World's Largest Drug Policy Reform Conference One Month Away

The Reform Conference is just a month away – have you secured your spot yet?
Click here to register to attend.
If you haven’t, you should soon. Booking your travel a month out will save you money. And you won’t want to miss what former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and current California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom have to say at the Opening Plenary!
The rest of the conference program is packed full with trainings, roundtable discussions addressing controversies within the movement, and panels exploring and sharing innovative approaches to reform challenges. Thursday evening you can stand up for justice at the No More Drug War rally at nearby MacArthur Park, hosted by dozens of local California organizations and emceed by KPFK radio personality Lalo Alcaraz.
And the activities and highlights don’t stop there…
Very soon we’ll be announcing three special Mobile Workshops – learning sessions that will take a select group of conference-goers out of the hotel and into the local community.
You’re also invited to host informal Community Meetings of your own during the conference. These meetings are meant to be your opportunity to organize reformers around action plans. They take place in open session rooms in the mornings, evenings and at lunch.
What do these Mobile Workshops and Community Meetings have in common? They’re only available to registered conference attendees – and they’ll be limited by space availability!
So register now…and I’ll see you in Los Angeles!
Stefanie Jones
Event Manager
Drug Policy Alliance

27 thoughts

  1. I’ll bet those bitches from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime will absolutely NOT be there!
    To look at their web site, you’d think that everything was under control in Mexico.
    Buncha fuckin’ bureaucrats sittin’ around thinkin’ everybody’s gonna just do what they want, and they can ignore all the evidence in favor of cannabis, too.
    Meanwhile, people are dying left and right in Mexico, unofficial count now over 60,000 is what Deutsche Welle recently reported.
    Buncha dumb fucks who think they’re smart getting fat on life, enjoying the Viennese coffee houses (not coffeeshops) pastries, Sachertorte, and the good life. And the sale of viable cannabis seeds is allowed in Austria!
    They are so loathesome and slothful, won’t lift a finger to get rid of cannabis prohibition.
    Prove me wrong!

  2. what we say or do………our word is not heard by the corrupted politicians whose main goal is money & are puppets paid to run this Country by the Corporations .
    Romney & Perry would be even worse than, Obama . I predict if they are elected & are both firmly against Cannabis that we would see the medical cannabis States roll back into reverse . These will be two of the biggest dictators that this Country will have ever known .Romney said on video he’s against 100% of the word ” medical ” when it come to Cabnnabis & look at, Texas . Some of the worse laws against Cannabis in the World . These liars are run by the Corporations .
    In, California………you will NOT win if your against the madical use of Cannabis or probally even the NON medical use of Cannabis .

  3. Heres my video about medical marijuana titled, Marijuana Heals & Cures. It explains how marijuana helps with different dieseases and medical conditions.

    We can get Weed legal. If or when we fall, we need to get back up and fight harder for this.

  4. Just found out another of my family memebers has cancer.

  5. This prohibition is against healing because healing from any channel, Its source is GOD. As for racism , GOD likes variety after all he created it. So WE THE PEOPLE don’t be fooled for it’s a tool to divide and conquer the American people. Marijuana is a healing blessing from GOD not man. The fact that man can’t compete is their problem. Good ideas for prohibiton – there are none except its death.

  6. While I wholly agree with you Oracle, the sentiment you are expressing is put very simply by an old proverb:
    “Those who are not Effected, will not be Affected”.
    This sentiment is one that has caused suffering and oppression throughout history and is the underlying reason why our politicians are so deaf to the needs and desires of their constituents.
    If wealth wasnt so prevalent in and affluence not a (unwritten) requirement of holding public office, our govt would still be a good example of what a democracy should be.
    However, their greed and selfish nature knows no limits, and pot just happens to seem more profitable to them illegal than not.
    Our govt hasnt been about the people for over 100 years now, its been all about the money and the beauracracy.
    We can take solace in that there are more people (professionals) in the fight with us now than ever before, and momentum is growing. Eventually the weight of it all will force their hand no matter their illogical reasoning.

