Current TV: Marijuana Prohibition In America Examined Tonight

The award-winning (and totally watchable) Vanguard series from Current TV examines Cannabis Prohibition in America tonight at 9PM (eastern) in ‘The War on Weed’ with not only an obligatory review* of western states’ medical cannabis laws (including California, Colorado and Washington), but, more notable for NORML, is the documentary’s critical review and juxtaposition to the western United States ongoing experiment with allowing medical access to cannabis–and the general cultural and political acceptance for cannabis in most of the western states–to that of the decidedly anti-cannabis attitudes and law enforcement practices for decades in supposedly ‘liberal’ and ‘tolerant’ New York City, where 50,000 cannabis consumers a year are arrested, about ninety percent black and Latino.
*Obligatory, because starting at 10PM (eastern) on December 1st is the Discovery Channel’s Weed Wars, a new series that looks at the fine legal line between compassion and big commerce regarding California’s medical cannabis industry.
Contrastingly, Discovery Channel is also premiering that same week a new series called Moonshiners.

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  1. I have yet to hear denial regarding the fact that Corporations, Industries & the like are behind the force driving prohibition .
    To me, it has become obvious that the opposers of legalizing hemp have a hidden agenda on their minds. William Hearst and a few other rich cats decided that we needed to be enslaved by our needs for petroleum based products and wood based paper. Hemp is a renewable crop that can be used to replace much of our dependence on petroleum based plastics for instance. Also, hemp was once used to make book paper, paper which cost much less to produce and is from an easily renewable resource (unlike trees, which take decades to grow, hemp is an annual crop). Hemp paper also does not disintegrate or yellow like log paper and does not require environment damaging chemicals to process it. The reason why our government does not allow hemp and marijuana to be legalized is quite simple. Paper, petroleum and alcohol industries would NOT LIKE IT, and these industries do not only control the government, they are the government .
    Rather than showing a televised show ( as above ) on weed it would be interesting to expose those who are the prohibitionists .

  2. This holiday season the gift of giving keeps on going. This years treat we’re ending the expansion of legitimate access to medical cannabis.
    Yours truly this,
    The multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry with help from vested interest DEA agents
    P.S. Were dr Un k all ready! If we wernt bisy be@ting 0ur wives weed be out beaTng up dope h3ads!

  3. I wont be able to watch this because I am a student in college and tonight I have to study physics and calculus. But I hope that Norml posts this on their website so I can watch it later.

  4. You can judge the intelligence, or lack there of, caused by the drugs (cannabis versus alcohol) just by comparing those two videos. Haha!

  5. I’ve wonder if the federal government ever threatened or tried to shut down the Discovery Channel.

  6. Ooops the my last reply was a question.
    Here is another:
    Is the federal government happy that the public is becoming well informed about Cannabis?

  7. How is it that prohibition needs to hide and WE THE PEOPLE do not? what could they be afraid of i wonder? THE TRUTH!

  8. Newt Gingrich is MURDER SUPPORTER!!! He support raising the price of drugs AND supports pot prohibition. Hey you idiot, anytime you raise prices you RAISE CRIME.
    Hell, MURDER is legal if its in self-defense. BUT WE CAN’T SELF-DEFEND OUR HEALTH WITH A NON-TOXIC PLANT??? F YOU asshole!

  9. “Smoking a joint can’t kill you, but [prohibition] can”. This should said on national TV, A LOT, because it’s completely un-deniable.

  10. Slavery is alive and well… the chains are for those that fear of doing the right thing. Cheers to those in the know and to those that spread a truth that will crush those slimy evildoers :-]

  11. wow Im glad that I am not black in NYC. I thought that Jim Crow laws were illegal where is the aclu and the naacp.Probly payed off by big pharm. Go Obama admenistration!

  12. Well, how many does this make in death totals on our veterans from prohibition? how about just plain people? children? it looks like only GOD can count that high. Prohibition is wreckless and you prohibitionist should be proud that another veteran has been killed. And don’t think that their blood is not on you! When they come back they might just show up at your door. There is a big difference between a trigger happy fool and our battle hardend soldiers. ”They risked their lives for all of us, damn fine way to show gratitude.”

  13. I couldn’t watch this but I did watch Your body on drugs on the Science channel. The doc on there said mj caused brain damage and lung cancer. WOW

  14. Brandon Says on November 28th, 2011 at 8:19 pm:
    “Smoking a joint can’t kill you, but [prohibition] can”. This should be said on national TV, A LOT, because it’s completely un-deniable. / Good Point, yes it needs to be said over & over again! Problem is it falls on deaf ears for our elected greedy Government officials. We need to vote them all out and start over from scratch with people who have common sense when making laws ! What a waste of time & money for busting someone for grass!

  15. Current TV isn’t bought and paid for by corporations. They are the only network to cover the OWS movement in depth nightly. Poster 1# listed good points but the prohibition runs deeper than just corporate greed. It goes all the way to the Federal reserve and bullshit they’ve been hiding. The bailout was more like 12 trillion but most peolple have no idea who got what. Our fucking US government is in this along with a slew of tit suckers from our wonderful banks down to the paided off boarder patrols right there with the DEA, ATFE, yada, yada… we got an up hill fight against all that cash.

