Ask NORML: Is Prohibition Protecting Our Children?

NORML’s youtube channel, NORMLtv, recently launched a new video series entitled ‘Ask NORML,’ which features NORML staff answering questions submitted by you — the marijuana law reform activist.
On this week’s installment, Executive Director Allen St. Pierre addresses the long standing myth that marijuana prohibition keeps America’s children safe.

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  1. No, Nothing is going to stop our kids from trying a substance, they all experiment. It only hurts them, if there caught and get arrested just ruins there future, kids are ignorant don’t think there going to get caught but they will if they sneak around there parents and try not to smoke near the house.

  2. Prohibition protects our children about as well as a tin foil hat does versus satellite feeds.
    It is a superfluous attempt to topically treat an issue which should just be (forgive the term) “hashed out” in an honest conversation.
    Think of it like this. You are a marijuana prohibitionist, despite your best efforts to keep things under wraps, one of your adolescent children begins smoking pot. If you did try to change the behavior, do you feel your child would trust you enough to deliver in steering them in the right direction?
    Marijuana doesn’t make you go crazy, or kill people, or any of the other things that Reefer Madness, “Above the Rest” anti-drug campaigns, and other attempts to lie to the public through controlled media (or at best misinform them). So what exactly do you expect our youths to learn when you are founding their knowledge on lies, or at most benefit of doubt, half-truths?
    This is what is causing the judgment problems of our children. marijuana isn’t the gateway drugs, your lies are. If you fail to see that, then you fail as a adult (or parent) and will likely never get the concept of honesty or what it is to be an adult.

  3. To be perfectly frank – I’ve grown pretty fond of freedom and its liberties – so much so – that anyone who attempts to deprive me of my liberty – will be relieved of theirs – rather rapidly I might add. Yes! – I know I’m supposed to turn the other cheek – but – “I only have two cheeks” – and – prohibs have already slapped both of them with their deceit, mendacity, and political terrorism. The long or short of it is – I have come to the end of my rope with this prohibition. Prohib’s words are now falling on deaf ears – as are their bids for re-election. They can save their money and wishful thinking [their aspirations towards politics]. So! Let’s hitt’em hard where it hurts – at the voting box. We should do this with the highest degree of stubbornness as we hand them their one way ticket out of town. “It’s our way or the highway.” Prohibs have made their own beds with their colossal chunks of [choose your own word] – and now – they can lie in them. They are their own grim reaper. Life is a crap shoot and prohibs have rolled snake eyes on their crap table – especially with the children. If they feel that the children will be better equipped with the truth about sex education – it would seem inadequate not to educate them about cannabis. The first time a kid tries cannabis [and you know they will – experimentation is a kids purpose in life] they will say to themselves – “They’ve been fucking lying to me!”

  4. Rick Steves said it best, there aren’t people just waiting for drugs to be legalized so they can go out and ruin their lives! Prohibition isn’t going to stop people choosing to use drugs. Those who use other drugs will do so regardless.

  5. Hypocrasy is what government is all about on all issues…it gives them the ability to do what ever they want with out transparency or accountability. This fight against prohibition is just a small battle of a greater war concerning our governments actions and the effects of its actions upon the American people/people of the world.
    Prohibition is just 10% of the iceberg .

