Marijuana Legalization Proponents in Washington Unveil First TV Ad

The campaign behind I-502, a ballot measure that would end cannabis prohibition in Washington State this fall, unveiled their first TV advertisement in support of the initiative. This commercial kicks off a recently announced million dollar ad campaign, which aims to keep marijuana legalization at the forefront of Washington voters’ minds as we approach November. You can view the ad below:

Polling data taken in July by SurveyUSA shows an upward swing in support for the initiative, with 55 percent of likely voters approving of the measure, 32 percent opposing, and 13 percent undecided.

Get all the latest information on cannabis law reform in the 2012 Election by viewing NORML’s voter guide, Smoke the Vote, here.

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  1. TO The Hemperor…..

    Decriminalization is a naive perceptive to marijuana law. It doesn’t address the issues of organized crime or the sell to minors. Also its kind of a silly idea, i mean its kind of “OK” to have the product but completely illegal to produce or sell, makes no sense and makes no revenue for the government at state or federal or whatever level. Decriminalizing will help pot smokers but not the issue of marijuana law as a whole

  2. Any politician holding office, that does not sign bills of the voting majority into law. Needs to not be elected ever again. They are not a judge they are an officer of the people.

    Politicians that don’t sign things into law after their voters have said yes, either have no backbone, or is being funded to veto by a special interest group; those politicians need to be ousted, or at least let known in mass, petition when they hit office; that if they do not obey the will of the voters, that they will not ever hold office again.

    Take the country back and get rid of these corrupt rats.

  3. I agree about disliking the first line: “I don’t like it personally.”

    It’ll make viewers ask, “why doesn’t she like it personally? Is it bad? Harmful? Detrimental to society?”

    It would have been much easier to have used something like, “I don’t use it personally but etc.”

  4. Ever seen the Alcohol cartel? Ever seen the tobacco cartel? Ever heard of anyone dying from marijuana? Ever heard of anyone dying from tobacco use? Ever heard of anyone dying from alcohol use/abuse? The United States government will NEVER win the “war on drugs” untill they identify the enemy…and it is NOT marijuana.When teenagers know more about drugs than Michelle Leonhart (head of the DEA), You can be certain that your tax dollar will continue to be wasted in the biggest way. Barrack Obama…you are a liar

  5. The problem with the minors and the crime is the same for beer and hard liquor and tobacco. The kids find a way to get to it too, but Beer hard liquor and tobacco are legal. Why not marijuana? I work at a store where we have cameras and we have beer runs, people running off with tobacco products all the time. what’s the difference?

  6. It wouldn’t completely keep kids off it but making the minimum age 21, there will be a lot less teen use/abuse. Maybe sell pot in stores like porn shops and don’t let them in unless they’re 21. Ever heard of security? In fact, legalizing it would create MILLIONS of jobs. Need people to grow, transport, sell, make bongs, make THC lollipops, scientifically test it, AND security for the weed.

    How many things are bad for you that are legal? A lot of things. I bet poison hemlock is legal and that WILL kill you by making it so that you can’t take a breathe for 25 hours. I’m sure it would be legal to grow that!

    We’re not talking/taking action about legalizing actual dangerous drugs like Crystal Meth & PCP… Jesus! Give us a fucking break and Leagle eyes zit.

  7. we make sound as if this is the first time that marijuana is an issue. marijuana helped this country grow from the begining. let us not forget our fore fathers used “hemp” for all aspects of life in the early years of OUR GREAT COUNTRY please don’t let the “PARTYS” control. for we are a government of the people……..

  8. pot will be legal in the future, demand will steadily increase and the war on drugs is a waste of money and resources anyway, even the most die hards would agree with that. people who worry about the kids getting it need to wake up, they already got it.. how many people reading this had older friends that could them alchohol or cigarettes. as free americans we need to have a serious debate about it. why are still talking about this anyway its 2012 we are owned by china, now thats somthing we need to talk about…is it time to learn chinese?

  9. The first line in the add is a NEGATIVE statement. It needs to be changed. I have spent thousands of dollars on advertising and one thing a person learns right away, you must make all positive statements if you want anyone to agree, or buy what you are selling. This ad needs to be rewritten in order to have a positive outcome.

  10. It is easier for people to believe bad things about marijhuana then it is to accept that it can help people. If a person does not have cancer, glaucoma or chronic pain they find it convenient to prohibit the use. It is that ever convenient “it can’t happen to me scenario”. The state needs the money and this is the only way it can get this huge amount of money.
    As the population gets bigger and the economy continues at a slow rate this may be the only way we can continue programs that are a lot more important that our governmental interest in who is stoned on pot.

  11. Pot lowers blood pressure. That “dizzy” feeling we get from holding it long is our blood pressure being lowered. Pot is not only extremely safe but healthy. Someone should come up with a list of every good use as accepted by popular opinion not the dea trying to scare us off drugs and mainly go after pot instead of dangerous ones. You know, like, ones that CAN kill? Jesus Christ! People who don’t know/have real experience with pot… POT IS GOOD FOR YOU. It’s like never experiencing love and then bad mouthing it cause you don’t think it’s good. The whole reason it’s called Marijuana is because the US government wanted to scare us into thinking it was Mexican. They’re the dopes.

  12. The first line should be changed. Overall the add its simple, sweet, and to the point. It’s time Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica laws be reformed and prohibition end. There are FAR too many pro’s than con’s to legalizing Marijuana. We could talk for hours to as why it should be legal and the people who say it shouldn’t, will always loose. So long as using this drug doesn’t kill anyone or yourself, or endanger anyone’s live’s or yourself it should be legal. If children or minors are using it, then they have been raised wrong. End This Oppressive Prohibition. Great Add.

  13. yes, and it will be aired on channel 6024 at 3:21am when everone will see it…..thats ..federal time…..

  14. I wish the ad used another ‘hook’. People HATE the government right now. Use that – talk about how non-sensical it is that the government will not let a plant, less dangerous than alchohol, be used in this country. AND that it would add to our revenue base.

  15. In the name of marihuana prohibition, innocents are put in jail and crimes stay unpunished. Mothers cry and love remains impossible. If you follow laws, you just have to live in misery and quickly die.

  16. I’ve found that those who oppose marijuana typically have the IQ of a bowl of jello.

    It’ll be legal sooner than later, and I’m moving to the first state where I can go into a convenience store and buy it.

    And I’ll be the happiest America alive.


  17. More about this ad; yes it opens with a negative statement.

    But please consider that it’s aimed at people WHO TYPICALLY WOULDN’T SUPPORT IT.

    Those who love marijuana and *freedom* will vote for it anyway. This ad is designed for stick in the mud’s who think it’s “evil” but will ultimately concur that the legalization will serve a practical use.

    It’s a good ad.

  18. I dont like it personally…
    What then are you doing wasting your time trying to convince people.You are in the wrong business madam…Lady Gaga smoked a joint on stage recently and shes a zillion times more convincing than you are.What this world needs is people convinced that yes marijuana can have its usefulness down here not boneless zombies who keep repeating what they have been told

  19. I’ve been disabled (bad back and neck and wrist pain) If it wasn’t for medical marijuana I’d be in bed but with it I can do so many things like garden and cook, etc. But now they want to put my husband in jail. We don’t have the money to fight this but we are trying.

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