Next Sunday Nationwide: Pot Prohibition Parlor Parties

Update: Checkout the HuffingtonPost’s interactive map regarding information about Alcohol Prohibition in conjunction with the upcoming PBS documentary debuting this Sunday night, ‘Prohibition’.
Have you made plans yet to host or attend a ‘Pot Prohibition Parlor Party’ next Sunday night? Have you been in touch with one of the nearly 200 NORML chapters in America about your desire to get involved with these much needed law reforms?
Why convene such controversial parties?
Because on Sunday, October 2nd, the Public Broadcast Corporation will air the most recent American history documentary from Ken Burns called ‘Prohibition’.
Also, and probably not by coincidence, October 2 marks the 74-year anniversary of America’s longest, most expensive and constitutional-twisting prohibition…Cannabis Prohibition!
This most recent examination of a slice of American history by Mr. Burns is the single best opportunity in years for the general public to understand the folly and expense of Cannabis Prohibition (the only educational documentary that can top this one about the tremendous failure of Alcohol Prohibition would be…a Ken Burns documentary on the history–and absurdity–of Cannabis Prohibition).
Invite some good friends, family and co-workers to get together next weekend to watch the first installment in the three part series. Afterward, when lobbying your local, state and federal elected policymakers to reform cannabis laws, ask them if they watched the Burns documentary.

If they say ‘yes’….ask them if they support continuing another 74 years of Cannabis Prohibition in America.
If they say ‘no’, get them the documentary to watch, follow up and ask them to end Cannabis Prohibition by establishing logical law reforms such that cannabis is as legal and taxed as other adult products like alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.
Ask them to respect the Constitution, the free market, personal autonomy and the right for self-preservation.

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  1. “With so many parallels to the past in evidence, Burns’ latest work should touch off a long-overdue discussion about ending our current experiment with the war on drugs.”
    Only problem with that , Norm, is most Americans are still too brainwashed for this documentary to have any effect. There was no mention AT ALL of our current prohibition. So they will seperate the 2, and continue to villify pot because of the brainwashing they’ve been subjected to all of their lives.
    I was VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS DOCUMENTARY as it pertains to cannabis.

  2. MM, re 49
    You got it, my man! I don’t see another trip to the big A in the short-time future, but you never know. Still, I recall those wonderful nights at the Abraxas, the Siberie and the Stones Cafe! Wish I was there right now. (Should I pick from Column A or Column B? Such difficult choices, LOL)

  3. The current status of Normal and these circle jerk e-mail’s to each other with thoughts go nowhere fast!
    It was time for an Egyptian type rebellion march of citizens months ago.
    Now however, it is past that time and maybe time to start a campaign of worldwide marches on the capital buildings of each country. At very least there should be marches on every state capital in America. Take a page from Ocuppy Wall street and Occupy the capitals until we get noticed with intention of debate and decriminalization.
    We have 20 Million tokers ,smokers, vaporizers, pot foodies and people with need and pent up desire for the legal Herb. We need to light the fuse and organize and march and occupy capitals. People can rotate in and out of the occupied zones with on going publicity for months if need be? There are millions of us, ten’s of millions of us!
    Is this what our country is coming to? Legalized Pot?
    My god, America will fall in a short time if it is legalized, will America fall off the ends of Earth?
    Dogs with cats, people wearing Hemp Hats, a new bio-fuel, no more Police raids and shootings for this terrible plant.
    All the new green plants sucking out pollutants from our atmosphere, I fear.
    Do we want to go down this trail of tears to escape your fears, get a grip on reality people.
    Learn to live life without this Medicinal crutch, stay with the good legal pain killers, you know, narcotic
    Oxcycodone and the other good drugs prescribed by Doctors because you are not smart enough to decide for yourselves.
    So do America , Congress and the Politicians, and Police, who have our best interests at heart a favor and help them retain our endless war on a plant going till we all destroy each
    Twenty three million arrests since 1937, carry signs and educate the general public and put heat on the politicians, congress, and the prison industrial complex and all the other corrupt immoral suppressors involved! We as a group could now be active enough and centralized in our efforts to be heard and get change!
    Writing e-mails to each other is not going to do it, it does help spread ideas but it is not enough. This is where Normal comes in with it’s web-site to spread a spring campaign of
    global or Americans standing up for their rights. Organize to show that the citizen has powers and the powers in the Politicians hands is not the only power! The Politicians are intransient in their thinking we smokers are immoral.
    How about it Normal and every other pro group out in cyber-land? The 2012 elections are going to take place and Pot is being put on some states ballots and we should protest before the elections so people pick up some bigger stones and finally vote for the Herb.
    I want my Marijuana…….hell, more people die each year from cell phone accident’s and texting in cars. We all could go on and on with examples.
    Time for the Government fascists to drop the morality play!
    Will this type of thinking catch on because I see no better idea’s out there!

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