Supporters Turn In 50,000 Signatures, LA Marijuana Dispensary Ban Suspended

In July, members of the LA City Council approved a blanket ban on marijuana dispensaries in the city. This ban has now been suspended for the time being thanks to the efforts of medicinal cannabis supporters in the City of Angels.

Today, medical marijuana advocates turned in nearly double the 27,425 signatures required to force a voter referendum on the dispensary ban. The ban has been suspended temporarily to allow the city clerk 15 days to verify the signatures and see if the referendum officially qualifies. If it does, the council must either repeal the ban entirely or place the issue before voters in March 2013.

NORML will keep you posted as this situation evolves.

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  1. It does not sound good for our side on this one/ We won this battle but they have just begun to fight.

  2. It seemed strange that an LA City Council would implement a ban. What’s next? Segregation? LOL! This move is one I would have expected out of a Texas city, not LA.

    Now let’s see if any city councilors get recalled or voted out for their votes in favor of the ban. One can only hope!

  3. thank you ASA and NORML for your efforts.
    the los angeles mayor, city council and city attorney
    have to be constantly reminded to follow the intent of the voters.

    please call, write, or email any of them today and tell them you support medical marijuana.

  4. So how are we going to argue with the Majority? …it doesn.t make much sence,realy, that, cannabis consumers are winning ,they have the majority. The Moral Majority. Yes,the “Moral Majority” is that offensive,yes,it,should,be!!!!

    ‘THE MORAL MAJORITY” ,is that so wrong?

  5. Great work, LA. Thank you for demonstrating the power of the people. You have a tough row ahead, but it looks like it will just make you and the rest of us anti-prohibition activists stronger. Best wishes. Remember, the world is watching.

  6. The problem with Texas is not necessarily the citizens anymore but the damn politicians and their lackies, courts, cops, counties, and other greedy factions have discovered how much cash can be made busting potheads. Texas has a double rule. Counties and cities can either issue tickets or can arrest and sentence people through the court system. This double rule bs needs to be stopped. Looks like a simple lawsuit might just at least get people a simple fine instead of a $5000 plus costs including drivers license suspension, drug class, probation with $60 a month fee, weekly home visits, pee tests, 80 hours or more of community service, SR22 insurance for three years, and getting the evil eye every time you have to deal with police. Any qualitfied lawyers available to take their chicken shit asses on? We need help here!

  7. re:

    “PCP-laced marijuana”

    – Marijuana has virtually nothing to do with this horrible act.

    PCP is a terrible element to be mixed into society, it has been responsible for violence as well as people jumping off buildings expecting to fly…

    We should legalize marijuana, educate our children about drugs, and build a useful framework of understanding.

    Our children have been deceived that marijuana is as bad as heroin, and so is criminal, yet when it has appeared in society the pitfalls associated with it do not mirror the horrors presented by our laws and the violence of our prohibition.

    — from:

    Schedule I Controlled Substances

    Substances in this schedule have a high potential for abuse, have no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and there is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision.

    Some examples of substances listed in schedule I are: heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), marijuana (cannabis), peyote, methaqualone, and 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (“ecstasy”).

    So, they end up ignorant, thinking that if our people believe that marijuana is as bad as can be, and it routinely does not destroy lives nor cause terrible addictions and tremors when quit, and

    it is listed with the worst of the drugs+and is not often bad=that other drugs are not bad, as well


    PCP, ecstasy, bath salts, crack, … the list goes on-


  8. This is still a cold war in Texas outside of Austin.

    [Donald says:
    September 4, 2012 at 11:38 am

    “The problem with Texas is not necessarily the citizens anymore but the damn politicians and their lackies, courts, cops, counties, and other greedy factions have discovered how much cash can be made busting potheads.”]

  9. Ben, they want the children to fail. It is like the idea of “cannon fodder”. But since we aren’t interested in endless war, they have found a new way to profit–prison for the innocent; it is just disgusting.

  10. Yes! It’s time to fight back hard! Kick these politicians right in the mouth! Confront, accuse and humiliate will be our tactics! No more well-mannered discussions, we are calling out the ideological cowards who fail to act for liberty and justice for patients and we will publicly humiliate them for affirming ignorance over decency.

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