NORML Women Talk Strategy in the Nation’s Capital

NORML’s youtube channel, NORMLtv, recently launched a new video series entitled ‘NORML Update,’ which highlights reform efforts by NORML chapters and affiliates.
In the latest installment, the NORML Women’s Alliance Steering Committee convenes in Washington, DC to talk strategy for the coming year. The women met in the shadow of the White House to discuss new and innovative ways to move public opinion towards the legalization of marijuana.

Ordinary women doing extraordinary things brought about the repeal of alcohol prohibition and NORML believes women will provide the final push needed to legalize cannabis. Historically, women support legalization at much lower levels than their male counterparts. It is the mission of the NORML Women’s Alliance to increase this base of support through addressing and vocalizing the concerns of modern, mainstream women.
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  1. “Ordinary women doing extraordinary things brought about the repeal of alcohol prohibition”
    Don’t forget that this was only after ordinary women doing extraordinary things brought about the adoption of alcohol prohibition

  2. Hi WA,
    Its good to see a group of well spoken individuals coming out in such an organized a heart felt way. Thank you for maintaining a proper appearance and keeping on target with your message.
    True American

  3. Yes thank you for maintaining a proper appearance. Now since we have a real weapon on our side. ( MOM’S )
    It was the women who got alcha probiton on.

  4. America needs the girls to be counted on this issue! Perfect.
    My mom never gave me any trouble about finding my weed hidden in my dresser when I was in High School.. She knew there were far worse things I could have been doing.
    Thanks Mom! Your the best!

  5. “It’s easy to cast blame – but – let’s affix blame where it wholly belongs.”
    There are those who believe “every last word” prohibitionists have spewed on them. They have seen, first hand, kids get stoned on their butts, and by observation,”relate” to all the lies prohibitionists have laid upon the table. They have swallowed, in large doses, the prohibitionist’s studies and reports [all in the prohibitionist’s favor, and filled to the brim with misinformation]. All most parents can go by is what they believe, based on what they have seen and heard, to protect their children, and keep them safe [no matter what their age]. Some even go by personal experience, based on a bad first time experience with cannabis. Can we blame these individuals? No – certainly not! But – we can affix blame to the one’s feeding concerned [fearful] parents a pure line of bologne, using our children as pawns.
    So it seems the answer to “recreational use” is, as always, education. Nevertheless, parents would still rather their children not consume cannabis – regardless of its harmless effects. I personally can’t disagree with that fact, as a mother of 4, a grandparent of 5, and a great grand parent of 3. It’s our nature to be protective of our children. What I can disagree with is anyone telling us what we can or can’t do – what we can or can’t put in our bodies – and – ruining our lives by doing it. Prohibition has ruined more lives, more families, than it has ever saved. They might as well tell us whether we can or can’t have children.
    Ladies – it’s time to do some house cleaning!
    Genesis – San Diego Colony.

  6. I don’t consider it a bad thing that women were instrumental in prohibiting alcohol in the first place, that only proves the point, when the women of this country take a stand on whether a substance is safe (or not), we can make a difference. Women are traditionally the primary caregivers of our children and often times everyone in the family. If we join together and have facts to back up our stance that prohibition of marijuana is more dangerous to our children (AND ADULTS) than legalization, then we can and will once again be heard in a different way than the pro-legalization group as a whole.
    I would invite you to read up on Pauline Sabin, who was instrumental in bringing about alcohol prohibition at a time when that was believed to be the safest route. However, she readily admitted and helped reverse that error once she saw the violence a prohibition can create.
    Please join us in helping to create a positive campaign for the re-legalization of cannabis.

  7. RE: 5. dbeall
    Well, count your lucky stars. My mother has been trying to narc me out off and on for 40+ years, all over harmless marijuana —
    and I stopped smoking reefer 30+ years ago. Any time I question her authority over my adult life, she tries it again. Needless to say, we are not close. I disdain fascists, even if they are family.

  8. I would like to encourage you to emphasize local control much like alcohol. If cannabis were legal each state,county or city could set their own rules for cultivation, distribution and sales. When voters think they have control they will be more supportive of legalizing cannabis. I highly commend your efforts. Thank you.

