This Week in Weed: August 28th – September 3rd

This Week in WeedNow streaming on NORMLtv is the latest edition of “This Week in Weed.” This new weekly video series covers the most newsworthy stories shaping the marijuana law reform world. This week a new study is released on cannabis use and obesity, Arkansas lowers marijuana penalties, and the DEA continues to reject proposals to grow cannabis for research purposes.
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  1. Hey guys I was wondering how thing are going in mo about now mail me back with some info I would like to try and join a chapter

  2. I am a medical marijuana patient and a fit individual, despite my severe arthritis and muscle spasms. I am able to bicycle and row 100 miles per week because of this amazing medication. So marijuana has definitely helped me to be at a good weight, and not obese.
    As far as the psychoactive aspect of marijuana on the mind, it allows an athlete to really focus on the task, and allow their mind to expand somewhere else to ignore the pain. It is no secret that many great athletes, such as in snowboarding, are high on marijuana. As so are many really good video gamers high. So if marijuana was so intoxicating, why wouldn’t these people be failing? Basically, the experienced marijuana user/patient can definitively use marijuana to improve any task, such as doing things to stay fit, even with significant injury.

  3. “The prevalence of obesity was significantly lower in cannabis users than non-users,” researchers reported. They added, “the proportion of obese participants decreased with the frequency of cannabis use.”
    Hey, wait, I thought the cannabis users were raiding the pizza shop! Uh, duh!

  4. Which one would you take,”marijuana ? and have a good,relaxing mind and body which also has many benefits? or those pills they advertise with many side-effects on tv which are legal and dangerous or deadly? the really bad dealer of drugs are the pharmacies. Besides cannabis is grown. Can you grow a pill? the ignorance of prohibition is the real danger and must be abolished.

  5. These prohibitionist policies make me upset! I can imagine a future where nurses dispense medicalized cannabis in inhalers (or spray form) to all cancer patients going through treatment. No one dies from pot so how could we not even at least TRY?!? “They” always complain of the [non-plausible?] claim that smoking isn’t medicine, but imagine the technology we’ll have to dispense cannabis (ever seen a magic flight launch box vaporizer… that’s gotta just the beginning… the future looks bright and green!)

  6. Stoner moment: Imagine this video shot — The camera fades in to Michelle Leonhart (Head of DEA) with the music “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith. She appears sitting in a chair…no throne…with black shades on and a blunt in her mouth. As the camera pans out, to her side appear dozens of DEA agents in uniform with a wall of 1000s of pounds of marijuana behind them.
    That’s what’s I imagine is happening at the DEA right now, haha!

  7. cool, now we have to watch a video if we want news on cannabis too. thanks for dumbing us down, norml. as if we dont get enough of that

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