This Week in Weed: April 8th-15th

This Week in Weed

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In this episode: NORML attorneys file a lawsuit in NJ, DC announces 6 marijuana cultivation centers, a new poll shows growing support for legalization, and more.

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10 thoughts

  1. This is not on topic but I want you all to look into this because it was aired on CBS local news last night, so the children would see it no doubt. For those of you too lazy to check the link it states that drinking beer makes you smarter. I say prove it. Drink a 6 pack in 2 minutes and drive your car through a playground full of children for 20 minutes without killing any children “smart-ass”.

    As long as these drunken idiots brainwash kids too hate weed and love alcohol we are all doomed.

  2. Im (We) are real tired of might and may. This begging to see the truth has been too long. We know that it “could” save millions. It has saved me from alot of pain.

  3. OK folks its time to make a stand.

    The only thing that can get things done is money and votes. Most of us have voting rights, some have money. Email this message to your elected officials and stand firm. Also send to like minded friends and family:

    To the President, Members of the US Congress, State and local elected officials:

    Criminal marijuana prohibition is a failure. Over 20 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana offenses since 1965 with over 800,000 arrests in 2010. The problem is getting worse – not because of the benign plant, but because of the obsolete laws. The time has come to amend criminal prohibition and replace it with a system of legalization, taxation, regulation, and education.

    I can no longer vote for elected officials that support the the current laws. I have decided not to vote for any politician that does not publicly support the removal of all penalties for the private possession and responsible use of marijuana by adults, including cultivation for personal use, and casual nonprofit transfers of small amounts.


    Voting Citizen
    & Member of the Movement

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