    For all e-mails of your
    State Legislators.
    2011 Page 1 of 12
    VT LEG 265093.1
    H.427 1
    Introduced by Representatives Lorber of Burlington,
    ( Jason P. Lorber, Democrat Party, 231 Park Street, Burlington, Vermont 05401 (802)863-9429 ) PLEASE CALL HIM AND
    Howard of Cambridge
    ( Adam B. Howard, Republican Party, 3210 Lower Valley Road, Cambridge, Vermont 05444
    Daytime Phone (802)644-6606, Evening Phone (802)644-2040 )
    and Pearson of Burlington
    ( Christopher A. Pearson, Progressive Party, 12 Brookes Avenue, Burlington, Vermont 05401
    (802)860-3933 )
    is supported by one Representative of the Democratic Party, one Representative of the
    Progressive Party and one Representative of the Republican Party.
    Please write letters to the Editor of your local newspaper to let them know you
    support this bill!
    Referred to Committee on
    Date: March 8, 2011
    Subject: Regulated drugs; marijuana
    Statement of purpose: This bill proposes to change the penalties for the
    possession of small amounts of marijuana. A person 21 years of age or older
    who possesses one ounce or less of marijuana would be assessed a civil fine of
    up to $150.00, while possession of larger amounts would continue to be a
    criminal offense subject to imprisonment. Persons 18 to 20 years of age who
    possesses one ounce or less of marijuana would be assessed a civil fine of up to
    $150.00 for a first offense, while second or subsequent offenses would require
    the person to complete a drug awareness and community service program run
    by court diversion. Failure to complete the program would result in a civil fine
    of not more than $600.00 and a suspension of the person’s driver’s license for
    a period of up to 120 days. ETC.
    [Paul Armentano responds: NORML’s ‘Take Action’ Center has been alerting folks about this bill for some time now here:

  7. As we all know probiten lets our children to beabl to go to there frinds house or some one that will sell cannabis to them. Which is more apt to take place on the street.
    I woud think this moms wude be ready to stop this mades and start keeping our children safe. And the only way there will be any control if it is made leagl.

  8. I kid that is going to be starting 4 year kindergarten this year. I never really thought about it really, but now that you mention it, I don’t want my kid being taught that DARE BS. But it’s not just there, it is also in the curriculum.
    My wife is going to kill me but I am NOT the kind of person to take that and I WILL be at the school board meetings demanding they tell the kids the truth about Hemp in the US.
    It’s so amazing that we do not teach our kids ‘truth’ in school. We would never think to lie and tell them 3+5=1 because that would not serve them well in life.
    Why do we then lie and not tell them how Hemp was a much better fiber that didn’t rape the land and use tremendous amounts of harmful chemicals in its production like cotton. Instead they teach revisionist history that gives them a false sense of cotton being the most important fiber in early America.
    It’s all to indoctrinate them into the system of prohibition. If you set them up with these false histories it makes it that much harder for rational people to unwind all the damage done to the populous.
    As a former government propaganda dood (PSYOP spec in US army from 92-96) I know when I smell a coordinated psyop campaign and that is exactly what they are doing to our children.
    Only difference was in the Army we were ordered not to do it on our own countrymen. Apparently the Department of Education doesn’t concern themselves with such trite moral dilemmas (we have known the DEA to be soul-less liers since their inception).
    Propaganda is spun in the Army as “winning the hearts and minds”; but ultimately we all knew it was about “influencing” your target audience.
    When it comes to our children… that should scare the hell out of all of us. I want my child to think freely; not influenced to think “their” way.

  9. Prohibitionist exploits children as a propaganda tool by auditioning attractive white female preteens along with unknown female actors to play the role as their frantic mother crying for help and wants the government to protect her sweet innocent child from the evils of marijuana.
    A private company would secretly do all the auditioning so that prohibitionist could deny it.

  10. Prohibition is definately NOT protecting any young person who gets caught with it!!! In many ways, it really screws up their lives…

  11. Is Prohibition Protecting Our Children?
    Let`s ask the alcoholic baby rapers. They say Yes!! Prohibition of marijuana is working excellent for them and their drunken, babyraping buddies. They add, “Please don`t legalize weed, all those children taken away from parents for having a gram of leaves, then put in foster care with drunk baby rapers, and because then the stupid drunken law enforcers will focus more on the real criminals…..the drunk-driving baby raping hypocrites”. Brought to you by the Organization of Alcohol-drinking Babyrapers of America or OADBRA. Free admission to any sporting event that serves alcohol if you bring a child with you. Long live the hypocrite establishment of alcohol,pharma, and chemical companies , spreading their evil hypocrite goo over our children for over 80 years.
    Sorry guys… I get so upset. But lets add up all the people in america that drink alcohol AND smoke weed. I`m sure you will come up with about 90% of the population. Now lets fucking vote. Sobriety or freedom. Either it`s all legal or it`s all illegal.
    Is this theory so off the wall????? I don`t think so.