  7. We need a public conference in every town, county and state. Be it secret or not, let it ring in tone with freedom. make our founding fathers proud. liberty has but one voice, that of real individual prosperity. when you lose that right, you make a difference or you fade away. Doing it until it is done.

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  9. The program look quite interesting. I personally feel there should be some action from the gov. as far as drug laws are concerned.
    But, I would also like to say, Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) is a boon. Though falling under the drug category, medical marijuana should be available to the mass with proper prescription and a legitimate medical marijuana card.

  10. This is my strong letter I wrote to all members of the super comittiee about the war on marijuana and drugs.
    Super Committee, 10/3/11
    I am a U.S. Citizen. As one of the billions affected by our economy, as it goes in the wrong direction and sooner it will become worse than the debts we live with today. I believe this is the time to see “pigs fly” meaning desperate times call for desperate measures.
    You must realize the answer is not a tax thing and as our constitutional rights on “We the People” have become so strict under state and federal control: rights, laws, rules, ordinances, mandates, regulations and prohibitions are at the brink of destroying peoples lives not to mention the wasteful spending destroying our government, for the people, the violations of our freedoms and rights within the Patriot Act and much more. “We the People” for decades have had a lot of leniency and patience with our Government. However each year an arm of government takes our rights away by adding laws, rules, ordinances, mandates, regulations and prohibitions. While each time the state or federal level adds more fuel to the problem. That takes another piece of our rights away while adding more money to the deficit that is now going at a rapid speed in a downward spiral each second.
    My theory to slow down the unnecessary spending and the ever growing deficit. Cleanse Our Constitutional Rights from all city, county, state, federal: rights, laws, rules, ordinances, mandates, regulations and prohibitions. Our rights need to go back to a certain year and be restored, like restoring your computer. Our rights are the center of human kind. For the land of the free home of the brave. All the Super Committee’s should have a special meeting with: Justice Dept Attorney General Eric Holder and order him to have a special law group look at every law they put in but now to cleanse those laws unnecessary out of the law book and tell him that the state Attorney Generals should do the same. There will be a lot of stigma and controversy but this must be forced because we don’t have much time until a hyper inflation sets in.
    The major one you must end is the “War on Drugs” because we are now at that exact same point in history as we were during the alcohol prohibition however much worse, for over 40+ years. It took many years for the increase from the start of Richard Nixon that declares a “war on drugs,” identifying drug abuse as “public enemy No. 1.”, from Nancy Reagan and her “Just Say No” campaign, part of the U.S. “War on Drugs”, prevalent during the 1980s and early 1990s, to discourage children from engaging in recreational drug use by offering various ways of saying no. For the selling on the streets, to the under ground black market of marijuana even cocaine that picked up highly in the 80’s and it did. From those past years they call marijuana the “gate way drug” where cocaine and heroin are the real “gate way drug” from recent studies. But every 4 years a new president has increase the war on drugs going forth with the cause of the problem but not looking at the source of the problem.
    By denying new studies and reports of positives uses of drugs. There are past confidential records sitting in the record warehouse collecting dust that will tell the truth about drugs but time will tell if they ever will be release. Still millions now billions of federal funds for DEA, FBI and any other federal program dedicated to the “War on Drugs” going down the drain. Right now the DEA and FBI do not have enough money in there budget to keep this war going on. It is also coming to a brink of cutting boarder police too that will give the cartels a chance to sneak across the boarder again. In all the new reports this year from the Justice Dept says the drug war has failed, I ask you to read these reports. Mexican cartels these days are still on a killing rampage trying to get marijuana over the border into the USA and will pick back up this year as well. Obama wants to stop the war in Afghanistan but slowing doing a faze down, now the pentagon is cutting military bases this is all to save billions. Do you now think it is time to stop the Drug War and do a slow down faze as well. That this has been going on for over 40 years, much longer then 3 wars put together!
    Law enforcement is still arresting people with small amount of Marijuana just by profiling. The Federal agents shutdown 26 medical marijuana dispensaries across Montana and 2 in the medical marijuana sanctuary city of West Hollywood, California last 2 months in their latest attack on patients and legitimate businesses. The DEA isn’t even supposed to be conducting these raids, wasting scarce funds, in the first place. In 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder issued a memo ordering an end to federal raids of medical marijuana dispensaries. Yet, despite his memo, federal agents have continued these operations sporadically for years, without regard for patients’, states’ or business’ rights. Because of that millions to billions of dollars of our tax money is still being wasted, is that what we want?
