As Washington Voters Begin to Receive Their Ballots, Marijuana Legalization Initiative 502 Still Holds Solid Lead

Washington, as you may know, is a vote by mail state. As such, the official fall ballots will be arriving in Washington voters’ mailboxes over the next several days. With the votes about to begin flowing in, Washington’s initiative to regulate marijuana is still holding a solid lead in two recent polls.

First, a survey conducted by SurveyUSA and KING 5 NEWS showed 55 percent of voters were planning to vote YES on I-502, which would decriminalize and regulate marijuana use in the state. Only, thirty-six percent said they oppose it and 8 percent remained undecided.

Other data just released by KCTS9 Washington, has I-502 ahead among both registered and likely voters. 50.9% of registered voters support the measure, with 40.8% against it. Likely voters back I-502 by 47.1% with 40.1% opposed. Unlike many marijuana initiatives, I-502 has strong support among female voters, 49.5% of whom support the initiative and only 39.9% oppose it.

Keep up to date on the latest from the campaign on their official website here. You can also learn about all the ways marijuana policy comes into play during this fall’s election by visiting NORML’s Voter Guide, Smoke the Vote.

If these poll numbers can hold strong, we will likely be celebrating Washington as one of the first states to end cannabis prohibition come November 6th.

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  1. It seems like months before a ballots are passed out, there are clear cut positive polls that are in our favor. But when the voting is at our front door, it goes back to a near 50% / 50% split. I just hope to God there is not any corruption involved, and that the ballots are “honestly” accounted for. I can just see it now “49% yes, 51% no”.

    I’ll hope for the best.


  2. 60 minutes is doing a broadcast on medical marijuana! I hope this helps us all out come election time. Finally, the media is being more open on the issue.

  3. @Collin If you look at California’s Prop 19 in 2010, polls we’re showing a lead until October, then they started to oppose it massively. Fortunately, we’re well into October and the polls for Washington look good 🙂

  4. I really don’t want to be pessimistic but with 50% for and 40% against (10% don’t bother to vote) it will only take just over 1 in 20 ballots (5%) to be lost for the initiative to fail if all those ‘lost’ are for the measure. You need as big a lead as possible so that this kind of fraud cannot take place. Worrying time but there is still hope

  5. Let me spell it out and make it real clear
    It’s OK to smoke a joint, you shouldn’t have to live in fear.
    From my humble domain, infringing only on myself
    Enlightening can be frightening-put your judgements on the shelf.

    Let me make a statement, just a little food for thought.
    It won’t make you crazy or cause your brain to rot.
    Relaxed, with a smile, then some food to eat,
    what is it that I’m missing? Because that sounds kind of sweet.

    Read my lips; believe me when I say
    if you hit the bowl tonight you’ll be fine the next day.
    And in the process you’ll make your high blood pressure go away.
    Because the medicinal benefits are well known,
    glaucoma patients, Chemo patients, AIDS patients, and more,
    but the AMA and drug companies don’t want to open that door
    Because they would make less profit so understand their goal.
    It’s all about the Benjamin’s and all about control.

    Let me clue you in on what I’ve learned and what I know
    You won’t hallucinate, or stop to grow.
    You won’t jump off a roof or be unable to think
    but it might make your mouth dry and you’ll want to have a drink.
    A little buzz can erase the edge and release you from your cage
    so you won’t go postal, or have road rage.

    Let me make a point, please try to listen.
    I’d really like a job that doesn’t start with pissin.
    Because Uncle Sam acts like my daddy and gets in my business all the time.
    Why should smoking a joint by myself, in my house, be a crime?
    Because Illegal gains support other illegal gains
    but when it’s freed from the black market, then the bad guys feel the pains.
    To understand this doesn’t take a lot of brains.

    Why should others judge my life or tell me that I’m wrong?
    So don’t buy the propaganda from politicians that are bought and sold,
    and fight for what is right-because individual freedom is true gold.

  6. I’ve crossed my fingers and duct taped them into that configuration. It’ll be old by the time November gets here, but, hey, no pain, no gain.

  7. The main difference in CA prop 19 and WA 502’s polling results from voters being aware that the NO on 502 crowd were misrepresenting the initiatives goals.

    WA voters saw how the vote was split by mmj dispensaries and growers by claiming false harms from Prop 19 and did not fall for the tactic from the same crowd in WA.

  8. I’m a PTSD sufferer who’s struggled with depression for years I’ve been through all the treatments,counseling & therapy, medications ect..Norhing has helped me more than Cannabis It’s totally changed my life for the better I’ve never been happier & depression free God Bless Washington!!!

  9. Really think what finally edged away at a win for Prop 19 was the governor signing the decriminalization bill right before the vote.

  10. I’m a Cali transplant, moved from SoCal to Wa in 2010 and found a great job. Then Prop 19 came along from Richard Lee and I thought “figures, I would leave my home state and they would finally legalize”. We all know what eventually happened with Prop 19 though and unfortunately it didn’t pass and then Richard Lee was hit hard by the Feds. But it looks like I moved to the right state because I opened my mailbox today pulled out my ballot and filled the little box in, right next to the YES on I-502 initiative! Our time has come, and things are only going to get better!!! God bless everyone who has put in so much time, effort and money to make this happen. This is truly a great time in American history.

  11. Mark my words . We will never see an ending of cannabis prohibition on November 6th, 2012 even if it does pass . The Fed’s, government, lobbiest, Political influential monies are too strong .