  12. So much waste, of life and money.
    Whoever is the architect of this world system should be taken out and hung.

  13. 5 Louie – Genesis – Las Vegas Colony
    You rolled a 7 on that one.
    When “My Evil Brother” applies his black magic on pusillanimous [cowardly], kiss ass politicians, which he keeps in his pocket, and under his thumb, we the people take it on the chin – and – you know where else – every time. Well! Bend over and grab your ankles – because – if we don’t defeat his special forces [prohibitionists] in 2012, we’re going to need a full time Proctologist and a damn good Constitutional attorney. The fact of the matter is – I’m tired of their raids on our Constitution under the cover of darkness [not to mention their DEA killer robots raids]. Prohibs “must answer” for their transgressions against our Constitution. They are not above the law.
    Unique – as individuals – we live our lives – and comprehend our existence – within our minds – at the level of our awareness. My individual level of awareness – never has, does not now, nor will it ever – include, in any shape or form, prohibitionists. They are quite immaterial to my existence – and – are viewed as insects [bugs]…”RAID!!!” We must absolutely find out who is for it – and – who is against it. I say – let’s put it to vote – and – any man that votes agin’ it is a traitor to his country.

  14. Well, yes of course prohibition is protecting children from DC logic.
    They are not getting carded to see if they are old enough, and they can buy hard drugs from the drug dealers, too. And, if mom & dad smoke weed too, the kids can blackmail them into just about anything the parents can afford. Best of all the kids can get the shittiest grades at school and be poorly prepared to enter the working world, and the kids get to see to it that the parents have to stick up for them against the school and whatever other trouble they may get themselves into.

  15. we make the world what it is. stop and look at yourself. you are the same architect. This world is the byproduct of the ego and the unconscious mind. The drug culture is so much different than it was30-40 years ago. its just bunch of shitty low moral people.
    money greed ego power domination.
    we need to change the way we use our brain, to change the world. we need to look inward on ourself for solution, rather than to the outside world, for the world is just fragment of our minds. We have very polluted minds. If we have clean minds inside, we will have a clean outside world.

  16. My brethren,
    May the better of us grow and make the best of who and what we are with the goodness of our humanity and the ruthless application of the truth. The truth has no agenda. It’s because of our faith in God, our country, and its Constitution that the pain of prohibition does recede and hope reappears. We do this by allowing our conscience to be our guide. We’re not dumb – we know what’s right – we know what’s wrong – we do the best we can. Speak the truth – shame evil.

  17. Some of these posts are not pro marijuananists . They pretend to be to fool, trick and deceive you . The pharma people intentionally are doing this . They intentionally mispell words and don’t put words in context so the general public will think the people who use marijuana are stupid, can’t spell and do things right .

  18. Do as I say, but not as I do — is at best, a laughable approach to serious parenting. And, while we are taking a step forward by reforming laws about adults, we should keep in mind that continuing to arrest, prosecute, incarcerate, and criminalize children, we really are just becoming entirely hypocritical; not to mention the social costs to society for disrupting these children (and exposing, and effectively creating a criminality of nature). This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have regulations against age. I’m just suggesting a rationalized, balanced approach. Talking to your children, albeit honestly, is certainly the most effective way of educating them on right decisions. If you tell them weed is great they will listen, but then while they’re listening you could mention the outcomes of doing this. talk, Talk, TALK! Oh, and, Legalize Cannabis!

