policy and in practice, it is simply NULL and VIOD!!! to sum it all up Yes the whole drug war is unConstitutional, however we must not and can not attack this issue as a democracy. we must attack it for what it is = unConstitutional = Start at every single local level then state then the federal level. whether we fail at any one of these level is irrelevant the fight must continue; not just to end prohibition, but to protect ALL freedom. Freedom something that has been slipping away little by little with everyday that passes passively. If YOU win at any ONE of these levels it WILL help with both of the other two levels. i am under the representation of Pete Olson, and have been speaking with him. although we do not see eye to eye on every subject, he respects the concept of individual freedoms and constitutionality, and that is a very important first step. he agrees that we are in need of major reconsideration of a many great number of things. he is concerned about wasteful spending and the general state of the people. so in short (in my district) i might have found (at least eventually) a supporter! I’m am not even in need of bragging, neither should i be, no progress has been make YET, but i have been doing my part. that is the part that all Americans should be acting on, at least attempting to uphold the constitution for what it should be (a document of VERY limited government but more importantly of individual FREEDOM!) _ Speak – for – FREEDOM _ Speak – of – FREEDOM!!!! I’m out and off to work–just chew on that for a while

  23. our forfathers wore nothing but hemp clothing hat ,vests belts anything they could make from it so whats wrong with useing it

  24. When OUR elected officials start to lobby for the people,instead of their wallets,we might see some changes

  25. When OUR elected officials start to lobby for the people,instead of their wallets,WE may get some change

  26. Many ill people are being denied cannabis medicine they need for their condition. That is an outrage.
    1) We have to get the message out that cannabis is a medicine for certain conditions into main stream media in particular popular TV talk shows, local TV and newspapers.
    2) Has anyone noticed that Hop leaves look awful like Cannabis leaves. How could that fact be used for legal civil disobediance ?

  27. To. Genesis the faith
    I love seeing your responses because they are right on. My faith is in my god and God’s word will be the final word. I repersent my colony to the fullest. I want to be heard throughout the world. I only wish there was more I could do. I believe God has something big for me in the world and in the cannabis communitty. Have faith brethren and know Cannabis leagalization will become a reality in our lifetime and with the help of brothers and sisters like ourselves.
    Lake CO.TN colony

  28. 85 Bartee Lake, Tn. Genesist Colony
    You my brethren are a “true Genesist!” I say this because I have followed your posts with eagerness. There are a few more true Genesists out there – but – have not openly declared themselves as yet. You, I’m sure, are as proud as one could be to believe in God and God’s gift of Sacrament. We hold as “sacro-sanct” religious use.
    There are 3141 Colonies in the U.S. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see “all 3141 Colonies” rise in defense against the prohibition of our Sacrament. I speak for all my brethren to wish you a great CDXX Communion .
    “The Reformation”
    Genesis I;29,30,31
    CDXX Communion Revival
    San Diego, Ca. Genesist Colony

  29. To
    My brother in faith, San Diego, Ca colony
    I thank you brethren, for your posts. God’s gift of sacrament is A GIFT FROM GOD. To deny what God so freely gives us is sin. Prohibition is a sin! Once we all come together and take back our rights to partake, we will have truly made history and the glory will be Gods.
    BARTEE Lake CO,Tn colony\

  30. 87 Bartee Lake, Tn. Colony
    When I go to CDXX Communion today, my thoughts will be devoted to “your hope” to play a bigger persoanl role in our objective, and see our brethren stand as one continually. My brother, you are already playing the biggest role you can play by declaring and promoting your faith in God and God’s word. Promoting “The Reformation” will give you great personal satifaction, joy, and fulfillment. This is because Genesists have Equilibrium of the Soul – the “balance” between God and one’s individual eternal spirit.
    You are absolutely correct – prohibition is a sin. It’s a tool of evil. So! let us [all of our brethren throughout the world – because – the Faith has no boundries] fight evil continually – the prohibition of our Sacrament.
    Bless you, and have a great epiphany in CDXX Communion.
    Genesis the Faith, San Diego Colony

  31. TO: Genesis the Faith
    Thank you,brother and may God bless you.I will play a bigger role in our objective as well as all our brethren, when we win this war on our faith. Promoting “The Reformation” has gave me great satisfaction,joy, and fufillment and will continue to do so. I am a Genesist but unfortunatlly I live in tennessee and the state laws are very hard on cannabis. Decriminalization and/or legalization will not come soon.However, that does not stop us from taking communion and exercising our God given right to partake. I’m sure I have made some waves by declaring a colony here in west Tennessee,but God is good and in the end God’s word will prevail. You,brother are a faithful Genesist and will be in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all your inspiring words. I would like to get more information on what I need to do and what’s expected of me as a Genesist to take off with the Lake Co. Tn colony.I look forward to hearing from you again brother. God Bless You!
    Lake Co.,Tn Colony

