Update: Drug Czar Visits Seattle Times

The Seattle Times published their account of Friday’s meeting with Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske here.

Excerpt from ‘An Hour with the Drug Czar‘:
The Editorial Board’s meeting with Gil Kerlikowske turned into a big deal. Kerlikowske, the former police chief here in Seattle, is now director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. In other words, he’s the “Drug Czar” — a title he made fun of in our meeting when he responded to a question by saying, “If I knew the answer, I’d be more than a czar. I’d be king.”
In the paper of Sunday, Feb 20, The Times published an editorial arguing that marijuana be legalized, regulated, taxed and sold by the state of Washington. Two days later we received a request from Kerlikowske’s office that he wanted to talk to us; he could pay a visit March 4 at 2:45 p.m. Sure, we said.
Clearly this was because of our editorial. I recalled a year ago, when I wrote a column saying that legalization was coming, and that I favored it, that I received a call from Kerlikowske’s office for the first (and only) time. The Director would like to talk with me, the woman said. Would I be available at 3:00 the following afternoon? Yes, I said, I would. I wondered if he was going to chew on my ear, but in the event he missed the call, and instead sent me a copy of a speech he had given to police chiefs in San Jose.
This time around, the word got out, probably through me, that he had asked to speak to the Times Editorial Board. Dominic Holden of The Stranger called me and asked me about it and put out a report on their blog, The Slog. Holden quoted me accurately, but his headline framed Kerlikowske’s visit as an attempt to “bully” The Seattle Times. It was a stretch to call it that. Holden wrote that it was “an apparent attempt by the federal government to pressure the state’s largest newspaper to oppose marijuana legalization. Or at least turn down the volume on its new-found bullhorn to legalize pot.”
NORML, The National Organization to Reform the Marijuana Laws, picked up the story from The Slog. Paul Armentano, deputy director of NORML, portrayed Kerlikowske’s visit as an effort to “squelch” our mainstream-media voice.

Later on Friday, Mr. Kerlikowske was interviewed on KCTS…

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  1. What a tool. “Why would we want one more mind-altering drug?” Umm, HELLO?! Xanex, Percocet, Klonopin, Ridalin or any other pharmaceutical crap they readily shove down your throat. There’s little done to stop the increased use of junk, prescription drugs. Oh and for the record, I’ve lost 13 friends to drunk driving, not ONE to marijuana. Get the old folks out of office already. “We certainly ended the drug war.” Lol, yea…ok. Last time I checked there’s still MASSIVE violence in Mexico just to gain control of the marijuana supply. Spend your time getting rid of the drugs that kill.

  2. So the drug war is over? Woo-hoo! I’m going to go out and spark a fatty on Main Street to celebrate the end of Draconian law…oh wait, you mean I would get arrested for that? But I thought the war on drugs was over?

  3. Who wants to bet he has a drink with friends tonight. Booo, hypocrite. There is always going to be people that abuse things. Just as the interviewer said. He has prescription drugs in his medicine cabinet. His family doesn’t steal and abuse them. Well than it looks like he raised his children correctly. The government can not save the world. And they definitely do not know what is best for everybody. It’s time that they figured that out. There are people that abuse food and die from it. Should we outlaw that to?

  4. v 1.0
    Oh Cannabis, How I love thee
    warmth and happiness you have given me
    Thy perfume is always so sublime
    be it scented of pine, or lemon lime
    with hints of orange or flowery musk
    be with me from sunrise to dusk
    Oh Mary Jane, such beauty I have never seen
    your red hair mixed with luminescent green
    all in a blanket of sparkly THC crystal
    makes humanity sing and whistle
    Oh Marijuana, you are so compatible
    with my mind body and soul
    on this same planet you and me
    together placed were we
    is no mistake
    it is a gift
    for humanity to lift.

  5. I am still not exactly clear on what transpired. The article jumps around and around as to what the visit was about. It is not written very clearly. All I know is that he showed up, they gave a transcript of a few questions and replies and that’s it? Surely, he didn’t fly all the way there for a 10 minute Q&A?