    Such a waste of tax dollars..
    By Timothy N. Baldwin, JD.
    March 16, 2011
    For almost 100 years in the United States, countless resources have been spent feeding—oops—I mean, “fighting” the “war on drugs”, specifically marijuana. Before that time, marijuana was largely acceptable and viewed as inherently valuable throughout the world. Today, medical science seems to support its use for certain purposes—not to mention whatever social uses for which some may advocate its use. However, since 1937, Congress has deemed that marijuana has absolutely no medical benefit and purpose and made anyone who possesses it subject to extreme criminal penalty. The history behind Congress’ enactment is quite suspect, and the “war on marijuana” deserves objective attention.
    Despite Congress’ labeling marijuana as a dangerous drug without any medical use and with a high potential for abuse, fifteen states in the union (the last I looked) have declared otherwise. So, what insistent force keeps Congress from removing marijuana from CSA’s Schedule 1? Answered by historical comparison, Dwight D. Eisenhower’s reference in 1960 to the military-industrial complex should have included the marijuana-bureaucracy complex created by this “war on marijuana”. As a limited point of illustration, consider the mass raids which took place on March 14, 2011 throughout Montana by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies—spearheaded of course by federal agencies, with the state and local agencies acting as tagalongs.
    On March 15, 2011, the United States Department of Justice (USDJ) released a written press statement regarding the numerous and simultaneous raids which took place in the great state of Montana—one of the several states which has declared by law that marijuana in fact has medical value and is lawful to use as such. In this statement, the USDJ listed the number of law enforcement agencies involved in the raids. The following is an excerpt from that public statement, indicating at least how many agencies where involved:
    “[T]he Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations, the Internal Revenue Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Environmental Protection Agency-Criminal Investigation Division, U.S. Customs and Border Protection-Border Patrol, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These federal agencies were assisted by the Montana Division of Criminal Investigations, and local High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task forces, the Northwest Drug Task Force, the Kalispell Police Department, the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office, the Missoula Police Department, the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office, the Missoula High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Task Force, the Great Falls Police Department, the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office, the Central Montana Drug Task Force, the Billings Police Department, the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office, the Eastern Montana High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Task Force, the Dillon Police Department, the Beaverhead County Sheriff’s Office, the Park County Sheriff’s Office, the Bozeman Police Department, the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office, the Missouri River Drug Task Force, the Helena Police Department, the Lewis & Clark Sheriff’s Office, and the Eastern Montana Drug Task Force – Miles City” (U.S. Department of Justice, Michael W. Cotter, United States Attorney, District of Montana, News Advisory, March 15, 2011).
    Did you get all that?! It would take some people shorter time to read a chapter in the Bible than it would to read this list of agencies supposedly pursuing “criminal enterprises that have violated the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) related to marijuana.” Ibid.
    So, how many government agents were involved within those departments who were paid in that pursuance? How many government staff members or private contractors were involved to assist those investigations? How many high-dollar pieces of equipment and surveillance were paid for and used in those investigations? How many clerks will be needed to keep the public record files? How many pieces of paper will be printed? How many prosecutors will be paid to prosecute and judges paid to adjudicate these man-made crimes? How many public defenders will be needed to defend them? How many jail personnel are employed to make sure these “criminals” reside in jail?
    How many food dispensaries are paid to deliver food to these same inmates? How many fees and fines are collected from the defendants and paid to the various governments as mandated by statute? How many drug rehabilitation programs are funded by tax dollars to “treat” these “drug addicts”? How many lobbyists are paid to use such statistics to show why more taxes are needed to sustain these criminal-pursuing operations? How many tax dollars were and will be used to pay for every person and everything involved, directly or indirectly, in this “war”? The numbers would undoubtedly rise into the billions. Can anyone say job security or economic stimulation?
    Drawing from my own personal experience, I see the absurdity of the “war on marijuana.” During my time as a prosecutor at the Florida State Attorney’s Office from 2004 to 2006 where I handled literally thousands of criminal cases and tried nearly 60 jury trials, I was never impressed that marijuana was the cause of any criminal activity. Oh sure, possession of marijuana charges comprised a large number of my criminal cases; but the criminal act was merely the man-made law of possession of marijuana. In fact, most criminal activities were in large part caused by alcohol, where one who consumed too much alcohol became violent; beat his wife; neglected his children; drove drunk and hurt someone; caused a disturbance of the peace; or other similar evils.
    I saw those alcohol-related cases every day. Yet, I cannot say the same regarding marijuana. I would estimate that of the thousands of cases I handled, at least half (if not more) were a direct cause of alcohol consumption or addiction. Yet, alcohol is legal and marijuana is illegal.
    In truth, about the only reason anyone can advocate for not treating alcohol in the same legal manner as marijuana is that “alcohol is too much ingrained into societal norms.” Try to convince an inquiring child on that logic: it will not stand. This logic of course is even more disturbing considering the harsh penalties carried with marijuana laws where lives are destroyed by government action. Perhaps too many politicians love their alcohol too much to make it a target of reprisal.

