This Week in Weed: August 12th – 18th

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This week: A new study confirms marijuana’s medical efficacy, NORML and the Women’s Alliance join the Peace Caravan, and Seattle Hempfest begins in Washington State.

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8 thoughts

  1. You guys missed Grand Rapids, MI. We just submitted enough signatures to have Marijuana decriminalization on the November ballot. I think over 10,000 signatures were submitted with around 6000 required. The law will be almost identical to Ann Arbor’s.

  2. Everyone should stop using the word marijuana, there’s just too much stigma and emotion attached. Call it by its English name…Cannabis! Cannabis!! Say it loud and get used to it. Never use the M word again!!

  3. Jeff, the English name for it is Indian Hemp.

    The Latin name is _Cannabis_.

    The part of the plant we use as medicine is correctly called marijuana.

    Instead of acting like a douche, that there is something wrong with the word, how about you start telling people how awesome marijuana is!

  4. If you want really want to give it a new name, how about “Indian Mint”?

    At least people around the world know mints are useful and enjoyable plants. What is the point of using the latin word, which doesn’t even have to include the material we currently call marijuana as a replacement? It just doesn’t add up as what you are really doing is just switching one foreign name for another. A name that actually conveys marijuana healing attributes could be “Indian Mint”.

    Hemp just means any fibrous plant that can be made into rope.

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