NORML’s Weekly Legislative Round Up

Marijuana law reform legislation is pending in over twenty states, and liberalization measures have been pre-filed in many more. Below is this week’s edition of NORML’s Weekly Legislative Round Up — activists’ one-stop guide to the latest statewide votes and happenings relevant to marijuana law reform.
For a listing of all of the pending marijuana law reform proposals that NORML is tracking, please visit NORML’s ‘Take Action Center’ here. (For a map of pending legislation, please visit here.)

Connecticut: Lawmakers in the House and Senate heard testimony on Monday in favor of measures seeking to decriminalize and medicalize marijuana. A just-released statewide poll shows that voters overwhelmingly support both proposals, which have also been endorsed by the state’s leading newspaper. You can voice your support for these measures by clicking here and here.
Hawaii: Senate lawmakers last week approved a series of legislative proposals aimed at amending the state’s marijuana laws. Legislators unanimously approved SB 1460, which reduces the adult possession of up to one ounce of marijuana from a criminal misdemeanor (punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a $1,000 fine) to a civil violation punishable by a fine of not more than $100. Regarding the medical use of marijuana, the Senate approved SB 1458, which allows for the state licensed production and distribution of medical cannabis and cannabis-infused therapeutic products. Senators also passed SB 58, which increases the quantity of marijuana that authorized patients may legally possess under state law. All three measures are now before House lawmakers for consideration. NORML has separate alerts for all three measures at our ‘Take Action Center’ here.
Montana: Members of the Senate Judicial Committee on Monday deadlocked 6 to 6 regarding House Bill 161, which sought to repeal that state’s six-year-old, voter-approved medical marijuana law. House representatives had previously voted, largely along party lines, 63 to 37 in favor of the repeal measure. Monday’s Senate vote does not kill the measure outright. Senators may still elect to reconsider the measure, or they may call for a ‘blast motion,’ which is a procedure that allows measures to bypass committee and be debated by the full chamber. NORML will keep you updated if there is an any future action taken regarding this draconian legislation.
New Hampshire: House lawmakers on Tuesday decided 221 to 96 in favor of legislation, HB 442, that seeks to allow for the state to license facilities to produce and distribute marijuana to qualified patients. The proposal now moves to the Senate. Lawmakers in House and Senate approved similar legislation in 2009, but it was vetoed by Democrat Gov. John Lynch. More information regarding this year’s effort is available from NORML here or from
New Mexico: A New Mexico lawmaker has withdrawn legislation that sought to repeal the state’s four-year-old medical marijuana law. Newly elected Republican Gov. Susana Martinez said that she would have signed the measure, House Bill 593, had it reached her desk. The bill’s sponsor is now proposing a House Memorial bill that calls on lawmakers to study the state’s medical cannabis program.
Rhode Island: Lawmakers heard testimony today in favor of measures regarding the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis. You can learn more about both measures via NORML’s ‘Take Action Center’ here and here. In related news from the Ocean State, state regulators on Tuesday approved applications for the establishment of the state’s first three medical marijuana dispensaries. You can learn more about this story here.

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  1. Kansas-
    House Bill 2330, the Kansas Cannabis Compassion & Care Act, has been reintroduced in the Kansas Legislature and referred to the House Committee on Health and Human Services. The measure seeks to enact legal protections for authorized medical marijuana patients and is similar to a proposal considered in the 2010 legislative session. House Bill 2330 will help to ensure that medical marijuana patients in Kansas will no longer have to fear arrest or prosecution from state law enforcement. As introduced, this act would allow qualified patients diagnosed with a “debilitating medical condition” to possess up to 12 cannabis plants (not including as many as 12 seedlings) and/or 6 ounces of marijuana for therapeutic purposes. The measure seeks to establish not-for-profit “compassion centers” to provide medical marijuana for patients in a safe, above-ground environment. According to a 2010 statewide poll of Kansas voters, nearly 60 percent of respondents support this measure.

    And that’s because they [prohibitionists] have the “fear” of the lesser number, but the confidence of the police state and the military. We the People have the confidence of the greater number, and hold high “The Constitution of the United States of America [that] guarantees our freedom and protects our rights” – the very same rights that prohibitionists are violating. But hear me now! Their “fear” will cause them to execute drastic measures – claimed required in drastic times – and that – the end justifies the means – at any cost – including death! It will be their “fear of losing control of the masses” that will instigate, and cause, unbelievable inhumanity towards man. The line drawn in the sand [drawn by their own toe] says – “It’s mine and you can’t have it – and – if you step over that line – I will kill you.” Well! Here’s our answer!
    “We accept your dare – and – reject your offer! We regard any law prohibiting our Sacrament Constitutionally invalid, and void [as we do you and your public disservices] – and – our actions will reflect that in the next elections. Until then – as an individual Genesist – I’m more than willing, even anxious, to subject myself to the most horrendous outcomes to denounce [denounce – ya! – that’s the word – denounce] anyone or anything that promotes the assassination of my Constitution and my religious liberty.
    Montana Genesist colonies – God Bless you – our prayers are with you – your brethren stand with you. – all 3,141 Colonies in “OUR SOVEREIGN” United States.

