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Do you believe the drug war is doing more harm than good? Are you outraged that the US government still won’t recognize the medical benefits of marijuana?  Whether you’re an expert on drug policy or a newcomer, your voice should be heard at this year’s International Drug Policy Reform Conference from November 2-6 at the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles, California.

You’ll join city, state, and federal elected officials, health care professionals, students, grassroots activists, people in recovery as well as active drug users, treatment providers and more — all working to change this country’s drug policies so that they reflect the principles of health, justice, compassion and human rights.
Do you believe an end to marijuana prohibition is possible at a national level, or will it always remain a state-by-state issue? At the ‘State of the Movement: Marijuana Legalization’ spotlight session, results from the most extensive marijuana reform public opinion research ever conducted will be shared. Explore what these results will mean for 2012, and how soon you can expect to see legislative issues like decriminalization and medical marijuana spring up in your state if they haven’t already.
Come learn how to effectively campaign for an end to costly and racist marijuana arrests in the US. In the ‘Marijuana Policing: Targeting Urban Youth’ panel, we’ll dissect the reasons why urban police departments nationwide employ practices such as ‘stop and frisk,’ especially amongst the young and nonwhite population. Permanent drug records, social marginalization, and intense street-level scrutiny will only continue to escalate if we don’t bring an end to the drug war.
Don’t miss your best opportunity to participate in cutting-edge drug policy debates and meet the people who could be your future partners in reform efforts! Register to attend the Reform Conference by September 16th to receive the Early Bird discount and save $100 off conference rates!

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  1. The reasons that marijuana and hemp remain illegal are that this policy serves the best interests of brewers & distillers, pharmaceutical companies, cotton growers, the private prison industry, and synthetic materials manufacturers . . . otherwise known as the corporate elite. This is an absolutely disgusting, reacdtionary policy, which has proven for decades that it is also a failed policy. But, hey, you gotta take care of international corporate giants, regardless of how this impacts the lives of people everywhere. Pathetic.
    [Paul Armentano responds: While it may be convenient to blame behind-the-scenes special interests — such as those you have named (though you left out arguably the most influential interest, law enforcement) — for the maintenance of marijuana prohibition, the bottom line is that criminalization remains today largely because not enough like-minded people have sought to take part in their own liberation by demanding an end to this failed public policy — either by effectively and consistently lobbying their elected officials, or by joining NORML or other like-minded organizations, or both.]

  2. It’s a flowered plant. With many benefits and the only negatives are derived from old scare-tactics and pointless federal laws. It’s time for our government to grow up and stop feeding lies into a population that knows the truth about marijuana. Harmless. Helpful.

  3. We’re all going to be dead in less than 150s (at least everyone we know), what the hell is wrong with all these drug warriors? THEY’LL ALL BE DEAD, and we’re worried about arresting someone for consuming a WEED??? Pleaseee, I don’t need your moral bullshit. I’m gonna live my life the way I want. Stupid idiots!

  4. lol you cant smell a meth lab right outside a guys car like you can a dime of weed. which is probably what they are covering up. we all know it smells, but that doesnt mean that they have a right to prohibit its use.
    i said it, bob saget said it: pots not a drug.
    drugs are things you get addicted to or have a potential to overdose on. YOU CANT OVERDOSE ON MARIJUANA. even bob marley smokin 80 grams of weed a day near time of his death isnt what killed him. ive never looked into why he actually died, but i know it wasnt from weed. solely because if he did, it would fo been a meda frenzy about how they got proof that it kills people.
    but they dont want to admit the truth, they even have a guy whos job description includes lying about all schedule 1 drugs. HR 2306 i do believe just removes it from being a schedule 1 substance.
    but everything on that list is extremely modified in some way(like in a LAB)
    zOMG why do you people get me started on this.
    Even with eyes redder then the “devils dick” i could out talk politicians about weed.
    like someone i know once told me, when you know your right about something you can talk about it no matter what condition your in*which was said after they told me ALOT of “technical” stuff moments after finishing quite a few bowls.
    should also bring up the people that use hash for their violent autistic child. which the parents even said they dont have to give it to him as much now, not even daily which goes to prove again that if a 9 year old autistic boy could get on hash and use it regularly for quite some time, then stop using it regularly so that he only takes it when hes freaking out *which the parents attested to in the video.
    watch the Rick Simpson story. Hell Watch everything about it. only thing about marijuana thats addictive is learning about it. its medical applications appear to be unlimited.
    also its self regulating. my knowledge on that? 8 years of use, and all ive ever done is smoke myself sober then repeat. cause they cant make money off of it, and the only way they can cause death because of it is by having it attached to the “war on drugs”.

