NORML and Women’s Alliance Join ‘Caravan for Peace’ Campaign

[Editor’s note: New video from Reason depicts the Caravan for Peace’s start at the US -Mexico border.]

NORML and the NORML Women’s Alliance are pleased to announce their support and official endorsement of The Movement for Peace and Justice with Dignity, along with the American-based organization Global Exchange’s “Caravan for Peace.”

“This campaign will draw public attention to the damage marijuana
prohibition is causing not  only in our country, but in Mexico as well.  This multi-national coalition of drug reform, human rights, religious and progressive organizations have come together with one objective; raising awareness about, and ending, our 75 year violent and failed drug prohibition,” said Sabrina Fendrick of the NORML Women’s Alliance.

[From the website:] The Caravan represents one element of a broad strategy responding to Mexico’s violent national emergency resulting from Drug War policies (in Mexico and the U.S.) gone tragically wrong. The idea of the Caravan is to make Mexico’s national emergency tangible in the United States and to create a platform where those affected by the Drug War from Mexico, the U.S. and elsewhere can join their voices to inform public opinion on both sides of the border.

The Caravan takes place at a politically charged moment. It begins in San Diego, six weeks after Mexico’s July 1 presidential election and arrives in Washington, D.C. in September, six weeks prior to the U.S. elections. This summer we will bring communities together around events large and small, turning awareness into action and building a movement that will continue pushing for changes at the local, state, national and international level long after the Caravan has passed through.

The U.S. Caravan’s mission is, among other things:

  • To make the connections between the impacts of the Drug War in Mexico (violence, deaths and rise of organized crime) and in the U.S. (criminalization, incarceration, and life-long marginalization- disproportionately affecting African-American and Latino communities);
  • To promote a civil society discourse with the American public and opinion leaders about the policies (easy access to assault weapons, militarization of drug enforcement and U.S. prohibition policies) at the root of the crisis;
  • To foster collaboration and effective solidarity among a broad range of progressive, grassroots, religious, humanitarian and other organizations; and
  • To leave, in the Caravan’s wake, informed, organized, and mobilized communities of activists who will pursue reform strategies in the near and long-term on both sides of the border.

NORML chapters across the country, as well as NORML Women’s Alliance community groups will be taking part in the campaign as the caravan arrives in their respective locations.  If there are other groups who are interested in getting involved with the Caravan, please click here to find your local contact.

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  1. Alcohol prohibition only lasted 12 years. Marijuana prohibition has lasted over 70. Part of the reason is because we’ve been able to export the vicious violence to other countries and continued to do so by paying off their leaders. After all, it’s not as if those are American lives being lost.

    The money is drying up now. Rest in peace drug war

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  3. Now this has some teeth to it. This is a lot bigger than the (gov mag) That was the big hit last week.I wish they would come to Corpus Christi tx. I can of fear for there safety with the boarder/D.E.A and all the other law enforcement that wants to see harm to the ( P-C )

  4. Alcohol prohibition was so short because officers didn’t think they needed to be gunned down over a drink, a drink that many of the imbided in privately anyway. I’m not condoning violence but until a fight is put up to the drug-nazis they will continue to kill us just so they can go on no-risk raids and rack up some overtime hours. FTP^2

  5. I’m willing to bet that if Jared Francom were alive today he would not be so willing to barge into a mans home in the middle of the night to ‘secure’ a little bag of weed. FTP^2

  6. Don’t stop! Keep on going!!! This is getting better. Run over the opposition like a steamroller over assfault. =)

  7. Gabriel’s catchphrase is “Peloton, let’s roll.” I have been saying “Peloton, let’s Roll.”
    With the Global Exchange’s “Caravan for Peace”, we can really roll now.

    Collaboration, information, and peace-making reform, well done!
    This will be a good venue to ask people to take the Peloton Poll.

    For more information, google Talking Points for the Peloton.

  8. The states listed are really important to win over on Drug Prohibition, i am glad that more and more organizations are joining together in this effort.

    It is important that we streamline the effort across the organizations on this caravan for peace to bring this history of Drug Wars to an end and Legalize Medical Marijuana. The sooner we work together the sooner this tragedy by the lobbyists in Big Pharma will be stopped.

  9. Lets pray that this (P-C) can get radio and t.v time. Has any one talk to the big morning show’s n.b.c c.b.s a.b.c about putting them on there show.s

  10. Great News… however… re: this goal:


    It’s a lost cause as the goal of our current gov’t policy is to ensure control of the masses, i.e., Pres. Obama can brew his own beer at the White House, but we can’t grow our own plants at home. Obama is all about CHOICE, as has been most Presidents and Congresses, but when it comes to “recreational/medicinal herbs and plants” that CHOICE seems to belong to the two biggest dangers to our Public Health and Safety, i.e., alcohol and tobacco.


    Corporate monopolies, greed, and lies to promote Corporate Interests, of which HEMP and Cannabis somehow got jacked! While millions are dead from this course of protectionism, no one has died, not a single person from the use of cannabis. Yet millions have suffered from a direct consequence of the laws prohibiting cannabis and hemp.

    This is total insanity… and I’m having to live my entire life believing we’re civilized, and our gov’t is looking out for our best interests. Bull-Shit! People who commit murder get treated better than us. Recent polls, ever after several mass killings show more Americans support cannabis legalization than the 2nd Amendment.

    President Obama – I know you follow NORML… so get a clue… Cannabis Prohibition HURTS!!!

  11. A new kind of war is coming. A war like no other. For centuries the rich have reduced populations by creating world wars. The Greeks at least used to do it openly. As for the war coming It will reduce populations. It will destroy real estate everywhere as well as lives. The water is rising. Welcome to the first World Eco War.

  12. I hope that positive television reporting will be seen, rather than the 1950’s “gateway to drugs” rubbish that they usually use. I understand that Barbra Streisand is part of the Women’s Alliance. It would be beneficial if she and other big names would use their voices and fame to deter the fear tactics normally used by the DEA. It has been been documented that part of the strategy used to make mj illegal, when it was legal, was that if Hispanics and Blacks smoked it, they would rape white women. Television needs to have facts, presented in a professional manner to show that the public is in approval of legalization.

  13. I’m glad women are doing this. I believe in feminine power and masculine. But out of the 2, feminine power is the “fighting” one almost to a militant extent. Free the pot!

  14. All I’m saying by that is women have “a tongue” and if men and women were of equal strength on this planet, women would ALWAYS win the fight. Obviously it’s uaually men who do the fighting (cause they’re bigger) but women can crush you with words so if they’d b = strength… men’d lose. Not disrespecting men.

  15. I would really like to see this thing get rolling. I have not heard anything about it on television yet but I will call, or e-mail congress in support.

  16. Three stops in New Mexico and none in Tennessee? Seems a bit weird and self-defeating, since TN is the home to both the NORML Board President and one of its Board members, and our TN Safe Access to Medical Cannabis bill got a 2-to-1 positive vote in the House Health committee in this year’s debate. Oh well, there’s no accounting for some decisions these days, even within the movement itself. No surprise there.

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