Online Cartoon Casts Critical Light On Obama’s Failed Medical Marijuana Policies

No matter the media medium, the tragic story of the federal government’s war against a beloved plant and the people who’re keen to it, can’t be told enough times, in enough ways.

Artist-journalist Susie Cagle’s take on the federal government’s latest crackdown against medical cannabis providers in California is found at

This unique cartoon medium allows for audio embeds, some offensive language may be heard.

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  1. They release a “Memo” to NOT to interfere in State laws regarding “Medical Marijuana” as long as they are in compliance with such “State Laws”, Which gives the providers and patients a sense of security so they set up businesses, Employ people, PAY TAXES and set up a strict distribution system complete with tight security, Only to the Fed`s turn around, Months later, Go on a “Bust Binge”!!!
    I have ONLY 1 Word for that, It`s called “Entrapment”. Where is our “Limited Power” Government that the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights Calls For? This just proves that some of our elected officials have NO Respect for Individual Rights and the “Intent” of our Founding Fathers! And they have to GO!!
    I see the departure from our founding principles as being the core of our problems, as we were once the richest and most prosperous nation in the World,Remember “Life”, “Liberty”,And “The Pursuit of Happiness”!
    It`s not just about Cannabis now, It`s about the deviation from what this Country was supposed to be to what it is Now!
    Obama is supposed to be a “Constitutional Scholar “, He just needs to step up to the plate (On the House Floor) and say he is tired of hearing it! Other Countries have done Research and found Legitimate Medical uses for Cannabis and so have WE! and it`s time for Cannabis to be re-scheduled Because it has been “Proven” and Industrial Hemp description be “Removed” because it has NO Value as a drug and infinite value as an Industrial Commodity, Tell the DEA to back off or he can strip down most of the agency, Commit to public education on Cannabis and it`s positive aspects on our Economy, He can do all that while committing NOT to Legalize ALL Drugs, Dispel that “Old Time” Myth/Fear of “A Nation of Stoners”, Then watch Romney`s poll Numbers Plummet!!!! Especially when the Economy starts to improve and the Unemployment rate drops dramatically.

    I sincerely hope he has been planning to do it all along – But I`m a Dreamer that still holds out Hope!

  2. Great work! The fact that the Harborside founder is eligible for the death penalty raised the hairs on the back of my neck.

    When my elderly mother couldn’t find pain relief for her fractured vertebrae, even the infamous Oxycontin failed. I realized her pain relief was up to me. For one HORRIFYING moment I actually considered doing nothing. Marijuana was illegal. The memory of that moment still haunts me to this day.

    I hate the drug war.

  3. When I had to chose between Reagan and Mondale, the choice literally turned my stomach. I voted for John Anderson again, who wasn’t even running.

    I’m getting the same sinking feeling again this election.

  4. I wish this would mention Obama is MORE likely to be pro cannabis then mr I can’t drink coffee because it’s a drug and against my religion Romney… This gives the false impression Romney is better on this issue! He is NOT.

    You guys should give him some credit. Someone is leaning on Obama, be mad at them for the policies and him for not standing up for us. But don’t blame him for the crackdown because he isn’t the one who ordered it!

    I can seriously see him executive ordering cannabis off the CSA threw the AG office, but you guys can’t abandon him, he needs the protection a second term politician gets!

    Vote Obama or you are cutting off your own nose to spite your face!

  5. This cartoon will upset the New World Order and the expansion of the American Empire.

    Already the federal government is destroying the U.S. economy on purpose because it wants total control by attacking the states and their independent ways (Liberties) of making income instead of receiving counterfeit funds from the Federal Reserves.

    Audit the Feds!

  6. If you ever want to see this plant legal, for industry or otherwise (although it is legal for one in the US already as well as the government itself to grow and send to the select and very few), begin by boycotting walmart pharmacy and anyone else who would have you put any further money into any pharmaceutical company. It may have begun as a way to raise one guys wealth in shares of the logging industry but the medical industry surely has the reins of this insult to basic Terran rights.