  32. It seems like our words fall on deaf ears.theres a say’ing in this neck of the woods [we have onley one right left;the right to do what ever they tell us to do] maybe they’ll choke on their own vommit 1

  33. Before I start getting negative responses,I thaught i’d better clear up what I ment by congress chokeing on their own vommit; I ment it figuretively,not litterally. If we the people tear down the hype, and the lies with prooven facts, and make them aware of the facts,laws will change;(ie.)if you are what you[consume],you are also what you believe in .Then dont it make sense, that if they are convinsed of the truth instead of the lies they’ve been taught all their lives ,then they can no longer fight for what they no longer believe in.in other words they can no longer hold on to the lies and hype unless they are truely corrupt and represent their own gain and not the people or the constitution,which in that case they can consume anything,like pigs. I want to believe democracy is still alive and we can still revive true freedom

  34. 90-91 slewfoot
    It doesn’t matter what prohibs think or say – unless it really matters to you. Just be indifferent to them. We can’t advance by stopping at every wall they put up in front of us. Everyone knows that they are just plain full of ???? Just get through the mendacity without paying attention to it. We [the Genesist Faith] do not fear our government.

  35. Bartee Lake Co., Tn. Colony.
    We have posted, our “Doctrine of the Genesist Faith” on Connecticut Law Review – Time to Change Marijuana Laws – 61 CDXX Communion 01.20.11 4:20.
    Can you/will you/ be the Lake County, Tn. Coordinator for the Faith?

  36. Well put. I’m not gonna rise up every morning and fear the government or anything else that may come for me. I believe the law of God not the law of man. I do have to obey the law, but I do not have to respect it. I do not respect any government that tells me what I can and can’t put in my body. I love this country and I love my brothers and sisters in God’s family. I pray for those pass the laws and may their eyes be enlightened to the truth of God’s word. Until then brothers and sisters, we must continue to stand together and do what we know is our God given right.

  37. To. Genesis the Faith
    Thank you for the sharing the doctrine. I will view what you have posted and get back to you, brother. I can honestly say I would be blessed and honored to coordinate the faith here in west Tn. I look forward to growing in the faith and help accomplish all of our goals. God Bless You!
    Bartee, West Tennessee colony.

  38. 95 Bartee Lake Co. Tn. Colony
    My brother, I wish, no!, I pray there were more like you – that had the faith, and the gutts, to answer the call to duty. You’re the soldier I would want at my side in battle. Well! what am I talking about – you are at my side. Feel assured that I would hold your hand in hell as well.
    There are 7,954 in your Lake Colony. That’s a pretty good number to start with my brother – but – “only a start” considering the whole state. Ya know who I would enjoy having a dialogue with, as I’m sure you would too, is “Tennesse Activist.” Perhaps we can call him/her out. Your/our interests in Tennesse could start a solid dialogue to influence and advance Tennesse law. I’ll check out Tennesse Activist and see if he/she is still active. More to come. Hope you had an excellent CDXX Communion today.

  39. Genesis the faith you are right I dont care what they think or say unless they wake up and give our freedom back;but I do care about the way the D.E.A. crashes through yourwindowes at 4:00 in the morning,and stand on your neck with a gun to your head because you’ve been growing orchids in your house useing grow lights, thats even too harsh even if you were growing your own smoke!!!.P.S. I like talking with you guy’s,GOD bless you and your cause!

  40. To Genesis the Faith
    I just want to thank you for all you are and all you stand for. This war that has threatened our faith and our constitutional rights has been going on for too long. Yes, I am by your side in battle until the very end. There is a good number to start with here in Lake Co.and I will do my part in promoting the faith and do my part in helping to change the laws in Tennessee. Let me know what you come up with after looking into Activist. I thank you again, brother and look forward to hearing from you soon. God Bless and have a great communion toomorrow.
    Bar-T Lake Co. TN colony

  41. could I be too hopefull,or do I see a flame,comeing off of the sparks!I thank NORML for providing a rally point.for freedom loveing cannabis users,to unite ,plan and discuss the future of what we stand for.I myself am encouraged and fired up to see that WEED THE PEOPLE!!!along with NORML are surely becoming more united and bold enough to take stronger,faster strides and get others involved

  42. 98 Bar-T
    I’ve searched all the posts – but – no Tennesse Activist. I’m sure he/she will surface again – and – I hope we can have a dialogue.
    Good CDXX Communion.
    Manny San Diego, Ca. Colony.

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