This Week in Weed: September 18th – 24th

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This Week: thousands of Americans take a stand for marijuana legalization, a study looks at marijuana dispensaries’ effect on crime rates, and we review Dutch coffee shops and their influence on youth drug use.
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If you haven’t signed the petition already, you may do so by clicking above.

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  1. Why are cannabis activists divided/not working together? LEAP has its own petition, SAFER mentions nothing on their site, and neither does MPP. Whats the deal norml?
    [Editor’s note: As NORML is the first and largest cannabis law reform organization–twenty five years older than groups like MPP and DPA, and thirty years older than even further splinter groups like ASA, LEAP, SAFER, MAPinc, DRCNet, SSDP, etc…–is it not vexing that some activists decided to start their own organization SEPARATE from NORML and don’t really work with the predecessor organization unless they want funding and/or promotional support?
    Only history will be able to say with any clarity whether or not a large/unified organization was needed to help end Cannabis Prohibition or lots of little/disorganized organizations.]

  2. I am in no way down playing the petition to which the link above takes people, on the contrary I believe very strongly in it, but that being said I feel it would behoove the drug law reform community to support the petition to stop the ONDCP from being required to lie in order to ensure cannabis stays in Schedule I. If the goal is truly to end cannabis prohibition it makes greater sense to equally pursue an action that will A) Be more likely to actually happen then full cannabis regulation before the president’s re-election campaign and B) Will ensure a much smoother transition from cannabis prohibition to cannabis regulation. Yes it would be wonderful if the President embraced the petition to regulate cannabis and ended cannabis prohibition this year but the reality is that will most likely not happen because polls do not show a super majority in favor of full legalization yet. That is not to say supporting this petition isn’t worth while, on the contrary it is but for other reasons. What does have a greater possibility of happening before the president runs for re-election, though, is reforming the Office of National Drug Control Policy Reauthorization Act of 1998 which almost no one knows about or cares about except those of us who are outraged by it. The president could reform this without harming his re-election while ensuring the inevitable upcoming transition from prohibition to regulation runs smooth. It will be much easier for states passing cannabis legalization laws next year if the ONDCP is not required to attempt to stop them, not to say they wouldn’t still try but it would make it much easier. Just my two cents, I am leaving the link to the petition at the end of this comment. If you read this far, thank you for your time.

  3. Is marijuana a gateway drug?
    “Cannabinoids have been reported to lower intracranial self-stimulation thresholds in rats. However, particular experimental conditions are required to induce conditioned place preference with cannabinoids. Numerous studies have shown that THC is unable to induce a self-administration behaviour [sic] in animals. However, WIN-55,212-2 was intravenously self-administered in mice, and monkeys that had a previous history of cocaine self-administration also self-administered THC.”
    ^^ i.e “THC” in the most basic terms is NOT a gateway to use of other drugs. Basically the studies that claim cannabinoids (e.g. marijuana) can induce alcohol (and other drug use) by using synthetic, exponentially more potent , intravenously administered doses of cannabinoids in rats; therefore, they get away with saying marijuana is a gateway drug. WRONG. Obviously there is some risk to doing anything, but all it takes is a hint of responsibility and knowledge.

  4. You know, what I’d like to know is what I can do to help the cause under the radar. I’d love to sign petitions, but I am a mother with two kids and I live in a very small, conservative area. I really fear someone getting my name from one of these petitions or such the like, but I feel so strongly about helping the cause, as I have seen what a help marijuana is on chronic pain and anxiety. (I know there are so many more, that’s just my loved ones. 🙂 How can I put my two cents in without having to sign my name to one of these petitions?

  5. In case the readers aren’t aware… the supposed claims of negative side-effects of marijuana usually come from studies using highly potent, synthetic, full receptor binding cannabinoids (entirely structurally different than THC, also THC only binds to receptors *partially*… it’s like comparing a wrist slap to an ass beating. For a chemical example see:,212-2).
    Basically the “DEA”, and others like the “ONDCP”, aren’t letting ANYONE use marijuana to study because they KNOW that it would be found to have astronomical safety and medical efficacy. They’re probably waiting for big pharma to catch up (good luck), and also enjoying an insane amount of funding and general political support. It’s all about money, folks! Knowledge is power, so don’t let them take control!

  6. Jules
    Thank you so much for starting that!! I considered a petition that flat out called for an end of the DEA, but instead leaned toward simply requesting that marijuana only related offenders be granted a pardon. Of course I don’t believe it will actually get such phenomenal results, but I believe that the more issues we present regarding how the drug war has failed, the better our chances of progressing. Thanks again, for presenting another front on which we can fight.
    To everyone else:
    I’m sad to say that the Petition to Grant a Full Pardon to all those arrested for marijuana only related offenses isn’t getting the attention it deserves. While I’ve seen a dramatic flux of people rushing to sign the Regulate and Tax in a Manner Similar to Alcohol petition (and am very happy to see the number rise greatly every time I look in on it), I’d like to see more people standing up for the folks who have put there lives and liberty on the line for the cause. After all, SOMEONE HAD TO GROW THAT BEAUTIFUL HERB YOU’RE ENJOYING AND NOW THEY NEED US. To those of you who have taken the time to add your name, I’m very grateful. Thank you for understanding you you have a civic duty and doing that duty in true patriotic fashion. For those of you still sitting on your hands I’d like to remind you that NEVER in the history of our nation has it been so SIMPLE and EASY to make your voice heard. So stand up and take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity.
    Please take a moment to follow this link and sign the petition which requests that all those arrested for marijuana only related offenses to be granted a full pardon. In addition to releaseing those currently incarcerated, this would also reinstate the rights lost by those with previous convictions, such as the right to vote. Here’s the link: Thanks for your support.
    In addition, there is also a petition on the site to Allow Industrial Hemp to AGAIN be grown in the U.S. This, too, is a very important issue within the legalization movement and approaches the subject from a perspective entirely separate from the medical/recreational aspect. Please also take a moment to show your support add your name.
    Again, thank you for standing up and doing your part. After all, a government of the people, for the people, and by the people only works if the people work it. Signing a petition is a dramatic far cry from the long marches and bloody battles our ancestors had to partake in to gain the freedoms we (used to) enjoy. If you’re too lazy to exert such little effort for liberty then you don’t deserve it!

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  8. My thought for the decade,,,have to limit them,,because moderation is the key to all dangerous substances.
    If the prohibs would start up petitions to ramp up the WOD, increase the penalties for cannabis,,strike down all mmj laws,,etc
    We could have a nationwide vote going on before our eyes.

  9. Greg,
    Glad to see you like the petition, I didn’t start it but I’m shamelessly pushing it everywhere I can. I believe and agree whole heartedly that a multifaceted system requires a multifaceted approach of dismantle. One of the basic concepts of Lau Tzu’s The Art Of War.
    Thank you everyone for all the hardwork. Thank you NORML for being the first to couragously stand up for what is right when everyone else believed it was wrong. Thank you for helping change the world.

  10. #7 ABSOLUTELY!!!! Anyone who’s ever been busted for this bullshit law has surely thought about spending time in jail and hoping that someone nice like you would do the right thing and get a petition like this rolling. Cheers!

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