  5. Tell the government to stop wasting money arresting people for absolute nonsense!!! Tell them they should be worried about drugs that ruin people’s lives, not a plant that makes our lives better!!!

  6. Screw John Huntsman!!!
    Other candidates on the stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, calif. agreed, though none were as provocative as Paul. Former Utah Gov. and Chinese Ambassador Jon Huntsman said the agency was creating a “fortress mentality,” …

  7. I would like to attend but it’s a matter of money. I guess I will have to bew happy reading the results.

  8. Marijuana prohibition must end in order to assure public safety… A recent news article reported that street marijuana tested for a number of dangerous pesticides. The article stated that there was 440 ppm (parts per million) of permethrin, 630 ppm of cypermethrin and 485 ppm of beta-cyfluthrin. The US Department of Agriculture sets limits of 20 ppm for permethrin, 14 ppm for cypermethrin and 6 ppm for beta-cyfluthrin. The testing also revealed mold in the sample.

  9. Thanks dea for helping the 9% to 21% jump in marijuana flow to the USA. Keep pushing so we can see how big it can grow because it’s already bigger than you will ever be. How’s that for a war strategy? Ironic as hell is’nt it? Told you so and we even told you the whole time what your interference would do. Finally our tax dollars are doing some good.

  10. @ #1
    That is just passing the blame to another group. There are good people involved in meth as well and saying “just go bust them” is wrong and how we got to where we are now.
    Arresting doesn’t solve anything no matter what substance it is. These are real people and locking them in cages because of what they choose to ingest is wrong. Why not instead increase the penalties for theft and violence. After all that is the main reason drugs are supposedly a problem anyway is because they increase real crime. Why not just go straight to the source and get tough on real crimes. Maybe if we do this we will have room in our jails to keep real criminals longer.

  11. Re Namaste, #14:
    Not quite sure what you mean by “other candidates . . . agreed”–you saying they all agreed to legalize pot? I didn’t hear that–course I was switching back and forth from baseball game to the “debates.”
    I did hear one very quick MJ legalization reference from Paul–and he was quickly drowned out. Poor Paul. He actually seems like a nice person–the nicest on that floor last night. But I still think nearly all of his ideas–except MJ legalization and pulling the troops out–are crazy as hell. I mean, the fences are there to lock us in? LOL. (I think, like his son, he’d gladly take us back to the bad old days of people being refused service at restaurants, hotels–any privately-owned establishment, on the basis of race, religion, etc.)
    BTW, did you see the photos of the action during the commercial breaks? Rick Perry was all but assaulting poor old Ron Paul, backing him away from his own podium! In fact, in one of the pix it looks like Huntsman–the guy you hate–is stepping in between, keeping Perry from continuing his aggressive behavior. Apparently Perry feels it’s not nice to criticize a fellow Texan, LOL.

  12. I can’t make the conference from the East Coast, and would love to watch in on C-SPAN. Work is crazy busy, and I couldn’t get off even if I weren’t pumping out all this rain from the basement. Hopefully, the sound won’t be messed up when they broadcast it on my Pennsylvania Comcast channel, if C-SPAN does that is. I write my pols all the time about legalizing marijuana, but most of them a so-called conservative democrats or republicans, in other words prohibitionists. They won’t even get medical marijuana for Pennsylvania scheduled, and are holding it up. #4 & Paul both have good points, however the politicians are not listening to Pennsylvanians because 80% are in favor of legal medical marijuana in Pennsylvania according to Professor G. Terry Madonna’s polling at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 80% in favor of it, and the politicians are blocking it, basically.
    They have ears for people like Katie True and Sharon Smith of Momstell who have lost children because of the war on drugs, and they have my sympathy and support to keep people from getting killed in the crossfires and to keep dealers from selling marijuana out of one pocket and hard drugs like heroin out of the other. The way to prevent such tragic losses is to end the war on marijuana and change over to harm reduction policies. You can read about the sad, tragic losses on the Momstell website.

    RE #20:
    We are not even on the fifth page…….

