When A Governor Calls And Asks For Support To Reform Marijuana Laws…

…you provide it!

I want to relate to NORML supporters my recent call with Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, his support for major cannabis law reforms and his wont as a re-elected governor to become a national spokesperson for cannabis law reforms before the Congress and Executive branches.

Many of us have worked for too many years (decades!) to arrive at this juncture in the Cannabis Prohibition epoch when elected policymakers now contact pro-cannabis law reform organizations proactively for financial help, and to affirm their support for legal reforms.

Therefore, I strongly suggest it behooves those of us who can make a political donation to a sitting governor that supports legalizing cannabis to do so by a Vermont-imposed August 14 deadline to demonstrate the kind of political-financial support necessary to provide these reform-minded politicians with both the mettle and funding to advance long-needed cannabis law reforms.

You can donate to Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin’s re-election campaign through either 1) the NORMLPAC by calling in a credit card donation to 202-483-5500 or 2) by sending a check to: NORMLPAC, 1600 K St., NW, Mezzanine, Washington, DC, 20006.

NORML supporters can donate up to $5,000 annually to the NORMLPAC.

To comply with current Federal Election Commission rules, $25 of any NORMLPAC donations received by non-members will be separated from your PAC donation and must be applied to an annual NORML membership (because, only NORML members can donate to the NORMLPAC).

If you’d rather make a direct donation to Shumlin’s campaign, the contact and donation information are found below:

Shumlin for Governor
PO Box 5353
Burlington, VT 05402


FYI: The maximum donation from a person or business in Vermont’s election cycles is $2,000.

Please reference your support for NORML and cannabis law reform when corresponding with his campaign. One can envisage Governor Shumlin informing his fellow governors that he supports cannabis law reforms, sought the support of the cannabis law reform community and received large support and enthusiasm. This will surely encourage some of his fellow (and closeted) governors to both embrace the law reform community and to recognize how popular cannabis law reforms are today among the American people.

In my recent blog post memorializing Cannabis Prohibition’s unfortunate 75th anniversary I lamented: Do not elect politicians who support Cannabis Prohibition.

The polar opposite of such is: Support elected politicians who favor ending Cannabis Prohibition.

We’ve this opportunity in Vermont, and I suspect soon in many more states around the country.

Again, cannabis law reformers have worked hard and long to arrive at these days where, according to most recent Gallup polling, legalization is more popular than prohibition–let’s help finish this process sooner than later by helping to elect the political allies we need to replace the failed and expensive public policy of Cannabis Prohibition with logical alternatives.

Thanks in advance for your consideration, financial support and kind regards!

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  1. Pot is the safest drug. I heard something like, you would have to smoke half your weight in pot in 2 hours to die from it. Let’s say you’re 200 lbs. And lets say you could only get nugs. Nugz are like $10,000 a pound… you’re looking at $1 Million dollars worth of pot in 2 or 3 hours… It’s NOT possible. And you would’nt survive long enough to take $1 million in Asprin. You would’nt survive $20 worth. And Oxycodone is legal, crystal meth is for some (Extreme cases of ADD & ADHD in a drug called Desoxin [spelling?]) Peyote is legal for those in Native American church. Somethings not right and we need to DESTROY the bad shit that’s causing this joke of a free life.

  2. yes finnaly someone we can thow money behind …… oh wait i don’t see shit on his webpage about the cauase ??? I did see somthing about Ronald Regan Day????? Want my money speak up a lil louder

  3. It’s more like 1,500 lbs in 15 mins… But that much can kill ya. If they dropped it on ya!

    Big news! Gratz NORML, that’s one big fish you landed.

  4. Somehow I would be more appreciative if my donations were used to expose those Politicians taking these same ‘bribes’ to continue prohibition. Obama recieved support from anti prohibitionis, look what we got for that.
    Better spent would the money be to put Normal employees in the halls of Congress to observe those early morning flows of Lobbiests that influence our nations drug policies for the advancement of certain private enterprises.
    A simple news ‘.. Congressman so-n-so meets with Lobby representative for(pick a pharma) and votes against MJ reform..’
    Lobby money is supposed to be recorded. Why the pro orgs. do not play hardball with the anti-proponets/private enterprises I will never know.