    I would like to quote someone who some view as a terrorist “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” – Thomas Jefferson

    and to quote myself “Anyone who disagrees with a government scared of its people governed will be declared an enemy of the state; to be viewed as a former citizen until the well of the the apathetic and disconnected in this country runs dry and there is no one left to fear but themselves” – Me

  7. But this election we can vote for Gary Johnson, who has used it medically himself…why do voters not know this…there is a choice!

  8. I wonder sometimes if Obama has not been corrupted by the drug cartel in Mexico or other organized crime groups. This is the only reason I can think of for someone who smoked cannabis in his college years and beyond yet now opposes legalization.

    Vote for Ron Paul for President!


  10. Mitt Romney and his Mormon Faith. Here is a quote form a Mormon website——-> Now, coffee is seen as part of that slippery slope that leads away from God. Coffee, booze, marijuana, cocaine… all a defilement of the temple that God gave us. NORML——– Mitt Romney will NEVER EVER allow marijuana for any purpose! Got it NOW!???

  11. lets push their buttons everyone save every seed you can get your hands on.on 4:20:13 plant them everywhere

  12. No way Chris in WI. Obama doesn’t deserve a 2nd term. It was Obama who told Holder to tell the DEA to go after the Dispensaries. Remember Mitt Romney also said he would let States Govern themselves. That he would be like the Bush years…No one went after more Medical Marijuana Dispensaries than Obama. He has closed over half of all the Medical facilities that give out good Medical Cannabis. He is in with the Mexican Gov’t to keep the flow of illegal drugs coming into this Country. Obama is not looking out for the Patients or the People who really need Cannabis for Pain. He would rather have you stuff yourself full of pillls. The Gov’t knows that Cannabis cures Cancer and many other things. The Gov’t would rather have you drink alcohol and smoke cigerettes then to smoke or digest Cannabis.

  13. mark, how trueand how sad. Look at how many people die from alcohol and cigerettes per year in the U.S. alone and you can’t start to wonder what the heck is going on? Just look at what is going on in Arizona and how much opposition there is from the govnerment for the use of a plant by individuals. Just look at the AZ decision regarding mmj for treating ptsd and it’s enough to make a person paranoid about the government. Our government.

  14. we were smoking up tonight and came up with an idea – MARIJUANA REFUGEE COALITION –> a network of cannabis users that helps other cannabis users find work that doesn’t require drug tests and helps find housing and assist with relocating to marijuana friendly states



  16. Has anybody heard anything from any of the appropriate state regulatory agencies regarding issues that were out of compliance?
    Were any of these dispensaries ever offered a chance to bring their establishments INTO said disputed level of compliance?
    No? Didn’t think so.


    Interesting concept…
    Aside from the token reasons it wouldn’t work, or would be unrealistic, etc. –
    there is this apect:

    The areas referenced above, by freekkc,
    are valid difficulties, amid the casualties of this failed prohibition of cannabis…

    How much is too much?

    …think I remember hearing some wisdom… something about… ‘punishment fitting the crime’…

    how is it The Land Of The Free ™
    is so far from it?

  18. Our elected officials are almost no different than the cartels…they may not be decapitating peole and leaving them everywhere, but they are robbing this country blind financially and morally causing millions of people to slip into poverty every year because they need another raise for being nothing more than public servants thenmselves, and corrupt ones at that. ALL OF THEM!

  19. Don’t vote Romney if you value any of the ground we’ve gained with legalization. When in history has the extreme right supported legalization…never, or evangelicals for that matter…never. Obama is the only hope and the raids were probably a compromise since Obama is more center than anyone else. There is give and take and he had to give that one. Who cares as there were an extreme amount of dispensaries concentraed in areas, something would’ve been done anyway. Romney/Ryan = Sober and Cryin’… Don’t let a mormon or a scientologist for that matter (not much difference) get access to the power of the white house. Also don’t reward idiot like Romney who forcibly attacks long-hairs, gay bashes, and is a dog hater to boot. How can he respect our culture if he doesn’t respect the Sikh’s or anything outside of Mormon Utah. Don’t be a fool the reason we are where we are, which virtual legalization, is because of the change Obama represents. Give Obama a break for not being extreme left, avoid extremes, vote center and vote Obama. Also to all the jackholes that run dispensaries and dress the counter culture part, how can anyone for legalization be taken seriously when you look like that. Dress professionally, clean cut, and get a respectable job and support legalization, stealth mode is the only way to be taken seriously…otherwise you guys are pissing in the wind.

