This Week in Weed: September 4th – 11th

Now streaming on NORMLtv is the latest edition of “This Week in Weed.” This new weekly video series covers the most newsworthy stories shaping the marijuana law reform world. This week researchers look into cannabis’ ability to protect the brain during alcohol withdraw, a former Clinton staffer endorses marijuana legalization and a city in Michigan will soon be voting on making marijuana possession the lowest enforcement priority.
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  1. Just a thought!
    To think that the Federal Gov. as a hole would give serious thought to the cannabis lobby without the Heads of the World doing something on a grand scale,is getting to be the norm. Ignoring the Potheads in hope’s that we’ll go away. Well I for one am one of the flower children of the 60’s who fears termination from my job, so no longer can I sit down and toke with my friends and relax and have a painless high,my high’s come from beer and wine,which everyone knows is usually accompanied by hangover’ or headaches.
    Truth is,I don’t have to drink,I would much rather smoke a doobie,but as we all know,the Federal Gov has chosen prohibition and incarceration over free will.
    I’m probably not the first one to suggest a boycott on such a scale,but if all the heads Globally and our sympathysers were to avoid purchasing alcohol for a week or two,don’t you think it might just expose the real size and scope of the cannabis community.
    I really miss the good feelin that a buzz affords,and quite honestly alcohol is taking a toll on my 60 year old body,honestly!

  2. Did you catch the statement from the President’s message on TV Thursday night? Corporations are the true owners of our Country, he declared. If that’s the case then you can forget reasoning through prohibition. They want you sober 100% at work and at home. Mean while you’ll hear that they can get high anytime they want cause they never take a drug test as business owners! If your not a business owner, prohibition might get the best of you over a long period of time. Get a successful business now!

  3. Hey Norml– off topic but when you post the news stories at the bottom of the page can you start printing the whole link for the original article instead of just linking to the site where you found it? It’s a little annoying to keep coming back here to check article titles….

  4. No. 6 This is exactly one of many reasons that i can relate to your situation. This is not living the American Dream,after all where’s the prosperity in it? or our freedoms that belong to WE the PEOPLE?

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  6. either make mj legal..stop all random drugtest for thc or find me a legal k2 anymore..just like weed..where is my freedom? No wonder people want to destroy america. I want to smoke weed on my damage to anyone else..just want to get a buzz..alcohol is for losers!!

  7. When is NORML’s new website coming?
    [Editor’s note: The anticipated date for the new NORML webpage launch is October 1st!]

  8. I haven’t seen any mention on this site of the new marijuana laws in Ohio that will be in effect on 10/17/11.
    One is that cultivation of between 200 grams and 1,000 grams will now be offered the affirmative defense being grown solely for personal use, which significantly downgrades the offense from a F5 to an M4 (no more than 30 days and a $250 fine). I wonder if this is in direct response to a call for medical marijuana legalization.
    Another change, unfortunately, is that there will be more severe mandatory penalties for trafficking 20,000 grams or more.
    (Revised Code 2925.03 and 2925.04)

  9. saliva testing….is their any new updates or testing parameters paul? thanks to all the norml folks for continuing the fight for cannabis freedom….someone hit that vap for me please?……
    [Paul Armentano responds: Oral fluid testing detects the presence of active parent drugs in saliva. Typically, however, such tests are not particularly sensitive to THC — as a side effect of cannabis inhalation is dry mouth. Thus, sufficient quantities of THC are seldom found in saliva in a quantity that will trigger a positive result. This is why NHTSA, for example, does not consider saliva testing to be “reliable enough in order to be recommended for roadside screening of drivers.”]

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