  12. I’m a WA voter and I normally procrastinate until the last day to send in my ballot. Not this time. My wife and I, after filling out our ballots and voting YES on both I-502 and R-74 (gay marriage), are going to send our ballots in today. We can be the state that legalizes pot and gay marriage in the same election!!! Both of my adult kids are also voting for I-502 and R-74, so our family will be delivering 4 votes for the long struggle. I’ve been a pot smoker for 38 years (still vividly remember my first experience getting high in my aunt’s backyard on a warm summer night in July), and I never thought I’d see the day. I-502 isn’t perfect, but it’s a huge step in the right direction.

  13. DR.X is right they will come down on us like a bear on honey. The Government will make sure they play out there hand one more time. They are loosening it and they know it. A lot of Government heads will road once we win and they will pull out every thing to crush us. Marshal law will be upon us. Dont believe look at nyc They are all ready stopping and searching citizens with out a reason. May God have mercy on us

  14. @Tlc

    “Really think what finally edged away at a win for Prop 19 was the governor signing the decriminalization bill right before the vote.”

    I guess it’s part of the political process to force the prohibitionists to favor decriminalization over what they regard as a worse alternative. It’s just democracy in action I guess. Not pretty, but apparently better than all the other political systems man has tried.

  15. As a Washington State resident, yesterday I voted to legalize and tax cannabis, legalize gay marraige, and re-elect the President… im for freedom of choice and it felt good to have one.

    now lets just hope enough people feel that its a good thing for people to be able to pursue their own happiness

  16. marijuana is the tree of life of revelations growing in the midst of the street (inside the houses) and on either side of the river (on both sides of the tracks. in all classes of society) and the Plant of Renown of Ezekiel 34 v29 which predicts the end of its prohibition. all cannabis charges are MALICIOUS PROSECUTIONS and they know it!

  17. See i told you !

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A top Justice Department official has told “60 Minutes” the federal government is ready to combat any “dangers” of state-sanctioned recreational pot, amid criticism of the Obama administration for its relative silence on legalization drives in three states.

    Voters in Colorado, Washington state and Oregon are set to vote on November 6 on whether to legalize and tax marijuana sales, raising the possibility of a showdown with the federal government, which views pot as an illegal narcotic.

    Deputy Attorney General James Cole, in comments to “60 Minutes” posted on Saturday to the website of CBS affiliate KCNC-TV in Denver, said his office’s stance on pot would be “the same as it’s always been” if voters approved legalization.

  18. Yes we will Mark. If I-502 passes, it drops all marijuana charges over 21. Even if someone chooses to sell it or not. The law has changed and there is nothing the Feds can do about that.

  19. Interesting news today. Scott Adams, author of the Dilbert comic stated that he can no longer support Obama because he spent the last 4 years closing marijuana dispensaries and persecuting patients, in direct contradiction to his promises.

    Some people think Obama will change completely if given another chance, but I think the guy displays symptoms of a psychopath. He cannot change.

  20. Let’s try to take a break from smoking until we get home at night. My change coins are hard to hang onto because im buying food. I vote for the legalization of cannabis in Colorado!!

  21. Dr. X, that is a possibility. The greed and corruption of our gov’t is something to never underestemate, BUT that doesn’t mean we give up! if it passes and becomes state law and shit gets sour that just means we’ve got to make trouble for our federal gov’t and give them the hardest time we can! The denial of peoples rights to make thier own state laws WILL NOT go unnoticed if the fed intervines and in a country with freedom of press it’s sure to make headlines and people WILL KNOW what our gov’t is up to! I’m confident WA and CO will pass legalization and I’m looking forward to the end of prohibition however long or hard we have to fight for it! Come whatever may!!

  22. Dr X., so what? Since there aren’t any “dangers” associated with marijuana, well except for “Law Enforcement” angle, seems like a well reasoned argument for the Feds to stay away. We can make slavery illegal, but being certain you’re better than everyone else can tell them how to live their lives is an attitude beyond the law’s reach. I call it a “crackertude”. Rush Limbaugh has got it. He’s a drug addict that thinks pot dealers should get life in prison. Because he is weak other people belong in jail, he is a sociopath and millions of folks identify with his pathological social outlooks. Flipping the script, make the innocent or even the victim culpable.

    Obama is a user, he uses people and probably just sees everyone else as pawns. Romney is the same. Say one thing, do another; then claim you support them for doing opposite what you voted for. I don’t think the two parties even want honest people for their leadership. They have become convinced honesty is weakness and crass.

  23. Just keep in mind that not all cases end well, when your fighting with our federal govenment. It also not hard to see that many states who dependend on our federal government for help when the bills cant get paid out of the states pocket, are in dire straights due to the fact that there is not enough money comming in for the bills going out. With that being said, we can fear our government but the truth is …if the states can generate money to salvage the mess that has been created by our federal government ect ,being at war , higher natural resources and our economy being bought out by other foreign counties, Then it only makes since to let the states have a little regulation within its own boundries. There are pros and cons……but just like everything in life regulation is the key to sucess.
    I just hope that the states will hold up to there end of the bargin when the federal govenment decides to act out the non government agency that controls if it can be regulated by someone other than them. remember the 5 steps that denial is the first one, and this is where the DEA is ….in denial that there war is a failure.
    Good luck all, and God bless you all in the vally of the government.

  24. i hope this dose pass so we can start looking im to things we can get from hemp like fuel and a bunch of things like that whitch also needs be disscussed at every marijuana debate there is were not only looking at a billion$ a year alone of marijuana but off the products we can get from hemp as well

  25. Stoner Hippies Routed the supposedly ultra-competent square pro-hibitionists. Maybe next time the prohibitionists should have some cannabis so they can think more clearly. Hempfest did it, Vivian and them, they recognized the importance of faking good relations with the police initially, they had good karma so taking the wrong turn on endorsing the thing ended up being a good strategy. Dont get stoned yet – weed is still illegal temporarily – wait till the new state law takes effect!!

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