Poll: Eighty Five Percent Of Grandparents Favor Marijuana Legalization

85% of Grandparent Respondents Favor Marijuana Legalization, According to GRAND Magazine Reader Poll
Online Magazine for Grandparents Releases Response Results to Op-Ed Question Posed in its March/April Issue

St. Petersburg, FL. (PRWEB) May 26, 2011
Attitudes about the criminalization of marijuana may be changing among the elders of our society, as the more than 70 million of the baby boomer generation, one to widely experiment with recreational drug use, have and will become grandparents.
GRAND Magazine, the online magazine for today’s grandparents, released today results from their poll question which appeared in the March/April issue. It asked readers if it was time to legalize marijuana. 85% responded that they agreed it was.
The reader respondents who are pot proponents argued in their responses that it is hypocritical to outlaw pot when cigarettes, alcohol and fat-laden foods are legal but account for so many health issues among our population. They point out that marijuana is used to treat medical symptoms such as pain and nausea, and that in some states it is legal for shops to dispense medical marijuana. The billions that are spent in the U.S. on policing and courts related to this issue could be spent on better schools or infrastructure.
Grandparents who are part of the baby boomer generation (those born from 1946 to 1964)(1) have a unique perspective on marijuana, having come of age during a time when pot use became mainstream. 21st century grandparents are a group with a significant influence on the country’s youth as they are the primary caregivers for more than 6 million children(2). In fact, approximately 75 percent of all non-parental care of children is provided by a grandparent(3), representing a large shift in family dynamics. Now it seems that as they guide and influence new generations, they view marijuana use increasingly as a harmless indulgence rather than a gateway to a lifetime of drug abuse.
Among the reader response comments were:
“I am a grandparent strongly in favor of decriminalization. I would much rather my grandkids smoke pot than use cigarettes or alcohol. I expect I will need cannabis for my health soon and don’t want (it) to be illegal. The whole charade needs to stop; we are blowing far too much money on the drug war and have no positive results to show for it. The whole approach is counterproductive,” said D.W., Guysville, OH.
“I am a grandparent of a 17 year-old granddaughter who has been struggling with drug addiction since she was 14 years old. I believe that marijuana is a gateway drug and it has always been her reluctance to give up pot that has brought her back again and again to more dangerous drugs. I understand that the same arguments that have been used for years with the responsible adult consumption of alcohol apply to responsible adult use of pot. … I would vote against legal sale of marijuana…,” said A.C.
To read additional reader responses, click here (http://www.grandmagazine.com/article.asp?id=485)
The link to the page in the GRAND magazine March/April online edition op-ed reader poll that asks, ‘Is it time to legalize marijuana?’ is: http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/grand/20110304_v3/index.php#/51/OnePage
GRAND Magazine
GRAND magazine is an online bi-monthly magazine that serves the more than 70 million U.S. grandparent market. It is delivered exclusively in digital format. It is published by GRAND Media, LLC, which was established in 2004. For more information about GRAND magazine visit: http://www.GRANDmagazine.com.
1. U.S. Census Bureau
2. American Community Survey, 2007, U.S. Census Bureau
3. State Fact Sheet for Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children, 2007, AARP Foundation, Brookdale Foundation Group, Casey Family Programs, Child Welfare League of America, Children’s Defense Fund, and Generations United
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  1. http://www.tokeofthetown.com/TheOneHittersSummerSoftballTeamPhotos0608%20sized.jpg
    Once again, the softball team representing the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) has backed out of playing a softball game against the One Hitters, a team consisting of members of several drug policy reform organizations and others who want to end the “War On Drugs.”

  2. The whole problem is that government policy is not based on what is preferred by or beneficial to the majority of the people. The government doesn’t give a damn what 85% of grandparents, or 85% of the populace for that matter, favor.
    Which raises the question, then, whose interests are they serving???

  3. 52. Anonymous
    “The government doesn’t give a damn what 85% of grandparents favor.”
    And grandparents don’t give a damn about what those little piss ants in Washington favor. So! All I’ve got to say as a “great grand parent” is – “Go to your room – and – when you can act like an American – you can come out and play!”

  4. As a grand parent and MMJ patient this is a no brainer. I worry that my grandkids will fall into the “trap” that is waiting for them. It makes it difficult to talk to them while it’s illegal due to DARE and the secret police roaming this land. I too have a 18 year old granddaughter that has had issues with other harmful drugs but I blame the laws that keep weed in with all the other harder drugs. I also blame programs like DARE and LE grants that make cannabis a budget tool and not a public safety tool. And I blame every politician that ever muttered the words “what about the children?” whom I will never vote for including Barry the liar. All drugs need to be legalized and controled properly. Without those controls you get what you get.

  5. Holy Smokes. Carrots are a gateway drug to. How many people ate carrots before they tried coffee and then the dreaded MJ. Remember “this stuff will kill you.” Oh Yeah, I don’t see hospital rooms full of people dying from smoking pot. Anyone else have that “problem” in their area. Seems to me, NO. They are losing the prohibition battle. Time for the old farts to tell the nations leaders “enough” “this is BS and needs to stop.” Take back Liberty.
    The Rev.sLeezy

  6. Gram’ma and Gram’pa
    Ya! I used to get a haircut every two weeks – but – now it’s close on the sides with #5, and close side burns. Ya! When you go from service for 12 + to service for 1 – you’re eating at a table for one, at your favorite restaurant. Ya! If you’ve made it this far – God has blessed you. God has blessed you with children so that you may be comforted in you twi -light years.
    The “Twi-light Years” – will remain free! Gram’ma and Gram’pa get their bud from their kid – who gets it from their kid – who grows it. In an emergency Gram’pa gets it from an old Viet Nam buddy who lives in the boonies. Her’s the thing…nobody knows this except for their kids and grand kids – and – friends and relatives – who do the same – “Pass it around.” If this very well hidden – intimate use – “Loose lips sinks ships” – gang of Gram’mas and Gram’pas ever come out from their hiding [safe 15% closet] and joins to preserve and protect our freedom – “No one wants to tell Gram’ma and Gram’pa what to do – especially prohibitionists, or obstructionists. All they’ll get is a “Fuck you very much” – and – a chuckle from Gram’ma and Gram’pa.

  7. We the people want marihuana legal and when you get 65+, you really don’t give a damn what the goverment says. Are they going to put us in jail? They will have to take care of you. But if Kasick of Ohio takes care of you in his private prisons, we will be up shit creek!!!!Just make it legal you bunch of goofs

  8. AS A CANDID AUDIENCE – Genesists mandate “Scientific Conclusion” [including the whole plant material defined]. We demand to see “all” scientific evidence – derived from “all” scientific research – presented by “all” scientific sources. “THE TRUTH IS IN THE SCIENCE.” APPROPRIATELY – We the People will no longer allow government to perpetrate its “criminal act” of manipulating science for political purpose – a procedure they have become extremely proficient at.

  9. where are you on this day, in the moment, do you wonder about Eternity
    I wonder about Eric Holder, the AG of these United States Of America, The World Commission has come down on your head, yet you dismiss the findings, I wonder
    What compels you Eric Holder, to continue this insanity, is it all the money from illegal business, where do you smell Justice, please post freely ,

  10. @42
    I lived in NM when he was governor. I know all about him Charles. I met him several times before while hunting, fishing and camping. I already sent him some cash to help him get elected.
    To bad he was not invited to the NH debate coming up.

  11. 85% of grand parents have been arrested or have had family members or friends thrown in jail for Cannabis. It is much easier to stand up and express your true feelings when you no longer have to submit to work place urinalysis or the loss of your ability to survive for stating your views.

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