  16. Thank you for taking Trish Regan’s pro-cannabis work to the next level! This reportage adds the East Coast update to the West Coast predecessors.
    Some cable providers do not carry Current. Mine is one. Please alert us about when this will be on Discovery or History.
    I can get Discovery for Weed Wars.
    Are the Canadians making any documentaries? I mean something friendly to cannabis in Vancouver, Canada in particular, and emphasizing the injustice done to Marc Emery. How’s about Marc Emery the Movie?!
    Now if the federal sequestration would slash the Feds’ budget, making cannabis prohibition enforcement a non-priority, then the eastern states could go forward with their cannabis implementation without fear the Feds will do anything, because the Feds will be broke. Same thing for the West Coast, the Feds will be halted in their tracks, with no money to spend on all the good people they raided out west.
    The Beat Goes On
    Sonny & Cher

  17. I missed this show.
    ( I miss ALL broadcast & cable shows because I only use the Internet. )
    Watching TV has been shown to cause brain damage in rats (j/k), while cannabis does not! (not/j/k).
    It would be nice if this program wound up on YT someday soon.

  18. Watch weed wars last night and enjoyed all but when Andrew DeAngelo was on. It was like watching a drunk run a bar.

  19. Please don’t tell me that all the work that has been done to educate the country, on marijuana, rests on these goofballs on “Weed Wars”. This just shows America the wrong impression on marijuana supporters. We are NOT burn outs. These people on the show send the wrong message. Please discontinue the show before all is lost. Show norml people with everyday jobs that support our medicine. Although I like these characters on the show, they are eccentric folks.

  20. is there a posted video someplace that can be viewed?
    i have no idea what currant tv or discovery is or how to view those corporate channels.

  21. #1 anon, that is a fact, thank you….if everyone could see the real reason why america is not allowed to … “inhale”….once in a awile….

  22. …and how bad our government sucks for it because a few with big bank! ..dammit, its spoda be for all…peace to you all..

  23. heh, i was thinkin again,. what would ron paul do. with all that prob. bank,i feel like that would be a failed promise if he were elected. . money talks way too much sometimes.

  24. would end the imposed damage & problem immediately. No complications! Presidential orders to end prohibition immediately! All non-violent prisoners and felons pardoned and free! Re-legalized Ganja, big pharma, alcohol, tobacco, & opposing fibre makers out! Off the Fed Sched with Award Benefits for Ganja instead, as it should be in Truth! End the buy-out lies we all pay for!
    He is so far beyond status quo repubs and demos with proven ideas to help everyone, and won’t be bought off, its as if he is speaking to us from the future, ahead of his time. He sees a whole new vision, puts people first. Imagine that.
    As status quo media, big biz and repubs keep him hidden,– he has his own ideas and won’t be bought off, its hard for him to get his message out. On talk shows a lot anyhow.
    Election is bought-otherwise (we see the control of our lives by no care big money here) little chance. A people’s educated revolt by vote needed here, beyond current status quo of the repubs and demos, who are bought and paid for.
    Check him out. What he says could happen right away if all hear him. No other candidate (or Obama) can match his positive record or vision. End the prohibition, balance the economy, and improve all lives with Gary, –or protract and worsen the struggle. He may run as a Libertarian with a liberal social agenda, and a better tax system.
    R Paul, at 76 now, and having failed twice already is no match, although the next best option after Gary, but also a bought-off. Obama is just another bought-off supporting prohibition with Fed Terrorism of the states, no option with him.
    Keep in mind the Supreme Court is also part bought off by big money, not a good option.
    A new approach and a big change for the better is possible when we all reject failed status quo. Its up to us-feeling brave? At long last?

  25. I look forward to further comments about ending prohibition asap. Sched 2 will put Ganja in the hands of big pharma and is still a gross lie. With Meth? What a bad joke.
    Even having Ganja on the Fed Sched at all is a lie. Big pharma already get sched 3 for their inferior products.
    A natural plant is not a pill or concoction by big pharma that works poorly, and is far better with all its balanced strains! Get over it. Ganja is overdue for award Excellence for many medical conditions, a positive and creative state of mind, and many industrial uses-7 times more efficient than corn for bio-fuel as well, as well as much better than trees for other uses.
    Ironic to think with the first president, -G Washington made it a crime -to NOT grow the hemps-(sweet and ind)…he had his own separated acreages…we need to get back to proven reality without big money distortion and serious cost and damage, yeah?

  26. A single 12 ounce can of beer is the same weight in pot that a single person smokes in a year and that same can of beer is more toxic then the years supply of a non toxic plant that could power our world.

  27. When it comes down to it, since the entire war on non violent tax paying pot smoking voters is being engaged under the current laws by a government which allows itself to grow pot, to study, allows itself to give drug cartels unlisted millions in cash, guns and a reason to keep the war going, all based on lies and fraud, that is called treason. That treason is enforced by legalized terrorism to endorse discrimination. THis discrimination has now expanded to include those who live in states with no medical use laws. and it all flys in the face of the consititution and a legal us patent #663-0507

  28. Thanks for such great comments Rick! Tell it like it is. The only question is how to get yours and others excellent truthful comments brought into legal light for a complete change in current lie based laws to truth and freedom instead..
    PEOPLES BENEFITS FIRST, -not the Corporate/Federal Cartel cash grab as it now is, to the great detriment of everyone..! Yes, bring the Constitution back to law, a new amendment if needed such as the end of alcohol prohibition?
    Law changes to truth asap..urgent need to stop the serious prohibition imposed damage and death, not increase it! Gingrich says increase reckon? From Obama Bad to Gingrich Worse..or Johnson Much Better..time for a break from the 2-party status quo bought out failure..? People need to vote for themselves, not just 2 bad choices that will increase suffering.
    And a big thanks to NORML for all the hard work for real change and this forum. It won’t take another 75 or 40 years! Truth is spreading to the majority who demand it! Vote Free.

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