  20. Yeah, Obama may blow as far as dispensaries go and keeping promises but romney is an awful monster who sucks dick at doing good stuff for the country. No other 3rd party candidate will win, that’s why I’m voting for barack. Maybe he’s going after dispensaries cause he HAS to follow law or HE’LL get in trouble. And maybe with a 2nd term he’d legalize. Either way it’s better than romney. I want to have a country by the time I get old. Voting romney is like throwing a monkey wrench in and trying to destroy the country and therefore yourself. FUCK rOMNEY! GO OBAMA!

  21. Obama has been much worse than Bush was. At least conservatives believe in states’ rights and will *possibly* allow states to control some aspects of their own business.

    Obama has proven that he has zero respect for that. He has significantly ramped up the persecution and federal meddling in MMJ. Time for him to go.

  22. I also think Obama has not lived up to his promises regarding Marijuana.

    I never the less will vote for Obama and Democrats in November.

    Here is my reasoning:

    If Romney and the Republicans and the Tea-Party get control of the White House, Senate and Congress there will be no chance that legalization at the federal level.

    I was living in San Francisco in the late 60s and early
    70s. I believed the propaganda reguarding grass. I mostly
    ate magic brownies but was a occasional smoker.

    Vote Obama and Democrats. Maybe Normal should get in touch
    with the Obama campaign. If they could put a purposal that Obama were to change the classification of cannabis from 1 to 2 would be a good start. Doing this would allow researchers to do their research.

  23. I have rhuematoid arthritis and if u asked 100000 people with arthritis if they get releif from smoking not 1 would say no they didn’t get releif I thought the government represented what the majority wAnts y make people suffer and line the mexican cartels pockets when we could keep our money in our homeland not 1 person who suffers chronic pain will say they don’t find releif from smoking so why punish americans and reward mexican. Cartels what to do what to doask yourself WWJD

  24. “If Romney and the Republicans and the Tea-Party get control of the White House, Senate and Congress there will be no chance that legalization at the federal level.”

    This is true. But as we’ve seen, it is also true there is zero chance of federal legalization from an Obama White House. So my thinking is at least with GOP leadership, there’s a (better) chance to return to each-state-decides and feds stay out of it.

    In other words, lesser of two evils.

  25. Obama is a conservative democrat and Romney is a moderate republican…that means buisness and war, as usual,from either party .Including the’ war on drugs’ and on the citizens of the United States and abroad.

    Both parties are following the Agenda’s that are already established and in place, and are hell-bent on seeing them through.

    I think our only hope, is, instead of placing faith in a president,we should continue to vote for pro- legalisation referendums and keep our fingers crossed that the black- box voting machines are not rigged.

    not trying to dampen anybody’s enthusiasm here,that’s just the way i see it.

  26. Maybe we should scare them? Just a thought. They are cowards after all. They are also trying to ruin our lives, just for ingesting a plant that is healthy let alone safe. Scaring them might trigger reasonable tring them will geteatment. I’m not saying do something evil but scaring them into doing a good thing is actually a good thing to do. Right and wrong is based on INTENT. If your intent is to do good, then it’s ok. Like stealing food when you’re starving is not wrong. It’d be wrong NOT to steal the food. God knows, it took fear of Mexicans to enact this anti-good pot prohibition. Maybe scaring them into a good thing is what it’ll take to get justice back.

  27. Geez, that sounded better in my head. Well, just want to state, only do that to people trying to do that to you, which they are. It gives karma. Like punching someone who always gives punches to other people? Ok, I’m done.

  28. Buck Fobama. He is a lying clown in the hip pocket of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex

  29. I agree with you folks and yes, I think he’s been corrupted by the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex or even worse, is in bed with the mexican cartels trying to keep marijuana in the black market! All kinds of corruption exist.

    Please vote for Ron Paul, he’ll change a few things.