  3. If marijuana becomes “medicalized” in all 50 states, the how will it ever become legalized for recreational use?
    At least if it is total legal and regulated like alchohol everyone over 21 years of age can use it without pre-requisits or reprisal.
    But as it stands now, prscription pain killers are “medicalized” and the DEA still says who can and cant have them.
    I was in a horrible heavy equipment accident a few years ago. I take 1/2 percocet 5/325 when I have my bad days but by no means abuse them, sometimes going days without using one. But according to my doctor he cant prescribe me anymore because the DEA does not want people using it for more then 2 years.
    Who’s to say that once it marijuana is “medicalized” the same restrictions will apply?
    Then it’s back to square one again.
    I fully sympithise with the whole medical MJ plight, and those who use it for comfort, but it really seems like a “be carefull what you wish for” senario.
    I just hope the DEA doesnt use the medical tag as it’s next weapon.
    I really believe norml, mmp, leap, should re evaluate their aproach and consider that they may very well be going in a worse dirrection then what is currently “the norm”.
    What good will medical mj be, if it is only for a select few and even then, those people have to beg for it.

  4. Does PA not know about the (OVER DUE) sweeping reform of marijuana laws? I have not heard a single thing from them.
    [Paul Armentano responds: There will be medical marijuana legislation reintroduced in Pennsylvania shortly. Please get involved with Philly NORML, who is spearheading this effort.]

  5. Connecticut and Hawaii will decriminalize this year. I am not worried about Montana repealing the MMJ law because i dont think the governer will sign it. He seems to support MMJ if i remeber right.

  6. Organizations and politicians that supports cannabis prohibition are increasingly loosing ground because of the internet. People knows what’s best for them.

  7. Any news on Kentucky?
    [Paul Armentano responds: From last week’s NORML media release:
    Kentucky: Lawmakers Pass Sweeping Sentencing Reform Measure, Reduce Pot Penalties
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    March 10, 2011 – Frankfort, KY, USA
    Frankfort, KY: Democrat Gov. Steve Beshear signed legislation into law last week that seeks to reduce the number of incarcerated nonviolent drug offenders.
    The bipartisan measure, House Bill 463, provides treatment-instead-of-incarceration options for defendants found guilty of possessing controlled substances. Supporters of the sentencing reform measure argue that the changes could reap $422 million in gross savings over the next decade.
    Specific to marijuana law enforcement, the measure reduces existing penalties regarding the adult possession of up to eight ounces of cannabis from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum of up to 45 days in jail. (Under present law, the offense is punishable by up to one-year in jail.) However, barring extenuating circumstances, most minor marijuana offenders will face probation in lieu of incarceration under the provisions of the new law.
    “This overhaul of Kentucky’s penal code is the result of a multi-year effort involving members of the executive, legislative and judicial branches,” said Gov. Beshear said in a prepared statement. “Over the last three years, we’ve made headway with aggressive efforts to bring common sense to Kentucky’s penal code, and our prison population has dropped each of the past three years. House Bill 463 helps us be tough on crime, while being smart on crime.”]

  8. If Montana debates the State HB 161 at the full chamber, politicians may actually hear the insanity of this bill and its costly destruction of innocent people.

  9. no mention of florida?
    [Paul Armentano responds: From the post, “For a listing of all of the pending marijuana law reform proposals that NORML is tracking, please visit NORML’s ‘Take Action Center’ here.” From NORML’s ‘Take Action Center’:
    Bill To Offer Legal Protection To Medical Marijuana Patients Introduced In Florida
    Urge Your Representative to Support HJR 1407]

  10. Don’t forget the initiative that has been filed in Washington State by Sensible Washington! Petitions are going out this weekend. Last year we had about 1000 volunteers and little cash. We were still able to get 180,000 of the 250,000 or so signaures required. This year we have 10X the volunteers, are much more organized, a majority of washingtonians are on our side, and we have more money now than we had the entire campaign last year. The people will be voting on it this year.
    Washington will be the first state to reject the madness!

