Marijuana Law Reform Makes Governing Magazine Cover

As more and more public, economic and political attention is being cast towards cannabis legalization during the failed policy’s 75th birthday week, these apparently are the years of sober public policy writing examining what an end to Cannabis Prohibition is possibly going to look like with tax lawyer Patrick Ogelsby’s cover article in State Tax Notes last year, Rand Corporation/Kleinman/Caulkins’ book ‘Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know — 2012’ and now a cover piece in the magazine we policy wonks live to read…Governing Magazine.

The Governing writer touches upon what I’ve come to recognize as obvious:  rigid state medical cannabis programs like Colorado’s (as, for example, compared to California’s practically non-existent state regulations and laws regarding medical cannabis) as necessary precursor to state-sanctioned cannabis legalization for non-medical retail.

With publications and books like these being distributed widely among policymakers, elected officials, staff, media and NGOs…it is not possible that Cannabis Prohibition can survive in free market-oriented democracies like America for an additional seventy-five years!

Not possible!


Hey Allen,

Wanted to share the link to my medical marijuana feature, now it’s been posted online:

As I think I mentioned to you, it was our August cover! (You can see it in the upper right-hand corner). Feel free to distribute it through your own channels, and I’d love to hear any feedback. Couldn’t have done it without all the background and additional help and contacts that you gave me. Thanks again. Sure we’ll have a chance to chat again soon.

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  1. Woohoo…”federaly recognized” in Colorado and prohibition is “legally incoherant”. Go Colorado, I’ve got your back when the showdown comes. WAY-TO-GO NORML!!! Maybe it’s time to re-up my membership.

  2. Excellent work, team.

    A worthy voice for all of us-
    and to my fellow backers-
    keep it up!

    They need our support to fix this travesty of democratic justice!

  3. Catnip is a plant in the mint family. Marijuana is also in the mint family. And you know how cats “go crazy” for catnip. Animals have more rights then we do. So cats are allowed to get high but we’ll go to jail if we get caught? We might have to fight bloody or fight fire with fire to get Cannabis legal before 2037-2050. We also might need a miracle. We’ll take over from the inside.


    My previous statements:
    “Excellent work, team.”

    Were specifically referenced as

  5. California Rep. Barbara Lee won’t be spooked by the Justice Department’s aggressive curtailing of medical marijuana dispensaries in her own backyard.

    Lee, a top Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee, introduced the States’ Medical Marijuana Property Rights Protection Act in Congress this week, which she says would curb the Obama Administration’s efforts to intimidate state medical marijuana dispensaries from setting up shop.

    “The people of California have made it legal for patients to have safe access to medicinal marijuana and as a result thousands of small business owners have invested millions of dollars in building their companies, creating jobs, and paying their taxes,” Lee says. “We should be protecting and implementing the will of voters, not undermining our democracy by prosecuting small business owners who pay taxes and comply with the laws of their states in providing medicine to patients in need.”

  6. I’ve read that alcohol prohibition was still going strong a year before it all fell apart. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all shakes out.

    [Editor’s note: Indeed…

    ‘Texas senator Morris Sheppard, had reason for boasting: “There is as much chance of repealing the Eighteenth Amendment as there is for a humming-bird to fly to the planet Mars with the Washington Monument tied to its tail.”‘]

  7. @Editor

    “There is as much chance of repealing the
    Eighteenth Amendment as there is for a humming-bird to fly to the planet Mars with the Washington Monument tied to its tail.”

    Obviously Senator Sheppard must have meant 2 humming birds.

  8. Well be for every one here start to beat me up. I want to say I dont think this is a big deal. (HIGH HOPES)still dope words from the 70. And politicians as we all know are not talking about it. And yes I know I need to go stand in the corner and mumble to my self till I under stand that this is some thing good for us and I do But I really just dont think in a month this will even be remember or much less read by Governors at all.

  9. U.S. Marijuana Party 2012 political candidate
    Cris Ericson for U.S. Senator for Vermont,
    (running against incumbent Bernie Sanders)
    went on TV Aug. 2, 2012 and explained that it is
    not right for the government to call it a
    “WAR ON DRUGS” because it is really a
    “CIVIL WAR” against the peoples’ right to choose,
    and she asked voters to do their
    “REVOLUTIONARY BEST.” Earlier that same day,
    ROGER PION drove his red farm tractor right over 7
    police vehicles like a monster truck rally because
    they had arrested him last month for MARIJUANA.
    Cris Ericson on CCTV speaking about

  10. I don’t use a 75 year old stove
    I don’t use a 75 year old fridge
    I don’t use a 75 year old telephone
    I do not drive a 75 year old car
    I do not eat 75 year old food

    Why should we follow a 75 year old law?

  11. Norml needs to support legalization in North Dakota! I can’t believe they wouldn’t. Every state that does brings us one step closer to Federally legalizing.

    [Editor’s note: NORML supports cannabis law reform in all states. Fortunately, it looks like the citizens of ND are going to have an opportunity to vote in medical cannabis this fall. Just published news here.]

  12. It is a very awful thing that we allow other groups of people to do things some may feel as non-allowable in our society. Porn, homosexual rallies and marriage,etc. Yet we still view herbs and plants as awful and un-allowable which have not been absolutely proven scientifically to be shown to be in that category at all!!Its time to wake up and act like intelligent human beings instead of ignorant morons!!

  13. Seriously, Even though Barney Frank may be made fun of for being a gay person. At least he has the decency to address the issue of cannabis on a better level than closed minded people who choose to take the negative stance. I believe he should be applauded for this regardless of other’s sentiments!!! G Bless!!

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