NORML Women Fall Wrap-Up

The Fall of 2011 saw a major increase in reach and support from around the country and the world. The Alliance is now active on three continents and in five countries. The Facebook page has more than 20,000 followers and reaches over 65,000 people a week. Over 15,000 supporters have signed up for our email list and almost 1,000 have signed up to volunteer.
The NORML Women’s Alliance/SSDP Sister-to-Sister program has matched almost 500 women. While the NORML Women’s Alliance is still in its infancy (the program is barely 2 years old), it is evolving quickly into an effective platform (and forum) for women to speak out and support marijuana legalization. It’s a very exciting time to be a woman in the marijuana law reform movement.

  1. October 26, 2011 12:45:44 PM EDT
  2. Fall 2011 Events & Fundraisers

  3. [October] Redway, CA: 707 Cannabis College Open Mic and Mixer.
  4. [October] Woodbridge, VA: Sabrina Fendrick and Brooke Napier discuss the origin and purpose of the NORML Women’s Alliance/SSDP Sister-to-Sister Program at the SSDP Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference.

  5. December 26, 2011 2:24:44 PM EST
  6. [October] AustinTX: The NORML Women’s Alliance South-West Coordinator Cheyanne Weldon partnered with Texas NORML to raise over $2500 for the Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure.
  7. [November] Los Angeles, CA: NORML Women’s Alliance Vice Chair Kyndra Miller, SSDP Associate Director Stacia Cosner and NORML Women’s Alliance Mid-West Regional Coordinator Tonya Davis all had a major presence (including speaker roles) at the Drug Policy Alliance’s 2011 International Drug Policy Reform Conference.
  8. [November] Nashville, TN: NORML Women’s Alliance South-East Regional Coordinator (and NORML board member) Greta Gaines hosted a seminar on the benefits of hemp.
  9. [November] Los Angeles, CA: The NORML Women’s Alliance hosted a Black Comedy Night “A Cause to Laugh” at the Comedy Union, the first Black owned and operated Comedy Club in Los Angeles.  Comedian’s included Simply Cookie, Brooks Colyar and more.  Unconventional Foundation for Autism founder and director, Mieko Hester Perez was also in attendance.  We would like to thank Kandice Hawes and OC NORML for their effort in promoting this event.

  10. December 26, 2011 2:24:44 PM EST

  11. December 26, 2011 2:24:00 PM EST
  12. [November] Philadelphia, PA: NORML Women’s Alliance Vice Chair Diane Fornbacher held a tri-state area meetup.
  13. [November] San Francisco, CA: NORML Board Member Richard Wolfe hosted a benefit for the NORML Women’s Alliance at his home with a private screening of “A NORML Life.”  Attendees included Lynette Shaw (Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana), Paul Armentano NORML’s Deputy Director, Ellen Komp of CA NORML, Jack Rikess of Toke of the Town, NORML Attorney Matt Kumin, actress/author Heather Donahue of the Blair Witch Project, and many others at the forefront of reform in California. Executive Producer of the film, Mr. Pitman, gave a very entertaining free form Q&A session after the screening.
  14. [December] Humboldt, CA: West Coast Coordinator Melissa Sanchez provided a presence for the NORML Women’s Alliance while Kyndra Miller spoke lead a panel on recent federal lawsuits at the 2011 Emerald Cup.
  15. [December] Canada: The community leaders started organizing in November and are moving full steam ahead.  They have already held several meetups across the country, including Toronto and Vancouver.  There is no doubt that next year they will have a major presence in Canada’s marijuana law reform movement.
  16. [December] Portland, OR: NORML Women’s Alliance representatives Anna Diaz and Madeline Martinez organized and hosted the Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards at the World Famous Cannabis Cafe. Co-Vice Chair Diane Fornbacher was a featured speaker and guest.
  17. Outreach & Activism

  18. New Community Leaders and Regional Coordinators:  The NORML Women’s Alliance would like to welcome the following women who have volunteered to represent the Alliance and spread the message of reform in their local communities.