  9. @9 Cheyanne has said it best.
    If the current prohibition is to fall, we should get ready by removing factors which can afterwards cause bad results which will readily be blamed on the cannabis. These include (1) addiction to nicotine, caused in Europe by children being instructed by dubious advisors to combine cannabis (usually hashish) with tobacco in a “joint” to make it burn better, and caused in America by the well-publicized “blunts” (nicotine in the cigar wrapper); (2) heat shock, carbon monoxide and combustion products causing dopy “drug symptoms” blamed on the cannabis, due to well-publicized practice of rolling a big fat hot burning 500-mg. “joint” instead of using a vaporizer or a 25-mg-serving-size one-hitter; (3) “set and setting”: combining cannabis use with passivity and relaxation (based on a belief that “that’s what it’s for”) instead of scheduling moderate use (one or two 25-mg. tokes) prior to moderately vigorous exercise (walking, running; sweeping, shoveling show, picking up litter, carrying things, doing moving jobs etc.) during which effects show up not in “how you feel” but in “what you find yourself capable of doing”.
    Re 3: a well-named website is UKCIA– the ominous final letters stand for Cannabis Internet Activists. We need suchlike in the US where there are millions of “passivistic” users who don’t havbe the slightest idea of what their personal potential is with very moderate use.
    Re 2: women more than men seem to tolerate, and understand, the virtues of continuous, mildly challenging handwork– traditionally sewing and knitting etc. Today there is a need for hundreds of millions of screened narrow-guage one-hitters to entirely replace both the hot burning overdose “joint” which disgraces cannabis and the hot burning overdose nicotine cigarette which kills 400,000 Americans a year. Photos, diagrams and pictures how to achieve this product (and its dispersal worldwide) can be added by anyone to the article, “Make Smoke Pipes From Everyday Objects”.
    Final note: if the repeal of alcohol prohibition had been paired with a systematic program for teaching and enforcing– by the very technology of everyday utensils– a wise moderate use of alcohol, millions of deaths and crimes could have been prevented; now the challenge is to promote a Dosage Regulation Utensil, along with a dosage regulation ideology, starting with cannabis but spilling out also onto tobacco and other Hard Drugs (and making sure we cannabis activists get a decent amount of credit for the ensuing benefits).

  10. “-Extraordinary- women doing extraordinary things will bring about the repeal of cannabis prohibition”

    I know this is off subject and should be posted on the Lying Czar board – but – wonders never cease to amaze me. 02.23.11 Fox News has just reported that the Czar has said that the biggest problem is addiction [abuse] of Big Pharma’s prescriptive drugs. “The Czar better not bite the hand that feeds him – unless – this is a Big Pharma set up.” It was also stated that Kentucky [a state that has sworn to be the last state to give in to cannabis] is the biggest offender. It now makes more sense than any time in our history that cannabis,that little substance that is non-addictive, non-toxic may become the drug of choice. Now it makes sense – why the FDA is going to allow THC to be extracted from the whole plant material. Their synthetic is pretty much worthless – and – their hard drugs are the most dangerous and addictive drugs. WHAT MANIPULATION!!!

  12. one of the most beneficial services I have found for women is mail order marijuana, my neighborhood is high crime a bit frightening looking for bud. I order from cannabusiness and my worrys are gone they ship exceptionally fast and the prices are fair.

  13. @15 Brethren– taking your word for it, that Kentucky “has sworn to be the last state to give in to cannabis”– same Kentucky that is nationwide No. 2 tobacckgo producer! (After Narkolina.) And now: “biggest offender (in) addiction to prescriptive drugs.”
    There is no disaster that Big 2WackGo will stop at to fend off its nemesis, legalized decontrolled cannabis.

  14. I wake up everyday wondering how this country got this way and why hasnt anything happened for marijuana legalization. I think the tides are turning for prohibitionist. They literally have no argument against legalization. And I agree with the Money statement- it IS all about money. Every day the justice system is criminalizing marijuana users. Its absolutely sickening to me. I was arrested for possessing it, now I get drug tested by my own government and I have to pay for it. How do we put an end to this absurdity?! Most people are not willing to understand how life threatening getting put in jail really is compared to smoking and doing what you need to do.
    Come on women for marijuana!!! lets get our laws back in line with what should be an acceptable substance. Screw Big Pharma, Eric Holder and the DEA, Prison Guard + Alcohol lobbyist, and pansy legislators! I want my right to grow my own stuff. What a bunch of idiots, seriously, marijuana is everywhere even in the high schools- you can’t stop it.

  15. 18 maxwood
    Yup! Marijuana USA. Kentucky cop said it plain as day.
    “Kentucky is sworn to be the last!” Well! we will see about that! Looks like the feds have trumped his dumb ass statement.

  16. The Genesist Faith hereby issues an arbitrary order.
    FIAT: It is hereby ordered, by a majority of We the People, that government stay, cease, and desist in any further action taken against the use of cannabis as a Sacrament. If such further incessant action occurs, government will bear the full consequences of their disobedience [governmental insubordination]. That is our arrogance – “LET IT BE DONE.”

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