  6. BULLSHIT ! Hey Gil, have you noticed the lines on your face getting deeper? Thats what strees has done ,stress that you have realized you life is a lie.
    Heres some facts. You havent ended the drug war, you stopped calling it a drug war.
    The health and social costs of cannabis or any other drug is already here, legalization wont be adding anything.
    You say your not trying to arrest your way out of this war, yet, your still arresting just as many (if not more) as you always have.
    Legalization will, in large part, end the DEA’s roll on the border there by reducing costs.
    These are w few of the lies I chose to address. I will just say the rest of your lies are just as easy to to correct and will not waste my time.
    Education does not always mean intellegence Gil,I have a feeling your very educated…get a clue…your supporting a lie.
    It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826), Notes on Virginia
    We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826), letter to Samuel Kercheval, July 12, 1816
    Democracy is 51% of the people taking away the rights of the other 49%.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826)

  7. Kerlikowske, your ignorance and bias is BLINDING!! You’re the Peter Principle on steroids. As a 63 year old American, I weep for the freedoms we brag about but do not have, held from us by all you boot licking authoritarians.

  8. Damn – sure has a lot of frowns on his face – so sad looking – he needs a good hit on a Fatty.
    Sure we test positive – for at least 30 days – DUH!!! – Mr Drug Czar. He keeps my frown marks down – he makes me laugh.

    A former Whatcom County Medical Examiner claims direct knowledge that Cannabis killed THREE PEOPLE and the cases were covered up.
    His letter to the Seattle Times was PUBLISHED IN OUR PAPER. PLEASE HELP STOP THIS LIAR!!!
    “As former medical examiner for Whatcom County and participant in drug testing, I have had experience with premature death related to marijuana. They mask the deaths as accidents. They are difficult to identify, partly because post mortem testing does not have a long history but mostly because marijuana is fat-soluble and continues to be excreted for days and weeks after an exposure. The latter makes quantification very difficult to interpret. From 1987 to 1990, we encountered three deaths in which marijuana was the major contributor. I can detail these but not in 200 words. -Robert P. Gibb, Bellingham”
    Our Newspaper wont publish the truth, and only publishes the letters that don’t state the real facts.
    Please get onto the comment sections and help Seattle out!

  10. Hey Kerlikowske,Big brother black booted thug fuck you the only thing dicks like u understand is a good aditude ajustment Iam tirerd off pissing in a bottle for a job being looked down on being a third class citizen I shood repent hu As cee lo green says Fuck you Get some good erb say some mendo or some good jamacan or how bout some hawain and take a couple hits but your 2 brain washed 2 do that yens are all scarerd 2 do that after all u will go crazz Ill tell u about going crazy your stupid drug war on your on people is a total wast of taxpayers dollars.Get the fuck out of politics you idiot

  11. I’m not the best debater, I have found something wrong with what Gil is saying every 30 seconds. So ignorant and ill-informed!!!! Makes me so mad what he says, where I can’t find a truth to it!!!
    COME ON!! “Tested Positive behind the wheel for Marijuana”!?! No test exist that cops carry on them that can test the immediate use of Marijuana!
    And the border wars!??!?! We will always have them because cocaine and heroin and guns are a lot of money!!!! Marijuana is uncanny cheaper compared to a gram of coke for $50 if you are lucky compared to a quarter ounce of healthy plant material for $60.
    Also for the people who call the hot line saying that they have a dug problem and it somehow turns out to be something so innocent. I am guessing those people are addicted to something bigger or just wished that hot line was a Marijuana delivery service so we can relax.
    Come on Gil, you are just another ignorant and blind political pawn, you went to school and build your whole life around by the DAM LIES and statistics!!
    Although how many outstanding czars have we had? Effectively ZERO!!!!!

