Go "Green" on Cyber Monday

The holiday shopping season kicked off in earnest on Friday and retailers are heavily promoting online sales today, which they have dubbed “Cyber Monday.”
Online doing some holiday shopping and looking for the perfect gift for the marijuana enthusiast in your family? Why not sign them up for a NORML membership? We also have a wide assortment of great gift possibilities in the NORMLshop, including shirts, DVDs, books, and more.
You can also support NORML by simply shopping online at over 900 major retailers. All you have to do is visit www.igive.com/norml and begin shopping. A portion of all your purchases is donated to NORML and will help us continue our work to legalize marijuana in the new year and beyond. There is no extra charge and you can get all your shopping done online while helping a good cause. Click here for more details.

7 thoughts

  1. Why is the world so cruel to people like me (or us)? I just want to enjoy myself. I can’t eat, hell I don’t even want to be alive if this is life. I just want to be able to consume cannabis safely and cleanly. I can’t even have that 🙁

  2. The Gingrich that stole personal freedoms. I hope that sucker gets cancer and all his children go to war. Not really but you get my drift. The war on drugs and the war on terror are both neverending wars. In 2012 the world as we know it (prohibition and war) will end. Replaced by legalization of the constitution and peace. Do not vote for anybody that supports more defense spending, more prohibition, more solutions. The only sane vote is less government, less rules, less taxes, less money in politics. We need term limits in congress. Actually we need Ron Paul. Still waiting on my Norml T-shirt! Its been 2 months already.

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