    Cara Crabb-Burnam – New England Regional Coordinator
    Melissa Sanchez – West Coast Regional Coordinator
    Alexis Wilson Briggs – San Francisco Bay Area Community Leader
    Kayla Williams and Kelly Coulter – Canada Regional Coordinators
    Kelli Dodds – Humboldt County Community Leader
    Patti Gordon – Orange County Community Leader
    Cheri Sicard – Los Angeles Community Leader
Join the NORML Women’s Alliance as a community organizer by clicking the link below:
  • ________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • California Tour: In November of this year Diane Fornbacher, Melissa Sanchez, Sabrina Fendrick and Kyndra Miller held several outreach events as they toured California from Humboldt County to Los Angeles.
  • Media

    Re-Leaf Magazine conducted an interview with Diane Fornbacher.
    The Daily Caller notes the NORML Women’s Alliance in an article about the now infamous Miley Cyrus Birthday Video in which she declares herself a “true stoner.”
    [Podcast] A Different View: Sabrina Fendrick was interviewed by Moms for Marijuana Director Serra Frank, Iva Cunningham and others about the importance of the Women’s Alliance as well as the different efforts and projects currently being developed.
  • A Different View #8 – RadicalRuss

    December 26, 2011 4:29:11 PM EST
  • The Plain Dealer (Cleveland’s local publication) quoted Tonya Davis discussing her work with the Ohio Patient Network and the group’s effort to put a medical marijuana initiative on the 2012 ballot.
  • Upcoming Events in 2012
    **If you are interested in holding an event in your area please call 202-483-5500.
  • Support the NORML Women’s Alliance

  • If you too believe in a better and safer world, please consider donating to the NORML Women’s Alliance today. Thank you so much for your financial and moral support.
  • Women will be the deciding factor in moving public opinion towards repealing marijuana prohibition. In order to reach out to more women, and continue to build a powerful coalition, the NORML Women’s Alliance is looking to raise money to spread awareness in several different ways:

    1) PSAs and educational announcements on websites, blogs and magazines.

    2) Produce and distribute literature/educational materials about the NORML Women’s Alliance, and the negative effects of marijuana prohibition on women and families.

    3) Develop resources for our community organizers. Funding for travel, training and recruitment.

    4) Provide scholarships to send more women to NORML conferences and related conventions/festivals.

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  1. Heck yeah I like the women!!!!!
    That means this party is going to get real good munchie food and like yeah., Much prettier faces to look at!!!!

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    Prominent victims include Parker Posey, Richard Gere, President George W. Bush, Alice Walker and Christie Brinkley.
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  3. Good Luck Ladies! I sincerely hope that your actions will help end this idiotic war against marijuana (or should I say peaceful freedom loving people)! Nazis like Michelle Leonhart (of the DEA) should be mentioned in the history books alongside Hitler and Saddam Hussein whereas good people like Sabrina Fendrick should get mentioned alongside people like Paul Revere and Abe Lincoln!

  4. This is so inspiring!!! It is so great that there is a group for woman to get together and stand up for something they believe in, while doing things that help the community as well! I bet all the events were super fun and greatly helped raise awareness. You go girls!

  5. On January 6, 2012, Friday I have a marijuana event at the Kaufman, Texas court house. A trooper with cannine and other officers searched my van for over 3 hours and after I was released from the scene with a ticket for drug parph. and warning for driving on the shoulder of the road (which is not true)THE TROOPER FOUND MARIJUANA. When I refused to pay the fine I was told that the charges would be upped. By August the traffic ticket was dropped and I was charged with possession of marijuana and an arrest warrent issued.
    THIS IS A CLEAN CUT CASE of SYSTEMIC ABUSE OF DUE PROCESS and sooooo much more. HOPE TO USE THIS CASE to spot light the need for justice on numerous levels

  6. Good Luck Judy! I have a terrible opinion of the American Justice system; largely because of the idiotic way marijuana is treated… The cops are not all bad – thank the Gods! I was caught once with a small amount and I was speeding. They let me go with a speeding ticket and took my weed. It could’ve been much worse. That was in Texas a few years ago. I feel thankful to the 2 officers involved for not proceeding to ruin my life because of the marijuana.

    What is required for people to come together consciously for their own benefit. Ano Ano: The Seed–The Classic Trilogy by Kristen Zambucka enlightens the audience to the core wisdoms of Hawaiian Spiritual Traditions. The title is quite fitting for the circumstance of present and the forum for the discussion as the consequence of a citizens incarceration for providing the greatest wisdom for increasing joy and comfort during the passage of birth old age sickness and death will be embraced within an appropriate consequence in time.
    Hence a great consideration to understand our collective situation is of the highest priority. Marc Scott Emery brings the wisdom of the seed. Jesse Ventura provides the clarity of the unlawful biological war used against North America in the Plum Island Conspiracy via TRUtv along with the Independent movie “Under Our Skin” showing the horrors and criminal results of this very sophisticated organic weapon empowered by the Marijuana prohibition.
    Thus the question of personal self respect and positions of response are forced upon collective society who choose to fight for any intelligent right to life.
    How ironic and necessary is it that the Cannabis Culture Crew is thurst into the position to play Citizen Cop to fix the greatest crime in our living history.
    In Western society we use money to reflect values — where is the money supporting intelligent living ciitzens prosecuting left over Hitler assassin doctors working for a captured administration?

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