  5. I am all for this,
    I notice that no statements of cannabis, marijuana, nor NORML appear on his shumlinforgovernor.com site…

    I suspect he is on the ball-
    however, as a member of a forward-thinking society – this lack of statement should be remedied…

    Or did I miss something?

    [Editor’s note: Governor Shumlin has publicly supported medical cannabis, legislation for dispensaries, decriminalization legislation and he has signed a petition letter along with other governors to the President and Attorney General to reschedule cannabis.

    The man supports reform.]

  6. I wish they would drop 1,500 lbs. nugs on me… Not packaged, of course. Maybe shake. I’d play dead then take it all home with a bulldozer. Maybe we should try to legalize a dangerous drug so it legalizing pot would look good: Legalize KETAMINE. Special K starts the day off good. K-holing is a pleasure being denied to us.

  7. This is great and good timing, because it is not the time for prohibitionist be crying out for more money when the Feds are being audited.


  8. I want to donate through NORML to Shumlin’s campaign. I just called the number provided but no one’s there (it’s Saturday). Is it worth everyone’s time if my donation is somewhat small ($10)?

    Specifically I want to make sure that Shumlin gets my money and knows that it is because of his position on cannabis law reform.

    I’d make a donation to Pat Robertson’s church too if there was a way to make sure he knew why it was being donated.

    Basically, I’d donate to any influential person who’s in favor of legalization – as long as they were aware of why they were getting the money.

    It would be great to see a donate button for anyone who wants want one(Shumlin/Pat Robertson/Obama) that would allow me to contribute directly to them.

    [Editor’s note: Collecting online and mobile donations for political campaigns are still legally problematic. This will probably be the last election cycle that these newer technologies will not be fully integrated in the American political system. Therefore there will be no ‘donate’ button on NORML’s webpage, and most others’. For a group like NORML that wants to be compliant with state and federal election laws…checks and called-in PAC donations are the safer legal path.

    You can donate directly to the Shumlin campaign at shumlinforgovernor.com.]

  9. This is the Greatest Plant on Earth, so many ways to Help and Heal our Planet and each other…END PROHIBITION!! CARE FOR ALL THINGS WITH COMPASSION In all of Lifes Diversity’s

  10. why dont you all contact Mr. Shumlin about his stand on reform? his website is not very detailed of his future actions.

  11. It’s legal to own guns and be evil (in kkk) but we’re punished if we inhale a combusted plant to have free thinking and feel amazing? There should be anti-greed and evil laws and freedom to poke smot. heh Doesn’t that sound better? It took the creation of a whole new country to have religious rights. I swear to God it better not take something like that.

  12. St. Nick, I know you have the best of intentions, but there is so much nonsense floating around regarding the “can you die from smoking marijuana” nonquestion that we really should think twice about repeating this kind of thing: “I heard something like, you would have to smoke half your weight in pot in less than two hours to die from it.” Where does this stuff come from? Ahhh!!

  13. Alright.? I thought the guy was right or he knew what he was talking about. He may be wrong. It’s not like legal scientific testing is even legal. We have to go by word of mouth or experience. Let’s see, Snoop Dogg smokes at least 5 ounces nugs a day. He’s not dead. And NO-I’m not with him, I don’t see him smoke anything but I think he does. Anyway, I understand your point and I’ll try to change it unless it helps pot to be legalized other ways.

  14. @ mert – You should be ashamed of your comments! If you go to his web page you will find a search box. Type in marijuana and you will find several (enough) to prove he is sincere about wanting to decriminalize marijuana. Look harder next time and think first before posting!

  15. Tx,

    Where does it come from? DEA Judge Francis Young who said pot was the safest therapeutically active substance known to man. Look up his decision which the DEA has ignored.

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