  20. Re: 25 Timothy N. Baldwin JD
    The hardest part of any group action is “coordination,” starting with planning, and ending with execution. This didn’t happen spontaneously, over night, or without specific purpose. It took a very coordinated effort to raid a whole state. What I find very curious is that these raids have happened after the announcement of “The Pill.” Also curious, [obviously] is which state is going to be next as these killer robots “clear the way” for Big Pharma to monopolize the market, and My Evil Brother to dominate the most widely used substance in the world. If anyone has ever had concern about what will happen next – “NEXT IS NOW.” If anyone has ever had “CAUSE” to stand against the heavy hand of My Evil Brother – “It’s now.” I don’t mean “now” tomorrow – I mean “now” today – as soon as your done reading this post. “Why” you ask – because – we simply can not/will not allow our brethren in the Montana colonies to stand alone. “Now” is the time for Genesists in all 3141 colonies in the U.S. to express our peaceful outrage. “Now” is the time to demonstrate our power/will over My Evil Brother’s injustice towards Genesists everywhere, in any state. “Now” is the time to hand My Evil Brother a number he won’t soon forget. “Let the games begin!”

  21. As a child that sat through D.A.R.E I couldn’t agree more with the statements made in this video. It is so disheartening to me to look back at how we were lied to and that our elders were ok with it. Dare I say (no pun intended) encouraged it.
    It makes one begin to question what else you’ve been told. What other lies have they fed you? That is one of the primary reasons cannabis is still illegal. Once the lie is uncovered your perceptions are changed forever. Our government does not want intelligent free thinking individuals questioning their authority.
    I see these above the influence propaganda ads running today and the same feelings of resentment are stirred within me. Parents be honest with your kids please. Lying to them is doing more harm than good. Take some responsibility.
    ~ Above the Ignorance

  22. Dear Nic,
    On March 15, a new report was released on the steps of New York City Hall documenting the crushing costs of the 50,383 marijuana possession arrests that occurred in 2010 in that city alone, costing New York City $75 million. Released by the Drug Policy Alliance and co-authored by Queens College sociology professor Dr. Harry Levine, the report reveals the police, judicial, and human costs of New York City’s marijuana arrest crusade.
    Every single day, 140 people are arrested for marijuana offenses in New York City, making it the leading cause of arrest. A full 87% of those arrested are Black or Latino, a particularly outrageous number since people of color do not use marijuana at higher rates than the rest of the population. Incredibly, the NYPD has quietly made marijuana infractions their top law enforcement priority without even a pretense of public input or debate.
    Although New York decriminalized possession of under 25 grams of marijuana, possession that is “open to public view” remains a crime. Police officers have learned to ask vulnerable people they believe to be in possession to empty their pockets so they can then make an arrest.
    The “suspects” do not have to be using, buying, or selling marijuana, nor do they have to be acting out in any way at all. They simply have to be “suspects.”
    This flagrant abuse of state power is a tightly held secret. Please help us expose it. Stand with LEAP in supporting a more rational plan for drug policy. Our speakers are law enforcement professionals who know firsthand that the “war on drugs” is a waste of police resources. They speak out against our current drug policy in order to put police priorities back where they belong.
    Help us send the message to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, that using already strained police and judicial resources in this way is not acceptable and that the overwhelming racial disparity of these arrests is appalling. Please sign our petition, and please make a contribution today to support LEAP as the voice of law enforcement in drug policy reform.
    Thank you,
    Major Neill Franklin (Ret.)
    Executive Director
    Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
    Your donation puts LEAP speakers in front of audiences. To support LEAP’s work by making a contribution, please click here.

  23. @23 – The Truth Factor: Your words hit home with me and my thoughts. I have often wondered if the forces that want to keep marijuana illegal post on forums of this nature, pretending to want to legalize, but coming across as being very stupid and uneducated… It is really sad that this happens but I don’t for one second doubt that it does.
    If we ever learn about someone getting high on marijuana, and then going on a killing spree, the very first question I would ask is was it planned and executed by the prohibition forces since this is obviously not the way marijuana affects 99.999999…% of the users.

