NC NORML is LIVE at the Democratic Convention


9/4/2012 at 5:30pm

Watch Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson, former special agent Jamie Haase, and southern rock artist Greta Gaines as they speak live on behalf of North Carloina NORML to raise awareness and support for ending marijuana prohibition at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte.

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  1. I see NORML has MILLIONS of people at their rally. LOL.—but NORML will slap OBAMA in the FACE when he says to stand by him,and he will return the favor. He didn’t have to say it, he meant it. Go vote for Mitt Romney you stupid Faggots!!! A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for MITT ROMNEY!!! NORML cutting their own throats!!!

  2. Hey I was there this afternoon. I’m the guy in the kilt. Great hearing Greta, Jamie, and Gary. Wish there could have been more people there to hear these folks speak. There will be a parade in Uptown tomorrow, I have to work and can’t be there, but if you can I encourage you to come out and support this cause.

  3. Obama lied and has raided more than Bush in 8 years. If anyone thinks Obama will be nice to MMJ are fooling themselves.

    Not that Romney would be any better. A vote for Johnson is a vote for freedom.

  4. when are we going to have this serious discusion about marajuana law reform ? how about right %*#@ing now Yes it is time to put it on the table. To hell with sending to some lame committe to let it die with idiot lamar smith. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

  5. Admitting that I have merely sent money contribution and my local activism and apologizing for criticism; who was in charge of this exhibition? The speakers look like their in a monkey cage. The video quality is really bad. The banner is way to small. Someone needs to understand the process of publicity and the art of presenting a message to a diverse national group. A high def camera can be purchased for the cost of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The message is great. The cause is just, the public support for the plan to legalize is there. The plan and the message is going no where without a greater appreciation of public relations skills and media presentation. No doubt the intention was sincere. I have been left in the lurch in my early PR experiences as well. If your going to have a rally you must have organization MONEY and cooperation from national or your going to make a monkey of yourself. It’s happened to me. Just friendly advice. I learned my lessons long ago. It’s like planning an invasion. You can’t cheat and scrimp; not for a national event I don’t care if you have to car pool people from a hundred miles away and by them free hot dogs. Get some peeps out there. If your not sure you can do it then don’t publicize a rally that’s doomed to fail. It’s not meant as an insult just think of it like a coach chastising the team If your gona do somthin do it right. Take no prisoners : )

  6. I believe in GOD and Medical Marijuana. I have no Faith in Obbummer
    Come November The People of the United States under God will bring
    forth Real Change.

  7. Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton. Did an awesome speech. He can make a believer out of you. Go ask Monica Lewinsky.
    The federal government is your friend and your loving nanny. Put your trust in them and you will be totally taken care of. Oh by the way, you might have to give up some things to make it happen.

  8. Pete,

    This was in the “Free Speech zone” at the DNC. There was a 10 foot fence around the area and the platform and equipment were provided (and restricted) by the DNC and city of charlotte. There was a strict 30 minute time allotment and so no set-up time was available. To top it off, it was pouring rain. Criticisms are OK, but you should find out the situation before throwing it out in ignorance. NORML had the largest crowd of ANY protest at that location for the entire week. Occupy people just sat in their tents a mile away and other than a parade on monday there was nothing close to the 60 people we got there. Charlotte did an awesome job at suppressing free speech and demonstrations.

  9. And Skunk, i doubt it is impossible for Mitt to be worse than Obama. So if Mitt and Obama are pretty much equally awful why wouldn;t you vote for the one guy in the race with a resume and history that shows he is an ally and supporter of your cause. And BTW, memos have leaked that show that Holder ramped up Medical MJ crackdowns to take attention off of him and his office for Fast and the Furious. Yeah, voting for Obama is like helping out a mugger because he promised to leave you the empty wallet next time he robs you.

  10. the south east portion of Virginia has no chapters. I cant wait until I retire so that I can publicly champion NORMAL locally, without worrying about loosing business.

  11. Yeah Timmy, it is scary how broken people without morals or brains are deciding who gets arrested or not… Holder is busy locking up innocent people when it is far more lilely that he is one of folks that actually belongs in a jail cell.

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