Wired Magazine: Check the Map. Are You Paying Too Much For Your Marijuana?

The September issue of Wired Magazine, working with FloatingSheep, has published a non-peer reviewed report and heat map of the United States demonstrating the current cost to purchase one ounce of cannabis, along with some interesting analysis regarding the disconnect between cannabis prices and state penalties.

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  1. In a modern botanical context, manna is often used to refer to the secretions of various plants, especially of certain shrubs and trees

  2. To all of faith:
    In any context one chooses to use – “Manna [cannabis] is a Sacrament” of the Genesist Faith – used in CDXX Communion – and – is protected by the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment of the Constitution – and – “The free exercise thereof.” To anyone who has an objection to this – “Tell it to God.” Remember when God said “Do not touch the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” – well – He is also saying “Don’t prohibit my Sacrament.”

  3. To all 3,141 Genesist Colonies in the United States.
    I can tell you this in confidence – “I would hate to be a prohib when cannabis is legalized.” They won’t be able to lift their heads from their disgrace – and – that will be the least of their problems.

  4. Has anyone heard what’s going on in Kern County. We had a Collective close in the city of Rosamonnd on the eighth, and I haven’t confirmed whether the 2nd Collective there has been forcefully closed as well. But as soon as I do in 24 hours, I will post, if no one else knows?
    Hey Roadrunner, meep meep, I’ve got plenty of road runners out here for real, one of my favorite desert creatures, however we got those coyotes too, but they can never catch much other than road kill.
    PEACE !!!! I accept your apology although you need not require one, its I who had acted out of line, so please, I insist please accept my apology! Mon Ami!

  5. 54. Robert
    Bull shit! on this apology stuff. Now let’s go kick some prohib ass. “I will hold your hand in hell.” I still think you’re a Genesist and don’t realize it. Semper Fi.
    P.S. I understand that Kaiser is now asking their patients if they use recreational drugs when they go to get a blood test. Hmmmmmmmmmm!

  6. 55.
    I agree, lets use our members teamwork to kick some prohibs ass.
    I have only been asked a couple of times by my doctors, of which I have to see 3 different one’s for my disabilities,when they asked what medication I took. I told them straightforward, I use Cannabis for a variety of my disabling conditions. To my surprise, the response I got back from them was “Good for You”. As to many persons who need the miracle medicine cannabis is, are to afraid it will present a problem between either them, & their doctors, or company, or even health insurance carrier. Yet the tide seems to of changed in the last few years on this subject of Dr’s. asking about using recreational drugs. Thankfully I don’t have Kaiser. Or I would tell them well first I use sugar on ocassion, to me that is a drug, as I am a type I Diabetic, I drink coffee on ocassion which can be construed as a drug in some eyes. Yet its good to hear doctors today beginning to realize the implications of the grace of cannabis use & healing. Years ago it was typical for a Dr. who didn’t believe in the use of cannabis, would at times refuse to dispense other necessary medications if one didn’t promise to stop using cannabis. I also point out to these Dr’s, who frown on even prescribing Marinol, that I usually vaporize my meds, and at times cook using cannabis & cannabis butter. It may be just the doctors I’m using, which I don’t think is the case. It feels as if the tide is changing, no doubt. I do believe in 2012 legalization will pass! It came so close last year to passing. Yet anything involving the government frightens me, as to what they would use their power to do with the laws regarding cannabis use for patients who need it. Would they tax the crap out of it, to make it prohibitive, it would definitely strengthen a black market I would think. Yet, its already clear the CA. DA. wants to do away with all dispensaries & Collectives, *esp. when he was bad mouthing Los Angeles County as our ex-District Attorney, who began to close shop after shop during his last year of his tenure in L.A. So what do you think will become of the quality & costs of cannabis medicinal use if the government takes away the rights of collectives & dispensaries to exist? Is that how you see it or have heard about legalization effects? I know self-sufficiency is the way to go any time one can. So would legalization lower the cost and quality of our meds, i.e., hyrdroponic & organic grown cannabis? What’s is your vision on this? I just have a almost paranoid feeling when I entrust the Government to do anything for or against me. Or whenever they say they are going to do something good for the public, it often winds up as much problematic as it is feasibly workable. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm???? Anyone want to weigh in on this, please?

  7. I’m up in Canada and the laws were super lax until recently. Our government has changed now we have a majority conservative government and they are dishing out 10 year minimum sentences for grow-ops with 100 plants or more. Seems a little excessive to me! Especially when the attitudes are changing and more people are using Vaporizers instead of smoking.

  8. Sorry guys, but here in California I can buy weed at one of 10 different dispensaries in my neighbourhood. And when I walk in there I can choose from 10 to 15 different strains… with a zip costing anywhere from $90 to $400 … Insane yes. But this is the way it needs to be everywhere. Oh, and we vape, we don’t smoke. Smoking is bad, it makes your eyes red and your voice hoarse. Get a vaporizer if you want to do it right. Doesn’t cause cancer this way.

  9. The Liberal government of Canada recently had a national meeting and voted 2 things on their agenda of things to do in the next 4 years. One of them was legalize Marijuana!

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