  14. In Their Own Words: GOP Candidates And Science
    I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.
    —Jon Huntsman Twitter, Aug. 18, 2011
    You Ask.Youtube
    The Republican Candidates Answer.
    On September 22, the Republican primary candidates will meet in Orlando, Florida for the Fox News/Google Debate – and they’ll be answering YOUR questions. Submit your question now for the chance to have it asked live during the debate!
    On Climate Change
    While it is evident that the human right to produce and use energy does not extend to activities that actually endanger the climate of the Earth upon which we all depend, bogus claims about climate dangers should not be used as a justification to further limit the American people’s freedom. —
    —Ron Paul,
    Speech on House floor opposing cap-and-trade legislation, June 4, 2009

    Carbon dioxide is not a harmful gas; it is a harmless gas … And yet we’re being told that we have to reduce this natural substance and reduce the American standard of living to create an arbitrary reduction in something that is naturally occurring in the Earth.
    — Michele Bachmann,
    House floor speech, April 22, 2009

    I think all these issues have to be settled on the base of real science, not manufactured science. — When asked about the “man-made climate change myth” and “green jobs”
    — Michele Bachmann,
    at a campaign event in Spartanburg, S.C., Aug. 16, 2011

    On Evolution
    I think there is a theory, a theory of evolution, and I don’t accept it. … The creator that I know created us, each and every one of us and created the universe, and the precise time and manner. … I just don’t think we’re at the point where anybody has absolute proof on either side.
    —Ron Paul, Nov. 1,
    Remarks made at a state Republican Party meeting in Spartanburg, S.C.

    I believe in Genesis 1:1 — God created the heavens and the earth. … If Gov. Huntsman wants to believe that he is the descendant of a monkey, then he has the right to believe that — but I disagree with him on this and the many other liberal beliefs he shares with Democrats. For Jon Huntsman to categorize anyone as ‘anti-science’ or ‘extreme’ because they believe in God is ridiculous.
    —Rick Santorum, Aug. 23, 2011
    The Philadelphia Inquirer.

    I support intelligent design. What I support is putting all science on the table and then letting students decide. I don’t think it’s a good idea for government to come down on one side of scientific issue or another, when there is reasonable doubt on both sides.
    — Michele Bachmann,
    Republican Leadership Conference, June 17, 2011

  15. Absolutely nothing ruins a good myth faster than Science. If you sell myth’s, it might seem as if it was in the way of expensive propaganda. I used to believe they were flat out hypocrites. Still do with a few. The others seem to have an alternate universe mindset. 180* from reality. Then I deduced it was just the same old boring ends justifying the means. Simple liars. Say whatever you need to get elected. Can’t deregulate if you’re honest and lose. Corporations don’t invest in moral or ethical people. They prefer the sure thing. Corporations profit on the Ganjawar in several ways. Not only as a product itself, but several by-products also win favor with the G-20 International corporations. Like outsourcing the trickle down jobs. The Ganjawar eliminates the need for chemical corporations to worry. Those spraying the 90 million pounds on the US cotton crop and not on organic Hemp. Big Pharma and RxGanja or Big Booze competing with Homegrown.
    No infrastructure with a plant compared to the booze and drug industries. Plastic from veggie oil could eliminate crude oil from OPEC. No need to clear cut old growth forest. Hemp wood and paper. Plus the Koch Bros tax paid for profit prisons to cage the outlaw sick and healthy productive people who grow cannabis. The early church discovered the young novices were finding Jesus without the Priests directions and decided to ban it. Job security selling stories. Corporations inherited from Germany after the war now part of American corporations and people with the connections and media to pull it off. Did. Now for going on a century we have been chasing our tails, pointing fingers and following orders maintaining dysfunction perpetuating this and other Police Actions. Around the globe. For the kiddies. The ones who aren’t starving. Democrats and Republicans RIP.
    The Neocons have taken control of the Teabags. The Dick Armey of International Corporatists, World Banksters and Elitist shits like the Koch/s and Rockefellers. Have no use for sovereignty or have any allegiance to the Constitution or the American citizens. They don’t even need us to buy their Chinese made crap since our middle class has shifted to their up and coming middle class. Only they’re under a dictatorship and have less room to protest. Our media is owned by the same corporations. Protesting protesters, millions on the streets of America protesting the Lie in Iraq and we missed it. Nothing on TV so it couldn’t have happened. European and Free Speech media broadcast it, but we know they can’t be trusted. They say things differently than the alphabet channels. 5 to 1 majority rules the truth. It’s up to us, not the illusion of the Untied States of Anemica. Just when you think the earth is spherical traveling around the sun. Now Texas schools can set us straight. I always thought that we would fly off into outer space traveling at the speed it would take to get completely around the sun in a year.
    Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings to divert the countries attention from the Fascist acts of eliminating competition. Booze/Ethanol or Ganja//Hemp.

  16. This was one of 2 questions I posted. Please look for it and vote yes. Thanks.
    To Ron Paul: You say you would legalize marijuana. If you are elected and move forward on this issue but then reverse your position like Obama did, will you tell us the truth as to WHY you changed your position and who is forcing you to change it?