  11. Today – I want to memorialize one of there greatest Genesists that has ever graced us with his presence on this earth. I’m talking about Uncle Don, aka “Stoney Mantis” from Butler County, Ohio Colony. Stoney was a “mediator” for more than forty years. It is not that he would have said it before his passing – he did say it before his passing – loud and clear. It’s my responsibility as his brethren to see that his words do not go unheard. It went like this:
    “Now! If one [does not] believe in the Source – Genesists respect every individual’s free choice. But! If one [does] believe in the Source – “The Spirit of God is within one’s self, and all things, at all times.” Saint Peter is more or less a doorman and bouncer. We practice self examination. We answer to our Source “within” our individual self – at all times. We bear witness to our individual souls. We direct our body’s life forces, examine our conscience, make atonement with our Source, and maintain “Equilibrium of the Soul.” In CDXX Communion – we judge our self and hold our self responsible for the results of our actions. We do this with our Sacrament. We must free our Sacrament from the prohibition that falsely imprisons it.”
    Rest in peace Stoney – we’ve got it handled for you.
    3141 – Brethren of the Genesist Faith.

  12. With the earthquakes, change in weather, nuclear meltdowns and overall statistics of inevitable global catastrophe, i hope the human species will survive long enough not only to see the end of ridiculous laws and policies but also a better way to live in general. A future based on science not unproven religion and religious/privately motivated based leaders. The end is nigh! How are you spending your time?

  13. Follow up
    “House Panel Approves Hinchey Provision Requesting Clarification from Obama Administration on Medical Marijuana Policy ”
    Hinchey Statement on Obama Administration’s New Medical Marijuana Policy
    Sunday, 18 October 2009 19:00
    This Obama administration is nothing but waste of time.
    Vote the bastards out, its time for Americans to clean house.

  14. Question:
    Is it an enigma hidden in plain sight?
    Are we looking at it – from the wrong angle?
    Are we looking at the photo and not the negative?
    Here’s the real question:
    Is it because My Evil Brother doesn’t want us to “gain control” – or – is it because he doesn’t want to “lose control.”
    Control [power] is more important to My Evil Brother than anything. His modus operandi is for We the People to truckle to his wishes, whims, and desires – no matter what they are!
    What are you going to do about it?

  15. O.K! – here we go! The feds have made an “outright declaration of war” on sovereign states and their sovereign laws. Forget that it’s about cannabis – it has nothing to do with cannabis. It’s all about government’s supremacy over sovereign states. It’s a “honest to God civil war” disguised as a war against cannabis. Same old shit – different day! We all wondered when it would happen – well! – it’s happened.
    To 23. 3141 Brethren of the Genesist Faith
    Well! Here is another question you didn’t ask – but – one more significant and important to us as red blooded American patriots. It’s that enigma hidden in plain sight you’ve recognized.
    “Do we still have our free choice?”
    Well! Only time will tell – but – I question its survival under the Obamanation Administration and its puppet master George Sclerosis. Yes! I am “outraged” at the unlawful death of our freedom. Yes! I am “ashamed” of those who refer to themselves as Americans, as they attempt to assassinate our freedom. Yes! Only time will tell – but – in the eleventh hour – I will still defend freedom against all enemies – and – ensure, with certainty, that their souls are delivered straight to hell – but – before I’m done with them – they will curse their mothers for giving birth to them – if they don’t already.

  16. Montana – The shot that was heard around the world!
    02.01.11 Justice Department Memo.
    All marijuana is illegal, and a “core priority” of the department is to disrupt and prosecute marijuana commerce. We will enforce the Control Substance Act vigorously against individuals and organizations that participate in manufacturing and distribution activity involving marijuana, EVEN IF SUCH ACTIVITIES ARE PERMITTED UNDER STATE LAW [emphasis added]. So! What does that sound like to you. Sounds like war to me. Sounds like the message they sent to California voters before we voted on Prop. 19. Keep close recon on the DOJ’s killer robots.

    “In Libya, the civilian population, which is demanding nothing more than the right to choose their own destiny, is in mortal danger,” he warned. “It is our duty to respond to their anguished appeal.”
    “The US would use its “unique capabilities” to reinforce the no-fly zone, said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, warning that further delays would put more civilians at risk. However, Mrs Clinton said again that the US would not deploy ground troops in Libya. ”
    Here in The Good Old USA Citizens are are brutally suppressed as civilians are rounded up for voting for Cannabis. The State Montana has seen the ugly side of bloated government.
    The right to choose our own destiny, if Obama wants a civil war.
    Free Cannabis

  18. We may be so deep into the poverty industrial complex that legalization is now impossible. Think of the police, prison guards, the judges, prosecutors and lawyers, the border war with Mexico and all the weapons it sells. No weed, no work for the huge anti-marijuana industry. Think of all those under cover narcs bravely buying from college students and the bloated prosecutor offices nationwide with their “task forces” and the largess of forfeiture. It seems futile to continue in the face of the economic realities

  19. Perfect example for legalization, our economy. When it is truly freed, any Joe Schmoe can grow and make flow. There will always be a demand, if the supply was provided by “every-man”. If we were allowed to grow in a greenhouse in our own backyard, marijuana would become cheaper, and a successful cash crop. Looking forward to all the good changes coming. Can’t wait until I move to the west coast next year! *fingers crossed*

  20. 28 Lefty McNugtoker
    Look deep into the “No Home Grow” legislation being pushed in all 50 states. Then too, read post 25. The DOJ is picking a fight [war]- and – by God they’ve found one in a very real enemy. There’s a few [more than a few] individuals on our side that have been chomping at the bit to get a piece of their ass – well! – the Doj has paid absolutely no attention to the “Beware of the Dog” sign – like they continually pay no attention to everything We the People say – so – now they must face “every man and their dog.”

