National Marijuana Law Reform Conference To Be Held In Denver Announces Line-Up: Montel Williams and Ziggy Marley To Be Featured

Just Announced — Next week’s National NORML Conference in Denver will feature: TV personality and medical cannabis patient Montel Williams (hosting a Denver mayoral debate sponsored by NORML)
Musical performance from reggae music legend Ziggy Marley

Opening remarks reflecting on NORML’s forty years of law reform advocacy from public interest lawyer and founder Keith Stroup; Closing remarks in a rare public appearance from legendary marijuana researcher and author Lester Grinspoon, M.D.
The 40th annual conference of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana  Laws (NORML) is going to convene next Thursday, April 21 – Saturday, 23 at the Grand Hyatt in Denver, Colorado.
The theme for this year’s annual conference is Coming of Age: Cannabis and Commerce. A complete conference agenda and speakers’ bios are now online.
Why Colorado?
Colorado has emerged as the geographic center of legal medical cannabis in America—the state has licensed hundreds of medical cannabis dispensaries, cultivation centers and medical edible manufacturers thereby creating the legislative impetus recently for the state to further adopt laws that regulate, tax and control the cultivation, sale and use of medical cannabis.
U.S. Representative Jared Polis (D-CO), the conference’s keynote speaker, who publicly endorses legalizing cannabis for responsible adult use and regulated sales, will articulate this point.
His public remarks are in advance of anticipated federal legislation to be introduced in this session of Congress to have the federal government acknowledge the failure of 75 years of Cannabis Prohibition and that the states—like his state of Colorado—can craft functional policy alternatives to prohibition laws that don’t compromise public safety, collect needed (and otherwise uncollected) tax revenue and licensing fees; respecting both the public’s will for reform and the Constitution.
Millions of dollars of taxes and fees have already been collected by the state of Colorado, future state budgets now include the anticipated revenues and state bureaucracies are being created for (and funded by) these cannabis-related businesses.
Cannabis commerce has come of age during the country’s longest and steepest recession, Colorado is at the center of this public discussion and positive changes in laws. The nation’s leading cannabis law reformers, researchers, legal advocates and cannabusiness owners will all be front and center at NORML’s 40th annual conference.
Register Now, Seats Going Fast
The host hotel’s rooms are already sold out. All of the conference vending and sponsorship opportunities have also been snatched up as well! However, there are still some registration tickets available (including day passes). Please register now to insure a spot at the most important cannabis law reform conference in years.
Please register now before both 1.) the conference registrations and NORML socials tickets sell out and 2.) pricing increases next week for those attendees who don’t pre-register online or by calling 202-483-5500.
Hope to see you and yours…one mile high next week on Colorado’s front range!

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  1. i truly hope legislation is coming to the congress to get rid of the phohibiton of marijuana, let me know how i can help in any way

    APRIL 20, 2011 @ 4:20 p.m.
    Having been adjudged and found guilty for “Crimes Against Humanity” by We The People – prohibitionists shall now receive We the People’s Verdict, the punishment for the results of their actions, the consequences of their unconstitutional deeds. So then – because prohibitionists have denied us our freedom and its liberties, for the crimes they have committed against us – and all of humanity.
    To: Prohibitionists and their agents.
    From: We the Free Genesist People of the United States of America.
    Genesists do God’s work! – who do the prohibitionists work for? Although our ears and minds are always open to words and acts prohibiting of our Sacrament, our voice is now louder and stronger than yours. Because we are of a number greater than yours, and louder than yours, your words are deafened in our ears – i.e. “We don’t listen to you anymore – keep talking to the hand.” We have become indifferent to you, we reject you in the Court of We the People. Hence forward – you will wear your shame on the bosom of your soul. This will be your punishment for acts denying us our Sacrament and our freedom. May God have mercy on your miserable souls.

  3. I hope everyone there enjoys it and learns something.
    I wish I could be there but will be in spirit!

  4. Can we read the federal legislation that is to be introduced in this session of Congress online somewhere? I think many of us would be very interested to find out what it says! It’s unbelievable that after 75 years of failure our Federal Govt has continued prohibition against all that I believe to be the American way; particularly considering the reasons it was made illegal in the first place.

  5. Montana Genesist Colonies
    Congratulations brethren! You’ve been blessed with a “courageous Governor.” Perhaps he protects Montana’s state sovereignty. “The enemy of prohibition” has openly revealed itself – it’s raised its ugly head. The enemy will come up for re-election and [then] they will recognize the results of their actions – “consequence.”
    3141 Genesist colonies celebrate the wisdom and the leadership of the State of Montana.
    Have a great CDXX Communion

  6. My apologies for speaking just a little off-topic and my apologies if someone has already suggested this, but I’m curious if someone could write a news commentary regarding the executive order by the evil, sinister, patently unethical Floridian governor Rick Scott (who bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Burns of the Simpsons) to mandate random suspicionless drug testing of all state employees, regardless of position. While the testing is for drugs in general, we know the proverbial truth it will really only discriminate against one class of person: marijuana smokers.
    I work for a state agency for the past five years. I’m one of the top performers in my office and have received accolades for good performance. I almost never take a day off of work and hardly ever miss a day for sickness or arrive tardy. My only sin is I prefer a little weed at night instead of beer. My position is not safety-sensitive or special-risk, so I am afforded protection by the constitution against unreasonable searches of my bodily fluids without reasonable suspicion. But unless an injunction is granted by a judge, soon, my rights may soon be snuffed out. I’m not panicking but I’m nervous.

  7. Well as long as you can get the pro probation folks to go and take part. You are just preaching to the chore

  8. @16 – People often speak off topic on this site. No biggie.
    Rick Scott is a real dirtbag for mandating this drug testing. Citizens who believe in ethical behavior and the United States Constitution should rightly be outraged. He needs to go the way of the dinosaur that he is! Him and others like him!

  9. Florida is one of the worst states for pot smokers to live in. Shit, I know a guy who is so fucking paranoid that when I came out of the closet and became an activist, he not only quit smoking, he quit talking to me.

  10. The problem I have with legalization is “the greed” I see the price is a copy of the black market.If the criminal element is to be a distant memory, price the product much lower.Regulate,tax it,etc.Just make it affordable to the masses.

  11. Take heed that many shall be decieved in those days ( by Pharma ) and that many will come in the name of ” pro – Marijuana ” but are just the opposite & shall decieve many . Take warning that they will lie, spell terribly to fool & trick the masses & do many things to decieve you .Masses of people are being killed throughout the World in the name of the prohibitionists which is really Satan in disguise .
    Satan the Devil, the serpent of old and that great dragon ( Revelation 12:9 20:2 ) has been out to devour & eliminate humanity .

    Potimism-[pot-uh-miz-uhm]- noun
    . The belief that marijuana will become legal no matter how unlikely it seems and there are positive ways around the excuses people give saying it can’t be legal.

  13. While we are talking, and talking, and getting blue in the face from our words falling on deaf ears – the feds have “declared real war,” and doubled up their efforts to annihilate cannabis and its users. Ya! – I used the correct word – “annihilate.” Prohibitionists don’t give a tinker’s damn if we live or die. In fact – they prefer we did stop inhaling [air] – it would make their task so much easier. We the People do not take this kind of a threat easily or kindly. Being a Taurus myself, I can say this – “When you play with the bull – you get the horn!”

  14. I love Versativa is so healthy and I make money while being involved in a big movement! We need to go back to what our Founding Fathers thought was important and they knew the value of hemp.

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