This Weekend In Seattle: Earth’s Largest Pro-Marijuana Law Reform Rally

Seattle, WA: Event organizers are expecting to break attendance records this weekend for the 21st annual Seattle Hempfest, taking place this Friday through Sunday at Myrtle Edwards Park along the downtown Seattle waterfront.

Hempfest has drawn crowds in excesses of 250,000 people over the three day ‘protestival’.

One of the main focuses of this year Hempfest is Washington’s legalization voter initiative, Initiative 502. Washington is one of three states where voters this fall will have the opportunity to substantively reform their state’s personal use cannabis laws. Oregon and Colorado voters also have limited marijuana legalization measures appearing on their statewide ballots this fall.

The latest public polling regarding I-502 (Read a full description of the measure here.) shows that it is supported by voters by a margin of 50 percent to 37 percent.

Over 60 musical acts and over one hundred speakers — including NORML Founder Keith Stroup, I-502 sponsor, NORML Advisory Board member and travel expert Rick Steves, numerous NORML board members and chapter coordinators, members of Seattle’s City Council, former law enforcement officials and dozens of cannabis law reform activists will participate in the event from numerous stages and at the ‘Hemposium’ educational tent.

A list of speakers is found here.

A complete line-up of this year’s scheduled events, musicians, and speakers is available online at:

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  1. this will be a dream come true. to never have to hide any more and to be free finaly free of the governments strangle hold on the American people i say we need to end this war as it should have ended 70 years ago

  2. @Allen St. Pierre have a good time in Washington Wish I could come.
    Thank you,and yours,for all your hard work.

  3. Death sentence over marijuana in, Little Rock, Ark.

    The officer who searched Carter asked them where the rest of the marijuana was because he found some on Carter.

    The driver and other passenger are handcuffed and led out of the frame, too.

    Eventually, they appear without handcuffs and the officers let them leave.

    They keep Carter, who had an arrest warrant out of Mississippi. Court records show it had to do with a drug-related case.

    The video ends after the truck drives away and the officers talk about leaving.

    “See ya later,” one of the officers says. It sounds like he opens the car door and then the audio cuts out. The police car’s blue lights continue to flash for several seconds, lighting a nearby bush.

    Carter was shot in the head, though police have refused to give more specifics.

  4. I understand that the “No on 502” supporters were out in force at the Fest and trying to actually start fights with any that supported the initiative,,,but the funny thing was that the aggressive No aggressors didn’t seem to know anyone there,except each other,,remeber people,,anything necessary covers a lot of actions by the ONDCP and causing fights at a Hemp Festival would be very harmful to any legalization effort for WA or any other state.

  5. Essecially in these tough times for our country you would expect the goverment to wanna make $ where it could! They could easily collect a tax on marijuana they know majority of the population smokes so the money would be there. The only reason I can conceive that they dont is that they already make more money from the privatized prision system by allowing jails to be filled with non violent drug offenders. Its all greed thats what it is. To me the land of the free costs more than we bargained for!

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