  30. We need to create a voting block like the NRA and start generating money for lobbyists like the rest of the big organizations do. By giving politicians bribes, kickbacks, and expensive gifts we can buy legality in the only way our government understands. Greed!!!

  31. I agree, I would donoate in a minute if I was able to. I am flat broke, I am on Social security as it is now. I wish the goverment would releazize how much income this would generate for the U.S.A.

  32. For some of you,; This Government has never been for the People it has always been for the wealthy and very rich!

    We the people in our constitution and the IRS is for the Queen of England. I thought we were free of the strings to the English Crown; guess not. Remember the US Government is a Business for England, we are a crown colony, we the people are nothing but hearded cattle for them to kill at will, and experiments in DNA Genetic Engering, and food modification, to plant germs, dieases, & bio logical warfare in our blood systems…

    When we use Cannabis all the bad stuff they put in out bodies from the air, water, and food, get moved out of the body because the cannabis THC, especially the Hemp oil (if you eat the seeds or drink the Hemp Oil)it surrounds the bad chemicals and filters it out of the body!

    Would’nt it be wonderful if the the so called Alien threats, we been getting; that cannabis is a big problem for them to envade our mind, and our bodies. That, the Cannabis that is in our bodies be their biggest downfall!!!

    Look at the people who don’t smoke, and are angry, bitter, selfish, mean and nasty cut throats…they don’t want you to pray for them, don’t talk to them about Yeshua (Jesus), Take your money and tell you to kiss off! Yeah! We know we have hit a nerve.

    Let them get drunk then they want to talk about everything but Cannabis and what God’s WORD says about it Gen 1:29-31…funny how we have God’s word on this subject and people want the bible out of the way..all the way out of their way…because it speaks the TRUTH about Herbs that bear their own SEEDS is good for MEAT!!!

    Could you explain to an Alien visitor how cannabis can be consumed other then smoking to them? LOL! How the Reptilians race, and the Vampires pollute our space with their filth, they are totally against Cannabis use…they can stand it,

    It may not kill them but it will keep them off of us, they will go back to their own spaceual tear in the fabric of time. If you don’t like our planet, and keep polluting, and raping our planet…Go Home!…just leave…We love our planet we treat her right she takes good care of us, as the planet always have…now it’s our turn to GO -GREEN! DAMN THE BLUE AND RED

  33. Chris is the kind of moron who will vote for Obama. “give him credit” for WHAT? Follow the movement and Obama has done exactly two things for us- Jack & Squat. He is not an ally. You think he is because he seems “cooler” than Romney? You’re an idiot

  34. Fuck all you assholes voting for romney. You must be stupid AND have mental problems if you think someone like romney will be better. He not only WON’T legalize pot, he’ll ruin the country worse than bush. The better chance would be with someone who HAS smoked it. You’re probably just rich evil mental retards who live in south to try saying bullshit like you’re saying.

    Seriously, if you vote romney you should be arrested and hung for treason.

    Obama is WAY, WAY, WAY better than mitt the twit and I will vote for Barack Obama again. Why don’t you republicans lie down on a busy highway or something and quit trying to ruin things greedy evil pieces of shit! We’re not going to take it anymore.

  35. There’s more important things at stake in this election than to risk it all voting for the twit just cause he “MIGHT” legalize it. You’re losers if you think that. I want pot legal but we won’t even have a country if satan, I mean, mitt gets elected. They want us to pay 2k extra every year just to give the rich 2% a tax break. We’re busting our asses to pay them and their great lives. They don’t want to help us financially, why should we help them? May the Carrions blanket you if you vote mitt the twit, worthless, pieces of shit. I’m going to donate to the Obama campaign now.

  36. Nick I won’t vote for Mitt. I wouldn’t vote for you in for dog catcher. You give a bad image to marijuana. Also, your about as much help to Obama as Akin is to Mitt!

    tone it down.

    Huh,… I just had a thought. Yoou are trying to get a gig like Rush Limbugh but for the Democratic side. Most moderates hate the bull shit retoric.

  37. I agree with Nick; but not his style. Mitt isn’t even working with a full deck. We elect him and it will be even worse than GWB!

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