    The DEA has stock houses full of Marijuana worth billion and billions of dollars for the government from marijuana secures. Instead of burning it sell it to marijuana research programs. Then reopen the list for medical marijuana patients “Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program” that George Bush Jr halted. Did you know there is only 4 people left on that program do you think it is time to re-regulate the program then open the list back up to the public to get over 40,000 on the list, it will also help to stimulate the University of Mississippi for the growing, buying and researching marijuana, that they have done since 1968.
    Over 60% of the prison systems have prisoners serving time for marijuana it’s costing millions. Lots of states are cutting there law enforcements or converting the county sheriff to take over because there district doesn’t have the money to run a local police department. Some states are tired of arresting people with marijuana possession and just want to give up. If the legal system keeps on arresting people for simple marijuana possession the more the ripple affect from the dept. of corrections systems to cities, counties and state and federal. Funds will keep on increasing wasting millions to billions of tax payer dollars in law enforcements. Not to mention the eternal mark on a persons record for a non-violent marijuana possession, removing any chance for financial aid for schooling in the future to limiting potential jobs and cancelling out a lot of other furthering opportunities, due to a simple marijuana possession. Over crowed prisoners, cuts in correction/police officers that is going on now from local police depts. Some cities already cut small town officers now converted counties for the sheriff to take over. Strikes of unions of fire and police officers is now under fire from most states that has no other choice than to layoff. They have no choice now but to be lenient on certain crimes.
    Obama said in his speech, he wants clean energy reform of new factories that manufacture clean energy products because oil is on a rise of part of the domino affect of loss jobs. There is now intervention to make clean energy from: wind, hydro, algea, corn, electric cars and much more. One of the cleanest most efficient energy is hemp, which can produce food, essential nutrition, , shelter in Hempcrete and other building materials, rope, paper, clothes, it has the potential to rid our society of our reliance on foreign fossil fuel as gas as hemp bio-fuel. It can be a big boost to stimulate the economy now to bring back more jobs to states that are suffering NOW. Now you know gold prices has been going through a up and down faze recently. If you legalize it can be a free for marijuana and hemp to be on the stock market it would go over the roof surpassing gold as the green gold.
    Like I said before, I believe this is the time to see “pigs fly” ‘desperate times call for desperate measurers’! This is the time to really end the marijuana prohibition for good and cleanse other prohibitions that are not needed as well. Right now our budget is at an all time low and the government is on the brink of cutting federal programs with a government shut down. Both sides democrats and republicans are still at a loss. Time is ticking if congress can not come up with a plan to save the programs soon before Government shut downs, we will have more homeless people on the streets like the great depression but now they call it hyperinflation. We are coming to the breaking point of a Great Depression part 2. This is a bill that must get passed ASAP even though the stigma about marijuana and drugs from U.S. congress and U.S senate is at a negative about it.
    Look at “We the “People” on the White House web site there is a petition for Legalize and Regulate Marijuana in a Manner Similar to Alcohol. Over 50,000 and climbing every day by the end of the month of the dead line I believe there will be over 100,000 petitions from “We the “People” OPEN YOU EYES THE DRUG WAR AND MARIJUANA PROHIBITION HAS FAILED! Do you think it is time to show a level of action not bickering! It is time to end this 40 year old curse to THE DRUG WAR AND MARIJUANA PROHIBITION but only Obama can end the curse with a sign of a pen, I know he is not going to like it but he has no choice at this time to help cut the budget.
    Let’s look at my theory, a picture of Marijuana and Drugs phase down:
    Phase 1: Allow medical marijuana in all states (that is happening in some states).
    Phase 2: Decriminalize marijuana and scheduled substances that are less harsh for 21 and older.
    Phase 3: Order a release all inmates from all states with a non-violent marijuana/drug possession charges.
    Phase 4: Regulate and add a marijuana sin tax for replacement revenue but rise it up slowly like cigarettes.
    Have a study group watch these phases happen. Then after 1 year have a report come to the president’s desk to see the statistics. I guarantee there is decline in marijuana and drug activity from the cartels to gang activity as well. What I’m saying is to get rid of the source of the problem, to end the negative ripple affect that will decline in time. This will also help cut the unnecessary spending of Local and Federal funds, US Marshals programs, and eventually even Border Police. This also will give the other states there free will back and less control from state and local police officers, so it can get the monkey off there back, less petty crime to worry about, more to focus on serious crimes that’s imminent to come very soon for the way the economy is going now. It will also give the freewill back from humans to make their own choice if they want to do recreational marijuana or not. This will stimulate the government with the revenue marijuana tax putting more budget money back in the treasury where it belongs. If you look at, in a matter of months to years billions of dollars will come back to stimulate the government from the deficit’s the government is losing every second of the day but doing this will reverse the deficit to the positive. With hyperinflation on the rise this is the time to cleanse Marijuana Prohibition even drug prohibitions not needed. I ask the Federal Government from Capital hill to the White House look at this seriously as a budget cut necessity. I pray that the USA still can stand strong even though tough times we’re going through right now. GOD BLESS THE USA!