  12. If anyone can tell me where freedom is in this Republican Democracy called “America”, please help me, I can’t help but lose faith with our “free America” when I go to other countries and it is hard to boast about how America is when you start to point out all the bites out of freedom have been taken…
    Europe laughs at our policies, and after have been living on the border of Germany right next to the Netherlands for only a couple years you really realize how deprived your childhood can be, all the way up to being a political leader. Why can’t we learn from our mistakes and from our neighbors.

  13. Why is everyone calling Marijuana a DRUG!!!..
    it is an HERB…and the Bible says “Reap the Herbs of the Earth”. It is not a chemiclly made DRUG…so I don;t underdstand..then I guess you should ban Oregano, Parsley and Catnip..

  14. His responses, as always, aren’t the least bit unpredictable. But you have to admit, the overall tone and approach has changed. If it wasn’t for the “required” strong-hold by the DOJ to limit the Drug Czar from supporting legal pot, we’d be able to have an arduous debate. Simply assuming that we will never support legal pot is extremely biased and benighted. Thankfully, the people will rule as always. And while we won’t know what the DOJ/Obama will do about state-approved legal pot, it was amiable to hear the Drug Czar reference Obama’s approach to state-approved medicinal pot, and even when he regarded medical pot as a loop hole. Keep at it folks! We can’t let the public forget!

  15. Kerlikowske should never have contacted the newspaper. He certainly should not have requested a meeting and met with them unless the editorial board requested it. Oppression also comes in passive-aggressive forms, and it usually, if not always, comes from top down.
    This whole thing looks like a major case of another condescending government servant of the people treating the editorial board as if they did not know what the ONDCP’s position on the legalization of pot was. The editorial board is far from a bunch of dummies, and they certainly don’t need you, Kerlikowske, to instruct them or educate them. You lumped cannabis in with all other illegal drugs, including abuse of prescription drugs. And, in the middle of it all was buried your message to the editorial board that they are wrong.
    I certainly hope the editorial board ignores you, and continues to advocate for full legalization.
    You pathetic ploys are a waste of everyone’s time.

    No sir! You’re not King – so – you’ll do what the King tells you to do – and – the King tells you to defeat “any attempt” to legalize cannabis. “Lie your ass off” if you have to – or – even if you don’t have to.
    No sir! Your not the King. “There are no Kings in America” – and – that goes for “My – delusional – Evil Brother” that you work for…King…”King a shling a ring a ding ding].” But – you can – be proud of yourself – for your obedience to My Evil Brother – for your outstanding dedication – to lie your ass off. Do they have a “Lie Czar?” Ya! They do!!!
    Rebel with a Cause
    Los Angeles Colony

  17. So I guess Washington state has the go ahead to make it legal. Marijuana is a better choice and that should be a good enough reason to legalize it.
    Just take marijuana out of the “Control Substance Act of 1970” and make peace and support local law enforcement.

  18. It’s hilarious how no matter how many times they bring up “testing positive” for marijuana in car accident statistics, no one ever challenges them with, “If i smoked pot a week ago, and havent touched any for 7 days, i could still test positive, so those results are useless.” Give us our public debate, let US choose our representative!

  19. I gotta go puke. I watched the first 3 minutes of K’s BS. Had to turn it off. God help us.

  20. war over? please kindly explain this to the ghosts of the twelve people murdered by police in the drug war that was over two years ago .these citzens where slautered since january of this year.and for the others who will be murdered by dispicable proffiteers in human misery enforceing this failed drug policy .

  21. Really the more government is out of our lives the better. Im pretty liberal but still feel like government messes up more shit then it fixes. They shouldnt be trying to prohbit drugs or any social activity. Hey if you want to smoke crack and then prostitute yourself to 100 men then thats your choice. If parents would learn to take personal responisblity instead of blaming tv,music things like that. The kids will know not to steal parents pills or liquor.The parents should be teaches kids that drugs should be discouraged. But they know they dont have to because big government will step in and take responsibilty for them.