  17. @18 wbs 101 – Your words make sense to me. Before reading and considering your words, I might have agreed with what #1 420 had to say. I’ve decided that you are right! Noone should be arrested for choosing to consume a product, drug, or medicine; even if it is dangerous. It should be purely the individual’s choice. The alternative is to have a general law that states that you cannot consume anything in any way that may be harmful to your own body. I think that would be a completely ridiculous way to try to keep our population safe and healthy! I saw a TV show where there was a guy who ate glass and live bullets. But guess what, that’s not illegal! Taking a puff of cannabis is… Oh, the idiocy of it all…

  18. shame on them ol’ geezerz in govt . if you aint for mj you ll never get my vote , EVER ! all the money i spend on mj is goin straight to the growing gang populations here in texas . thanks be to the gangs and mexico for helping me and so many other poor and physically ill. having been lured into alcoholic tendencies , 6 dwis , 3 yrs in prison , violence , 100s of failed relationships . how can they possibly set alcohol over mj ? alcohol steals , kills , destroys , and divides . United States should be called Divided States . time to vote out all members of govt over the age of 41 except for Ron Paul .

  19. so many of my friends and others have lost their life due to alcohol and illicit drugs . one huge reason why they chose these deadly options is because mj stays in the system too long and they could lose their job over a failed u/a . so dont be blaming the illicit/alcohol users , blame the govt for making us slaves to their system so they can keep on brainwashin peeps for their so called Budget Crime Fighting dollars . I Love My Country yes . but the trust issue is destroyin all credibility .

  20. Paul, on #4 – the reason why we don’t take part is because it doesn’t do much good . It’s the same ole’, same ‘ole . Pharmaceutical with their trillions of dollars run this Country .

  21. Three of my best friends are strung out on Pharmaceuticals.they addicted their 15 year old daughters by giving them pain pills for cramps..(yes annother generation) f___d and addicted.. I visited my new “Dr.” this year she gave me 90 percocets and unlimited supply of anxiety meds….hahahahaha I flushed them all. I kept a handful of the pain meds incase someone got a toothache or broke a leg while camping. I don’t suffer from anxiety. I am not in pain…I have a small anuerysm in my thorasic aeorta that I worry about occasionally. My heart surgeon is not concerned.. Was my Dr. just trying t kill me off? I have never drank alcohol because I would probably dance naked on tables if I did. Cannabis on the other hand is relaxing and gives me a remarkable awareness..the hemp root balm has proved to be a miraculous cure!!! My 77 year old mom now uses it! The hemp products and growing hemp for industry again would do wonders for our economy…..and most importantly the environment….

  22. Law enforcment, big pharma has to much to lose if cannabis becomes legal. It generates large revenue for law enforcement creeates job security by needed more prisions lawyet fees, towing chsrges, court costs, testing labs all have something to lose if cannabis ever becomes legal. DEA would be most threatened. Big pharm could not except profit lose would devistate stock value. And of course organized crime would also suffer. People have to remember we are their boss and they need to be fired if public opioion is not followed.

  23. 19. Hey Puff
    “If you kicked the shit out of Rick Perry – you could bury him in a shoe box – and – if you managed to get the bullshit out too – you could make that a match box” – and – that’s saying as much as I can – in as few words as I can.

  24. because of my disability I cant travel well at all… what would take most 6 hours to travel to.. would take me over twelve hours.. but I would be honored if some that goes to this meeting will burn this to a DVD or whowever it is viewed.. and show it around…

  25. FYI – YouTube appears to be censoring any vote I submit. The vote is not being counted. Is anyone else having this same problem? Don’t know if its some sort of glitch, but I emailed YouTube and let them know.

  26. 38. Puff
    I just don’t understand why government can’t do what we personally did – “We came together with understanding and compassion.” You’re a good man Puff.

  27. Manford Mantis,
    Thanks Pal. I think most of the people on this board a good people–we just don’t always agree with everything. But it’s always a pleasure talking with ya.
    BTW, it seems the politicos are more interested in keeping their jobs than actually fixing the problems! I call ’em up now and then and give them an earful.
    Take care MM!

  28. 41. Puff
    “I think most of the people on this board are good people – we just don’t always agree with everything.”
    “Viva la differance’.” We would be in a hell of a mess if everyone were cloned. But – “There’s one very crucial thing we all need to be able to ‘agree to disagree’ and that’s freedom to do so.” We’re losing that a little bit everyday my friend. If something isn’t done about it – we will all be living in a Orwellian Society.
    Warm regards

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