  11. and Lobbyists in the halls of your statehouse can access and influence those who make the laws that affect your life. But they aren’t working for you nor will they listen because they’re working for corporations, unions and special interests who have their own agenda to pursue.
    Romney, Perry & even Obama even have the look of someone whose excepting money . They have a secret they don’t want you to know about .

  12. The primary goal of much of the money that flows through U.S. politics is this: Influence. Corporations and industry groups, labor unions, single-issue organizations – together, they spend billions of dollars each year to gain access to decision-makers in government, all in an attempt to influence their thinking.
    Re; Florida’s new Republican governor, Rick Scott.
    Scott is the owner/founder of Solantic, a chain of walk-in clinics in Florida. Before Scott was elected, one of his former employees, Dr. Randy Prokes, accused Solantic of using nurse practitioners to treat patients but telling Medicare they were treated by doctors, and of applying “inappropriate pressure on physicians to sell drugs that Solantic has on sale in their facilities.”
    Nonetheless, this is politics and it’s all about appearances. If you’re a governor who owns a chain of walk-in clinics, holding up legislation that provides stricter oversight of them just looks bad. And if you’re a drug company making cash donations to politicians who also earn a living in the healthcare business, you can’t expect no one to notice.

  13. To all interested parties.
    What can we do now that the “gloves” are off? Bombard the Feds House Representatives, Senators, dthe DEA, the Dept. of Justice, state elected and local elected officials,and the Office of the President with an onslaught of e-mails. It worked for the Debt Ceiling, it worked for Social Security,why not for the National Reform of Marijuana? According to the Feds there is a federal law and many court precedents supporting the existing categorization of Marijuana as a type 1 illegal drug. All we want is to have Marijuana or Cannabis reclassified. I do not know how to do a mass e-mail of this type. But I bet someone at NORML does. Think of the impact something like this would have on the local, state and federal offices targeted for this onslaught of e-mails. We need NORML to help us with this effort. I know it could work!!!!

  14. I hope and pray for legalized marijuana, but unless we take GREED out of the equation, law makers yea those fucking low life senators and congressmen get so much money (special intrest groups) not to mention the tax revenue like from the sale of alcohal and tabacco. Revolution is in the air!

  15. Sound to me like we vote only to have it taken away from us are we really free i dont think so sound like communism to me lets here it for the president just another lie

  16. This is what were fighting for. Our rights and our lives.our families and the sick.Once again the DEA won’t leave uss alone. Making examples out of sick people..I will not hide, yet fight harder to help the people. With the People, For the People. Thanks!

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