  22. Ohhhhhhh, I get it.
    The murders in Columbia, Missouri; Las Vegas; the murders of innocent people and animals – that was all a figment of my imagination..
    Sorry for being so hard on the DEA. I must have been hallucinating………

  23. Twenty-eight years of wrong does not make it right. But it makes me hate even more these constitution busting bastards.

  24. Ever notice how politicians continually use unproven and unspecified generalities to argue a point? Example: “We know very clearly from the research that if you legalize marijuana, many more people will use it”, however, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2008, 41% of Americans over 12 have ever tried marijuana, however, according to a 1997, 2001, & 2005 – drug usage in The Netherlands study, between the ages of 15 and 64, 22.6% of their population has ever used the drug. Where is Kerlikowske’s evidence derived from??? I’d really like to know? This is the type of government propoganda we’ve got to tear apart before we succeed.
    All of you who believe in this cause, find as many examples of this as you can. Logical holes and lies kill politicians.

  25. we should do a newspaper clipping campaign: print thousands of copies of his quote saying “the drug war is over” and then staple it to police reports announcing any arrests for possession. Mail them all to Gil/Obama

  26. This guy has no clue.I bet he drinks with his buddies when it suits him. Most people need something to relax them after a hard days work. And most do not prefer hard druds that make them so they cant function.Alcohol does not agree with my gut and it gives me a headache. and the hangover sucks,prescription drugs suck also as you have to wait for them to work and cant stop the affect with a nap. You can hit a joint and feel great,have a great night sleeping, have a very productive day at work because you had a good nights sleep.Thank god for NORML. Keep up the fight. Tired of being treated like a criminal for trying to remain sane in todays stressed out world.We all need something to calm us down and marijuana is the least of all evils to help people relax.

  27. So the DRUG WAR ended about two wears ago. So what is with the action going on the MEXICAN BORDER with people losing their lives every day a FED FANTASY? UNICORNS still being created and erosion of our rights going down the wrong end of the tunnel where darkness prevails and the 21ST CENTURY INQUISITORS are taking their stand on MARIJUANA PROHIBITION. Then you have the comment it was’nt on our radar screen for BIG PHARMA DRUGS to be a problem for abuse. FDA (FEDERAL DEATH AUTHORITY) approved drugs for the masses being over medicated with pain and happy pills only a written prescription away. The battle between SYNTHETIC VS. NATURAL rages on with a death toll on the SYNTHETIC side, MARIJUANA ZERO. The FEDS trying to be the MASTERS OF REALITY their way, while we live in a fantasy of being free to choose of what we ingest in our bodies, it has to be FDA approved.

  28. Im sure he thinks he’s doing the right thing. I don’t think he’s lying. I think he’s just too stupid to realize that he’s being manipulated my some very powerful and immoral folks who also think that the public is stupid as well. Legalization IS coming and it’s coming in the drug czar’s lifetime. I hope he can accept that fact because I’d hate to see his heart break when the inevitable comes to pass. Maybe some day he’ll even smoke it who knows?

  29. Be very prudent when you hear any of the Drug Czar’s “statistics”. I’ll reference one: In a statement he made once, he made a concerned statement that 120,000 citizens voluntarily entered treatment for marijuana in 2007. Well, those statistics add up very poorly, and in fact is a very very very low number of total users. Here’s why:
    5.8 percent of U.S. population used marijuana in the past month during 2007. That’s about 18 million of 302.2 million people in 2007. Among some of the 18,000,000 only 120,000 voluntarily entered treatment. That’s LESS THAN 3/4 of a percent (0.68%). Not even one percent of past month users.
    So don’t let these statistics scare anyone. We must make an effort to retort every single one of his claims to effectively inform the public.