  24. If prohibitionists think that Qualified Patients want our children to use or abuse cannabis, their heads are so far up their asses – a good burp will blow them inside-out. We don’t live in caves and watch shadows anymore. You can face the light, or face the darkness. It’s up to you. “Fear is eternal darkness! Truth is enlightenment!” Actually – the kids already know the truth and can teach prohibs a thing or two, but especially, how to turn lying prohib’s ass off [indifference] . All the prohibs are doing is teaching the kids how to be liars. Good going – “Bone Heads.”

  25. No. Prohibition is killing our kids plain and simple. The black market is in the hands of murderers. What do you expect?

  26. Lol how naive can americans be? the government is making BIG BUCKS with the prison industrial complex, the CIA has been smuggling tons of cocaine weekly for the past 30+ years corrupting the american youth, the DEA is used for espionage and political blackmailing, the ATF is smuggling GPS chipped guns to Mexico to hunt down Sinaloa Cartel’s (CIA) enemies, the US drug policy is destabilizing several latin american countries and you idiots still arguing if prohibition is good or bad? are you fucking kidding me? wake up!!!!

  27. 34 Cobb
    So! what’s your plan? Aside from all your anger and frustration, which almost all of us share, what’s your objective? Anti up, and we will see if we want to check, call, raise, or fold. By the way – Americans are the best at what we do – including naivety – but – we’re not stupid.

  28. Away with the whims of governmental administrators, their socialized projects, their centralization, their tariffs, their government schools, their state religions, their free credit, their bank monopolies, their regulations, their restrictions, their equalization by taxation, and their pious moralizations! And now that the legislators and do-gooders have so futilely inflicted so many systems upon society, may they finally end where they should have begun: May they reject all systems, and try liberty; for liberty is an acknowledgment of faith in God and His works.
    Claude Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850)
    When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law.
    Claude Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850)

  29. Everything in moderation.
    Abuse is unreasonable. Personally – “I’ve had it with abuse” – and – “My tolerance level has far exceeded its limit.” I have nothing left – O.O [nothing to the right – nothing to the left] – for unreasonable people. I will no longer tolerate the abuse of our Constitution, the abuse of power, the abuses of capitalism [and] socialism, addictive substances, and yes! the abuse of freedom. “Freedom does not extend to violating the freedom of others.” I will not stand for these abuses any longer. What I will stand for is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Just to make myself perfectly clear – I will fall where I stand in defense of the same.

  30. Of course it’s not helping.Much as when in the 30’s alcahol was prohibited,all that did was to make more people find and use it.I watched a show last night about Poetugal and Lisbon where marijuana is legal across the boaerd for all to use and not just medicinaly.Quite interesting to say the least.Making it legal actually cut down the amount of teen use as well as a big drop in drug realted crimes as well.They do not send people to prison for using any illegal drugs such as heroin,meht,cocaine etcc but rather have treatment centers where they can find the help they nedd and with remarckable success.When the reporter asked if the tax payers there had a problem with paying for this the responce was this.Whats the diference if they pay to lock them up in a prison like here and they get very little if any treatment and drugs are plentitull and once their released they go right back to it.Now comes our drug czar who also was interviewd,his lame responce was that he of corse was against it and what works in all of these other country’s would not work here which shows he is definitely not qualified to hold the position he is holding otherwise he would have had to agree with it.The lofical and sensible thing to do is to legalize it for all to use but just for medicinal use would be a major mile stone in this country

  31. 39 Charles Queen
    Harm Reduction is recognized and accepted around the world. When the Czar was in Seattle, he too was for it – but – he’s in D.C. now – and – D.C. will destroy any living thing – but – especially the truth.

  32. With a corrupt government that are the biggest drug dealers on earth. No, prohibition isn’t helping our children, it is helping the CIA’s bank account.

  33. 41. Operation 420
    Does anybody remember Air America? Not the movie – the real deal – in Nam [the Golden Triangle]. We have a formidable enemy.

  34. I think number 8 is an absolutely killer idea. Most people seem afraid of giving away the best content. But i??m pretty sure that the people who do ?? get the most back in return

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