Was It The Odor Or Posted Photo On Instagram? Regardless, Wiz Khalifa Busted In Music City

[Update: Wiz busted again for cannabis in Winston-Salem, NC on May 1!]

The Tennessean reported last night that popular musician Wiz Khalifa and a friend were busted in Nashville after police received complaints of the strong odor of cannabis apparently emanating from Wiz’s hotel room (I’m shocked!). After unsuccessfully trying to ditch a blunt out a window upon police entry, the pair were busted.

Every 38 seconds in America, another cannabis consumer is busted on ganja charges (850,000 per year), and with a pro-cannabis profile as high as Wiz’s (heck, hours before he was busted he posted a photo to Instagram depicting his branded rolling papers next to what looks like some excellent cannabis!) whether it was his super stinky stash or Wiz’s number as a cannabis consumer simply came up to become yet another tragic statistic in the 74-year old failed Cannabis Prohibition.

If Wiz needs legal help in Nashville or wants to perform a benefit concert for Tennessee NORML when he has to soon return to deal with their criminal justice system…NORML is here!

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  1. Again – only in music city would he be targeted. Why don’t they ever arrest the country music genre artists? Argh! Enough already, can’t even begin to understand this. Wonder how if the cop got his autograph at the same time.

  2. Well I’m sure they did! surely he had to sign something to get out! chk Ebay they might have online for Auction already! does the Rico act apply to everything he owns now? Now you know why they won’t legalize it look at all the stuff they get to take from Individuals!! Legalize it!! no way to much money to made by the real thugs!! lol

  3. I was arrested for cannabis in December 2011.. just passing through. Nashville does not participate in our love of cannabis.

  4. I read the story last night from The Tennessean and my take on it is that he is lucky he got a citation instead of being arrested. People are arrested for a lot less than that.

  5. Just another case of our freedom to enjoy a natural harmless plant impeded apon by a ignorant government.

  6. I think Willy Nelson can speak on behalf of the country stars being arrested for smoking pot.

  7. The last time I know of Wiz getting busted was back in 2010 for possession. HE SMOKES ALL THE TIME. SO WHY HASN’T HE BEEN BUSTED BETWEEN THEN AND NOW? Of course Nashville cops were targeting him. Everywhere he goes people know he smokes. It’s just the people who want to be d***s that give him trouble.

  8. There is such a thing as etiquette. Smoking a blunt in a hotel room in what was most likely an upscale hotel in a conservative city wasn’t polite to say the least. Strong marijuana (i.e. good marijuana) is a very… ahem… fragrant smoke which may be an annoyance to other guests. If we want legalization to proceed or at the very least tolerance of either our indulgence or participation in marijuana use we must extend respect to others.

    The takeaway here is smoke a bowl in the bathroom with the fan on when in a hotel or burn a pinner…. don’t be rollin’ a whiz-kalifa branded peach flavored giganta blunt and then try and throw that sh*t out the window… like it wasn’t you.

    Officer: “These your rolling papers?”

    Whiz: “No, Officer.”

    Officer: “They got your name on them, as do the 23 roaches I found below your window.”

  9. black rappers in nashville…of course they’re going to find any little thing to report them for

  10. OMG how could he NOT KNOW THIS TRICK!?!? Roll up a bath towel,lay it down in front of the door…geeeeeeeeSH Wiz!

  11. Nashville does not target blacks or rappers for cannabis, nor does the city only have country music. We are called music city because we arrest all musicians who smoke pot. It is time to make this stuff legal. Our court system is straining to punnish people for smoking pot when funds could be made from taxation of this harmless drug.

  12. Tennessee is a bad place to be a marijuana user.
    They have tons of police just looking for any reason to get you “into the system”
    Be careful out there!

  13. Ladies and Gents. I too have read this article and in no way did it state that Wiz was indeed smoking the blunt. I live in a dorm room and just rolling a blunt causes for it to emanate through the hall ways. Thank you that is all.

  14. How about you spoof it? You just take a bowl and inhale a hit… then you cover it with your thumb. Next inhale thru a tube filled with dryer sheets. 80% of the smell is gone.

  15. you assholes know that wiz doesnt smoke blunts. whatever this article says i dont believe it. or you can just believe whatever you read.

  16. ppl really need to mind there bizness if no-1’s gettin hurt, and i do understand the thing of others….but cumonman. they knew who room it wuz

  17. It’s been said that we all need each other, why can’t we need each other with more compassion?

  18. Lawyers smoke it, judges smoke it… so u got to legalize it don’t criticize it… legalize it and i’ll advertize it

  19. so, does he show up in court and fight it? he has money, or at least should have some money. More money then most folks you have been caught. Although, defending yourself makes the court system look stupid. The judge told me that “this is a serious offense” That 0.9grams, was serious alright. I paid $200 and walked away laughing at the whole process. Hopefully my last invite by the criminal justice system.

  20. wiz my man check my storey this is only a brief summary i wanna get this shit out there i even wrote you on facebook, and trust me i been taylored

    Federal law is putting an innocent 20year old individual into prision for 5-10years. Honestly dont know if i’ll make it by no means am I cut out for prision. My entire life i have stayed out of trouble, been academically above average, worked like a slave 50+ hours a week. Finally something was starting to work for me i was literally helping people from all ages 21 to individuals in there 60?s and 70?s, and in return they were helping some one who had nothing. I never lived lavished or abused anything. Finally life was getting better for me and my best friend(who both parents passed away at a very young age, leaving him with no family and/or life). I was able to rent a very small meager home for us an our animals 1 dog and 3 cats, feed all of us(which at one point was a serious delima living in america going to sleep starving at 18,19,20 years old…great), i was able to provide transportation to get my friend and I to work,every penny went to a positive place. Life was looking up we were finally expierencing a somewhat normal life for indivuals of our age and demographic. For the first time in years my anxiety was going down and i was becoming happy, but as of right now im looking at 5-10 years in state prision because of marijuana. My life for right now is absolutely destroyed. My friend who has no one and suffers from mental illness soon will have no home and will be hungry because $8.00 an hour is not anywhere near substantial to survive in New Jersey totally on your own, our animals will have to go to someone who can afford them which breaks my heart, and all the families i have been helping are all out luck… Personally I have totally broken down and I am deadly afraid of the future. I have absolutetly nothing with a grim future instore. I have worked as a sucessful mechanic since the age of 16 but now due to my charges and liscence I will never be able to work in a legitimate garage. Thanks uncle Sam……

  21. come on wiz fly me out to one show thats all i ask before i go away i just want one good weekend

  22. When are we gonna learn crack,coke,and pills give chills and kill. But the power of weed can heal.

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