  30. The interesting thing about this is that he mentioned his trip to see the Seattle Times was coincidental. He obviously must be lying somewhere in here. He probably would’ve made a bigger impact had he met with a bunch of 3rd/4th graders, people who haven’t been subjected to blatantly obvious lies.
    What struck an odd chord with me wasn’t that he mentioned how bad prescription drugs were, but he also decided to group marijuana in with those addicting–not to mention life shortening–drugs.
    One last thing about addiction you jackass. You can be addicted to T.V., video games, caffeine, Chinese food, whatever. That doesn’t mean that you have a physical dependency on said stimulus. As for your “help-line callers,” I have a hard time believing that those actually took place. If someone did call up, they were most likely on something other than marijuana and the person they were talking to ask them if they had done anything else.
    I think people like this should be removed from office and replaced by more responsible and less dictator-like individuals. I’d even do the job (for half the cost), without any formal training, and a year left on my college degree in IT and still do a better job than half of these morons.

  31. Lies + Education = Indoctrination. If some were more concerned with the truth instead of falsifying statistics/information then there would be no need for us to keep our “officials”/”representatives”/”experts” in check. Referring to the “numbers” but not having any “exact numbers/stats” to speak of and back up claims made. I see. Since the prohibition of cannabis is a farce then those who choose to think as a prohib can make up whatever “stats/numbers/penalties” they so choose. It’s never about them is it?

  32. well, the drug war was over 2 yrs ago, hmmmm, ok I may be dumb and I ‘do’ smoke weed, but how come nobody told me? It must have went right past me when I was sleepin. A guy has to take a time out once in a while.
    who wants to go to Mexico and tell those families that no one was killed, because it was over 2 years ago.

  33. The drug czar made the coment on P/B/S on night saying we dont call it the drug war any more. And yes made a point of say smoke pot is not memdcen

  34. You guys have written good comments. I urge you to take your superior skills to the forums in your local papers. Most folks that do not enjoy the weed are not enlightened in any way and their minds have been kept dull by alcohol, tobacco, and the government propaganda machine.
    Some will see the light but so many will not.

  35. according to “the research” legalizing would greatly increase use??? show us what research youre talking about there, gil. You, sir, are lying scum. The war on drugs is certainly NOT over. Bottom line is this: we should NEVER listen to someone whose interests are protected by keeping drugs illegal. This man’s job depends on an illegal marijuana, he’ll say ANYTHING to keep it that way. Let’s boot all these people out. It’s about time that America gets returned to the American people. Our government agencies are robbing us of our freedom. Let’s take the power back

  36. Hey folks, if your sick now..just think…all of our politicians treat us this way. Dont it make you glad to know they think we are all so stuoid as not to see thier lies?>
    They say they cant make cut to the debt….I can. I’ll start with these politicians that had thier pockets stuffed, then move on to the ones that were cowards. i guess that takes care of the politicians. time to move on to thebloated government agencies like ONDCP, lobbyists,government contractors for war, corporate hand outs,Foriegn government holding bonds, and the federal reserve. They can all go fuck them selves and wall paper thier walls with their contracts ,interest agreements,fake debt and bonds. You and i didnt agree to be their slaves.
    That ought to start the{
    Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness] it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government…
    Thomas Jefferson (The Declaration of Independence) }

  37. “Genesists are not Masters of Human Nature – but – we understand that the best way to worship God is by doing good among mankind and contribute to the well being of society.”
    Prohibitionists! you are not doing good among mankind – and – you are not contributing to the well being of society. Where is your conscience? Where? If you can’t find it – perhaps you left it at home with the rest of your goodness. Did you leave it at home on purpose to protect it from My Evil Brother? It’s time to shit, or get of the pot.
    San Diego Colony

  38. “The Czar always has some version of the truth.”
    When asked – “What’s your reaction to the Times – marijuana should be legalized?” – his “stated action is more of a reaction.” Ain’t that the truth! He doesn’t have to do a damned thing but sit on his ass and do nothing but follow the law and lie – as he is ordered to do by My Evil Brother. The only problem with that is – “It’s an unjust law – and – a lie is a lie.” He does make it perfectly clear [though] that “prescription drugs” is the biggest problem [yet] they give Big Pharma “The Pill.” More of that good ole’ D.C. logic. God save us all.

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