  21. THE 420 INVASION
    National Hemp Day
    April 20, 2011 @ 4:20 p.m.
    There has never [in the history of our country] – nor will there ever [in the future of our country], be a more critical time to prove a point. That point is – We the People will not [under any circumstances whatsoever] allow those who have intent with malice of forethought to assassinate our Constitution. We will not [any longer] vacillate with our message. We will not participate in a protracted notion that these violators have our best interests in mind or at heart. We have copious reasons, all severe in nature, to take immediate and robust action to defend our freedom and its liberties. We have every reason not to allow the grass to grow under our feet [emphasis added].
    Based on the DOJ’s 02.01.11 Memorandum, and “attack” on the sovereign state of Montana” – our message has changed drastically – from – “are you going to vote yes or no on legalization?” – to now – “What are you doing about the DOJ’s attack on our sovereign state’s rights?” There can only be “one answer” – and – if we don’t get the “right answer,” immediate action will be to “indict any violator” as a “traitor to our country.” When our representatives support tyranny, the loss of our freedom means, we have nothing more to lose. Who can we turn to if our representatives run away? Let them wear their transgressions on the bosom of their souls.

  22. Now! It makes perfect sense why Michele Leonart was retained as the DEA’s enforcer. She will, with passion [without compassion], “enforce.”
    21 U.C.S. 903
    Adopted in 1970, the Controlled Substance Act (CSA) established a federal regulatory system designed to “Combat recreational drug abuse.” RECREATIONAL USE AND ABUSE. Just because medicinal use is not mentioned , doesn’t mean it doesn’t exists, and in fact, doesn’t meet the definition of recreation or abuse, therefore, does not fit the description of the Act. “Cannabis has current acceptable medical use and a low potential for abuse.” The Act, itself, requires marijuana – the whole plant material – be moved to schedule III. Congress has provided that “states are free to regulate in the area of controlled substances, including marijuana.” There’s nothing ambiguous about that – and – there’s no legal conflicting interest.
    The Justice Department’s actions are so odious and abhorrent – so ineffably repulsive – they imbue in Genesists a violent uncontrollable reaction. They have drawn “First Blood.” They – have declared war – and they have taken the first step over the line – they themselves have drawn.. So! The game has begun! God help us all.

  23. BarT – Genensis – Lake County, Tn. Colony
    Hey brother, can you help 32.B with some info?
    Have a great CDXX Communion.
    Manny – San Diego, Ca. Colony

  24. This is one of many human rights violations by our government, it is geographic discrimination, it should be legal for people who are suffering. As a war veteran, I have constant nightmares about war, cannabis helps me sleep without dreaming, it is the perfect medicine for PTSD. Yet you will go jail if you are not in the right state. The main reason for all military suicides is returning vets cannot assimilate back into our fractured culture, and its all because of government nut-jobs, news media glamourizing the drug war and demonizing innocent people, and Christian puritanism. You people should be ashamed.

  25. To all Genesists.
    To the Department of Justice.
    To whom it may concern.
    We declare a Conscience Clause – which “forbids us from obeying any law that prohibits the use of our Sacrament in the free exercise of our Faith.”

  26. Its have read severly coments and they make very good point. And i have learn there is a bad side just going for MEDICAL. The one thing that will help push ( C-S-L ) TO LEAGLITON Is for the moms protest in the street. I dont want my grand childern to be able and go after school to some one house and buy this drug. Just like we deed in the 60 and 70 and so on.

  27. Its have read severly coments and they make very good point. And i have learn there is a bad side just going for MEDICAL. The one thing that will help push ( C-S-L ) TO LEAGLITON Is for the moms protest in the street. I dont want my grand childern to be able and go after school to some one house and buy this drug. Just like we deed in the 60 and 70 and so on. Untill it is leaglis and control buy selling in a strick way. That we will be ablt to protect uour childern fro all the bad things that probition brins with it.

  28. NM Governor Susanna Martinez would have signed HB 593, repealing Medical MJ, had it come to her desk? But, but, she’s a tea partier! I was SURE they were for less govt instrusion?!?!! How can this be?

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