NORML@40: Playboy and the $5,000 Decision

NORMLtv is pleased to announce that the second installment of ‘NORML@40’ is now available for your viewing pleasure. This retrospective video collection documents the trials, tribulations, and accomplishments of America’s marijuana consumer lobby from those who kept the movement going for the past four decades.
In this episode, founder and legal counsel Keith Stroup recounts how he came to acquire some of NORML’s earliest funding from an unlikely source, Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Foundation.

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40 thoughts

  1. Thank you for sharing your very important career decision Kieth!
    I’m sure millions of Americans are beyond grateful of your decision to spear head NORML. I know I am!
    Without NORML, the amazing people working long and hard for NORML and the supporters behind NORML, we would never have gotten anywhere near this far.
    Again, thanks to everyone working long and hard for NORML and our basic Human Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!
    And for all the supporters, lets give ourselves a big pat on the back!
    Glen R. Barnstable

  2. “Keith Stroup recounts how he came to acquire some of NORML’s earliest funding from an unlikely source, Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Foundation.”
    Playboy seems like a very likely source of funding. Even more likely Hustler.

  3. I wonder why Playboy isn’t listed on the business sponsors page.. $5K (especially at the time is was given) should more than qualify it.

  4. Thank you Keith
    I remain committed in this war
    When I can throw the yoke of big government off my neck
    Then may I become a citizen a free man who decides MY fate

  5. High All,
    Congratulations on the 40 years – it’s been a long hard road.
    In Australia we started a NORML in the early ’80s so we are celebrating our 30th, even though we had a 10 year break because we never achieved the professional status that the US NORML achieved and maintained.
    But we are going again with a renewed campaign to get the law changed and we feel that the time is right this time around so wish us luck.
    Thanks again for being champions of the Cause.

  6. Oh and of course our thanks go out to Mr Heffner as well . . .
    We had no such luck financially and had to fund our campaign a lot from ‘Thai Maple’ tree sales and ‘Proceeds of Fun’ . . .

  7. 16,17 Brethren of the Genesist Faith – Australia
    Genesists around the world are with you and stand by your side. Keep the Faith.
    Have a great CDXX Communion

  8. NORML will be forever a part of American history and the story of Cannabis in America. The struggle is long from over. America is a better place because of NORML and all of the reform groups. One day we will change this law. I will always support your efforts. Thanks for all that you do.

  9. Having a hard time hearing Keith on this one. Introduction music is loud & clear but his voice is WAY down. Thank you.

  10. Kieth is a good guy, he actually spoke to me personally when I was busted growing. He gave me a lot of advice. The power of the movement is a great thing. I do know that if something rediculous ever happen agains like that, there are people out there who believe in our culture and have a certain moral sence of right and wrong that will help me if I ever need it. And because of that I would always help another person in a similar situation if i were in a positiin to help. The fact that people like keith are here to help for free proves that what we believe in is a real thing. Fear of the unknown is a dangerous thing, cost many people many years of their lives, some people their lives I’m sure. This bullshit has to stop, people need to realize wtf is going on and get angry

  11. Some good news…
    British officials declare defeat on war on drugs
    British MPs and members of the House of Lord formed the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy Reform. The group is pushing for the crafting of new policies on drugs based on scientific evidence.
    War on drugs has failed, say former heads of MI5, CPS and BBC
    The “war on drugs” has failed and should be abandoned in favour of evidence-based policies that treat addiction as a health problem, according to prominent public figures including former heads of MI5 and the Crown Prosecution Service.
    About 1 year and a half remaining of Obama

  12. Now remember that COPS! Everytime you jack off to a playboy model, do so with the knowledge that they stand AGAINST YOU.

  13. I was a junior attending Milford High School when NORML was founded and little did I know 40 years later the issue of legalization of MJ is still going on. Wow that’s a long time and I just salute NORML for all their efforts to end this ridiculous failed 40 year war on drugs.
    If anyone is reading this that has the funds, please think about donating 50k to get Dana Beal out of jail in Wisconsin. With the WorldWide Marijuana March just around the corner (May 7, 2011) it’s important to have Dana the founder of the WWMM available for media interviews and all it takes is 50k which is his bond money to get him out of his jail cell and working on his causes. Free Dana and then let’s work on freeing all our other political prisoners that are sitting in our for-profit-prisons in this country.

    NEWARK NJ— America is losing the war on drugs, and, according to experts, the legal system must rethink how it deals with drug offenders.
    “If you lock up a person for selling drugs, you don’t stop drugs from being sold,” said Todd Clear, Dean of Rutgers’ School of Criminal Justice. “You’re creating a job opening for someone else selling drugs.”
    A group of academics, experts and law enforcement personnel from around the world convened at Newark’s Bethany Baptist Church today to discuss the future of U.S. drug policy. Better treatment, the elimination of mandatory drug sentences and legalization were among the ideas advocated.
    “Law enforcement only focuses on supply,” said Newark Police Director Garry McCarthy. “Law enforcement does not focus on demand.”
    Throughout the day, researchers and experts from the United States, Canada, England and Portugal described new approaches to drug treatment and law enforcement that they say are proving more effective than stringent sentencing that has characterized the approach to drug enforcement since the 1970’s
    “We’ve been on a punishment binge,” said Bruce Stout, associate professor of criminology at The College of New Jersey. “We need to reform our sentencing laws so that prison is reserved for those who need it.”
    He said that since presumptive sentencing — a precursor to mandatory minimums — was introduced in 1979, the population of Americans behind bars has quadrupled. Stout also said the budget for the state’s Department of Corrections went from $67 million in 1979 to $1.3 billion in 2000.
    Carl Hart, a psychiatry professor at Columbia University, said that drug use has been over-stigmatized. He studies the clinical effects of drugs and said many users, far from needing incarceration, don’t even require treatment.
    “The vast majority of people who use crack cocaine don’t have a problem,” Hart said. “Just like the vast majority of people who use alcohol don’t have a problem.”

  15. There are still more challenges ahead. The late former president Nixon gave federal government permission to do all they can to show hatred towards pot smokers who questioned his policies.
    The cold war against cannabis and the creative free minded counter-culture still exist in the United States.

  16. The cold war on cannabis still exist because of Tricky Dicky’s “Controlled Substance Act of 1970”.
    Was it really about drugs?

  17. 33. Joel: the other Joel.
    Yup! it was all about drugs. More so about heroin and LSD. But – it was also about a person who’s head wasn’t wired quite right. I am sorry for talking about the dead like this – but – “The truth is the truth.”

  18. My Dear Sweet Friends, I am the pastor of the Universal Church In Search Of Christ, Inc. in Chicago. We are a 501c3 Not-for-Profit charitable organization working to establish the kingdom of heaven on Earth. Our’s is probably the only church in the U.S. or the world totally and completely fund by the distribution of marijuana. Recently a criminal complaint against me for “possession with intent” was dismissed.

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